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    REACT  Год назад +1360

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    • Arinze Okoli
      Arinze Okoli Год назад +34

      teens react to sign of the times

    • Cinthia Gonzalez
      Cinthia Gonzalez Год назад +54

      REACT Can you guys react to CNCO? They are a Spanish speaking hispanic band. They are becoming super popular. I'm curious how they will react to them.

    • Emma Mc
      Emma Mc Год назад

      REACT Teens react to modern country music

    • May Flower
      May Flower Год назад

      +Raisa A. Oh akay I'll check it out then

    • Rai Aniqa
      Rai Aniqa Год назад +2

      May Flower they did already

  • frymaxa
    frymaxa Год назад +8

    Where are The Offspring? Come on, FoB and All-A Rejects? What da hell!

  • Høuse of tacøs
    Høuse of tacøs Год назад +3

    Paramore !

  • Oshin Lall
    Oshin Lall Год назад +4

    React to AVRIL LAVIGNE

  • Oshin Lall
    Oshin Lall Год назад +5

    How can you not include Avril Lavigne? :o

  • mickyjoe97
    mickyjoe97 Год назад +2

    Does Chelsea remind anyone else of Ellie Kemper?

  • Jackson Murray
    Jackson Murray Год назад +3

    I was born in 2003, I knew 5 songs and 4 artists, I don't think thats too bad.

    • Jackson Murray
      Jackson Murray Год назад +1

      Literally everyone here is commenting their age, like every three comments. And I didn't need to know you have a
      dig bick...

    • NoLimitDennis
      NoLimitDennis Год назад +1

      Jackson Murray you dont have to tell us your age everyone in the youtube comment sistem was born in 2003.

      I was born in 7 april 2003 too so
      I have a dig bick

  • Sophia Márquez
    Sophia Márquez Год назад +12

    how weird is it that I knew every single one of them even if I was born in 2002? 😂

    • Julianne
      Julianne Год назад +1

      No me preguntes me too😂

  • bob yelram
    bob yelram Год назад +7

    i wanna start a band with eric

  • Payton And Kallie
    Payton And Kallie Год назад +3

    " when I hear yellow card I think of soccer"
    SAME, gotten many of those

  • Blanton Leigh
    Blanton Leigh Год назад +22

    I was born in 1998 and knew all the songs and artists except for one. This made me sad...

    • Sophia Márquez
      Sophia Márquez Год назад

      Blanton Leigh I am from 2002 and I knew them all, I feel proud of myself xD

    • Ultimate_paradise
      Ultimate_paradise Год назад

      Blanton Leigh i was only born in 2003

    • Botond Balos
      Botond Balos Год назад

      Blanton Leigh born in 2000, knew all but 1

  • cellophaneboy
    cellophaneboy Год назад +5

    "I know the song AND the title!"

    • Stephon Zeno
      Stephon Zeno Год назад +2

      I'm sure she meant artist.

  • lily gleason
    lily gleason Год назад +580

    "It sounds like whiny complaining" bOI DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT ME

    • Cung sensei
      Cung sensei Год назад +31

      Lilypaddilly but we both know it s true.

  • Mara Rei
    Mara Rei Год назад +1

    React to The Vampire Diaries pleaseee

  • Joshua A TM
    Joshua A TM Год назад +7


  • Ellen Peeters
    Ellen Peeters Год назад +219

    Eric: "I'm not gonna get nearly as much as I look like I should"
    Also Eric: gets everything but one artist

  • Kylee Lavine
    Kylee Lavine Год назад +3

    I knew all those bands immediately and I still love them so much!!

  • Minor Character
    Minor Character Год назад +1

    Good Charlotte!! I really loved that band, damn!

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown Год назад +16

    "I'm sorry I could never get into this genre." Didn't he like Linkin Park? Lol they are this but they scream instead of sing.

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy Год назад +1

    React to Heavy Metal

  • Amber Chilvers
    Amber Chilvers Год назад +1

    good Charlotte were the first band I saw when I was 7 in 2002 😂

  • linsparklez
    linsparklez Год назад +6

    pleeeeease do a part 2 omg this music is what i grew up on

  • Milk Man
    Milk Man Год назад +8

    I knew every single one and I'm 11

    • sullyguy1235
      sullyguy1235 Год назад +5

      Champion X you're an edgy incredible deity who is better than any scum who dare not know the names of these songs

  • Astyn Kennedy
    Astyn Kennedy Год назад +6

    Chelsea and Eric are literally my favs

  • daaj razgul
    daaj razgul Год назад +2

    it all looks like american pie music.

