I'm Filming My Own Reality Competition Show... & I Want YOU To Be In It!

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • HI SISTERS! I am SO excited to announce that I will be filming and executive producing my VERY OWN BEAUTY COMPETITION SHOW for RU-clip Originals & Brian Graden Media. This has been one of my biggest dreams since I started making videos! We are casting the BEST of the BEST micro influencers to compete in real challenges that will test not only their makeup skills, but everything that it takes to be an influencer. 6 will compete, but only one will be crowned and take home an insane prize package, including $50,000. GOOD LUCK!
    • You MUST be 18+, a legal resident of the US, and have an active RU-clip channel (at least 6 videos in the last 3 months)
    • Upload your self-taped & edited chit chat get ready with me no later than Thursday, November 21st, 2019 at 11:59PM PST on your RU-clip channel.
    • Uploaders must demonstrate strong expertise in the beauty space and a passion for educating and inspiring others will be considered for participation in the show, and also must ensure their videos comply with the RU-clip Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
    • Tag your video in the description with #jamescharlescasting on RU-clip to show the world you've got what it takes.
    • Finally, visit jamescharlescasting.com, fill out the basic information INCLUDING YOUR RU-clip VIDEO URL, and submit!
    For beauty community fans, make sure you check out the hashtag #jamescharlescasting over the next week and tell us who YOU want to see on the show! Thumbs up your favorite videos, support your favorite artists, and let your voice be heard.
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  • C. m.
    C. m. 7 hours ago

    Lushious masacrr deserve this 😍la shioushious team

  • Mayra Cervantes
    Mayra Cervantes 7 hours ago

    Glow up on netflix is kind of like what he wants to do

  • Abigail Larkin
    Abigail Larkin 9 hours ago

    His tshirt makes him look like he has no shirt on no offence xx

  • Christy Davison
    Christy Davison 17 hours ago

    Sierra bankston

  • rosy_ turtorials
    rosy_ turtorials 17 hours ago

    Ok I’m sorry but Strashme isn’t even that good compared to other people who sent one. She is very good at a interview tho like oml. But ya I think she’s good but not that much compared to others

  • Jacqueline Garcia
    Jacqueline Garcia Day ago +1

    Damn my cousin could’ve done this but I may or may not have gotten my phone token away for like a month so that meant no RU-clip for me yaaaaaaay

  • aisle n
    aisle n Day ago

    Pick sierra!!

  • Christian daniel Saldate aguirre

    I want @rosymcmichael to be on the show😩

  • S K
    S K Day ago

    When are you announcing the casting call winners?

  • Eunice Tse
    Eunice Tse Day ago

    check out ilovemakeup’s the tube’s hautest series

  • Kallii Reyes
    Kallii Reyes 2 days ago


  • Hannah Kennedy
    Hannah Kennedy 2 days ago

    Netflix really gave him a taste of his own medicine with stealing people’s ideas and said NOPE and put out a show with this exact concept.

  • lilprico313
    lilprico313 2 days ago

    You should react to Macdoesit following your tutorial

  • Chad Lapointe
    Chad Lapointe 2 days ago

    Haaay thithterths!!!

  • Kenya Thigpen
    Kenya Thigpen 2 days ago

    Have to consider Strashme !!!!

  • Hannah Rees
    Hannah Rees 2 days ago

    It’s a shame I’m not in America

  • Mark Ansell
    Mark Ansell 2 days ago

    When will it come out cuz I am soooooo exited congratulations 🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Andrea. Gajić
    Andrea. Gajić 2 days ago


  • StormyDays 123
    StormyDays 123 3 days ago +1


  • abdulkader alabasie
    abdulkader alabasie 3 days ago

    Zoe amira is just amazing

  • koko kobe
    koko kobe 3 days ago +1

    If u don’t pick Caroline ricke,

  • Cascade Community Watch

    When is the announcement of the 6 chosen?

  • Kamie Martin
    Kamie Martin 3 days ago

    Yes Sister

  • GSDmom B
    GSDmom B 3 days ago

    Well it's Dec 12th. Any update?

  • Tereza Bartoníčková


  • Bronzed Bella
    Bronzed Bella 3 days ago

    Y am I now seeing thisss 😭😭😭😭 if I reside in Canada but I’m a legal us citizen can I still apply to season two 😭😭

  • luseane taufa
    luseane taufa 4 days ago

    YOU have to pick Indigotohell! So unique & just a QUEEN!

