I'M IN A FREAKING MUSIC VIDEO ( Feat. Ideal World By Wantaways )

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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    Ideal World By Wantaways
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    IDEAL WORLD by wantaways - Song Lyrics
    You see it all on TV
    You see it all on demand
    You see it all in a photograph
    You really want to believe it
    You really want to react
    You see it all in a photo
    We all want to live in our ideal world
    'Til we all get hurt once again
    Just when we thought times couldn't be more tough
    Watch us stuff things up again, again
    You see when you're working
    You see it when you relax
    You see it all in a photograph
    You really want to be angry
    You really want to react
    But in the end it remains a fact -
    We all want to live in our ideal world
    'Til we all get hurt once again
    Just when we thought times couldn't be more tough
    Watch us stuff things up again, again
    The head and the heart
    Where do they meet up?
    The head and the heart
    We all want to live in our ideal world
    'Til we all get hurt once again
    Just when we thought times couldn't be more tough
    Watch us stuff things up again, again
    Ken Seto - vocals
    Lyndon Wesley - guitars
    Dan Marolla - bass
    Brendan Marolla - production

    "Special Thanks to our Inner Circle of Friendship and Family Tier Patrons"
    Kat Curtis
    Edvin Olofsson
    Alex Anzivino
    Erich Lee
    Mariam Gegechkori
    Arjun Blair
    Amy Mayfield
    Ariana Bransford
    Molly Dowling
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Comments • 6 165

  • ElefontGaming YouTube
    ElefontGaming YouTube 9 hours ago

    The meaning is that Alex was made by pizza

  • yeet Wahr
    yeet Wahr 10 hours ago

    I think it means Alex making a vide

  • ulter king
    ulter king 19 hours ago

    You were born by pizza!?

    TOOMUCHDOG 19 hours ago +1

    to skip intro 0:44

  • FNAF Animations
    FNAF Animations 21 hour ago

    It's about him preparing for the chess boxing match

  • Gisèle Ngimbi
    Gisèle Ngimbi Day ago

    1:22 the eye was green...

    *But now is blue*

    SAM MAS Day ago

    So... Baiscally merch is from space and pizza make them?

  • coolade beast
    coolade beast Day ago

    I think it's how peepol make pizzaz naq pizzaz a making us

  • xXGachafoxXx Uwu
    xXGachafoxXx Uwu Day ago +1

    It's about not everything is not perfect and try again and again and even if can't do it at first time u need trying (" '^'")

    TOOMUCHDOG Day ago +1

    we all want to live in an ideal world but we remember what the world realy is when we all get hurt once again

  • Fisher Kelley
    Fisher Kelley 2 days ago +1

    You see it when you're working, you see it when you relax, you see it all in a boat of crap

  • Cassette Tape
    Cassette Tape 2 days ago

    I think it’s a message to never give up. The younger looking pizza keeps failing, but he keeps pursuing and finally gets the Alex Clark design perfect.

  • Reaper King - Stop motion and more!

    O think its about never giving up

  • Phantom the furry Hi

    Self love but the end was not that soooo

  • Sinisa Pavic
    Sinisa Pavic 3 days ago

    Pizza aliens

  • Crazy Kiwi
    Crazy Kiwi 3 days ago

    I still dont get it .-.

  • Ralsei
    Ralsei 3 days ago +1

    I think I found the real meaning for this song.
    I think it means, how many times you try, if you fail, keep trying.
    And if you can’t do it, then ask for help.

  • Banana Boi
    Banana Boi 3 days ago

    Alex is pregnant with little Alex's

  • Bader Mohammed
    Bader Mohammed 3 days ago

    mistakes dont matter

  • Fox Plush726
    Fox Plush726 3 days ago

    Trial n error

  • melanie allicock
    melanie allicock 3 days ago

    Wait is that pineapple on the pizza

  • Captain BINGO
    Captain BINGO 4 days ago +1


  • Black night v
    Black night v 4 days ago

    I think the hidden message is felio is part of life and he should keep going on even though you fell every time and you can succeed one day

  • SkyPie Thewolfdragon

    The meaning is:

    Someone seeing a professionals art and trying to create something just like it then when you get yourself down that you can’t do it then you still can try until you get it!

