Twins storm back twice in extras in 9-8 win | White Sox-Twins Game Highlights 9/17/19

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • Condensed Game: Mitch Garver tied it in the 11th on a sacrifice fly, then Marwin Gonzalez and Ronald Torreyes combined to win it in the 12th
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Comments • 144

  • Phil Rockwell
    Phil Rockwell Month ago

    Tim Anderson get that batting title having a heck of a season. My Sox in the near future could be dangerous!

  • John-boy
    John-boy Month ago +1

    What an exciting game! Congrats to the Twins on an additional home run record. Sano made an emphatic statement with his blast. Twins keep winning

  • Steven McStevenson
    Steven McStevenson Month ago +3

    What's the song at 5:08?

  • tim allen
    tim allen Month ago

    Was at the game . Ugly game as the whitesox clawed back in so I left with my 1 yr old and 4 yr old grandson after the 8th inning . Took the light rail to my car at the VA . Stopped got gas and something to eat . Drove about 70 miles to my home and watched the 12th inning from my recliner. Not bad ! Lol

  • Albert Belle's Mugshot

    Sox will start winning once Ricky, along with all the trash pitchers are DFA'd. Until then, it's tank tank tank

  • Jack Peters
    Jack Peters Month ago

    Jose Ruiz, like much of Sox pitching is garbage. But a walk of walk THEN a walk off HBP???? DFA this piece of trash

  • runner6500
    runner6500 Month ago +1

    I hate the juiced baseball, it's changed the game from "base"ball to home run derby. The game is more exciting when played on the bases.

  • Luis Tanamario
    Luis Tanamario Month ago

    Perhaps if the Sox keep Covey and Ruiz, one of them will pitch a perfect game like Phil Humber did. However, it isn´t going to make a difference in the long run, in terms of reaching the playoffs, much less winning a pennant.

  • ZacharyBinx86
    ZacharyBinx86 Month ago

    Good job Twinkies! ⚾😃

  • Ben Stackin
    Ben Stackin Month ago

    Knew I shoulda stayed up after the top of the 11th 😥

  • The Jew Makes the save

    Twins needed extra innings and to face Ross Detwiler in order to beat a young and rebuilding Sox team. Twins arent going anywhere in the playoffs

  • Erick Francis
    Erick Francis Month ago

    Magic number: 7

  • Clyde_Sherburger
    Clyde_Sherburger Month ago

    Tim is always pimping homers acting like the game is won and then his team loses lmao

  • Noah Somerville
    Noah Somerville Month ago

    Let's gooooooo

  • Imalrightma
    Imalrightma Month ago


  • tomitstube
    tomitstube Month ago

    sox, no lead too big to blow. hope the twins can beat either the yankees or astros. will most likey have to beat both to get to the world series. maybe the A's can also pull off an upset. cleveland can't beat good teams.

    • Shark Sandwich
      Shark Sandwich Month ago +1

      nothing sdds wouldn’t call the twins (or the Indians) “garbage.” Also, that record is barely below .500 on the season, which means they’re doing alright against good teams. Also, many of those losses were extremely close

    • tomitstube
      tomitstube Month ago

      @nothing sdds can you be a little clearer about what you're talking about?

    • nothing sdds
      nothing sdds Month ago

      32-37. Apparently none of the garbage al central teams including you can beat good teams.
      Say it with me, I’m bloody hypocrite and my team can’t beat good teams either.

  • Big Reiner
    Big Reiner Month ago

    They missed when romo just kept throwing to first base lol

    • ChipotleIsLife23 [PRAMO]
      ChipotleIsLife23 [PRAMO] Month ago

      He did an amazing job holding him, that’s exactly how you do it when you don’t throw hard

  • Soufflé Samuel
    Soufflé Samuel Month ago

    I stopped watching after the sox went up 6-5 in the 11th

    • G D
      G D Month ago

      I stopped watching when Twins went up 5-0.

  • Bobbi Floss
    Bobbi Floss Month ago

    Twins fans are the absolute worst. Important game in extra innings and stands are empty.

