Pawn Stars: HUGE COLLECTION OF RARE WHISTLES (Season 13) | History

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Rick makes a deal with a seller wants a lot of money for an extraordinary collection of rare antique whistles in this clip from Season 13, "Wound Up Rick". #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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Comments • 217

  • SS-50-CAL 3232
    SS-50-CAL 3232 2 hours ago

    All my pictures from the late 70s thru the 80s all are printed on Kodak paper. Doesn't make sense.

  • h
    h 6 hours ago

    what i dont get is if these people are expert collectors and traders surely they can find a collector that will pay more than pawn shop prices for them??

  • Yumi Zyger
    Yumi Zyger 11 days ago

    I use to have the whistle that has six type. I sold it for 2000 dollars and I brought it for 10 dollars. So do u guys think that was worth it

  • stephen campbell
    stephen campbell 13 days ago

    This is an insult to the whistle community

  • Ste Ruane
    Ste Ruane 13 days ago

    The pez community won’t let this lie.

  • supreme kaioshen
    supreme kaioshen 13 days ago

    Whistle expert 🤦‍♂️

  • Linz Leard
    Linz Leard 14 days ago +1

    These whistles are an insult to the Pez community. Rick and Chum are chooches. 😒

  • Event Horizon
    Event Horizon 14 days ago +4

    That offer is an insult to the rare whistle community!

  • Cat Hernandez
    Cat Hernandez 19 days ago

    Whistle guy looks sketchy. Watch his eyes and body language. 🧐

  • Zombie Prodigy
    Zombie Prodigy 22 days ago +4

    I like this customer 😌 he seems like a really good guy!

  • One and One is One
    One and One is One 23 days ago +3

    Whistle Expert: Looks at counter, So what do we have here?
    Seller: Whistles

  • Diwangga Lianto
    Diwangga Lianto 23 days ago

    Rick is waaaaayy to cheap

  • AvengerII
    AvengerII 24 days ago

    To me, the ultimate whistles are from the Titanic -- both the ship's whistles mounted near the funnel (and operated by steam) as well as the personal whistles used by officers during lifeboat operations. There was a whistle that belonged to Fifth Officer Lowe who survived the sinking. I don't know that any personal whistles were recovered from the wreck but at least one pair of SHIP'S whistles were. The Ship's Whistles were conserved and actually blown a few times after recovery in 1999.

  • Wandering Weekends
    Wandering Weekends 26 days ago

    This is my dogs favorite episode

  • Landur ShawtsKid
    Landur ShawtsKid 26 days ago +1

    Guy:1200 is the lowest I’ll go
    Bruh might as well you already lost 3000$

  • Dopey Tripod
    Dopey Tripod 27 days ago

    this episode blew...KLAK ON KLAK OFF, THE KLACKER

  • BadSide
    BadSide Month ago

    They film the customer from the side that have teeth

  • Senior Partner
    Senior Partner Month ago

    Imagine if the whistle would’ve broken as soon as Chum blew it. Lol.

  • Maestro TheKLOWN
    Maestro TheKLOWN Month ago

    Yeah Rick....there's a huge underground criminal syndicate of whistle counterfeiters.

  • jason godin
    jason godin Month ago

    forgot to saw worth while fake

  • Bryan Johnson
    Bryan Johnson Month ago

    Rick the D***!!

  • SURGE 2 Development
    SURGE 2 Development Month ago +1

    Pawn scams

  • Malaysian Productions
    Malaysian Productions Month ago +3

    Every WW1 veteran will have PTSD instantly when hearing a whistle blow.

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres Month ago

    What about the flowriders?

  • Mr Synister
    Mr Synister Month ago

    That was a waste of 5:11 of my life.

  • Buttdreads
    Buttdreads Month ago +4

    Chum sure knows how to blow.
    He has a lot of experience

  • 575forza
    575forza Month ago

    The whistle expert blows.

  • Rez Jaf
    Rez Jaf Month ago

    I think the only collectible whistle was the one he took back good move mr seller.

  • Troll-o-rama
    Troll-o-rama Month ago

    Now they can whistle while they work.

