Trump Turns Down An Irish Castle For An Irish Airport

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • President Trump met with Ireland's Prime Minister at one of the country's most beautiful destinations: an airport V.I.P. lounge. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue
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Comments • 4 352

  • Aldo Zilli
    Aldo Zilli 4 days ago

    This is hilarious

  • Matt R
    Matt R 5 days ago +1

    Ok lets get real about bone spurs, they are per se entirely benign , very common, and asymptomatic. With or without "bone spurs" people do get plantar faciitis which is painful but not serious. It has NEVER been said that trump had plantar faciitis. When i was in the US Army i had painful plantar faciitis that lasted almost 1 yr then spontaneously resolved. I tried reducing my weight and less running for a few wks but that didnt work so i just said to hell with it and got back to my habitual 2-a-days. I have zero sympathy for trump and his bone spurs - his story is more of his ridiculous self-serving MF BS!

  • Kenneth Harris
    Kenneth Harris 9 days ago

    The dumbest potus ever

  • Olive Papyrus
    Olive Papyrus 10 days ago

    Well, Prince Charles tried.

  • Langdon Alger
    Langdon Alger 11 days ago

    He really has no idea what he's saying or doing. The man has been faking it since the get call our Queen 'a great great woman' is a little insulting....and his bewilderment at Charles's desire to protect the environment for the sake of future generations just highlights his ignorance.😑

  • Gina Kay
    Gina Kay 14 days ago


  • David Edwards
    David Edwards 14 days ago

    "There are millions of Irish in America and I know most of them..."
    I am torn between 2 thoughts and don't know which to put first, but I will go with, WHAT A F*#KING WANKER!!!
    Then I will ask, does this get counted as 1 lie covering all the Irish / Americans, or should it be counted as, according to Stevens count, 30 million?
    Nope, I'm going with WHAT A F*#KING WANKER!

  • Devine Devine
    Devine Devine 17 days ago

    I just hope his stupidity doesn’t get us all killed

  • Emmanuel Gaviero
    Emmanuel Gaviero 23 days ago +1

    Do not be jealous Mr. Colbert, but I enjoy watching Trump talk: It is like a bad version of Charles Chapling without the silence.

  • nowaz
    nowaz 23 days ago +1

    lol holy shit, "the secret portrait in pharell's attic" has got to be the most specific reference I've ever heard.

  • Andy L
    Andy L 25 days ago

    I thought it was very far away. The sound of pure cackling. My God this imbecile.

  • Zhou Gemma
    Zhou Gemma 25 days ago

    I love this man...I mean Stephen of course

  • Truck Taxi
    Truck Taxi 28 days ago

    Pattie O' Furniture

  • Shazza
    Shazza Month ago +1

    Cheers Stephen for your monologues👌 I couldn't possibly sit through a straight interview or speech with Trump, so your show gets me up to date & we all laugh at him together. Community spirit?! I feel for our American cousins having this ignorant, rude, narcissist for a President and I get more terrified about the Trump/Iran situation every day. 😪

  • Mohna Priyanka
    Mohna Priyanka Month ago +3

    "That's what's horrible about the war. The commute." 😂

  • funny videos
    funny videos Month ago +3

    guys am so happy .because just signup and watching free shows and movies

  • Jebediah Kerman
    Jebediah Kerman Month ago

    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego

  • killero00
    killero00 Month ago +1

    I wonder if Trump supporters who are just regular Republican Americans realize that Trump is a moron.

  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella Month ago

    The only thing he can do as good as the queen is for her to slow down and match his pace to make him feel accomplished.

  • Michelle  Etiemonu
    Michelle Etiemonu Month ago

    Trump: Whoa people actually help others and do nice things expecting nothing in return. What a world we're living in.....must be fake news.

  • MattieCooper
    MattieCooper Month ago

    Can this orange assclown Ever form a coherent thought?

  • Averill Dalton
    Averill Dalton Month ago +2

    OMG....shame on u USA......greetings from germany

    • PerthTowne
      PerthTowne Month ago +1

      Trump is a jerk, but that's not on me as an American.

