• Published on Nov 9, 2019
  • I can't believe we did this HAHAH
    300k likes and we'll do a honeymoon for 24 hours
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  • Brent Rivera
    Brent Rivera  Month ago +16685

    I can't believe we wen't though with this.. 😳 HAHAHA

  • Selene Espinoza
    Selene Espinoza 3 hours ago

    They are soooooooooooooooooooo cute together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Shadow Demon Wolf
    Shadow Demon Wolf 3 hours ago

    Eva: *hits brent with flower's*
    Me: *LMAO* !!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Amanda De La Rosa
    Amanda De La Rosa 3 hours ago

    Do it

  • Rayleigh Raap
    Rayleigh Raap 3 hours ago

    Brent please get married

  • Ken Munro
    Ken Munro 3 hours ago +1

    Do u want to ade me on tik toke

  • Ken Munro
    Ken Munro 4 hours ago +1

    Hi lol

    • Ken Munro
      Ken Munro 4 hours ago

      Do u want to abe me on tik toke

  • Fiona Contento
    Fiona Contento 5 hours ago

    Omg I have a alexa and it played classical jazz music

  • anthony zavaleta
    anthony zavaleta 6 hours ago


  • Kp Vlogs
    Kp Vlogs 6 hours ago

    When’s the honeymoon

  • Rosannau Baboolal
    Rosannau Baboolal 6 hours ago

    Urll guys should really get married

  • MS - 05JD - Burnt Elm PS (1478)

    Are you married

  • Grace Flood
    Grace Flood 8 hours ago +1


  • Jimmy Huynh
    Jimmy Huynh 8 hours ago

    They are not going on a honey moon

  • Cute Killer
    Cute Killer 9 hours ago

    Are they dating ??

  • Michelle Diaz
    Michelle Diaz 10 hours ago

    I replayed 3:17 like 20 times lol

  • Anne Mcdonnell
    Anne Mcdonnell 10 hours ago


  • Anne Mcdonnell
    Anne Mcdonnell 10 hours ago

    Eva and Brent are a cute couple

  • Noah and emma
    Noah and emma 10 hours ago

    Lexi I love you

  • ashlynn Paul
    ashlynn Paul 10 hours ago

    Your cute

  • Dorian Gray
    Dorian Gray 11 hours ago

    Love. The first time in the Amsterdam. Noord Hé is met die vrouw gewoon Eva hoe het gewoon Christa een kus kon me daar love Kraft hallo Else echt hè hallo Els hè hè hè hallo andhè

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 12 hours ago


  • Widena Agenor
    Widena Agenor 12 hours ago

    Ava is great for Brent

  • Widena Agenor
    Widena Agenor 12 hours ago


    • Widena Agenor
      Widena Agenor 12 hours ago

      Ava is great for brent😚😙😙😚😚😚😚

  • dolphin ocean
    dolphin ocean 14 hours ago

    Admit it the girl at the end was all of us

  • Savannah_the Pretty girl

    #BREVA sooo cute #BREVA Again

  • smxlxy_ fxce
    smxlxy_ fxce 16 hours ago

    The stoke twins should had been there 🤧

  • Tanou nou800
    Tanou nou800 17 hours ago

    If u like this video like me...and follow me on iG @tanounou800

  • Martin Najjar
    Martin Najjar 17 hours ago


  • თამარ ჩხაიძე

    I love you Eva

  • TerGam Tacha
    TerGam Tacha 20 hours ago

    Ggggoodd....they should Mary for reallll....♥️

  • Aubree Sings
    Aubree Sings Day ago

    I love lexi

  • Jae Eun P. Lee
    Jae Eun P. Lee Day ago

    i has laughing so hard

  • Jae Eun P. Lee
    Jae Eun P. Lee Day ago

    they should kiss!!!

  • Jae Eun P. Lee
    Jae Eun P. Lee Day ago

    they should acally marry

  • shabana azmin
    shabana azmin Day ago

    It is 538k so ???

  • Ashley Carroll
    Ashley Carroll Day ago

    During the wedding video I was laughing

  • Bekah Perez
    Bekah Perez Day ago

    Ava and Brent sitting in the tree kissing first comes love then comes marriage then comes love in a

  • Bryony constable

    i would be so nice i you atturly did this you should atturaly marry and make a FAMILY!

  • Harm W
    Harm W Day ago

    How rude
    Good 👦🏾

  • ZephTNT Gamer
    ZephTNT Gamer Day ago

    Best Friend HMM ????

  • The Funny DUDE
    The Funny DUDE Day ago

    WOOOW ... i had so much fun with this video, i am now smiling after i had such a bad day. Thanks for this, i really appreciate it. I would so much love more people upload such cool videos, so that world would be a muuuuch better place. Im also trying to bring a smile in the world through my comedy style videos and compilations. you are always welcome to check it if you need some extra inspiration ! ru-clip.com/video/oh-to1S0mks/video.html

  • Hannah Hill
    Hannah Hill Day ago

    The can get married I real life

  • nicola taylor
    nicola taylor Day ago

    Hey like this video if u think they should really get married :::


  • ItsNixon
    ItsNixon Day ago


  • Ruby Marshall
    Ruby Marshall Day ago

    Aww the way she slept on him 🥺

  • XxKylieChipxX
    XxKylieChipxX Day ago +1

    The part when they woke up
    Me: Yeah that's not just friends

  • XxKylieChipxX
    XxKylieChipxX Day ago

    The part when they woke up
    Me: Yeah that's not just friends

  • ALIA[_]PlAyS
    ALIA[_]PlAyS Day ago +1

    The wedding video lol

  • SK Fans
    SK Fans Day ago

    How did Brent wake up shirtless when he went to bed with his shirt...?

  • Jacob's Journey
    Jacob's Journey Day ago

    Brent am a big fan

  • Hitomi Kelley
    Hitomi Kelley Day ago

    I think they should really merrie

  • Ladyroostersatsuki

    Ship it

  • Venkat
    Venkat Day ago

    Dude, they're like Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello!😁

  • divya j
    divya j Day ago

    Its 500k Likes Nowwww

  • Zes
    Zes Day ago

    no such thign as frienx or not

  • Nazo Neda
    Nazo Neda Day ago

    I can tell Brent in joyed this challenge

  • Silly_Master457 Ok?


  • Talon Robinson
    Talon Robinson 2 days ago


  • Okko Jääskeläinen

    Merry Eiva for two weeks!😂