💻 - See What's Inside a CPU

  • Published on Jan 1, 2015
  • Go inside the Central Processing Unit to see all the amazing components within! See more about the Scott CPU at www.ButHowDoItKnow.com

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  • Chezz
    Chezz 8 days ago +1

    Damn Humans are amazing creatures...

  • Chezz
    Chezz 8 days ago +3

    The guys who invented computers study from redstone engineers

  • Laeeque Ahmad
    Laeeque Ahmad 11 days ago

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  • Haji Geot
    Haji Geot 13 days ago

    I feel like wanna make some cpu now, easy

  • Muhammad Irfan
    Muhammad Irfan 27 days ago

    The last video is four years old. Where are you guys?

  • Željko Obradović
    Željko Obradović Month ago

    So when is the next episode going to be?

  • A G D
    A G D Month ago +1

    But can it run Minecraft?

  • Najmudiin Jawte
    Najmudiin Jawte 2 months ago

    this dude did not post any thing for four years!! is he dead or what?

  • Caroline Campello Arruda

    Blow my mind

  • Jack
    Jack 3 months ago

    1:29 lol

  • Rahul
    Rahul 4 months ago +2

    finally the right answer for my question. i wanted to know what gates are used .. now i know that its a combination

  • Jakub Gdaniec
    Jakub Gdaniec 4 months ago

    Good job scientists of earth, I have no fucking idea how you came up with this shit but congratz

  • Emmanuel meric de bellefon

    so nice

  • Appoddigare
    Appoddigare 6 months ago

    Watching while high... it is just amazing

  • Mani Kalejahi
    Mani Kalejahi 7 months ago +4


    i didn't learned anything..
    i just wonder that intel is a god or not??!..

  • ElMarocain 13
    ElMarocain 13 8 months ago +1

    *10000 of workers work hard To make a good cpu*
    *kid buy the cpu to play fortnite*

    • Rendahedron
      Rendahedron 5 months ago

      Gros gay raciste et qui aime viole Des enfant you’re acting as if 10000 workers make 1 single cpu and a kid takes it, “10000” workers actually design the cpu, then create the machines that build the components, and then leave it to the machines to do the rest of the work.

  • Honey Gate
    Honey Gate 9 months ago

    Spiritual CPU 🔠🔡🔢🔣♎💠➕➗➖✖📶♈♒❎✅✴💠🅰🅱🅾🆎🏧🔀📶

  • Micah Wright
    Micah Wright 10 months ago

    Please explain the clock I'm detail

  • Hari Kishore
    Hari Kishore 10 months ago

    Thank you. Now I am going to make my CPU.

  • Hambone
    Hambone 11 months ago


  • sea yellow
    sea yellow 11 months ago

    great video! love these

  • Kasandra
    Kasandra Year ago

    Are these "threads"? I'm trying to find out how and what the cores and threads do in a CPU.. I'm not a gamer.. So does a core run one application and the multiple threads do... what?? I want to get an idea of what it generally does, the biggest program I'd probably be running is Adobe or possibly Drawing programs, I'll be studying soon.. am one of those ppl that has about 100 tabs open when I browse

  • Germanic Superiority

    Fuck my mind hurts
    Ima sue.

  • Ch28
    Ch28 Year ago

    Did you die?

  • TrancoTechnizer
    TrancoTechnizer Year ago

    nice !!
    at least you have some video in your ad.
    enjoyed it not

  • Yunus Emre Mert
    Yunus Emre Mert Year ago +1

    Well It seems that I have to upgrade my CPU to understand whats going on here

  • Tux Tux
    Tux Tux Year ago

    I almost completely forgot that this channel existed

  • Jaymes elliot
    Jaymes elliot Year ago +1

    hey thats neato, what about the 'maybe' gates or 'not till you're older' gates?

    • Hambone
      Hambone 11 months ago

      and the 'i have a boyfriend' gate

  • Joo2oob
    Joo2oob Year ago

    Spectre and Meltdown inside.

  • Andre Ranulfo
    Andre Ranulfo Year ago

    The book is amazing!!! I strongly suggest you guys to look forward to ready it!

  • ICy Ghost
    ICy Ghost Year ago +1

    1:35 🔥😂😂😂😂🔥

  • Hold My Beer
    Hold My Beer Year ago

    OmG!!! iT jUsT So sIMpLe...

  • Meowing Meows
    Meowing Meows Year ago

    My head's paining!