  • Fiachra Rafferty
    Fiachra Rafferty Month ago +1

    >haven't my people suffered enough

    • Arnav
      Arnav Month ago +1

      He's Irish-American

  • mark nokes
    mark nokes Month ago

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Trump contemplating nice people who "...think of other people and stuff, even people who aren't born yet! I mean can you believe that? *mimes a disabled person*....amirite? Come aaaan!!!"

  • naty_smithx
    naty_smithx Month ago +1

    Now I want to name my dog Mr. President. :D

  • jo
    jo Month ago

    Trump is more funny than Kumail Nangiani. He is hilarious.

  • Lori Morse
    Lori Morse Month ago +2

    Bone spurs in his feet@notservinginthemilitary.....are you serious??????????????? Trans guy Lee, Richmond, VA

  • Joe Box
    Joe Box Month ago

    Colbert, you're not Irish, you're American.

  • George George
    George George Month ago

    I'm a combucha fan...actually not anymore as I've just flushed all pf my cultures down the toilet (was making me fat)

  • fotha Dan
    fotha Dan Month ago

    Please don't let him him on the loose over here again. Keep him over there and give him a job as a stand up comic.

  • Amanda L
    Amanda L Month ago

    Feels like this President will never be invited again.

  • Suzanne Reilman
    Suzanne Reilman Month ago +1

    ....A-maaaaaa-zing, Prince Charles cares about people other than himSELF, with likely no benefit to himself....UNfathomable in the orange dumpster’s flaming cranium...:)!!

  • TallinnTadgh
    TallinnTadgh Month ago +1

    stop it Stephen make it stop please ribs are hurting from laughing so much at the sheer, crass incompetence of this clown Donald. Seemingly every time he opens his mouth he puts several more feet in it...still with his 'millions of Irish friends' he'll have plenty more left to stick in there.
    I'd say the Irish got the lucky break as Clownump could only stop very briefly to promote his golfcourse. But i'm afraid to agree this is exactly how far you've sunk as a nation in the eyes of the world that a sleazeball like Piers Moron (sic) should feel able to point out how well behaved your leader was... how previous holders of that office must be ashamed or spinning in their graves at how DJT has demeaned the office.
    Yes Prince Charles cares about people and thinks about future generations as do other world leaders who aren't dictators. It's called being a responsible human rather than a reprehensible human shaped jackass laughing stock

  • Josue2018
    Josue2018 Month ago

    Colbert is tired and lame. He’s obsessed with talking about Trump. Can’t even mock his own liberal party and there are plenty to mock.

  • Virginia Kane
    Virginia Kane Month ago +1

    And America elected this lunatic.

  • xin chen
    xin chen Month ago

    I think climb is weird. Last summer Toronto is super hot, but today....I’m still chilling in June

  • Ricardo Cerrillo
    Ricardo Cerrillo Month ago

    A Bonehead with bone figures.

  • Blackball
    Blackball Month ago +1

    7:42..." Very far away. " The commute. That's the point, don't fight @ home.

  • TheShinbotatron
    TheShinbotatron Month ago

    You voted him in America.

  • MrBlaktoe
    MrBlaktoe Month ago +4

    Tsk, tsk. Colbert missed a great opportunity for a "bone spurs" jab.

  • Captin Marvle
    Captin Marvle Month ago +4

    I can not believe my head. He is the president of America 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

  • Captin Marvle
    Captin Marvle Month ago


  • The Reckoner
    The Reckoner Month ago +1

    Trump's ignorance, stupidity and basic lack of any appreciable intelligence is almost as infuriating as his Trumptard base's inability to SEE how utterly embarrassingly IGNORANT this orange Orangutan is. This is like witnessing an entire segment of the American population denying that the sun is up at high noon. Living here in Redneckville NW Florida I've come to the sociological conclusion that his misguided supporters stupidity is two parts; 60% ignorance/stupidity, 40% delusion. They absolutely will argue with any scientific absolutes but they believe EVERY frickin word of that bible Trump has broken every GD commandment of, and what they can't explain or argue against they deny or get enraged. Being an educated redneck myself, it is very dicey walking that reality/political delusion line around here, but fighting stupidity is a habit of mine and a battle down here that can't possibly be won.