    • ChipotleIsLife23 [PRAMO]
      ChipotleIsLife23 [PRAMO] Month ago

      Bobbi Floss well twins bats always go dead in late inning games

    • Jay Waz
      Jay Waz Month ago +1

      Bobbi Floss It’s a weeknight in a game that went to 10:30 and beyond. The stadium was packed in the 9th inning anyway. All stadiums are like that anyway

    • Bobbi Floss
      Bobbi Floss Month ago

      lcoster 1203 it’s an important game that gets us 1 step closer to division title so we can hopefully rest some players before our post season starts. I hope we don’t go Extra Innings in the playoffs or World Series, fans might leave.

    • lcoster 1203
      lcoster 1203 Month ago +1

      Has anyone noticed that really every stadium empties out when a game goes into the late or early morning hours? Not just the Twins

    • Bobbi Floss
      Bobbi Floss Month ago +1

      Ummmmmm yeah so ? You can’t get 4 hours of sleep and go to work ? Also you pay good money.

  • SonicFan200
    SonicFan200 Month ago

    What a comeback by the twins.

  • Xeng Thao
    Xeng Thao Month ago +2

    That ending was so anticlimactic 😂😂

  • Carson Dale
    Carson Dale Month ago

    Jomboy better pick this up

  • Undisputed Blackjack
    Undisputed Blackjack Month ago +4

    Impressive from the Twins, now go beat Houston in the Divisional Series so my boys have a better shot at going to the WS.

    • ZacharyBinx86
      ZacharyBinx86 Month ago

      You'd think the Yankees wouldn't want the first seed cause they will probably end up playing the effin A's and they have been beating the Yankees all year.

    • coolmadmike
      coolmadmike Month ago +2

      hahahaha Yanks will get the 2nd seed and be shocked to lose to the best road team in baseball in the first round. The Twins.

    • Undisputed Blackjack
      Undisputed Blackjack Month ago

      William Davis come on don’t talk about your mom that way! Shame on you! Yes, I’m a proud Yankees fans for 30 plus years, not one of these people who get on a band wagon! Maybe smoking weed will help whatever might be making you feel like a loser!

    • William Davis
      William Davis Month ago

      You sound like an idiot. Must be a Yankmee fan. So get started! Lol

  • MrBlackFabio
    MrBlackFabio Month ago +5

    Walked in the winning run on Sunday and now they hit a batter to drive in the winning run. Sox sure can find ways to lose. What’s next? A wild pitch? A passed ball? A balk?

    • Adam Duerwachter
      Adam Duerwachter Month ago

      MrBlackFabio the Sox lost to Oakland on an errant throw btw

    • Jack Peters
      Jack Peters Month ago

      Ricky is clever in finding new ways to lose. That's all he's good at.

    • David Hoppe
      David Hoppe Month ago

      Leave it to the Sox to find more ways to lose.

  • John Stark
    John Stark Month ago +2

    We will take a win however it comes

  • hothand 132
    hothand 132 Month ago +4

    is nobody going to talk about that 482 ft bomb?

    • Divinity Of Blackness
      Divinity Of Blackness Month ago +3

      That was the second longest home run in Target Field history. Jim Thome hit the longest one at 490 ft (I think)

    • dner75
      dner75 Month ago +1

      I'm with you. That was probably in the top 20 of all-time longest HRs.

  • Eric S
    Eric S Month ago

    War damn eagle!

  • Chas chas
    Chas chas Month ago +5

    Great comeback! Win Twins!!

  • 110 %
    110 % Month ago +1

    I was at this game!

  • Adriana Rodriguez
    Adriana Rodriguez Month ago

    The balls are juiced

  • Jerrin Daniels
    Jerrin Daniels Month ago


  • Erik Amundson
    Erik Amundson Month ago +1

    So many empty seats

    • Jack Peters
      Jack Peters Month ago

      @Dennis Sologaistoa Scrub fan detected

    • Dennis Sologaistoa
      Dennis Sologaistoa Month ago

      Erik Amundson...
      It reminded me of White Sox Park from the 1st inning and on... LOL

    • Zero
      Zero Month ago

      in the 10th, and 11th innings close to midnight on a weeknight when kids have school, and adults have work the next day. Are you stupid, or do you just smoke crack?

  • Kaleb Hale
    Kaleb Hale Month ago +6

    Guy gets hit by a 95 mph fast ball and wins the game lol. Go twins

  • Tyler Lebens
    Tyler Lebens Month ago +21


  • Abort ObamaCare
    Abort ObamaCare Month ago +2

    The Twins won't make it past the first round of the playoffs.

