Dyna Riders Get All The Girls & Here's Why (Test Drive)

  • Published on Feb 2, 2018
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Comments • 97

  • DrPringles
    DrPringles 24 days ago

    Hey man, what kind of exhaust do you have? Is it stock? I have really loud obnoxious exhaust on my used Dyna, I love everything about it except for the exhaust...

  • Mike Grezmak
    Mike Grezmak Month ago

    They don't EXIST anymore??? Huh?

  • Randell Benner
    Randell Benner 2 months ago

    I want to like those handle bars but at the same time I hate the sweep back of them.

  • geten78
    geten78 3 months ago

    It's 4 c* In sweden and i wanne ride my dyna. And there i see a biking riding a dyna. Nice video.

    • Srkcycles
      Srkcycles  3 months ago

      Thats awesome! Greetings from America

  • Len Kleinschmidt
    Len Kleinschmidt 4 months ago +1

    My tryna street Bob got me a wonderful girl and I've kept her for 30years fxd b forever!!

    COMB0RICO 4 months ago

    Good prayer.

  • Enrique Castillo
    Enrique Castillo 6 months ago

    By girls do you mean fat, 55 year old women?

  • Patxi del Norte
    Patxi del Norte 7 months ago

    I ❤️the wideglide rake

  • Trent Phifer
    Trent Phifer 8 months ago

    "I'm not a physician" 🤣😂

  • Thunder Racing
    Thunder Racing 8 months ago

    1:50-1:59 “AMEN🙏🏻”

  • BBelt
    BBelt 9 months ago


  • Larry Collins {larrdogg}

    well i was gonna sub to ur channel, but i keep hearing scripture from the bible, dont know why u wanna put religion at the beginning of ur videos

    • Larry Collins {larrdogg}
      Larry Collins {larrdogg} 9 months ago

      was raised in a church, as an adult i'm good, and yes i still subbed because i like ur guys vidds, keep up the good work

    • Galatians 3:29
      Galatians 3:29 9 months ago

      Larry Collins - he does that because god is awesome. you sound like you should find god before it's too late.

  • ag23100
    ag23100 10 months ago

    when do you call the winner for the dyna???

  • Carl Anonymous
    Carl Anonymous 11 months ago +3

    Why does it always sound like this guy has massive nasal problems from snorting too much coke?

  • Clyde Dale
    Clyde Dale 11 months ago

    What's that rattle? Dude, you're on a Harley! Any more questions?

  • Denis O'Brien
    Denis O'Brien 11 months ago

    Why are American bible thumpers such dorks....?

  • Tj Allingham
    Tj Allingham Year ago

    Hey, I was wondering do you guys ship to canada? I would love to buy a bike from you guys!!!

  • Smilin' Doug
    Smilin' Doug Year ago

    Why would you want to keep all the girls? There's lots of them out there! Just go get the next one.

  • The Wandering Man
    The Wandering Man Year ago +10

    Maybe the Dyna guys just want to use the girl for a little bit and give them to the Softail guys to keep after they've been used up. And I'm pretty sure they want the hardtail haha

  • whoispriest
    whoispriest Year ago +4

    You forgot to mention the fact that HD is closing this factory in USA, but opening a brand new factory in Thailand, with low-cost non American labor making the parts. Is this really a MADE in USA company?

  • Jessica Ewart
    Jessica Ewart Year ago


  • Arthur McHugh
    Arthur McHugh Year ago

    I ride a Ducati and the women I get wouldn't be seen on one of those chrome air compressors! 😎🏍

    • Carl Anonymous
      Carl Anonymous 8 months ago

      He's banging Bruce Jenner

    • john karnaghon
      john karnaghon 10 months ago +1

      Dudes that look like Michele Obama.

    • Moon
      Moon Year ago +5

      That is because those women you meet are really dudes....sorry to burst your bubble dude, ride on!

