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Behind-the-scenes at the Korean Demilitarized Zone

  • Published on Nov 8, 2017
  • Bret Baier gets an inside look for 'Special Report.'

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  • -D3R3LICKT -
    -D3R3LICKT - 12 hours ago

    Reminds me of high school.

  • Akash Sagar
    Akash Sagar 3 days ago +1

    Air drop food packets. Pls attach parachutes on every carton. Ready to eat vitamin fortified and enriched meals. Can work wonders. Suddenly America has a case for humanitarian, not military intervention. Feeding the starving millions in the countryside shd be top priority.

  • Mats Svensson
    Mats Svensson 3 days ago

    ring om ni vill sluta med vilseledande fakta

  • Mats Svensson
    Mats Svensson 3 days ago

    helt fel!! its a swe un som pratar med dom! fakta!!

  • what what
    what what 3 days ago

    i wonder if SK soldier develops cross eyes, standing for a long time using half of their face towards NK border

  • Timothy Vandenburg
    Timothy Vandenburg 6 days ago +1

    Sir, is that authorized? 5:36

  • chris zag
    chris zag 8 days ago

    they should just have a sign that reads you must be this tall to enter

  • Just Wayne
    Just Wayne 9 days ago

    They should have a cook house close, and get the smell of fresh bread and BBQ drifting across on the breeze.

  • james musisca
    james musisca 9 days ago

    i know what kinda finger

  • Truman Lamberson
    Truman Lamberson 10 days ago

    Rocket man is denuclearization. That is why he shoots his artillery

  • Truman Lamberson
    Truman Lamberson 10 days ago

    I have to say they have respect for their nation. The whole world has a plan and it has just not announced it completely yet.. I know one it will go green

  • Sheng Chen
    Sheng Chen 10 days ago +1

    north koreans staring at the other side, while they have good technology and they are stuck with shitty 1950s technology.

  • Joe Me
    Joe Me 16 days ago

    Kim "cockblocker" Un keeping the NK snatch all to himself. 😡😣😤

  • Jody Watkins
    Jody Watkins 18 days ago

    1:22 there dancing!

  • William1987GTA1
    William1987GTA1 18 days ago +1

    "Underestimate EVER." ☺
    6:22 That reporter did an awesome job. He had much respect for the soldiers.

  • Henry
    Henry 20 days ago +8

    Can’t believe North Korea wanted to start a war with the USA 😂😂

  • Lirpitz
    Lirpitz 21 day ago +2

    Bruh is no one else gonna point out the hot chick at 7:43?

  • Ryan Kisnics
    Ryan Kisnics 21 day ago

    UNITED SHITS......Nothing But ARROGANT Fuks....

  • Sammy Zeporo
    Sammy Zeporo 22 days ago +1

    Honestly, I would be secretly sleeping if I was the South Korean guard

  • Unmesh Ramlugon
    Unmesh Ramlugon 22 days ago

    Don't misjudge the NK
    Remember the US never defeated them

  • andres kwon
    andres kwon 23 days ago

    Been there couple of times and tourist from North Korea side are more freely move around and they can wave at South side. Meanwhile in south, we had to walk in lines and not allow to wave back at them, no shorts, no skirts and so on.... So many restrictions.... Seems like tourist from North had more freedom then South ioi

  • James Booth
    James Booth 23 days ago

    I would sit in front of the DMZ and eat a bunch of food everyday just because it would be hilarious.

  • Jackie Pierce
    Jackie Pierce 24 days ago

    Did you ever stop to think there phone might be broken

  • Ollie brown Companion
    Ollie brown Companion 24 days ago

    Can a North Korean border patrol soldier just run over to South Korea?

  • tin tent
    tin tent 26 days ago

    Nothing will make you crazy like the smell of good food when you are starving !
    If i was the commander that is what i would do bbq going 24-7

  • tin tent
    tin tent 26 days ago

    A permanent cookout my god that would be the most persuasive propaganda . It would drive them nutty . They would be so insane it would cause the poor starved soldiers to defect so fast ha ha ha . that is the best idea can you imagine the effect that would have . Plus lots of food in full view . the smell would disrupt them so bad every night form the lowest ranked soldier to the highest would not be able to sleep and be so disrupted that it would give us a clear advantage on the border . That is how you send the message of freedom !

  • James Landon
    James Landon 29 days ago

    I would absolutely enjoy putting 7.62 down range little man.

  • Callum Sheldrake
    Callum Sheldrake Month ago +2

    *Runs across the border*

  • beadlebob
    beadlebob Month ago

    All talk no tacos.

  • kay _
    kay _ Month ago

    When you know the song playing at 6:51 lol

  • john mcdonald
    john mcdonald Month ago +1

    Compare how skinny, sallow and generally puny looking the North Koreans are as opposed to the South Koreans and Americans.

  • Ghost shooter
    Ghost shooter Month ago +1

    USA is like
    bro do you have oil in your country am coming for it
    nobody is allowed to have nuclear except me ...........