    • Chas chas
      Chas chas Month ago

      We weren't even supposed to make the playoffs. Surprise team of the year!

    • Paul Lundgren
      Paul Lundgren Month ago +1

      The Twins never get any respect....even when we win The World Series. So, just know that real Twins fans don't give two f*cks what you of any haters have to say😆😆😆😆
      People compare our team to everyone else leading their divisions....yet we do it it for $80-$100 million less than the teams I'm sure you're a fan boy of🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
      I'm betting you own a Yankees hat and a Yankees Jersey or two....
      Only NY fans see our "weak" team in our "weak" division as a threat😆 you should!

    • Guy Black
      Guy Black Month ago

      @Abort ObamaCare This division isn't that much weaker than any other to be honest. The Twins have still played and beat good teams.

    • Pax Humana
      Pax Humana Month ago +1

      @Abort ObamaCare, let me guess, you are a Braves, Dodgers, Astros, or Yankees fan?

    • John Stark
      John Stark Month ago +3

      lol, someone's jealous

  • Random Vidoes
    Random Vidoes Month ago +7

    Wow what a game twins! This team has so much resilience....keep fighting! Lets go #MinnesotaTwins #RallySquirrel

  • Itz Tretzy
    Itz Tretzy Month ago +8

    What a game!!!!

  • Dave W
    Dave W Month ago +45

    Minnesota needs a championship, been a l o n g time

    • dner75
      dner75 Month ago

      @Bobbi Floss I appreciate it. When I win, I'll be sure to hand you a fiver.

    • Bobbi Floss
      Bobbi Floss Month ago

      dner75 7 - 19 - 22 - 36 - 41 - PB 13

    • dner75
      dner75 Month ago

      @Bobbi Floss Well, I'm glad you have a crystal ball and can see the future. Can you tell me next week's lottery numbers?

    • Bobbi Floss
      Bobbi Floss Month ago

      dner75 I’ve seen 2 also. Afraid that’s it my friend.

    • Bobbi Floss
      Bobbi Floss Month ago

      Shark Sandwich if you want to count that go ahead. You’re in denial.

  • Torry aka TNT
    Torry aka TNT Month ago +35

    This type of baseball is so much fun and just in time for October. These types of teams surprise and upset ending up I'm the world series. GO TWINS! #bombasquad

  • Sanchez 007
    Sanchez 007 Month ago +3

    How many of the Twinkies 93 wins have come from Royals and tigers???

    • nothing sdds
      nothing sdds Month ago

      @sanchez the al central is a joke but let’s not act like the nl west isn’t the 2nd worst division in the league and the worst division in the nl.
      The dodgers are waaaaaaay more legit than the loltwins tho.

    • lcoster 1203
      lcoster 1203 Month ago

      They have 20 wins against both the Royals and Tigers. While the Dodgers have like 23 wins against the Padres and Rockies I think??

    • Pax Humana
      Pax Humana Month ago

      @DingersOnlyBaseball , the Twins do not need a rivalry. Besides, how can an opposing team compete when they cannot even compare, anyway?

    • DingersOnlyBaseball
      DingersOnlyBaseball Month ago

      Sanchez 007 bruh you guys dont even have a rivalry because your division is so trash 😂

    • Poop Jones
      Poop Jones Month ago

      Not as many as the Indians. They’ve won 15 in a row against Detroit and it’s prob gonna be 17

  • Legoat James
    Legoat James Month ago

    Twins gotta have the worst bullpen for playoffs teams this year

    • Shark Sandwich
      Shark Sandwich Month ago

      nothing sdds it was Pineda until the recent situation, so don’t act like the rotation was always missing a third guy

    • Jodi Novotny
      Jodi Novotny Month ago

      It's hard to be worst than the yankees pitching lmao. They have actually had one of the best in the last month and a half..

    • nothing sdds
      nothing sdds Month ago

      The Yankees have Sevy, Tanaka, Paxton, German. It’s not great but it’s tolerable with their bullpen.
      The twins have berrios and odo. Who’s your 3rd guy? Perez? Gibson? Jesus Christ.