  • Songs Mirth
    Songs Mirth Month ago +1

    Trump's favorite word in the world is, "great." "Who cares about people?" Not Trump. "Never a fan of that war." Wow. :( He hates messing up his plastic hair. lol

  • Jessie Pinkman
    Jessie Pinkman Month ago +2

    Is this how far we've sunk ?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ford5522
    ford5522 Month ago

    LMAO! Another loser Democrat upset he wasn't invited but more upset his party wasn't invited! LMAO! I know Trump is doing a great job the more the brainwashed Democrats have another temper tantrum! Cause they can't tax anything! LMAO STILL! Hard to steal without that steady tax increase . And with Trump telling everybody where they over spend.

  • Mamafa Toesea Dietitian

    Hello Early people! Like if you're early. Like if you're here in 1 day ago. Are you here everyday?

  • parul prakassh
    parul prakassh Month ago +2

    America - you must be so proud 🤣... please do us all a favor and keep him in America only...

    • MsBettyR.
      MsBettyR. Month ago

      In America, eventually in prison.

  • Shuhei Hisagi
    Shuhei Hisagi Month ago +2

    LOL, TRUMPF..... just admitted his BONE SPURS was made UP!

  • Mickey McGowan
    Mickey McGowan Month ago +1

    Fox was like YES HE DID IT TO SOMEONE ELSE! Oh only an hour? At least we got a break

  • Eggdrasil Warthog
    Eggdrasil Warthog Month ago

    To be fair. I do not blame Trump for avoiding conscription, no one should be forced to leave their home to die in some war that they are against

  • The Future
    The Future Month ago

    What are we going to do when Donald Trump leave office? Where will be get our entertainment fix daily?

  • full moon
    full moon Month ago


  • Gauris
    Gauris Month ago +3

    Obv being able to walk as fast as the Queen is an accomplishment, what with those bone spurs and all.

  • thirsty footpath
    thirsty footpath Month ago +1


  • Hunterofdark91
    Hunterofdark91 Month ago

    The very very on point picture of dorian grey reference at the end made me pee a little from joy

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin Month ago

    Thought he was germaphobic! That hat has germs!

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin Month ago

    But you can see Russia from your window!

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin Month ago

    Climate change from global warming. What's the next nifty name?

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin Month ago

    The Andrews Sisters sang Bugle Boy of Company B.

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin Month ago

    He got rid of John Kelly whose descended from IRISH immigrants.

  • Sandy Stark
    Sandy Stark Month ago

    While Stephen Colbert spends every day trying to bring down Trump this is what Jon Stewart was doing . Speaking up for 911 first responders.

  • gemcan54
    gemcan54 Month ago

    Hey, Crooked Ears, why don't we hear you talk about Collusion, Collusion, Collusion? Stupid, stupid, stupid, idiots cannot hear with their crooked ears there was no collusion.

  • the caribbean spiritualist

    I don't think he knows what kombucha is much less climate change

  • Mako07
    Mako07 Month ago

    Trump thought Vietnam was too far and a terrible war! What in the actual fuck is Trump talking about?! What war isn’t terrible?! Why do people waste their time interviewing that fucking bag of orange shit?!

  • Sterling Pound
    Sterling Pound Month ago

    God, as a Brit right now, I'd turn down a castle for an Irish passport!

  • Elvia Giron
    Elvia Giron Month ago

    Bendiciones para ti que viajas vestido de mujer hijo y bendiciones y lo testificó con el poder de Jehová y Jesucristo amén

  • Polar Pi
    Polar Pi Month ago

    It was really stupid and condescending question to ask a president, over 70 years old no less, why he is well behaved. That is a question you ask a 12 year old.

    • Lisa Myers
      Lisa Myers Month ago

      Getting treated like a twelve yr old is giving the ignorant fucktard way too much credit

  • Dean Frank
    Dean Frank Month ago

    Impressed by an elderly guy caring about future generations and not about himself.... hmmmm 🤔

  • Apple Jack
    Apple Jack Month ago

    Leftists bruh💀

  • M B
    M B Month ago +1

    Trump does the stupidest interviews in planet Earth, not sure why cnn and MSNBC cover his stupid mentally ill interviews with a straight face!!! Trump is a joke and should only be cover as such!!!!

  • M B
    M B Month ago

    Nasty trump.....the well behaved grumpy Russian terrier stray dog!!!