  • Military Pyro
    Military Pyro Month ago

    Dude is breaking regs in uniform on national tv..

  • Abuse of mainstream media can harm your mind!

    "You can either be informed and your own rulers, or you can be ignorant and have someone else, who is not ignorant, rule over you." Julian Assange

  • CoolCar62
    CoolCar62 Month ago

    Lol Who knows more then United States about Bat man, but even more better. Bringing out an pink phone while North Korean have an old first gender kind. When in use of an first we use the pink phone of Bat Man and them.... Does anyone have an change for an dollar, they'er calling use.

    • CoolCar62
      CoolCar62 Month ago

      @kay _ Nope, but i could. Lol Just thought it was funny to see that.

    • kay _
      kay _ Month ago

      CoolCar62 did you try to google translate this lol

  • thebigs
    thebigs Month ago +4

    This is like declaring war against the kid who crosses the line in the sandbox

  • Ant Ville
    Ant Ville Month ago

    Who gave these crazy bastards nuclear weapons?

  • natelobo93
    natelobo93 Month ago

    ...I would wave fallout style

  • תפחד מאלוהים

    U.s loves you South Korea. You suk North Korea.

  • Mark Zuckerberg is fucking dumb

    Lmao the way the walk

  • Steve Hayward
    Steve Hayward Month ago

    north korea is romulas from star trek the next generation

  • Lego Master
    Lego Master Month ago +1

    Rocket man

  • Blu Cheez
    Blu Cheez Month ago

    Few beers in and I’ll cross the line

  • j ena
    j ena Month ago

    I'm originally from Seoul, South Korea. I've been there once. It looks quite peaceful there. but that's not it at all.

  • John Marston
    John Marston Month ago

    2019...just me ok

  • Basilio Reyes
    Basilio Reyes Month ago +1

    Why the F would anyone go to North Korea for vacation?!

  • Amber Sanford
    Amber Sanford Month ago

    I wonder why the NK hasn't just changed their number? Or take it off the hook. But then Idk what is more aggravating, the old school loud af ringing phone sound or the BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP sound of a disconnected phone off the hook lol.
    Maybe that sound is different in NK?

  • Droiz
    Droiz Month ago

    1:50 Kind of ironic how North Korea and China are in the UN too...

  • UnQ
    UnQ Month ago

    how north korea can be so ignorrant, so little receptive to the "benefits" of the USA capitalism: junk food, drugs, pornography, etc??

    BHAIYA SUPPORT Month ago

    What The Us army doing there

  • Edoardo D.
    Edoardo D. Month ago

    The way Trump said resolve is too funny

  • ha ha
    ha ha Month ago

    who will win

  • jassy mortz
    jassy mortz Month ago

    Giant tv screen facing northkorean boarder..24/7 playing k-pop music videos with american porn movie.

  • jassy mortz
    jassy mortz Month ago

    Fire and fury that the world never seen

  • 2012daffyduck
    2012daffyduck Month ago +1

    Sorry, why is US soldiers in S.Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, ....?

  • EchZero YT
    EchZero YT Month ago

    when did batman get in this?

  • Jayden Zamora
    Jayden Zamora Month ago

    I support Trump

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S Month ago

    4:40 I think Logan Paul should visit this Forrest... I just think it would be a great visit for him

  • 아혼
    아혼 Month ago

    우리 대한민국은 어째서 하나였던 같은 민족이었던 나라가 어떻게 둘로 나누어졌을까...

  • Alan Sohn
    Alan Sohn Month ago

    Why does CPT Jeff Lee habe both US Army Captain rank and ROKA Captain rank? Because of his heritage?

    • Alan Sohn
      Alan Sohn 10 days ago

      @mj101inf That's what I was kind of thinking.

    • mj101inf
      mj101inf 11 days ago

      Alan Sohn
      The unit at Panmunjom is called Joint Security Area (JSA). It is 50% US Army and 50% ROK Army. He wears both ranks so the South Koreans know he is a Captain. He may be of Korean descent but he is definitely American.

  • k Gio
    k Gio 2 months ago

    Strange place

    JACOB RICHMOND 2 months ago

    0:38 trump caught me off guard too

  • Budbarian
    Budbarian 2 months ago

    We know EXACTLY where their artillery pieces are. It's hard to hide something from someone who sees everything. That being said, we have counter batteries that are locked onto those positions. If they even farted wrong, we would blow them to pieces.

  • telemetryz
    telemetryz 2 months ago

    I was just wondering here........ are there a lot of slopeheads over there?

  • McGegor Jr
    McGegor Jr 2 months ago

    Just attack that Dpr Korea Trump..
    Dont talk thrash,later your people will not believe you if doesnt happen..
    Just attack man....
    Dont just talk like a child lol

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 2 months ago

    I just thought of a way a random crazy Pearson could trigger WW3. If a deranged sniper sneaks and kills a Korean soilder from the South Korean side of the DMZ.

    • Bob Bob
      Bob Bob 27 days ago

      @virgosintellect It could happen.