  • locomojo0485
    locomojo0485 Year ago +2

    LMAO... There's something rattling , maybe my seat. That's called owning a Harley. POS. That's why they are closing down plants, and not selling their overpriced crap anymore. The only girls your getting with this bike are ugly old drunk one's. Enjoy I'm out.

  • rickybobby1340
    rickybobby1340 Year ago +10

    In what universe is a softail more comfortable that a wideglide?

    • Carl Anonymous
      Carl Anonymous 8 months ago +1

      Soft tails are not soft

    • A-Frame-Wedge
      A-Frame-Wedge Year ago +1

      rickybobby1340 The new Soft Tails have better suspension than Dynas, but I like the look of the Dyna’s better

  • Twj John
    Twj John Year ago

    Sweet bike

  • Alan
    Alan Year ago

    Gas caps rattling hehhe I have a 99 fatboy with the split tank and the gas caps rattle at times. Now I know mine is not the only one that does that LOL!

  • James Southworth
    James Southworth Year ago +3

    Softail rides softer than Dyna? I have a Dyna and its primo with a passenger. My buddy had Night Train and always complained about the lack of suspension with a passenger.

  • Sal O
    Sal O Year ago +5

    yea dynas are cool, but FXRs are even cooler!

  • k Pont
    k Pont Year ago

    You guys rock, been following for a while. Keep it up, ride safe.

  • - MrRIchBiker
    - MrRIchBiker Year ago

    wow...thank you for pointing out the bike that rattles....not buying that one, great job, thank you.

  • keechmabreeks
    keechmabreeks Year ago

    Jeez , those bars look shite

  • boarder989
    boarder989 Year ago

    Great looking bike!

  • Louis Cypher
    Louis Cypher Year ago +5

    I’ve got an 05 FXDWG I Love it 🤘🏻

  • Thomas Noonan
    Thomas Noonan Year ago

    Are you riding Connecticut

  • SkyMan
    SkyMan Year ago

    U guys give away that bike yet.. Dyna

  • SkyMan
    SkyMan Year ago

    Beast of a bike heak yeah... Blessed with girls lol

  • killaco23
    killaco23 Year ago +15

    Love watching Harley videos for the little snowflakes complain simply due to the fact they can't afford one. Hilarious!

    • samuraidarryl
      samuraidarryl Month ago

      Harley’s are anything special? 😆😆😆

    • TheElectro121
      TheElectro121 Year ago

      You can call people snowflakes and say they can't afford harleys all day, but it still doesn't do anything to change the price-value ratio. In case you haven't noticed, harley is going bankrupt. They are publicly releasing all kinds of articles about the stuff they're doing to try to reach younger generations. Why? Because for the price of a 883 sportster you can go to literally any of the big 4 and get a bike that will outperform it in every way. Harley even states in their own description of their bikes that they are designed for being upgraded and customized. By harleys own admission, its not a finished product. Its basically a kit bike thats 85% complete. The fact that different "stage" kits are available from the factory is further testament to this. Nobody else offers that because the bike was already completed at the factory. You just get to choose the cosmetics. Harleys arent just overpriced, they're underengineered for their price point. Thats why they are struggling so badly, because no one has the time or money to fix an almost completed bike from the factory, when they can spend the same amount of money on twice the bike elsewhere. That "stage 3 kit" you bought for 5 grand should have been factory standard 10 years ago. Fuck, even the engineers at harley know it- they knew liquid cooling was critical years ago and they still had to try and sneak it in on "just the cylinder head". Look at the v-rod. First time they actually made a full fledged machine and all the old harley guys boo'd it. Im actually looking at a used one for 5k near me cause its actually worth a damn. Its not that I can't afford any of the other harleys for sale around me, problems is... Why would I want to? My answer to that is i don't. Theres so much better out there for so much less. Im not going to spend 10 grand on a bike thats just going to get the shit kicked out of buy a bike that costs 7.