    • Poop Jones
      Poop Jones Month ago

      Who is WE? can’t improve the rotation and bullpen this year for the playoffs you nerd.

    • Pax Humana
      Pax Humana Month ago

      We can always improve the bullpen and rotation.

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez Month ago +11

    I thought the Astros had already accomplished the 5 players with 30+ hrs record but they could be next. Congrats to the Twins though 👍⚾

    • coolmadmike
      coolmadmike Month ago +2

      @Juan Martinez I'd be surprised if Alvarez hits 30 this year, but he is close.. Twins also broke the record for most players with 20+ HRs, 8. And are 1 player away from tying the record for most players with 10+, 12. On pace to be the be the best slugging team in history with .495 SLG. NYY and HOU are also at .495 and .493 respectively which would beat the .491 record by the '03 Redsox. Crazy power year! Bats are JuiCeD!

    • Juan Martinez
      Juan Martinez Month ago +2

      Altuve and Gurriel each have 28 and the rookie Alvarez has 25. I wouldn't be shocked if those 3 reach the 30 hr mark.

    • coolmadmike
      coolmadmike Month ago +1

      They only have 2 players with 30+ right now. 1 at 29, and 1 at 28 though.

    • Andre Toles
      Andre Toles Month ago +7

      That was 5 or 6 with 25+ homeruns

  • Heyden Leekley
    Heyden Leekley Month ago +50

    Twins are doing something special this year. That's for sure.

    • Andrew K
      Andrew K Month ago

      @G D Hey are relif pitching has been way batter lately

    • G D
      G D Month ago

      Blowing big leads?

  • MongbAPA
    MongbAPA Month ago +66

    Damn! Five Twins players with 30 or more home runs this season.
    5. Miguel Sano
    4. Eddie Rosario
    3. Mitch Garver
    2.Max Kepler
    1. Nelson Cruz

    • Adam Duerwachter
      Adam Duerwachter Month ago

      Sneaky Castro are you negative for everyone, or just the twins? If it’s just the twins, why?

    • Shark Sandwich
      Shark Sandwich Month ago +1

      Sneaky Castro don’t understand why you have such a problem with the twins unless you’re a Cleveland fan. Speaking of which, the Indians’ dominance of the AL Central is over. The twins have one of the youngest, most talented, overlooked rosters in all of baseball. You can’t have their offensive firepower and be “lucky.” They will be great for years to come, and will most likely get several shots at the World Series. Not this year probably, but they’re only going to get better

    • Jaketwins 01
      Jaketwins 01 Month ago

      Sneaky Castro lol keep sleepin

    • Jay Waz
      Jay Waz Month ago

      Sneaky Castro are you a twins hater or something? I don’t understand the negativity

    • Sneaky Castro
      Sneaky Castro Month ago

      Jay Waz well than have fun with your lucky season it will be the last time for a while.

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson Month ago +23


    • Robert Huge
      Robert Huge Month ago

      Welcome to the real squad, LaMarre

  • Dylan Burch
    Dylan Burch Month ago +19

    I wish i didn't walk away from the tv with this game, Awesome that they won though :D

    • Random Vidoes
      Random Vidoes Month ago +2

      I know I live in South Florida and fan of all Minnesota sports teams, was almost midnight by the time they finished. I'll be tired at work but at least we won lol

    • ShocknAwwe
      ShocknAwwe Month ago +3

      I recorded it. The recording ended right after the 10th inning. I was like "looks like a game they'll lose." Wow

  • BaronofGermania
    BaronofGermania Month ago +8

    Martin Perez= trash

    • Poop Jones
      Poop Jones Month ago +1

      Torry everyone is young to you boomer lol

    • BaronofGermania
      BaronofGermania Month ago +4

      @Torry aka TNT young guy? He is fking 28 years old. He needs to get the fk out of the club

    • Torry aka TNT
      Torry aka TNT Month ago +3

      He needs work, young guy. Lots of promise

    • Aaron Johnson
      Aaron Johnson Month ago +6

      Seriously, he better get REAL good in a hurry or they're in trouble in October.

  • Daniel Berri
    Daniel Berri Month ago +3

    struggle white sox wow

  • Danang Dwiatma
    Danang Dwiatma Month ago +15

    Twins win.