Bella Hadid on Her Jewel-Encrusted Met Gala Dress | Met Gala 2019 With Liza Koshy | Vogue

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • Bella Hadid talks with Liza Koshy about her bejeweled Met Gala outfit, and what she believes the true meaning of "camp" is.
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    Bella Hadid on Her Jewel-Encrusted Met Gala Dress | Met Gala 2019 With Liza Koshy | Vogue
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  • Mona
    Mona 4 days ago

    She's just a good model who appeared in the modeling industry and eventually will fade just like the others, but her recent case about KSA and UAE should make her disappearance sooner, people should not be silent when celebrities like her spread racism, hate and disrespect towards other countries, intendedly or not. She and her family's apologies should not matter, brands and companies must cut her off, at the end she's nothing more than a model in the media.

  • Fair & Square Justice

    She's Palestinian. Isn't this against her religion? Haram!

  • H. cms
    H. cms 24 days ago

    Lisa looks like a mini-giraffe

  • Ella Martin
    Ella Martin Month ago

    she wearing gauntlets

  • Herve Kaniki
    Herve Kaniki Month ago

    Bella looks so good

  • thericker41
    thericker41 Month ago

    hottest model in the WORLD!

  • Danny Cartagena
    Danny Cartagena Month ago +1

    She looks like a "Billion Dollars"... of course... 😏😏😏

  • End Of The Road
    End Of The Road Month ago +1

    I hear Gigi, when Bella speaks

  • lindsy balwin
    lindsy balwin Month ago +1

    bella is so gorgeous in and out

  • ci rob
    ci rob Month ago +1

    Bella is much prettier than her sister

  • tylerart
    tylerart Month ago +1

    Liza he girrllll

  • Sinethemba Mbatha
    Sinethemba Mbatha Month ago

    sometimes i forget to like

  • Yasmine Sousita
    Yasmine Sousita Month ago

    لقردون rir les algériens les ya3arfouh hhh

  • Kynan The Chief
    Kynan The Chief Month ago

    A young kris jenner

  • Hamza Mohammed
    Hamza Mohammed Month ago homeboy gonna like... get ittt

  • Noor Choudhry
    Noor Choudhry Month ago

    all she needs are the ears and she gon be a vulcan QUEEN 👏🏽🖖🏽

  • faith aashini
    faith aashini Month ago +1

    Gigi looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee Month ago

    Beautiful looking woman.

  • Beca Thomas
    Beca Thomas Month ago +1

    But honestly what on earth is Liza wearing😂

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood Month ago

    Short hair looks sooooo good on her omg

  • Grace Briggs
    Grace Briggs Month ago

    We love Bella !!!!

  • Fara Macek
    Fara Macek Month ago

    Doesn't Liza look like Kat Williams

  • Krina Morales
    Krina Morales Month ago

    Abel is a lucky man

  • Jen ny
    Jen ny Month ago

    She’s so gorgeous!

  • Jitjamnong Jantaso
    Jitjamnong Jantaso Month ago

    Her face like a boy more than a girl😹😂✌️🤤

  • Ana Banana
    Ana Banana Month ago

    she looks like she can't breathe 😷

  • hey it'syourgirl!
    hey it'syourgirl! Month ago

    Well..thanos is comin' at you😂

  • Maria Al-Qadhi
    Maria Al-Qadhi Month ago +1

    all of these celebrities describing camp made me wonder if we were thinking about the same camp

  • LillyRocks desde el planeta Tierra.

    Bella Plastic surgery Hadid.

  • MollyWorld Bih
    MollyWorld Bih Month ago +1

    I live for Bella Hadid and her Vibez... she always reminds me of BadGal Rihanna 👑👑👑

  • rahul krish
    rahul krish Month ago +1

    Camp is dope!

  • Piggywiggy 323
    Piggywiggy 323 Month ago

    bella’s look was my top favorite out of all i seen, idk why but i love it so much

  • melophobia
    melophobia Month ago

    This is the 1st time I hear her talking ...

  • Trinidaddy
    Trinidaddy Month ago

    My hadids came tonight

  • Numsug Skecth
    Numsug Skecth Month ago

    Expensive gown but look major compare to others

  • natcansnap
    natcansnap Month ago

    Wow! Liza's AMAZING at this! Loved her & Bella :D

  • Nina Rai
    Nina Rai Month ago

    I love Bella

  • Nobu Varney
    Nobu Varney Month ago


  • Saba Siddique Momo
    Saba Siddique Momo Month ago

    She looks cool and CAMP

  • เรนโบว์ rainbow

    DESIGNER: so how many jewels do you want?
    BELLA: yes

  • adam mmm
    adam mmm Month ago

    If you comming thru with this jewels homeboys gonna like....get it.

  • Lucky Jajo
    Lucky Jajo Month ago


  • Lisa is super cutee

    so pretty

  • louiethemouseful
    louiethemouseful Month ago

    I can't believe Bella Hadid is only 22 years old. TWENTY TWO. let that sink in

  • Paulino Paulino
    Paulino Paulino Month ago


  • Laurel Shand élève

    She's so beautiful, sweet and elegant❤

  • salma
    salma Month ago

    oof thanos who?

  • Lyla
    Lyla Month ago

    omg the vibe between Bella and Liza is so genuine!!!