    • Sno Dude
      Sno Dude Year ago +1

      You’ll never get it
      We don’t want to ride in a car or we’d get a car we ride machines you ride oversized typewriters and the top ends on your bike sounds like crap without a loud ass exhaust difference between bikers and snobs like you are we respect each bike for what it is
      And don’t look down our nose at opposing views

    • locomojo0485
      locomojo0485 Year ago +1

      Nobody wants your vintage crap sold as new. We say it's overpriced because it is. It's not that we can't afford a $15-25k bike. It's just we choose another option. Which any other option is better really. Buying a Harley is like paying $10k for a riding lawnmower... You're just overpaying for what you are getting. I have a $16k R1. I commute to work out of state with this thing. Bulletproof and super smooth. Harley's are for bitches that want an oversize vibrator between their legs.

    • Sno Dude
      Sno Dude Year ago +1

      Hhaaa your so right
      It’s like people target Harley because it’s the “cool “ thing to do
      The crown weighs heavy on the head of the king

  • saddlebag
    saddlebag Year ago +1

    Matt 5:29 "So if your eye--even your good eye--causes you to lust, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell."
    Better leave them girl magnet Dyna's alone. Besides, you'll probably save a bundle on STD antibiotics.

  • shonz88
    shonz88 Year ago +10

    They get all the girls because every girl wants a gay best friend.......... #BFFs

    • Carl Anonymous
      Carl Anonymous 8 months ago +1

      LoudValves Jay lenos huge chin has penis envy

    • LoudValves
      LoudValves 9 months ago +1

      J Leno can talk about compensation... lol

    • Brad Boisvert
      Brad Boisvert 10 months ago +3

      shonz88 hater on the Harleys I take it I love my dyna

    • Jack Cook
      Jack Cook Year ago

      J. Leno called it penis compensation.... Never had a problem getting girls on my Honda sense 1973...

  • Dirty Fingers
    Dirty Fingers Year ago +1

    Man, I watch a lot of motorcycle videos but Srkcycles are my favorite. Keep up the good work!

  • Jim , Harry Darius Jr. Whitesell

    In snow you need a black bike for visibility..

  • chutta woolco
    chutta woolco Year ago +7

    Rattle quiets when the parts fall off

  • FightUni09
    FightUni09 Year ago +6

    ITs a HD, its supposed to rattle

  • Paul FOSBERY
    Paul FOSBERY Year ago +5

    Dyna's!! I could never afford to buy an HD, which is why I love my 1985-1996 Honda CMX 250C Rebel! Mr. Honda based its appearance on the lovely 1981/82 Harley Shovelhead, FXWG Wide Glide, with its spoked narrow front wheel, spoked fat rear wheel, chromed rear springs, loads of chrome all over, tear-drop tank, handlebar mounted chrome and polished alloy speedo, and a cheeky "turned-up tip" to the rear fender! Mr Honda's Harley...just the engine is a little different...but I can get used to that...LOL...and her name is Daisy!....😀...😀...!

    • Carl Anonymous
      Carl Anonymous 8 months ago

      Paul FOSBERY my first bike was an 85 Honda Rebelson/Hardley Davidson

    • nashvilleoutlaw
      nashvilleoutlaw 10 months ago

      You could still get a sportster if you know where to look. I picked up an 01 1200 sportster for $1300 a couple years ago. $500 later and it was back on the road

    • brandon
      brandon 11 months ago

      You could afford a Harley. Used bikes are pretty cheap. You can get a nice, used Sportster for a few grand. Just put away as much as you can for as long as it takes to save the money. I'm in that boat right now. I could go buy another VTX 1300 (which is a fantastic bike, btw) right now. But I want a Harley as my next bike. Been saving for a couple months and it'll probably be a year before I have the cash in hand to get what I want. But that's ok with me because it gives me a goal to look forward to achieving.
      And good on you for loving what you ride and being proud to ride it. So many people want to discourage others because they think anything that doesn't have an 8700 cubic yard engine, nine-inch pipes that can be heard from the moon and six-foot ape hangers is a "girl's bike." If it's got two wheels, I'll wave at it.