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago

    A lot of the nazi soldiers didn’t really know they were defending a monster, in all honesty he was probably complementing the grunts.

  • stephen Pender
    stephen Pender Month ago

    They don't sell Lucky charms in Ireland.

  • Patricia Wagstaff
    Patricia Wagstaff Month ago +1

    Trump is such an asshole. !

  • ford5522
    ford5522 Month ago

    Democrat is the dumbest! Most ignorant! Brainwashed idiot on the planet! There is absolutely no Democratic brainwashed liberal bullshit that they are tossed that they will not swallow! And never once see any proof EVER! YEP! They are all that stupid! The Democrat is not your friend! What have they ever delivered as promised????? EVER?? Their big lie is always the same! SOMETHING FOR NOTHING AND SOMEONE ELSE WILL PAY!!!! That never ever comes. And yet the same suckers just keep swallowing the brainwashed bullshit time after time! And in the end they pay for everything and get nothing for free. JUST A FACT! The Democrat is the party of leaches and parasites that keep destroying the country one city at a time. Every city they are in charge of is a major shithole! In debt, with higher never ending taxes and a very poor life style for the citizen! And they tell the stupid they should be grateful to get shit on by them! Time to wake up America! THE DEMOCRAT IS A PARASITE AND NOT YOUR FRIEND!!! WAKE UP! YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A SUCKER YOUR WHOLE LIFE DUMMY!!!!! Democrats have been selling the same lie to their suckers since 1949! YEP! The Democrat is just that stupid! And now they have become the baby killers with their abortions.

    • ford5522
      ford5522 Month ago

      @Ralph Bernhard LMAO! That is not them asking for you to give something. That is them spending your money unwisely ! They are not asking to tax you. they just do it! Then tell you it is for your own good. But none of them can tell you what good it does you!

    • Ralph Bernhard
      Ralph Bernhard Month ago

      @ford5522 *Every* politician asks you to "give something for nothing*.
      I don't want to pay for oil subsidies, or trillions for another dumb war...

    • ford5522
      ford5522 Month ago

      @Ralph Bernhard Jesus asked you to give! Democrats are demanding you give them something for nothing! There is a difference! Not that a Democrat could figure that out on their own!

    • Ralph Bernhard
      Ralph Bernhard Month ago

      @ford5522 "Democrat" is a party.
      "Liberal" is a state of mind.
      You can be a Republican, and liberal.
      Jesus was a liberal, bro...

    • ford5522
      ford5522 Month ago

      @Lisa Myers LMAO! Is there any of that Democratic brainwashed liberal bullshit you are not dumb enough to swallow? Anything at all? LMAO STILL!

  • Left Is Best
    Left Is Best Month ago +5

    While young men were fighting VC in the jungles of 'Nam, Trump was fighting VD in the brothels of New York..

  • OLB cansat
    OLB cansat Month ago +3

    I’m from Ireland, and president trump was talking about brexit to our Taoiseach, but didn’t rly know what was going on in Ireland. He said that he hoped we could fix our borders (implying build a wall or something), when strengthening our borders might start a war between the republicans(Irish) and loyalists(brits). A few days ago my friend in Northern Ireland nearly got KILLED by a bomb that deployed because of brexit tensions.
    Also you’re being too harsh on the fact that he said the queen can walk as fast as him. A video went viral of him walking faster than the queen and walking in front of her which is supposedly extremely disrespectful, so I guess he was trying to fix that.

  • Cassandra Morrison
    Cassandra Morrison Month ago

    You know, Stephen, If Trump wanted to honor those who died on D-Day Major Glenn Miller's arrangement of "Going Home" (music by Antonin Dvorak from his 9th know...the one he wrote ABOUT the USA) might have been a better choice than dancers jitter bugging to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy...what do you think?

  • Adam Smith.
    Adam Smith. Month ago

    The best paid useful idiot - Mr. Stephen Colbert. But hey if you get about $270,000/week to tell vulgarities and stupidities would you refuse? Hardly....

  • GASimon
    GASimon Month ago

    OK Colbert...after your crappy interview with Tulsi, you can redeem yourself by running Jon Stewart's speech to congress for the sick first responders!

