• Published on Feb 21, 2018

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  • Xavier Restrelm
    Xavier Restrelm 20 hours ago

    It didn't fucking fit because it's cheap baby
    Don't buy into your insecurities
    No pants should fucking crumble on any ones fucking body baby what???
    Even if you were too big
    That just means your ass should look fantastic because it's a nice right fit
    Not that stupid crumbling bullshit baby
    It's nothing serious girl
    It's that you're getting what you're paying for
    Your body isn't the problem.
    You just gotta know what works

  • DexterKeep haters

    Hottie 🌷🌷💝💜💗

  • Astrønaut AJ
    Astrønaut AJ Day ago

    I'd seen some of your vids before but subbed after watching this one. My heart really went out to you when you tried on your outfit. Even though it was clear you were nervous and very self conscious you did it. Power to you Francine. I think you're beautiful xx

  • Jennifer Briggs
    Jennifer Briggs 2 days ago

    Your beautiful girl

  • Mama's List
    Mama's List 2 days ago

    Listen I am a size 0-3 and I'll be honest, I think girls that look like you are waaay better looking.
    Not everyone likes the barbie doll figure. You are beautiful.

  • Holly Schneiderman
    Holly Schneiderman 3 days ago

    U got me. Subbed. :( luv u girl. Nother size 12 in the houssssse!

  • Ghost With the most babe

    Your body is so cute though??? Like who wants to cuddle or hug a skeleton? Your body goals honestly 😩💕💕💕 like damn girl!!

  • Anisa Mbelu
    Anisa Mbelu 5 days ago

    Everyone is perfect because everyone is perfectly imperfect

  • Mikiela Howard
    Mikiela Howard 6 days ago

    10:36 new outfit 😍 and also your body is beautiful

  • Tim's life
    Tim's life 6 days ago

    You are so beautiful sweetheart that broke my heart to see you upset like that I was thinking about buying those so thanks for the video those were cheap pants keep on makeing videos with your beautiful self girl

  • Ghostgirl 1971
    Ghostgirl 1971 9 days ago

    Your perfect just the way you are!

  • Shan doodlesss
    Shan doodlesss 11 days ago

    Your weight is perfect! Also the amount of low quality trousers my arse and thighs have destroyed I know the struggle 😅

  • Jessica Wilson
    Jessica Wilson 12 days ago

    Girl you are gorgeous! It doesn't matter what size you are! ❤

  • hugosan24X
    hugosan24X 12 days ago

    If you use the code *QRCRTGM* on your FIRST purchase on wish you will have up to 50% DISCOUNT. AND ALSO *2$ WISH CASH* 🔴🔴

  • You Got Caught Face It

    What too many women do is expect to look the same as the models who are elongated physically. Not short in the waist, or
    even the same build body. That is a big no to think it would work on your body type. Just not for your body shape. Especially
    the kaki top, not meant for a fuller figure. Not hating that is just fact. Buy from a store to try them on, you get what you get
    from a shop online and you waste money. I don't get it. People will comment when you try to put on clothes that are clearly
    mass manufactured. You are fine the way you are btw. It is about comfort not what anyone thinks about us.

  • alibi huston
    alibi huston 13 days ago

    Girl you need to stop you're beautiful and honestly those pants look better ripped like that anyways!just sayin

  • Trystan Daugherty
    Trystan Daugherty 14 days ago

    I know you probably don't believe it sometimes but you really are gorgeous! There is nothing wrong with your body! stay beautiful and don't ever stop doing videos, anyone who hates on you is literally just jealous, you're seriously hot.

  • SB x3
    SB x3 14 days ago

    Hun you are beautiful and we all have those moments.