  • The Fact
    The Fact Год назад

    You should put in FM Static - Tonight

  • London Princess
    London Princess Год назад +6

    okay. but whyyyyy was ATL not here ?? just curious

  • Anubis post
    Anubis post Год назад +2

    Teens react to Motionless In White or old Suicide Silence

  • Tubbs Bambi
    Tubbs Bambi Год назад +1

    I have seen all these bands live....I feel old

  • WheeByulHwaSun
    WheeByulHwaSun Год назад

    I only know last three songs 😂

  • Darren Rotten
    Darren Rotten Год назад +5

    Yeah! Green Day

  • electricmaster23
    electricmaster23 Год назад +5

    Eric was too modest. He got all the songs.

  • Angelo Mndwrkz
    Angelo Mndwrkz Год назад +4

    Do Nora have her own youtube channel? OMG she's so bae ❤️

  • super trash
    super trash Год назад +7

    When I heard FOB I flailed my arms around like an electrocuted pterodactyl

    • mcrying
      mcrying Год назад +2

      Tulula Tries
      same tho

  • Gianni S
    Gianni S Год назад +1

    burnout 3 vibes @2nd song

  • Otaku-chan 07
    Otaku-chan 07 Год назад +8

    i saw green day.
    i clicked.

  • magical pineapple
    magical pineapple Год назад


  • Brooke Ferguson
    Brooke Ferguson Год назад +11

    I love how she said Panic! At The Disco instead of Fall Out Boy haha

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson Год назад +8

    there's no such thing as pop punk bc this isn't punk. play punk and see what they think. there's 70s 80s British punk to 70s 80 Ny Punk to 70s 80s 90s LA punk

  • Manuel Cuminao
    Manuel Cuminao Год назад

    react for DORSO

  • CCGdiana
    CCGdiana Год назад +3224

    ok, is it just me or does anyone else feel the need to slap some of them...

    • super trash
      super trash Год назад +165

      CCGdiana you are not alone

    • Pastel Topia
      Pastel Topia Год назад +167

      CCGdiana nope, me too

  • David OQuinn
    David OQuinn Год назад +65


  • Kate
    Kate Год назад +517

    i'm a simple person. i see pete wentz, i click

  • Sebs Cso
    Sebs Cso Год назад +10

    Dude... Jimmy Eat World is emo...

    • Giustina Zindle
      Giustina Zindle Год назад +1

      Ranger The Creator no Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco are pop punk/punk rock. Emo has a dark message in the song. While pop punk/punk rock is more upbeat.

  • TheBossGamerGTR
    TheBossGamerGTR Год назад +9

    I'm happy to be related to Pete wentz

  • Amy
    Amy Год назад +6


  • Food Lover
    Food Lover Год назад +827

    If Adam was there he would probably know all of them

    • Taein Kim
      Taein Kim Год назад +51

      Food Lover lol true

  • x x
    x x Год назад +14

    Eric knew almost every song and artist😂😂😂 i did too though

  • CrunchyKibbles54
    CrunchyKibbles54 Год назад +23


  • A Large Destiel Snot
    A Large Destiel Snot Год назад +3

    I knew every song.

  • A Large Destiel Snot
    A Large Destiel Snot Год назад +65


    • jody uwu
      jody uwu Год назад +4

      Help Me saME

  • TheRedSchool
    TheRedSchool Год назад +2

    OK i feel old

  • Mckayla Montoya
    Mckayla Montoya Год назад

    I'm stuck in the 90's I thought I would know this

  • Emily Way
    Emily Way Год назад

    I knew all the songs and artists

  • Stacie J
    Stacie J Год назад +2

    I still love and listen to all of this music!

  • Degox 12
    Degox 12 Год назад +1

    React for the next video react cumbia argentina

  • Melissa løves Josh
    Melissa løves Josh Год назад +21

    I see Pete Wentz I click

  • Nitious
    Nitious Год назад +1

    Oh wow, this is pretty much the playlist of the old Burnout games... back when they were good and existed...