  • WBG Knox
    WBG Knox Month ago +2

    Who would counterfeit a whistle?😂

  • Jeffrey Hodge
    Jeffrey Hodge Month ago

    I know y’all saw that coke shovel lmaoooo

  • Ryan Boddy
    Ryan Boddy Month ago

    Why has the thumbnail got a tan?

  • roku the dog
    roku the dog Month ago

    sell those whistles and buy some orthodontic work

  • Bobby Z
    Bobby Z Month ago +2

    Anyone notice how he didn't bother to ask what they're worth

  • Gilbert Gonzales
    Gilbert Gonzales Month ago

    What's up with Rick laughing at his own jokes all the time??

  • jaze sam
    jaze sam Month ago +1

    Bigil da

  • Keith Weller
    Keith Weller Month ago

    "fake a lot of these these days"
    ...ummm no tf they do not. lol

    • Delta Homicide
      Delta Homicide Month ago

      You'd be surprised what the Chinese will counterfeit. They make fake liquor, have fake stores (Ikea, Apple etc), and even make fake fossils

  • JPLooney
    JPLooney Month ago

    .... who wastes their time FAKING whistles???!

  • GhostPiss
    GhostPiss Month ago

    Pawn Stars be slacking with the uploads

  • Attila Banovits
    Attila Banovits Month ago

    Bobbies weren’t the first police force ... but ok lol your the expert

  • SisAndBroTOYShow Collier

    Let me call my whistle expert friend.....

  • Dawud Townsville
    Dawud Townsville Month ago

    I wonder why he didnt ask the value from the expert

  • Ludwig Von aids
    Ludwig Von aids Month ago

    Insult to the *PEZ* community

  • cuz dogg
    cuz dogg Month ago

    Not bad if you ask me

  • Apex floor designs LLC/Jason Morgan

    Craig if anyone comes whistle

  • Ryan Wehr
    Ryan Wehr Month ago +1

    The expert is " The Hat " and he is worth meeting. Vist the Clark co museum. its amazing

  • D Woodz
    D Woodz Month ago +2

    The UK wants to know this whistle collectors location to negotiate Brexit 😁

  • TenTenLion
    TenTenLion Month ago +28

    0:13 Chumlee lee : what's this one here you got "blows the whistle "
    Seller : it's a butt whistle

  • Kurtis Mac
    Kurtis Mac Month ago +2


  • 加藤みずっち
    加藤みずっち Month ago +4

    Insult to the whistle community

  • David Hasselhoff
    David Hasselhoff Month ago +5

    Customer: impeach Trump
    Rick: ok deal man

    • あああ
      あああ 27 days ago

      @David Hasselhoff but i didn't 🤔

    • David Hasselhoff
      David Hasselhoff 27 days ago

      あああ so funny you liked your own comment

    • Sidewalk Carpet
      Sidewalk Carpet Month ago

      I can throw Mike Pence out and I'm taking a risk here

    • あああ
      あああ Month ago +1

      wow such a funny and original comment i legit dying of laugher right now

    • L R
      L R Month ago

      Rick is a conservative

  • Stick Wan
    Stick Wan Month ago +1

    1:50 every item that comes in shop

  • Lucas Kim
    Lucas Kim Month ago

    Why does the bearded appraiser give the actual price of the item....

  • Sexy Earwax
    Sexy Earwax Month ago +1

    *What's next a collection of pubes?*

  • Shayan S.t
    Shayan S.t Month ago

    rookie mistake...he should`ve bring the itemz individually

  • laser325
    laser325 Month ago +19

    "So, have you been collecting these for a long time?"
    "Yeah, seriously about ten years. And I have about a thousand."
    Definitely _not_ a guy you want to sit next to in a bar.

  • Cory Walker
    Cory Walker Month ago +3

    He just put his mouth on a dirty whistle

  • Kellen Hoard
    Kellen Hoard Month ago

    Who tf is faking whistles

  • Syed Saleem
    Syed Saleem Month ago

    Expert only tell the truth not insult

  • 104Forbidden 14
    104Forbidden 14 Month ago

    Rick just looks out of it