• Published on Jul 1, 2019
  • Steve Harvey asks all the EX girlfriend / wife / Boyfriend / Husband questions and gets some shocking answers!
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Comments • 298

  • Ranjeet :
    Ranjeet : 17 hours ago

    Every day Steve is regretting his life on earth

  • TiaOfJordan
    TiaOfJordan Day ago

    Mercy has nice hair and nice body,

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 days ago

    4:50 fucking AKWARD

  • qyiesha smalls
    qyiesha smalls 4 days ago

    1:13 Lady, you are not R Kelly 😭😭

  • The Stoner Sage
    The Stoner Sage 4 days ago +1

    If you're religious, don't work in tbe medical field

  • John Matthew Dorion
    John Matthew Dorion 4 days ago

    I've never seen a woman so happy to announce their ex lol

  • kordeisus
    kordeisus 6 days ago

    jugs judy 😭

  • GabbyEasterly thecoolbandgeek

    0:22 the other dude looked kinda confused lol

  • Dylan Sandoval
    Dylan Sandoval 8 days ago

    1:11 😂😂 Steve faces be killing me 😂😭

  • imabit2lil
    imabit2lil 9 days ago +1

    Eaten by hyenas!? What 🤣 I'm so confused

  • Producer K
    Producer K 10 days ago

    Last answer flipped over ... #5 ... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TheBiteSizedCrafter
    TheBiteSizedCrafter 12 days ago

    "Romancing the bone" xp that's one way to put it. Also I thought of an anime character when I saw the guy.

  • GaimeGuy
    GaimeGuy 13 days ago

    Dying at "Jugs Judy"

  • Stitched With Love By Loretta

    Love me some Steve....💖💖

  • Francisco Ramos
    Francisco Ramos 15 days ago

    I will kiss Skyler

  • Sonic Okaami Hunter
    Sonic Okaami Hunter 20 days ago

    Yeah this is why you never pissoff your girlfriend because she can kill you blockbuster horror movie style some women can get creative in the ways of revenge

  • Mina in Japan
    Mina in Japan 22 days ago

    “Eaten by hyenas” omg... 😂

  • 10NobodyElse
    10NobodyElse 28 days ago +10

    8:52 he literally said “power tools” and then vibrator comes up wtf

  • Sonja Obando
    Sonja Obando 29 days ago

    3:26-3:33 😂😂

  • Reid
    Reid 29 days ago

    4:46 damn Julie is smoking hot

  • Charles Kline
    Charles Kline Month ago

    Is it me or are these people more stupid.

  • Jack Hintze
    Jack Hintze Month ago

    “Jugs Judy”

  • Richard Deary
    Richard Deary Month ago

    Can you say divorce court?

  • Gavin Brown
    Gavin Brown Month ago

    Laughs start at 0:19

  • Chibi_93
    Chibi_93 Month ago +3

    Steve‘s reactions are priceless, Everytime!

  • Zerosblade13
    Zerosblade13 Month ago +1

    That face said it all! 😂

  • dejavue54
    dejavue54 Month ago


  • Tyler Wolff
    Tyler Wolff Month ago

    3:25 No reason to comment other than I just wanna skip to that question!😂

  • GregoCatal
    GregoCatal Month ago +1

    To the one that said, "Divorce," well, ain't you surprised to know that you ain't heard the question right. The question was, " ex-wife..."

  • Naseem Asfari
    Naseem Asfari Month ago +2

    A vibrator is the same as power tools!!!

  • Born Again Ninja
    Born Again Ninja Month ago

    the cosios...

  • Brian Sanders
    Brian Sanders Month ago +8

    As soon as I heard the question 'name someone a woman would hate to find out her ex started dating' I IMMEDIATELY started saying 'HER MOM!'

  • Corey Evan
    Corey Evan Month ago

    The people who type the answers on the game board are well aware they’re absolute peons.