  • Hadiya Elias
    Hadiya Elias Month ago +1


  • Monika Tangová
    Monika Tangová Month ago

    Has very nice voice, i love her.

  • Bishnupriya Jayapuria

    thanos left the chat

  • seeker bell
    seeker bell Month ago


  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Month ago

    Bella omg I knew her but wasn't into her that much but omg out of all the interviews her one I loved coz at the start she hugged liza like I found that really good awww I love heer

  • Siddhartha Shrestha

    homeboi's impressed

  • Duchess Kadi
    Duchess Kadi Month ago

    ABSOLUTE KINDNESS. She kissed AND hugged her and was very sweet. Bella is an angel

  • Elif Su
    Elif Su Month ago

    Her personality is so sweet and kind 😍 also short hair looks great on her

  • xoinalyahs
    xoinalyahs Month ago

    i am so inlove with bella 😭😭😭

  • Mukhlisa Atakhodjayeva

    Where is *the Weekend* ?

  • Chleopatra Paige
    Chleopatra Paige Month ago

    That wig is horrible but I love the look

  • Nathan Chow
    Nathan Chow Month ago

    All these people r clones. Open your eyes.

  • Tommy Vercetti
    Tommy Vercetti Month ago

    Its soo sweet how bella kissed liza hello & goodbye

  • Aroha _20
    Aroha _20 Month ago

    bella has the nicest personality. ❤❤

  • Ashley Beatrx Arzaga

    is thanos her date that night

  • Silver Catalano
    Silver Catalano Month ago

    She's breathtaking.

  • ani98
    ani98 Month ago

    she's so gorgeous and seems so kind!

  • CarlosEdu
    CarlosEdu Month ago

    Beautiful woman.

  • 1 Million
    1 Million Month ago

    ”Is camp a tent huh?” 💀💀

  • QueOnda 123
    QueOnda 123 Month ago

    She's prettier than her sister...

  • Alice Bonfim
    Alice Bonfim Month ago

    she’s so sweet!

  • FM
    FM Month ago +1

    The new Linda Evangelista beutyfull

  • Alyssa Bridgelal
    Alyssa Bridgelal Month ago

    Yo WTF is even CAMP??

  • desy
    desy Month ago

    Bella is so beautiful. But I'm not really liking this look.

  • Hope
    Hope Month ago

    Audrey Hepburn vibes

  • carolina
    carolina Month ago

    I love it when people say Bella owes her beauty to her nose job, yet I got one a few years ago and don't look nearly as good as her lmao

  • Lourdes Nonato
    Lourdes Nonato Month ago

    For me she's the best dressed....

  • Natalie M.
    Natalie M. Month ago +2

    Bella and Gigi have like the same voice!!! They're genes r no joke!!

  • Maria Morales
    Maria Morales Month ago

    Why didn't the Weeknd come with her?

  • Raffael xox
    Raffael xox Month ago

    Também gostei muito do look dela ficou bem legal

  • Vixxen Fox
    Vixxen Fox Month ago

    She's better looking then her sister.

  • Ms Unknown
    Ms Unknown Month ago +1

    I literally thought the thumbnail was the infinity gauntlet!

  • Cindyrelisha
    Cindyrelisha Month ago

    she actually looks great!!!

  • amira love
    amira love Month ago

    I dont see nothing boons. Shes sweet

  • Dolan Twinnies !!
    Dolan Twinnies !! Month ago

    Did Lisa’s other arm not just go dead 😹

  • Dilara M
    Dilara M Month ago

    Bella Hadid looks like a gypsy 😂

  • Dara Udobong
    Dara Udobong Month ago

    How come Liza was chosen to give these interviews? Like no shade at all but she’s goofy.. AND a RU-clipr. I thought Anna would want a little more serious vibe?

  • Zoe McCoy
    Zoe McCoy Month ago

    i feel like bella and kris jenner switched looks this night

  • Tenzin Dawa
    Tenzin Dawa Month ago

    She is getting Gigi’s voice!!!

  • ridwan basalamah
    ridwan basalamah Month ago


  • Eda Ö
    Eda Ö Month ago

    “Is it a tent huh?” Liza omg

  • Doğa Güney
    Doğa Güney Month ago

    Thanos love this look

  • Levan Abramidze
    Levan Abramidze Month ago

    WAW cwramberi mywaaa 😱😵😰bc zarbo

  • Levan Abramidze
    Levan Abramidze Month ago

    Vaaaaaa ma chychyre sisteravooo bellaooo WAW! SEXE SEXE SEXE !!!!!!.bc zarbo

  • Levan Abramidze
    Levan Abramidze Month ago

    Vaaaaaa bellamorcanal mamma mia.bc zarbo

  • MK Niazi27
    MK Niazi27 Month ago

    The 1920's vibe is real.

    ZAIN ALI Month ago

    Is she inspired by Cardi B hairstyle?

  • Guinnevere’s Chronicles

    Bella hadid should keep this hairstyle, she looks so beautiful and badass with it

  • kay
    kay Month ago

    I love her look

  • Park Jimin's Raspy Voice

    i love how bella looks so cold but she’ll literally give you the warmest hug if you meet her

  • Ashh
    Ashh Month ago +1

    Whats your inspiration for this dress

  • Beautiful Angels
    Beautiful Angels Month ago

    Amazing dress