NHL Highlights | Coyotes vs. Blues - Nov. 12, 2019

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • Nick Schmaltz and Conor Garland scored in the shootout and the Arizona Coyotes defeated the St. Louis Blues.
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  • CanadianGirl 26
    CanadianGirl 26 23 days ago

    I am not impressed with the Stanley Cup Champs but nice win Yotes!

  • Шамиль Садвакасов

    ..кто-то «конченный» в своём, а этот - Гений в чём-то.. что ж теперь.

  • creek gaming
    creek gaming 23 days ago

    ru-clip.com/video/h1t7TPdkRiQ/video.html. Nhl 20 games

  • Darin Kaintz
    Darin Kaintz 24 days ago

    Yotes Are A Wagon!

  • The Man with a Plan
    The Man with a Plan 24 days ago +1

    Good game Coyotes, keep the momentum going!

  • Khem Tech
    Khem Tech 24 days ago

    Bennington def looked nervous

  • Jameson Pearson
    Jameson Pearson 24 days ago

    whats this.. another boring coyote game...

    • Jameson Pearson
      Jameson Pearson 21 day ago

      I see you two don't really follow the coyotes or else you wouldve picked up on my sarcasm www.google.com/amp/s/arizonasports.com/story/2145336/were-sorry-that-the-coyotes-are-too-boring-for-you/amp/ ...
      Ps. I do eat ass

    • Green wall Tree
      Green wall Tree 23 days ago

      What's this? A salty blues fan who slept on the coyotes. Get out of here kid.

    • mr mojo
      mr mojo 24 days ago +3

      You look like you eat man ass

  • Mizraim
    Mizraim 24 days ago +2

    Nice job Yotes!

  • Поджигатель ватных пердаков

    Отлично 😁

  • Daniel Aguirre
    Daniel Aguirre 24 days ago +6

    Gooo Coyotes 🏜️ !! We beat the NHL's best on back to back nights

  • Seba
    Seba 24 days ago +6

    #2 in the pacific

  • Cbeddoe19
    Cbeddoe19 24 days ago +4

    In the shootout the Coyotes look like they're on their way to a picnic and just need to drop the puck off in the net first.
    Lots of skill to make it look that easy.

  • Jakub Tallee
    Jakub Tallee 24 days ago

    Go. Blues. Go.

  • candlewolff
    candlewolff 24 days ago +4


  • IceMemeMan29
    IceMemeMan29 24 days ago +31

    I am very impressed with Conor Garland

  • Drexxler 1
    Drexxler 1 24 days ago +6

    Coyotes played a solid game today. Despite having disadvantages.

  • Leo D.
    Leo D. 24 days ago +15

    Go yotes!

  • steve
    steve 24 days ago +17