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  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
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Comments • 44

  • Bowlegg41 Smith
    Bowlegg41 Smith 19 days ago

    Wowwww this whole reading is soooo about me😍

  • phyllis dawkins
    phyllis dawkins Month ago

    cancer realized they made a mistake I stayed away so far because i wasn't honest with them had something done got unblocked staying away until contact me spell fully works on him then go back cancer has financial problems and distance and financial problems have been in relationship

  • Uknw Selfmade
    Uknw Selfmade Month ago

    Libra cross watching... I watched mine and it talks about my person putting me in a third party.... So I had to come see. But yeh the Capricorn my ex did put herself in a bad situation and I'm just trying to make sure she's not dragging me with her if she's choosing to put me in a third party.

  • Joy James
    Joy James Month ago


  • Jessica  Lockett
    Jessica Lockett Month ago +1

    Same sex omg om

  • Peter Harry
    Peter Harry Month ago

    Same sex??? Why include this in a tarot reading??

  • elisabeth santos
    elisabeth santos Month ago

    🎠..that was suspenseful...so much going in n out of worlds..much luv..thnx..💕

  • Debbie L
    Debbie L Month ago

    I'm a Taurus and he's a aries and the karmic is a capricorn

  • Aida Amorre
    Aida Amorre Month ago +1

    Virgo 🙌

  • Dreamy Nikki
    Dreamy Nikki Month ago

    You are soooo amazing, EVERYTHING resonated! I wanna meet you so bad, I live in a small town north of Houston... I have Louisiana creole as well (my great grandfather was Haitian and lived in Opelousas, Louisiana! ) I would always get crazy ass on point dreams and it used to scare me as a young girl... but now I know why, it's in my bloodline.

  • Wanda Sample
    Wanda Sample Month ago +1

    Yes 👍👍👍 Virgo Nation Baby😘💋💋💋

  • Co Co
    Co Co Month ago

    Yes, I cut off so many people. I had an amazing meditative session last night. I feel so enlightened. I got answers I needed toward my direction and things I knew deep within were confirmed. I feel so amazing. I am truly undergoing a transformation. I am filled with so many emotions. I need to schedule a reading with you because. I have an estranged husband I want to leave me alone who is dodging a divorce. I have a person I feel connected to who is just, no comment. I have an ex that I cut off when I started my Dark Night of the Soul and he just popped up again the other day. I would like to be released from the spouse and ex. I am nurturing self love and growth, the other person, I feel is a Divine connection and I am open to just serving my purpose with whatever it's meant to be. It is what it is and I am trusting my journey and pouring my all into who I am and my path. You are awesome, thanks for your insight. I joke with my family as my light shines everyone comes toward me with phallus in hand. I swear I have my shield up, like back up off me please. Please let me evolve, I don't need it.

  • Arlene Samuel
    Arlene Samuel Month ago

    Virgo.....thanks Ash very beautiful blessings to you and your boys

  • Samantha Howell
    Samantha Howell Month ago +10

    ♑️ I rather be alone if a person is going to be lying cheating whatever the case maybe we Deserve Real and honestly no bs

  • Valerie Iafrate
    Valerie Iafrate Month ago

    What risk I haven't been with him in 3 years i dont want him back

  • Marsha Brown
    Marsha Brown Month ago +1

    Earth sign virgo here

  • Karyn Adamson
    Karyn Adamson Month ago +14

    Heyyy Capricorn ♑️ run🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ don’t look 👀 back there’s something awesome up ahead we can’t see it right now but we all can feel it keep going😊

  • Alanna Alexandra
    Alanna Alexandra Month ago +5

    Earth sign Capricorn , I’m a cardinal energy not fixed .

  • C P
    C P Month ago

    Can you do a same-sex reading in a separate reading, not altogether

  • Yin Bear
    Yin Bear Month ago

    Sounds Good 👌🏾😌♑️💜

  • Sungaze Sha
    Sungaze Sha Month ago +1

    Thankyou Fire intuition Earth sign Capricorn 🌌💜

  • metalgypsy4
    metalgypsy4 Month ago +4

    Hi Ash!! How are you doing today? I'm excited as usual listening to your read. This read was Sooooo On Point! I'm still trying to get rid of the hurt, no resentment here. Ex Gemini MUTILATED my ❤ in and out for years never committed to me. Yep he ghosted and burned me 5 months ago silence. I want nothing from him. Cap Virgo here. I really need an intuitive reading for guidance. I'm trying to manifest my best friend Saggie 🔥 of 45 years. I love him very much. Thank you little sis ❤ I love you. Blessings to you 🐝💪🌷🌷🌷🌷😘😘

  • Jes Rene
    Jes Rene Month ago

    So much of this reading absolutely resonated with me! Thank you so much for this reading ❤
    Quick question: my boyfriend of 3 years was born on September 28th. I have always thought he was a Libra. His chiropractor referred to him as a Scorpio yesterday 😲 what the heck is my man?! Lbvs
    Love and Light ❤💛💜

    • Kiki Here
      Kiki Here Month ago

      Jes Rene in Vedic astrology he’s a Scorpio

    • Saleema S
      Saleema S Month ago


    • Jes Rene
      Jes Rene Month ago

      @Saleema S Thank you! I didn't think I was *that* crazy lol

    • Saleema S
      Saleema S Month ago +1

      Jes Rene for sure a Libra sun lol

  • IndigoEyez13
    IndigoEyez13 Month ago +2

    Stay on point!! Love your nails💅

  • Iloveyouz
    Iloveyouz Month ago +7

    Capricorn 😍

  • Charysma Miles
    Charysma Miles Month ago +1

    I really can’t confirm this but something resonated when you mentioned they grew up without their father. Thank you for the readings, and bonus readings, Ashley! 💖 I really appreciate it. 🙏🏽

  • MartishaThePoet
    MartishaThePoet Month ago +5

    Yes Virgo guy im tired of the same bs and im letting go this time.

  • rne open
    rne open Month ago

    Omg Ash that is what I do for a living 😍

  • Annemarie Vince
    Annemarie Vince Month ago


  • rne open
    rne open Month ago +1

    4/20 baby love you ash it's like your my little sister I never had love, love you 🤗🤗😘

  • Lawanda Edwards
    Lawanda Edwards Month ago +2


  • quettab3030
    quettab3030 Month ago

    Thanks Ashley. Your 🔥. You always are on point. Your an amazing reader/healer. Ty for always putting your efforts towards others. I appreciate you so very much💗💗

  • Lawanda Edwards
    Lawanda Edwards Month ago

    Thank u...fire❤

  • Tamia Young
    Tamia Young Month ago +19


  • Alexis Columbus
    Alexis Columbus Month ago +2

    Thank you Ashley.

  • Alexis Columbus
    Alexis Columbus Month ago +1

    I appreciate this same sex, no communication read. You doing the damn thing! Cause not everyone is hetero. Thank you so much for this 💕🤟

  • Guerlyne Bel
    Guerlyne Bel Month ago +8

    Thank you Ashley love love 💖❤🌌☯️♉..For the bonus and sharing your amazing gifts💖💖.Let this reading be wonderful thank you spirit🧘‍♀️
    Finances been difficult..i took a lost and made a bad move. I have learned alot. I am trusting God everything will workout🙏🏿🙏🏿

  • Thalia Keeys-Bowers
    Thalia Keeys-Bowers Month ago +13

    You’re back!! With Earth signs! YAAY!!

  • Elle Anne
    Elle Anne Month ago