    • Jc Cortese
      Jc Cortese Year ago

      Paul FOSBERY , way to be real, brother! Though I don't particularly relish the idea of supporting motorcycle companies that aren't from America, my former current bike was a Honda 600, though one would have to look hard at it to realize it. We completely chopped it, lowered it 2.5", fabbed a gnarly set of pipes, fabbed a KICK-ASS set of bars, morphed it into a hard-tail, and bobbed it into a sweet little bar hopper!! We also put spokes in back to match the front and powder coated every thing black!! The only things that weren't black were the chrome pieces on the jugs & the phat white-wall tire in back!! I'll bet I would get 20 comments a day from civilians alone, not even counting bikers!! Unfortunately, on 10 March 2017, an older guy slammed on his brakes in front of me on the freeway FOR NO REASON(there wasn't a vehicle or anything in front of him for half a mile!), and when I grabbed both brakes, my fronts locked for some reason & the biik flipped &slammed me to the pavement at 55mph!! She was a total loss. :- (>

  • Balooba
    Balooba Year ago +3

    Harley, soon to be assembled in Thailand like the coming Victory models..Some work to do for Trump then.

    • Moon
      Moon Year ago

      They opened the plant for increased access to the region and avoid a nearly 60 percent tariff on imported motorcycles and help it get tax breaks when exporting. They are still building them in the U.S. in WI and PA.

    • Balooba
      Balooba Year ago

      Source to that? The biggest market in the world should be US. If they don't have a working business building/selling in the US they will need to move production to survive competition at a lower price range. Reality is tough but this is how the market works even if Trump likes it or not.

    • Jason LeGris
      Jason LeGris Year ago

      Only the bikes SOLD in that part of asia are going to be built there

    • Harold O'Brien
      Harold O'Brien Year ago

      Are you aware that any bike over 300cc's imported in to Asia gets hit with onerous tariffs? That the bikes built in Asia are for that market, specifically and as such are NEVER going to be in America? Nor, are the bikes that are built in KC EVER going to find their way to Asia.

    • FightUni09
      FightUni09 Year ago

      Victory is coming back?!! WOW

    INCBMX Year ago +18

    Most of hd dealers are the size of Walmart and the company is more known for its apparel than the bikes. If the price of the whole HD line drop by 25% more ppl might buy the bikes; and they might be more competitive.

    • Jeffrey Weber
      Jeffrey Weber 2 months ago +1

      My Harley was $5000 and I own it.

    • Owen Thomas
      Owen Thomas 7 months ago +1

      +A-Frame-Wedge they hold their value because of the market it has nothing to do with the way the bike is built the market value keeps the bikes price up.
      If the way the bike was built determined the value then maybe they wouldn't have the slowest least powerful Vtwin in the class every single year. Also they would have put a lot more money in the keeping the engine cooler a lot sooner then 2018. Harley's are nice bikes they are very nice some would say even works of art but they are not well engineered they are very old technology and they still put their fucking stator electronics through the middle of the motor hence why Harley's always have bad stators

    • Franklin Hicks
      Franklin Hicks 10 months ago

      INCBMX __ymmtymymyymytnk

    • A-Frame-Wedge
      A-Frame-Wedge Year ago +2

      Balooba Not using hydraulics? Thief valves have been hydraulic for what 40 years, no valve jobs who else does that? Hold their value better than any other bike, you could ride it for 5 years decide you don’t like and get 80% of your money back.

    • Balooba
      Balooba Year ago +3

      Just visited a bike show with new models. And even though the new Harleys are pretty nice looking the details of assembly, parts etc is far behind most other brands. Still not using hydraulics. Come on.. I sat on the 2018 Breakout and the squeak noise from the shifter, the bad tolerances from the gas handle etc is just not ok at that price level. Compare it to a new BMW or Honda and a blind can tell the difference.