  • Alice Trudgill
    Alice Trudgill 15 days ago

    Love the video... dont worry about your body image, your confidence and bravery is girl power!! We are all beautiful 🤗

  • Allana McGehee
    Allana McGehee 15 days ago

    This is my first time seeing your channel, your beautiful!!! ❤️ Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

  • Monsterxox
    Monsterxox 20 days ago

    Your beautiful girl‼️

  • Taylor Savannah 27
    Taylor Savannah 27 20 days ago

    If you were skinny you would be made fun of for that instead. Do trust girl! I have been there. My whole life I've tried to gain weight/keep weight on to look like you! All of high school I was teased for being too skinny!! Jealous girls will always be jealous of beautiful girls and they will always dawg on girls they feel threatened by. That is regardless of thick or thin! We have a lot of outside sources telling us we aren't beautiful/good enough, as well as some douche bag men out there- (& I wont get started on that LOL) When will women decide to have each other's backs!? Lord knows we've got nobody else looking out. Be a girl's girl ladies!! Stick up for one another instead of tearing each other down!
    Btw, I'm sure this has been said a time or two already, but you are actually quite beautiful. And dang girl! Your body issues from what I can see are in your mind and have nothing to do with your body. I wont sit here and bs you either. If I didn't think so, I would have left that part out 😜 haha
    Anyway, thanks for the vid! Very helpful!

  • Sam W
    Sam W 21 day ago

    I love u hun ❤️ 💋😘🤩😘🤩😍😘❤️💋😘😘🤩😍💋💋 you are beautiful sweet heart I love your channel and u make me so happy and want to work on myself 😀hope ur having a wonderful day ur body is beautiful just the way it is

  • Vicky pasha
    Vicky pasha 22 days ago

    Sexy boday

  • Vicky pasha
    Vicky pasha 22 days ago

    So sexy I like it

  • Bras Miller
    Bras Miller 24 days ago +1

    I have a wish....call me

  • Brawny Just
    Brawny Just 25 days ago

    Dam girl I wish I looked like you what the hell are worried about looking big wait until you get so big that you can't wear your husband's t-shirts 😞 now that is depressing

  • Brawny Just
    Brawny Just 25 days ago

    I would not put that Chinese water on my face no telling what is really in it 🙄

  • Sharon Anderson
    Sharon Anderson 27 days ago +1

    Oh here we go you're just saying that so you can get more people to comment and talk about how you're cute and you're not fat.. if you thought you were fat you wouldn't even posted this video, stop trying to milk it and get people to like your video. all we want is to see if it's good material, is it worth buying or not.. I don't need to hear you pretending that you hate your body but then again you're posting and taking selfies, feeling yourself you're not fooling me ,just show the video of the things you bought on wish so we can see if it's worth buying or not I don't need to hear all that I hate my body but yet you're making videos and posting pictures all over like you're conceited...keepin it real

  • John Ruiz
    John Ruiz 27 days ago

    Hey!! Don’t worry about what people say! You look beautiful!

  • Carleigh Pachuca
    Carleigh Pachuca 27 days ago

    Girl ✋ STOP .., you look just fine... Wish ain't nothing but cheap ass stuff... You good boo 😘

  • Icez garbuja
    Icez garbuja 28 days ago

    How to buy this wish shopping???

  • Panda Surprise
    Panda Surprise 28 days ago

    Ur body is beautiful
    It is possible to love your body
    I've learned to love mine

  • Ann Doyle
    Ann Doyle 28 days ago

    qxcwrqn pls use qxcwrqn to get 100% off and free shipping :)

  • Sierra Leslie
    Sierra Leslie 29 days ago

    🥺 Dont cry ...you are sooooo beautiful.. Dont cry .. have pity for the ones who are negative .. their words come from a place of self hate and they r miserable and misery needs company.. if you could see you through the eyes of the ones who adore you your tears would be happy ones

  • sanrosete77
    sanrosete77 Month ago

    OMG you are incredibly beautiful and it broke bc it’s cheap material. I know we will forever believe we need to be a certain size to be “thin” & beautiful but we need to start being confident in whatever size Bc THAT is what is beautiful. Healthy and happy! Do you!