  • Legendary MuRAMasa1337

    Scott CPU could sell well in the market

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  • N E S Y
    N E S Y Year ago


  • Frank Castle I The Phuniser

    would it better practice in fpga design

  • santh0
    santh0 Year ago

    simply 1(interpresed) 0(outburst) or 1 0 or I/O , that bitches make this complicated , hahahahaha (dont mention about io i just rumbling )

  • Usama Iftikhar Butt

    nice explanation

  • I am gost
    I am gost Year ago


  • Ahmad Asmandar
    Ahmad Asmandar Year ago

    thank you

  • Moises Sequera
    Moises Sequera Year ago

    Here is reflected the perfection of God, by giving mankind the capabilities of creating this, and interpreting his creations through numbers and formulas.

  • VirtueOfTheLessBrilliant

    Jesus christ sorry I asked

  • Mark Ryan
    Mark Ryan Year ago

    Who the hell thought of this

  • Tobias TK
    Tobias TK Year ago

    Oh my god, this blew my mind!
    I never thought breaking or connecting a circuit would be possible without a mechanical motion, but metals can change properties, going from a non conductive material, to a conductive material!
    Now i finally undeerstand how transistors work!

  • Aliens-Ets Exist-in

    Hey guys/gals, what's up? I have questions guys/gals lol. Anyone of you knows how to build a CPU that is a bio-electricity brain meaning it is a neuron gangly synaptic organ tissue that we see in a human brain? Anyone knows out there what type of micro component parts to put it together? If anyone knows just reply here anyway it will notify me in my email address.

  • Vuvuzela
    Vuvuzela Year ago

    My cpu is thinking about this video explaining a cpu

  • william smith
    william smith Year ago

    now I have a headache and scratching my head. lol.

  • mahmoud alaa
    mahmoud alaa Year ago

    excuse me in the not gate( in case when the input is on )why the elctricity go through the transestor and leave the other branch
    assuming that the two branches are closed??

  • M1 R1
    M1 R1 Year ago

    i wanted to know how cpu works and ended listening about logic gates .

    • M1 R1
      M1 R1 Year ago

      i woud talk a lot to explain what it shoud be on that video but i the link you have em explained much better en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Programmable_logic_device

    • Vincent Hildebrand
      Vincent Hildebrand Year ago

      M1 R1 cpu is billions of logic gates. That's why.

  • Physics Degree
    Physics Degree Year ago

    Can you make one video on AI or Machine Learning?

  • Brendon Lavigne
    Brendon Lavigne Year ago

    This was useful.

  • Umut Kurt
    Umut Kurt Year ago +6

    I still don't know how a computer knows what binary is equal. For example, how does the computer "know" that "01001011" means "K". How and from where does it know and understand that a certain series of numbers mean a specific letter or a number so that it converts it into a binary for itself to understand. How does it know to convert them in the first place? How do you code that in the first place. How do you put the input inside the memory that says K is equal to 01001011??? Someone I need help...

    • Happy Fakeboulder
      Happy Fakeboulder 7 months ago

      About converting between binary and text:
      It doesn't actually store anywhere the fact that that piece of binary is a K
      It's just that when it is displayed by some program, the program displays it depending on what the binary information is, in this case, not as 1s and 0s, but as simple images in a font -- text.

    • Hoch Wald
      Hoch Wald Year ago

      One word

    • Umut Kurt
      Umut Kurt Year ago

      Thank you I really needed this. I was so sick and tired of my teachers and others explaining me what binary is and how it works. I'm studying in CS and I really needed to know the some of the architecture parts of it. THANK YOU!!

    • Sergio Pérez
      Sergio Pérez Year ago


  • Jigsss Cupid
    Jigsss Cupid Year ago +3

    Good video with information, however my CPU couldn't process this😂😂 I'll be better off watching a cardiac surgery video... Which I can understand... Thanks for the video

  • TheRedStormer
    TheRedStormer Year ago

    Can you please do a full video on how an alu works?

  • אייל זאק
    אייל זאק Year ago

    2 ideas how make intel chips better

  • Laiqul
    Laiqul Year ago

    i'm completly lost.

  • Steef
    Steef Year ago

    The blue part inside of the CPU, is that the core?

    • Vincent Hildebrand
      Vincent Hildebrand Year ago

      Steve W cup is the core. It has tons of gates. A gate is a few transistors wired together. They decide to give an "answer", a 1 or 0, based on its two inputs. This input AND that input have signal. Or, this signal OR that signal is a 1, and it spits out a signal, a "1". There are billions of these mini circuit "gates", that make up the core of a cpu. All making decisions based on their two inputs. As well, gates can be "negatized". I mean, instead of giving a yes or 1 answer, they can instead give the opposite answer from one, a zero instead. Then the gates are called "NOT AND" (NAND), and "NOT OR" (NOR), and such. The cpu makes tons of these decisions, just for one computer cup instruction.

  • / kurp /
    / kurp / Year ago +3

    thanks alot but this is what's inside of a ALU...

  • Anthony Rossi
    Anthony Rossi 2 years ago