    • virgosintellect
      virgosintellect 27 days ago

      Courts are way more often the perpetrators of atrocities than lone persons with thoughts.

  • Tenzin Kunsel
    Tenzin Kunsel 2 months ago

    Drop photo of fat people and McDonald’s burger down North Korea. The regime will end.

  • SaintPlaysGames
    SaintPlaysGames 2 months ago

    What if a north korean soldier strips his uniform and starts running towards the border for his freedom?

  • motorman1017
    motorman1017 2 months ago

    you got to take these zips out

  • Graham Wild
    Graham Wild 2 months ago

    take out Kim JUNG UN and his military that wants to fight and see what happens when everyone feels the freedom after Kim is dead

  • Graham Wild
    Graham Wild 2 months ago

    i am sick of Kim Jung Un changing what is said by Trump and rest of the media from America and making out America wants war, it is Un who wants the war to happen so that his people will believe his words about America

  • Ride On Boy!
    Ride On Boy! 2 months ago

    The Dee Emm Zed

  • Rafael Pinefa
    Rafael Pinefa 2 months ago

    " Mentally deranged " is absolutely
    right. An idiot with Downs Syndrome would be doing better !

  • Asad Titan Tato
    Asad Titan Tato 2 months ago

    what if they got the phone number wrong

  • kim kim
    kim kim 2 months ago

    Who mach s Korea paying for the Americunt dog's...

  • Pilarvist
    Pilarvist 2 months ago

    Whoever crosses that boarder would be "IT"

  • ?.??.?
    ?.??.? 2 months ago


  • Sigmar Obstei
    Sigmar Obstei 2 months ago

    Kim macht es richtig , denn ohne entprechende Gegenleistung der USA , wäre das
    ein schlechtes Geschäft. Jeder weiß was es bedeutet wenn die amerikanische
    Demokratie in Nordkorea einzieht. Unterdrückung und Ausbeutung der Bodenschätze !

  • shadow faze
    shadow faze 3 months ago +2

    I hate how trump talks.

  • Yousef Rghebi
    Yousef Rghebi 3 months ago

    Imagine if u fell off the observation tower into north Korea.

  • Marvin Carrillo
    Marvin Carrillo 3 months ago

    I thought you were not suppose to do any hand gestures at the DMZ towards North Korea?

  • Maica Llaneta
    Maica Llaneta 3 months ago

    World war 3

  • dirga muni
    dirga muni 3 months ago

    Donald Trump my favourite

  • irt167 gfh
    irt167 gfh 3 months ago +1

    That obstructor would be china and the million man army they sent

  • lassie Marie
    lassie Marie 3 months ago +1

    That was a very interesting interview. Said well play Bon Jovi, K-POP.. I thought that was cute, considering North Korean soldiers would hear it, even though they blast their propaganda stuff for 20 hrs

  • lassie Marie
    lassie Marie 3 months ago

    Yelling a Message and being watched.. They video record message, won't even speak. Little fat man making sure everybody toadies to him.

  • chadbailey30
    chadbailey30 3 months ago

    LoL. This isn’t a war between US and N. Korea. It’s US vs China/Russia. None of the big 3 want a war but the min that changes N.Korea will be wiped off the map!!

  • あぐすあり
    あぐすあり 3 months ago +1

    I actually believe that someday 2 korean nation will reunited and become 1 nation

  • synthartist69
    synthartist69 3 months ago

    What do the messages say?

  • Aleksandar V.
    Aleksandar V. 3 months ago

    ☎️ u order u pay😑
    1800 north❣south

  • Callum Maxwell
    Callum Maxwell 3 months ago

    Very good

  • 38th parallel
    38th parallel 4 months ago

    Wow I’m pretty intense

  • TerpeneProfile
    TerpeneProfile 4 months ago

    that navy mans cover was jacked

  • Kevin Button
    Kevin Button 4 months ago

    North Korea's threats make me laugh like try something 😂😂

  • Charlie Shakur
    Charlie Shakur 4 months ago

    Why cant everyone just get on i dont get it

  • jan kriegler
    jan kriegler 4 months ago

    At this point in Korea, the american imperialism is blocked.

  • HellaHellaHella HEY
    HellaHellaHella HEY 4 months ago

    North Korean Soldier: hears shuffling noises
    AND FIRE...
    North Korean Soldier:
    Oh it was just a wild animal.

  • pelos 26
    pelos 26 4 months ago

    now that is a plce that needs a wall.. yet there isn’t one lol

  • Redhotpeppernoob
    Redhotpeppernoob 5 months ago +8

    7:06 when a bird flies into north Korea from South korea

    • Jonah Shartzer
      Jonah Shartzer Month ago

      They probably have AA guns just for shooting down birds

  • Zaalim Rajput
    Zaalim Rajput 5 months ago

    Ironic that Fox News is American
    equivalent of DPRK state-sponsored propaganda, possibly even worse!!! FucKn Trumptards!!!