  • ice
    ice Год назад

    i'm 16 and i know all of these songs

  • jo nicole
    jo nicole Год назад

    sorry for the spam lmao

  • jo nicole
    jo nicole Год назад +6


  • jo nicole
    jo nicole Год назад


  • jo nicole
    jo nicole Год назад +1


  • Tiffany Patronas
    Tiffany Patronas Год назад +66

    I'm not a teenager anymore but I almost wish I was on this show so I could get all of them right and give my poor bands the love and recognition they all deserve.

  • David Lavoie
    David Lavoie Год назад +8

    I love Eric. We are the exact same person lol

  • gomnini
    gomnini Год назад

    the only songs that i know all came from rockband LOL

  • Phillip Carter
    Phillip Carter Год назад

    I've seen to many early 2000 movies I knew majority of these

  • Tanaeya Schmidt
    Tanaeya Schmidt Год назад

    When I was 7, this is all I listen to.

  • 21 Zeca
    21 Zeca Год назад +3

    I really like ur work, keep going!!React to Sum41 please guys

  • Tori
    Tori Год назад +6

    These were all so easy.

  • Chloe Jayde
    Chloe Jayde Год назад +7

    These people make me feel old.... how do they not know these songs? I mean, I may not know the names of these songs but I grew up with this music.

  • Mr.Doctor Man's Bands
    Mr.Doctor Man's Bands Год назад +6

    *Hears Green Day* yells
    *hears Fall Out Boy* yells
    *after every song* loses voice

  • Erica Lynn
    Erica Lynn Год назад +4

    i knew all of them

  • Boneless pizza
    Boneless pizza Год назад +4

    Why that kid look like a damn sugar glazed doughnut

  • Kristina Giannetti
    Kristina Giannetti Год назад +8

    React to Paramore please

  • CarnageCandyy
    CarnageCandyy Год назад +1

    wow i feel old

  • Berk Yerlikaya
    Berk Yerlikaya Год назад +12

    jesus cokdplay wtf?!?!? wow ım not fan but its classic damn

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha Год назад +8

    My chemical romance please

  • Trent Blackfox
    Trent Blackfox Год назад

    Teens react to crossfit

  • flash lover 2004
    flash lover 2004 Год назад +2

    Can you react to 3Oh!3 ?please.

  • Zac Lebeau
    Zac Lebeau Год назад +3

    I sang along to every single one of these 😂😂

  • PlutoniumGames
    PlutoniumGames Год назад +97

    Green day = happiness

  • PlutoniumGames
    PlutoniumGames Год назад +12

    Green day is punk rock, and also one of my favourite bands :)

  • Alain Revelo
    Alain Revelo Год назад +4

    The guy with piercing on the lips and Chelsea (pretty) are the best

  • paige larson
    paige larson Год назад +3


  • M Bagus N Alam
    M Bagus N Alam Год назад +3

    pleasee react to logic - 1-800-273-8255

  • Jake Michne
    Jake Michne Год назад +5

    React to Avenged sevenfold

  • Kuruto Kun
    Kuruto Kun Год назад +3

    man i mean mcr, p!atd, and fob are kinda different lmao

  • Emma Mc
    Emma Mc Год назад +2

    Teens react to American country music

  • The Grammar Police
    The Grammar Police Год назад +2

    My chemical romance

  • Syahirah Izzaty
    Syahirah Izzaty Год назад +1


  • bread
    bread Год назад

    teens react to most popular (or recent) animes!

  • Adult Gambino
    Adult Gambino Год назад +3


  • Adult Gambino
    Adult Gambino Год назад +4

    Green day

  • Adult Gambino
    Adult Gambino Год назад

    adults React to Rob Zombie

  • Apey
    Apey Год назад +8

    "they're classic and still relevant, they're clarelevant"

  • Kyle Archer
    Kyle Archer Год назад +3

    teens react to oasis?

  • Elf Y
    Elf Y Год назад

    Chelsea is so cute 😍

  • teuku keellen
    teuku keellen Год назад +3

    Do do they know 2016s anime!

  • Sarah Barrington
    Sarah Barrington Год назад +14

    Teens react to Sleeping With Sirens