• Published on Sep 7, 2018
  • -All waterslides at Raging Waves-
    Raging Waves is known as the largest waterpark in Illinois, with a stunning amount of slides! Some highlights are Wonambi (wave slide), The Boomerang (funnel slide), Cyclone (bowl slide), and Tasmanian Twisters (turbo slides). The park is super popular, but all the slides are quality!
    Check the time codes below to see each individual slide!
    0:23 Wild Wallabies
    0:45 Boomerang
    1:09 Three Sisters (Green)
    1:33 Three Sisters (Pink)
    1:56 Three Sisters (Blue)
    2:17 Cyclone
    2:51 Platypus Plunge
    3:24 Kangaroo Falls (Aqua)
    3:26 Kangaroo Falls (Blue)
    3:32 Kangaroo Falls (Green)
    3:50 Tasmanian Twisters (Yellow)
    4:05 Tasmanian Twisters (Blue)
    4:22 kangaroo Falls (Yellow)
    4:33 Crocodile Mile
    5:08 Wonambi
    5:41 Pj's Plummet
    (I do not own the music, credit goes to No Copyright Sounds)
    Song 1: Diviners- Falling (feat. Harley Bird)
    Song 2: RetroVision- Over Again (feat. Micah Martin)
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Comments • 49

  • Squidward Tentacles
    Squidward Tentacles 7 days ago

    Tuberides was here

  • ZippyAirplane
    ZippyAirplane Month ago

    I almost hit the top of yellow on wonambi lol

  • John Casenas
    John Casenas Month ago

    Why is it that I’ll go on pj’s plummet but refuse to go on wonambi?


    I went down the boomerang but after the drop I got shifted coming down the corner and fell out of the raft so that was fun.

  • Salty Pink Ninja
    Salty Pink Ninja Month ago +1

    When I went, someone cut their back open on Pjs Plumment....

    • John Casenas
      John Casenas Month ago

      Oh July, that’s the month where my birthday is on so maybe I went near the time where the guy cut his back open

    • Salty Pink Ninja
      Salty Pink Ninja Month ago

      In July...don’t know the exact date...

    • John Casenas
      John Casenas Month ago

      Salty Pink Ninja when was it, because when I was there for my birthday last summer it was closed

    • Salty Pink Ninja
      Salty Pink Ninja Month ago +1

      I didn’t get to see it but if they closed the whole slide down it had to be bad...

  • Remy202
    Remy202 Month ago +2

    wonambi and boomerang are the best ones (but on wonambi when I reached the top my hip started to hurt sooooooo xD)

  • Mackenzie Garren
    Mackenzie Garren Month ago

    I went there yesterday

  • Roslynd Antinori
    Roslynd Antinori Month ago

    HORRIBLE place ! Your waiting in line forever for tickets, then wait in a long line because you have a ticket. Then waiting in a long line for a slide , for food, and bathroom.

    • Redicent
      Redicent Month ago

      i went today cuz it was a little bit rainy in the morning then the weather got good and when me and my friends arrived the lines werent even that bad

    • Ethan The One and Only
      Ethan The One and Only Month ago

      You’re wrong on a thousand different levels raging waves is the best place ever

    • Sawcon Deez nuts
      Sawcon Deez nuts Month ago

      Yeah it’s called being busy, deal with it

    • Brady G
      Brady G Month ago

      Roslynd Antinori just because you went on a busy day doesn’t make it bad lol

  • Evey Chen
    Evey Chen Month ago

    i’m TERRIFIED of the boomerang and i don’t know if i want to go on it

    • Poki
      Poki Month ago

      Evey Chen it seems scary, but it’s not fear it’s just thrill! It’s fun you just get nervous and it’s a completely natural reaction to be scared :)

  • bawka
    bawka 2 months ago +2


  • K C
    K C 2 months ago

    Its a really nice vid but why were you on a 2 person tube by yourself

    • K C
      K C 2 months ago

      @GoPro Gabe Oh

    • GoPro Gabe
      GoPro Gabe  2 months ago

      Because they were the only available tubes. And you won’t spin around.

  • lilfresh sgscb
    lilfresh sgscb 2 months ago

    Funny things

  • Ironbolt124
    Ironbolt124 2 months ago +1

    Thanks! I'm going there tomorrow and I want to know what I can expect!

  • Katelyn Wolf
    Katelyn Wolf 2 months ago +4

    I love this park! It's so fun ^^

  • Sharky2120
    Sharky2120 2 months ago

    My slide ratings
    Wild wallabies- 5/10
    Boomerang- 8/10
    3 sisters)
    -green- 4/10 (not intense)
    -pink- 5/10 ( little better)
    -blue- 5/10 (same as pink pretty much)
    Cyclone- 8/10 (really fast and fun)
    Platypus- 8/10 (fast!)
    Kid slides- 2/10 ( not fun..)
    Tasmanian twist- 3/10(hurts bad)
    Crocodile mile- 7/10 (fun family ride(
    Wonambi- 9/10 (super super fun)
    Pjs plummet- not ridden yet

    • Brady G
      Brady G Month ago

      John Casenas that’s why they make you put your hands behind your head on the fast ones

    • John Casenas
      John Casenas Month ago

      Sharky2120 advice; keep your head on the slide because I lifted my head and it was slammed back down on the slide

  • Yvilie Moon
    Yvilie Moon 3 months ago

    Last year that was the first slide I went on!!!!!! OMG AND THEN I ALSO WENT TO THE BOOMERANG AFTER! LOL

  • Angie A
    Angie A 4 months ago +1

    do you prefer this park or magic waters or deep waters? i'm trying to decide! i'm going wth my boyfriend we are both 21 so we aren't very interested in kiddie slides!

    • cracker car
      cracker car 2 months ago

      I personally prefer this park because of its food options and really cool slides

  • Unidentified Flying Potato

    1:01 their face???

  • Emily Molina
    Emily Molina 7 months ago +2

    Love wanambi

  • Razorblade_Productions
    Razorblade_Productions 8 months ago +9

    Love this water park! I go there every summer. I love the PJ plummet and wonnambi!

      SEANIECCM 4 2 months ago

      Razorblade_Productions pj plummet hurts ur back but still a great ride

    • GoPro Gabe
      GoPro Gabe  8 months ago +1

      Same here bro.

  • Red Stars
    Red Stars Year ago +12

    Love seeing all the slides! I'm a big fan of the park. My favorite slides are the Tasmanian Twisters.

    • K C
      K C Month ago

      @Ultra Speedy same! It was just too dark and i couldnt breath for part of it

    • GoPro Gabe
      GoPro Gabe  Month ago

      True, but not many people like them.

    • K C
      K C Month ago

      @GoPro Gabe but then the lines are shorter

    • GoPro Gabe
      GoPro Gabe  Year ago +1

      Yep. Tasmanian Twisters are awesome, but sadly underrated.

  • AdamTheDoggo
    AdamTheDoggo Year ago +5

    This is the best all slide vid by u

    • AdamTheDoggo
      AdamTheDoggo Year ago

      Nah thanks to you man I'm sad too see summer go but this will remind me...

    • GoPro Gabe
      GoPro Gabe  Year ago

      Thanks! Means a lot!

  • Kaspersetz Slide Studios

    Great vid, heading out to Seabreeze today.