  • P Lo70
    P Lo70 Month ago

    King of late night. ...LOL
    Where's your Jester Outfit?

  • Oda Yukimura
    Oda Yukimura Month ago

    Trumpy behaved like a golden retriever in front of the Queen.

  • Jon H
    Jon H Month ago

    2 loosesers here TV host & UK TV host ✌️

  • Fresher then Fresh
    Fresher then Fresh Month ago

    Aaahhhaaa!!...oh COLBERT!...ur soo FUNNY!!...HOPEFULLY you can CONVINCE these 2.3 MIL viewers, INTO a INTELLECTUAL vote in 2020!!....@ LEAST you and I HOPE!....

  • sfat fuxia
    sfat fuxia Month ago

    This sucks

  • ForeverMe543
    ForeverMe543 Month ago

    Ass hat plays soft ball with an even bigger ass hat

    PAUL AUGUSTIN Month ago

    What's with the phoney queen and that British "royalty"? it is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the world in order to make England look credible and relevant. Most delusional people in the world!
    Hey, you lost your "greatness" a hundred years ago at the end of WW1 when your asses had to be saved by the Americans!

  • Chaz Heathcote
    Chaz Heathcote Month ago

    you cant mock Churchill bro! sure go ahead mock your president but Churchill is the reason everyone on the planet is not a Nazi should respect him at least.

  • Ace0036
    Ace0036 Month ago

    Patty O'Furniture

  • Stephanie Stolz
    Stephanie Stolz Month ago +1

    He's an idiot! I paid catastrophic claims for 25 yrs. He should tell the the people in Tornado Alley that this has been an exceptional year. They have years like this A LOT!
    I know because I've climbed over a lot of buildings that used to be 30 stories +, that are surrounded by concrete for as far as you can see. When I look at my list, the building wasn't a skyscraper anymore, it was about 2stories of rubble.

    • Jenn smith
      Jenn smith Month ago

      since it's been going on for 25 years (since forever, really) which is why it's called Tornado Alley, right? so the climate is not changing....if you had NO tornadoes it would be evidence of change.

  • Meadow Apple
    Meadow Apple Month ago

    I seriously doubt this asshat is Irish. It is possible that his tree was French Huguenot's who were told become catholic or die so they ran north to England with some going to Ireland which was also mostly Catholic except along the coast. Being in a country a couple generations does not change one from French to Irish. Plus Harrison was born ca 1797 and lived in a French community near the Mississippi River. This asshat likely heard Irish like fauxcahontus heard Cherokee. What a dumb ass.

    • Jake1995
      Jake1995 Month ago +1

      As an Irish person I'm telling you, your comment lacks knowledge.

  • cupidstunt22
    cupidstunt22 Month ago

    Who is more vile
    1. Tronald Dump
    2. Mors Piergan

  • Margo Sparkle
    Margo Sparkle Month ago

    That's the way America wants its wars..... very far away. Kill away! up to one million civilians in Iraq. Imagine if that happened here in America.

  • HannuKaleviElo
    HannuKaleviElo Month ago +1

    Focus on this instead!!! My investigation for CIA, NSA,FBI and MI6!!! Read below...

  • Sweet Spirit
    Sweet Spirit Month ago +2

    Trump and his family truly have no formal etiquette or any social skills at all. Trump is sooooooooo damn ignorant!!! He speaks as though he is slow and simple minded ...... which his stupid ass is!!! He is ignorant beyond repair..... Did he even go to ANY school???!!!???? ..... or were they all closed he he decided to go....

  • T L
    T L Month ago +4

    "Tornado binge"??? Amazing. He gets stupider by the day.

    • Mike Barnes
      Mike Barnes Month ago

      To be fair you know what he meant. Definitely wrong word choice for the PRESIDENT though lol

  • naomi gal
    naomi gal Month ago +1

    I’m Irish and honestly more then half of the people here in Ireland despises Donald trump , absolutely despises him . He’s so bigoted really .

    • Jake1995
      Jake1995 Month ago +1

      Yes, I'm Irish and I can back that up.

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith Month ago

    I'm Irish. I'm just gonna leave this video.....he's soooooo rude, racist and sexist .....😂

    SPRINDYS Month ago

    Time to put that dog to 'sleep'. Call the vet and make an appointment now.