  • Momina Butt
    Momina Butt 4 days ago

    @indigotohell is so freaking talented !! choose him

  • Kaitlyn Woods
    Kaitlyn Woods 4 days ago

    why do you have to be 18? I’m 16 and this is my dream because I’m starting to grow my makeup Instagram and I’m about to start a RU-clip channel🥺

  • Taj Muise
    Taj Muise 4 days ago

    no please no

  • Taylor Camo
    Taylor Camo 4 days ago

    You should pick “ bearded and beautiful” !! He’s amazing

  • Yanlene Torres
    Yanlene Torres 4 days ago

    Just finished watching a video of you twerking now I’m watching this.

  • Liz Reece
    Liz Reece 4 days ago

    Strashme should be on the show

  • Nessa Snow
    Nessa Snow 4 days ago

    Huh, nice!

  • Ashley Lopez
    Ashley Lopez 4 days ago

    Pick cindy Chen designes she made a 4:49 minute video for and everything I would love to see her on the show

  • jaylon cunningahm
    jaylon cunningahm 5 days ago

    this is so epic I am so excited

  • Sunny Love Msp
    Sunny Love Msp 5 days ago

    1. I’m awful at makeup
    2. I’m not 18 :/

  • Alyssa Mccullough
    Alyssa Mccullough 5 days ago

    what channel will it be on?

  • Taylon Campbell
    Taylon Campbell 5 days ago


  • Lexi Kilgallon
    Lexi Kilgallon 5 days ago

    Hi sisters fellow sisters

  • Emily Brandreth
    Emily Brandreth 5 days ago


  • Drrougeou
    Drrougeou 5 days ago

    Please pick Brett Guy Glam!

  • Mathew Chan
    Mathew Chan 5 days ago

    Stream Glow Up on Netflix

  • K Bux
    K Bux 6 days ago

    Caitlin Ford! (The bad bitch with the rainbow bangs)

  • The Golden Artist
    The Golden Artist 6 days ago

    I’m 12 so probably not.

  • itslily
    itslily 6 days ago +1

    If you don't pick "strashme" and "indigotohell" I am coming for you! They are so talented, confident and in my opinion the perfect fit for this show!!!

  • frosecold
    frosecold 6 days ago

    Why do you exist?

  • Isabelly Costa salles

    James se fala português? ?????

  • Jov
    Jov 6 days ago

    I’m here to tell that this kind of reality competition already exists in RU-clip Brazil. It’s called Corrida das Blogueiras (Bloggers’ Race) created by the youtubers from Diva Depressão channel. It's really sad to see that americans think that they're pioneer in everything they do and don't even bother researching.

  • Júnior Pinheiro
    Júnior Pinheiro 6 days ago +1

    no one:
    brazilians: YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST DOING THIS!!!!

  • Júnior Pinheiro
    Júnior Pinheiro 6 days ago

    I’m Roxxxy Andrews and I am here to make clear and tell you that this kind of reality competition already exists in RU-clip Brazil. It’s called Corrida das Blogueiras (Bloggers’ Race) created by the youtubers from Diva Depressão channel

  • Jay H
    Jay H 6 days ago


  • BS 4L
    BS 4L 6 days ago

    Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!YAYYYYY OMG YASSS

  • Nicole Chagnon
    Nicole Chagnon 6 days ago

    U want to be jeffreestar n u are never gonna be

  • shibi xavier
    shibi xavier 7 days ago

    Nothing.. but the word free made me smile

  • Michelle Nicholls
    Michelle Nicholls 7 days ago


  • André Tostes
    André Tostes 7 days ago +2

    "I'm here to tell that this kind of reality competition already exists in RU-clip Brazil. It's called Corrida das Blogueiras (Blogger's Race) created by the RU-clipr from Diva Depressão channel"

  • Pashh li
    Pashh li 7 days ago +1

    Sierra Bankston
    Chris Figueroa
    Cindy Chen Designs
    Zoe Amira
    Jeremiah J

  • SavageTwins ForLife
    SavageTwins ForLife 7 days ago

    You need @Louie'sLife