See first images inside Notre Dame Cathedral after fire

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • CNN's Tom Foreman discusses historical artifacts inside Notre Dame Cathedral as firefighters continue to battle the flames. #CNN #News

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  • samuel doe
    samuel doe 3 months ago

    blame judge claude frollo as revenge

  • Peppe Poli04
    Peppe Poli04 3 months ago

    Save the Amazon fools not a fukkin build

  • Austrian Bish
    Austrian Bish 3 months ago

    I have a feeling that it will either collapse completely in late 2019 or 2020.

  • pinche pendeja
    pinche pendeja 3 months ago

    No one cares

  • Dave Robinson
    Dave Robinson 4 months ago

    It's not the first church to burn

  • Mckenzie Edmison
    Mckenzie Edmison 4 months ago

    The whole thing should have burned

  • Manager Hum Ripple
    Manager Hum Ripple 4 months ago

    Obviously Arson

  • yeet
    yeet 5 months ago

    frollo wasn,t joking

    EMRO VIDEO 5 months ago

    listen to NOTREDAME by Baitacrew

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 5 months ago

    Yall dont listen to black metal 🤘 🤘 im proud of who burned down the church

  • Gary Fucking holt
    Gary Fucking holt 5 months ago

    *Dunkelheit starts playing*

  • Eric Joseph
    Eric Joseph 5 months ago

    A two-month preliminary investigation into the cause of the nine-hour fire which wrecked the iconic Paris landmark found that it most likely started accidentally.' most likely huh? in other words your 'investigation' showed it was very much deliberate and you are claiming it was 'most likely accidental' so that if you are ever called on it you can say 'well we said most likely' and try to make people think you aren't lying to cover it up this absolutely screams cover up, and thats not even getting into the whole incident where they claimed it was 'accidental' while it was burning and before any investigation had even started. they're lying through their teeth

  • Bumblebee AX-47
    Bumblebee AX-47 5 months ago

    I would've been in the cathedral to die for Notre Dame

  • Руки Вверх!
    Руки Вверх! 5 months ago +1

    CNN - Fake news!!

  • dj1200
    dj1200 6 months ago

    Trump is so retarded, he didn’t know the cathedral was an actual place and the idiot called Disney to give his condolences.

  • Reymart Valerio
    Reymart Valerio 6 months ago

    Believe the True Gospel not the Cathedral

  • Reymart Valerio
    Reymart Valerio 6 months ago

    The Truth Revealed.
    The deception of Satan

  • someone is here
    someone is here 6 months ago

    Vatican childrenfucker deserve this

  • Checkerzzz gaming Hi
    Checkerzzz gaming Hi 6 months ago +1

    Man no women Did this the Power of Heavenly Father God Won't Allow Your sinning I had a dream Last night the fire of heaven came down I saw GOD in heaven put his finger down with a fire from Heaven Do we all remember he created earth no human is in charge all the wrong doings to humanity Only our Father in heaven can judge live wright tho shall not kill tho shall not steal My Brother s and sisters who actually believe in God we cannot judge people we put all our faith towards heaven as only our heavenly Father Stay Away From People This is each of our Time to put all who we are never harm believe in the power of God in Heaven See the Roman Catholic Church worked with bad Muslim s there are good Muslims in the world afraid while JESUS Threats humanity threw the Roman Catholic Church s In the Torah and Israel we suffered the same As our children were raped by these beasts hiding in the Roman Catholic Church The Bible stated clearly since iam a Jew Jesus Christ in heaven is my real brother they decided him stole from him lied to him spit on him he even forgave the man on the cross who stole from him before the test died he also forgave the lier before he died why we don't allow the world to effect US All the time with the putting down American people and the Jews are being killed threw these Roman Catholic Church s My Brother s and sisters of God They Are responsible for the Harm to humanity This morning I cried to our Father God in Heaven why does Mexico keep stealing my dead American husband's name that is so disrespectful to the dead live wright and always forgive and know judgment day comes for those who can't live wright no matter who you are

  • Swirly Sir
    Swirly Sir 6 months ago

    Rohan your house is on fire

  • Kenny Flanders
    Kenny Flanders 6 months ago

    Like Fire....

  • Sky Marcel
    Sky Marcel 6 months ago

    Build a mosque there.

  • The mighty Angus TMA
    The mighty Angus TMA 6 months ago +1

    It’s like 9/11 you could see the firefighters running across the balcony and fire truck were coming from all over the city

  • Emperor Midan
    Emperor Midan 6 months ago +1

    This is kinda worse than 911 bcuz this building is a very old and historically crucial and precious to France

  • Arumanati Member
    Arumanati Member 6 months ago

    Im not even from france and im crying a part of history has been lost 800 years of beauty i wanted to see it some day

  • Quasimodo Of Notre Dame

    Y’all really burnt my shit down

  • Jure Macola
    Jure Macola 6 months ago

    Hie liez er sich reine toufen,
    daz der mensche reine sî.
    dô liez er sich hie verkoufen,
    daz wir eigen wurden frî.
    anders waeren wir verlorn.
    wol dir, sper, kriuz unde dorn!
    wê dir, heiden! daz ist dir zorn!

  • HyperThorpe Playz
    HyperThorpe Playz 6 months ago +2

    I missed getting AC:U for free

    • HyperThorpe Playz
      HyperThorpe Playz 5 months ago

      @Benjamin Nolan I actually don't care about it now. Fuck religion and culture. This is all a waste of money to rebuild it. All these factors is what hampers world development

    • Benjamin Nolan
      Benjamin Nolan 6 months ago

      On the flip side, Ubisoft's scans of the building for that game might actually help in rebuilding it.