  • Mr Wiseman
    Mr Wiseman Month ago


  • Troopcaptain
    Troopcaptain Month ago

    "Jugs Judy" WTF

  • rj1982ii
    rj1982ii Month ago +1

    Oh yeah who wouldn't bring their ex spouse on Family Feud.

  • tyler smith
    tyler smith Month ago

    If you don’t know what instant regret looks like just look at the first guy after his answer.

  • Reeve Thomas
    Reeve Thomas Month ago +1

    0:21 He’s firing on all cylinders 😂😂

  • Ghost Society
    Ghost Society Month ago

    Making me happy.

  • Kay Bbandz
    Kay Bbandz Month ago +1

    damn thats jus cold...his wife gon kill him and we all gon have to lie to police and say "im not a witness" "i don't know them" "who knew they even existed"😂😂😂

  • avenger007007
    avenger007007 Month ago

    The only response, NOT A DAM THING!!!!!!!!!

  • Orgizo08
    Orgizo08 Month ago +1

    Mercy a baddie, and so is her daughter lol

  • Itz' BaNdIDo
    Itz' BaNdIDo Month ago +1

    6:28 looking really good for four kids...

  • Goratchthemule
    Goratchthemule Month ago

    3:57 Milf

  • Krystal Harris
    Krystal Harris Month ago +1

    Woah!😳 The white guy said it so quick...the first one

  • josh tomp2001
    josh tomp2001 Month ago +1

    R Kelly would love that one girl

  • Tc 90
    Tc 90 Month ago

    I’m assuming the bleep was anal?

  • Haley Hohenecker
    Haley Hohenecker Month ago +1

    Who else on the last one thought for sure that "the man's ex" Would be up there or was it only me

  • Muse Ramos
    Muse Ramos Month ago +2

    Al least she admits that night shift Nurses do nothing....

  • simplegirl265
    simplegirl265 Month ago +5

    Damn! Eaten by Hyenas is up there lol

  • Dayvon Hambrick
    Dayvon Hambrick Month ago

    He said f**king sex

  • Ravenmaster23
    Ravenmaster23 Month ago +3

    Did yall see how she looked at her at 12:08 lmfao XD

    She like "You did not just say that shit?!" XDD Im weak

  • Sippin' On 'Scaato Drinkin' That 'Scaato

    "Sue HIM"
    "OH, you know what you gotta d-" *buzz* "Oh, I'm sorry."
    "Kill her"
    "Good answer! Good answer!"
    "Max gon' shut this DOWN. This little statement about me goes no further today. Your dead!"
    And my personal favorite
    "No kids visitation. She's not allowed to see the kids."
    *Repeats in African accent*
    Skip to 3:15 for first real answer

  • Jessica Zinn
    Jessica Zinn Month ago

    Her mother

  • Fatha Omar
    Fatha Omar Month ago

    Kill her 😂😂😂

  • Evan Richards
    Evan Richards Month ago

    The first guy is a fucking savage

  • Bianca Malfoy
    Bianca Malfoy Month ago +1

    I hit like just for that " Kill her " 😂😂

  • Felisha
    Felisha Month ago +11

    "Her mother"
    lol, okay that was intense. That would really be pushing awkward grounds.

    • Felisha
      Felisha 23 days ago

      @Symphoni Crosby
      It was up there due to some Family Feud awareness of answering awkward questions honestly. It's weird, I know.

    • Symphoni Crosby
      Symphoni Crosby Month ago +1

      Lmao and why was it up there tho 😂😂

  • sugar19 labarre
    sugar19 labarre Month ago +2

    Hey. No captions ON

  • Nana Abena-Afriyie
    Nana Abena-Afriyie Month ago +19

    Mercy:single buh not looking
    Steve:ok introduce everybody
    Mercy:this is my beautiful daughter wonderful and ex husband Jorge
    Steve: huh???

    • Rae Holland
      Rae Holland Month ago

      She didn't even get a chance to introduce the other two people.

    • Roger Villa
      Roger Villa Month ago

      Nana Abena-Afriyie