  • the animation guy
    the animation guy 4 days ago

    It's ok to fail,you will still be perfect,keep on practicing????is that the meaning

  • Ninja YT
    Ninja YT 4 days ago +1

    Am I the only person who got Mulan vibes while watching

  • fluffyjustin challenge 5errera

    Not everyone is perfect

  • Mary Kuhns
    Mary Kuhns 4 days ago

    Umm is your meaning nobody’s perfect?

  • nikhil mathews
    nikhil mathews 4 days ago

    its about how
    you should
    help some one
    even if you
    get fustrated
    with them.

  • edward melchor
    edward melchor 4 days ago

    The meaning is to get out and explore

  • FaZe Javi
    FaZe Javi 4 days ago

    Wat da Hek Is wat I said at the beggining

  • lilnerd5000
    lilnerd5000 5 days ago +1

    Pobody's Nerfect

    DEEERPSY 5 days ago

    God i hate this

  • mr spock
    mr spock 5 days ago +2

    This song is about modern society's lack of appreciation for creativity.

  • Cammy B.
    Cammy B. 6 days ago

    Im something else: Bulling
    Empty: Eating Disorders
    Life is Fun: Depression
    Ideal World: goals and expectations of the world

  • Caitlin Robertson
    Caitlin Robertson 6 days ago

    Tame woke

  • one eye lily
    one eye lily 6 days ago

    The odd one is out lol

  • Pika Gamer
    Pika Gamer 7 days ago

    The meaning is that the fans will jump in the ring to help Alex clark

  • DrixyJude YT
    DrixyJude YT 7 days ago

    People being forced to look pretty and if you aren’t the way people want you to be you get bullied???

  • Dragon master Potter

    It means He is creating an army to beat james

  • Jellyore Official
    Jellyore Official 8 days ago


  • Shaun WilsonJr
    Shaun WilsonJr 8 days ago

    Never giving up

  • JumpyTale [GD]
    JumpyTale [GD] 9 days ago

    When I first saw this on an “animators music videos”, I thought it was Alex singing

  • Hyena - Mation
    Hyena - Mation 9 days ago

    Ya e e ya hee he o ya ya hey ya hey ya hey ya

  • chickle-G
    chickle-G 10 days ago

    i feel like the hidden meaning is "people want to believe what they want to. and when people get hurt it's a sort of a reality check."

  • undercrusher19 ls
    undercrusher19 ls 10 days ago

    Getting together with family

  • Dragon Girl999
    Dragon Girl999 11 days ago

    Meaning: not everything can be perfect

  • Denis
    Denis 11 days ago

    This video is saying that Alex is practesing for the boxing chess and will win! But even hard work doesn’t garente win

  • Angie Graves-Wilking
    Angie Graves-Wilking 11 days ago

    Battling the odd1sout

  • Denis
    Denis 11 days ago

    This video is about how Alex will win but possibly wont

  • Suandy Sipayung
    Suandy Sipayung 12 days ago


  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson 12 days ago

    when it says "you see it all in a photo" the baby pizza sees the boss pizza in the photo and he wants a medal too, so he try's to make a Alix Clark and win a medal.

  • Tommy Tv
    Tommy Tv 12 days ago

    Why we don’t let Alex make songs

  • Foxy Gamer Boy
    Foxy Gamer Boy 13 days ago

    “You are my queen Beyoncé”

  • braden 157
    braden 157 13 days ago

    The hidden can I 2 meanings 1 your not always perfect 2 never give up

  • Maddie Hill
    Maddie Hill 15 days ago

    On earth we create pizza
    But in space pizza creates us

  • Claw Heart
    Claw Heart 16 days ago

    *When pizza is better at crafts than you*

  • bella Naturaleza
    bella Naturaleza 16 days ago


  • VicProductions
    VicProductions 16 days ago

    I Think The Meaning Is That No Matter How You Try, You Can't Be Perfect`. You Can Only Create Your Best Image.

    ...Aaaand Also That The Aliens That We're Getting Are Pizzas And Are Using Alex Clark's To Create An Invasion. Y'know, The Usual.