  • Makayla Schwartz
    Makayla Schwartz Month ago

    Girl! You are amazing! Don't let anyone bring you down over what your body looks like. You look great!! 💜💚 love the videos

  • Stacy Pinder
    Stacy Pinder Month ago

    Your not fat at all but your really pretty don't let anyone hate on you

  • juan lara
    juan lara Month ago

    This is the first one of your show that I have seen. It was great. I love how you actually review the items. Some people just talk about everything except the item they are reviewing. I hate that. Other spend 30 minutes and only review 2 or 3 items. Your show was perfect. You were great. Just the right amount of humor. Just the right of chatter. I really look forward to watching you more. Thank you!

  • Amanda Henson
    Amanda Henson Month ago

    That moon looks like a 🍌

  • Dewi Emerald
    Dewi Emerald Month ago

    I’m also self conscious of my body image. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL 💕

  • Evelyn Rose
    Evelyn Rose Month ago

    Girl don't cry.. U are beautiful and there is nothing wrong with ur body! Don't let anyone tell u other-wise! Those clothes were just crap had nothing to do with u! Much love xx

  • Tiffany Gibson
    Tiffany Gibson Month ago

    I wanna be honest for a min, girl I watched this for the first little bit and was like ahww she's cute and I like how she talks then you where so honest about everything and down to earth but then you showed your body and talked about that and omg that was amazing! I lost weight and started to love myself more and through that it has shown me so much but you inspired me just by showing yourself and I wanted to say this, I'm sitting here thinking wow she is beautiful her body is fine I would love to look like that ....in my mind what I got from that was 9 out of 10 times when you're worried about what you look like to someone else you're amazing and they'd love to look like that so all in all yes we are all beautiful in our own way! I know this is all random and not very put together but I just had to say that! Thank you!

  • Baby Dominik
    Baby Dominik Month ago

    You are not fat you look amazing 😍😘

  • Francis Enriquez
    Francis Enriquez Month ago

    Your beautiful no need to be shy or explain ;)

  • Andrea Ceballos
    Andrea Ceballos Month ago

    Who would make fun of her like bruh

  • Taty Galor
    Taty Galor Month ago


  • Dray PurplePenguinization

    That moon light looks more like a banana light

  • S V
    S V Month ago


  • ren geronimo
    ren geronimo Month ago

    You could never be fat,not even a little. Everybody has their own weight,there comfortable with and that's a good thing. It's not like everyone needs to be perfect.

  • Christine Eichelberger

    Girl You are beautiful you shouldnt have to hide your body or explain anything i wish i looked like you

  • Jistin Zar
    Jistin Zar Month ago

    Love the vlog and I got the same shape of the body like YOU and IM HAPPY THAT YOU are showing yourself.GIRL YOU ARE PRETTY

  • Nddnsn nsjsjs
    Nddnsn nsjsjs Month ago

    Lowkey want your body lets trade

  • Sarah Davis
    Sarah Davis Month ago

    What about the girls who are a size 0 and struggle to put on weight.. where when we go to try on clothes its loose and makes us feel like 12 year old girls? Body positivity is for everyone. Cause trust me, that girl who is a size 0 probably might not be all too happy with her no curves.. js

  • Angelmb 810
    Angelmb 810 Month ago

    Use this code promo 50%: xpzqbxs

  • Katie bug
    Katie bug Month ago

    Damnnn you're finee as fuck. So damn sexy and beautiful

  • Kaitlyn McKessy
    Kaitlyn McKessy Month ago

    Have a very blessed weekend.

  • go .crazy
    go .crazy Month ago

    Wtf ur not even fat 😔 ur gorgeous🥰💖!!

  • Kate Craig
    Kate Craig Month ago

    Omg girlie you are so pretty and you shouldn't feel as if you need to say a disclaimer because you're going to show who you are
    I have never watched one of your videos before and I watched this one and thought wow she georgous

  • Sarah Hayes
    Sarah Hayes Month ago

    Gorgeousness! Yu do not need to apologize for showing yurself! Yes i even have a hard time with my appearance but yur gorgeous❤ dont let anyone put yu down!