  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson 6 months ago

    What about Damascus and Aleppo, the oldest cities in the world? Who cares when it is not in Europe.

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar 6 months ago

    Caholicism is on decline i see.

  • Manuel Jimenez
    Manuel Jimenez 6 months ago

    One miracle was that everything burned but the only things that didn't was the Angels, the cross, and Mary

  • Pedro Kantor of the crimson fists

    Time to kill some brownies

  • Checkerzzz gaming Hi
    Checkerzzz gaming Hi 7 months ago +1

    Heaven is special Just like a prayer no choice no voice can take you there

  • Checkerzzz gaming Hi
    Checkerzzz gaming Hi 7 months ago +1

    You can feed the world but won't wow God in heaven struck fire A message from God Not Even Satan can Take on God in Heaven Don't you see the Rome you have harmed American and Italy and France and Germany all countries suffered as church says what you do Come s back to you sounds to me we all are seeing a higher power heaven not humanity

  • Waqar Hussain
    Waqar Hussain 7 months ago

    You fucking liars, this same thing happened in I, pet goat ii. Fuck you

  • shhotput
    shhotput 7 months ago

    Islam did this!

  • Ma Ka
    Ma Ka 7 months ago

    Isn’t it funny the Sri Lanka bombings got hardly any attention in comparison to the muslims in Christchurch.

  • 1woksape
    1woksape 7 months ago +2

    Joan of Arc was a Godly nationalist.. God save us now. .

  • Winke
    Winke 7 months ago +1

    Anybody noticed they've never told us the real cause of this fire..

  • Kalebs World
    Kalebs World 7 months ago

    The cross is still there :p that’s how you KNOW JESUS CHRIST IS HERE

    • eg08mcpvp
      eg08mcpvp 4 months ago

      It's because the cross is made of gold, while the cathedral was made of wood. Wood burns easier then gold.

  • Greg Espinoza
    Greg Espinoza 7 months ago

    This is worse than I thought and I believe in Murphy's Law.

  • Becky Britin
    Becky Britin 7 months ago


  • Checkerzzz gaming Hi
    Checkerzzz gaming Hi 7 months ago

    A Catholic evil person did this

  • Beerus God of Destruction
    Beerus God of Destruction 7 months ago +1

    I ve heard a wise man said that this is all Macron plan and hes a mason, to ruin the Christianity.. hows that such iconic building have no cameras or midnight active firemans, and was forbiden to spill water from the air ( "could damage the wood and make more damage") even Trump said not to do it like that. Who the fuck you kidding???

  • Joanna Fr
    Joanna Fr 7 months ago

    And at the same time as a Catholic icon went down, a fire broke out at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, their new capital. On the same week, a nation very friendly to Palestinians just lost about 300 people. As they attempt to start a religious war around the world, it's looking more like Venezuela breaks for the "smart ones" or is it "chosen"?

  • Yesmer
    Yesmer 7 months ago

    The scaffolding was not grounded well. The scaffolding functioned as a conductor to static electricity in the air. The difference in charge. This caused the fire.
    At sea this is called St Elmo's fire.

  • I_Am A_Messenger
    I_Am A_Messenger 7 months ago

    Did any copy of the Canon survive without damage, please? Saw no pictures up close to see that or not.
    If it's a true God approved church- there will be no damage to any of the copies of the Canon.

  • gorilla199
    gorilla199 7 months ago


  • Idunno Mancuso
    Idunno Mancuso 7 months ago +1

    I think the notre dame getting on fire has a meaning.

  • Rozalee
    Rozalee 7 months ago

    The comments, no matter what the opinion, show a sad lack of ability to stick to the fact that a world treasure has been greatly damaged. Even CNN couldn't resist getting off track and making it into a political commentary in part. No matter your religious beliefs, this cathedral represented enduring faith and survival over 800 years. The fact that it has stood this long makes it a marvel in and of itself. All the "yea but's" in the world won't alter the fact that Notre Dame Cathedral was cherished by many people of many nations and faiths. What a shame we can't see this as a tragic event without making something negative out of it.

  • UpdateDotExe
    UpdateDotExe 7 months ago

    Im happy Notre Dam burnt down so now we can have Notre Dam memes.

    • jenny hamr
      jenny hamr 7 months ago

      obviously you seem that you are an evil person.

  • baileyboy125
    baileyboy125 7 months ago

    Ah yes, the football field as a unit of measurement...
    Typical American.

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown 7 months ago


  • Platform Strange
    Platform Strange 7 months ago

    Noter dahm, that's a new one.
    Normally it's noter dayme

  • Még Édesebb Erdély
    Még Édesebb Erdély 7 months ago +1

    If France will correct its historical felony - TRIANON - in this case the world famous Hungarian carpenters of Transylvania will rebuild the roofing of Notre Dame free of charge!

  • Famous TV
    Famous TV 7 months ago

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  • assaf sela
    assaf sela 7 months ago

    The arson of churches in France, ten have been set on fire since February, others are severely damaged by vandalism .
    Many people understand who does it, but it is forbidden to say (muslims); Or as they say in the Middle East: "After Saturday, always comes Sunday,"
    meaning that after the cleansing of the Jews (and its in progresses) will move to Christians.
    Or do they do a favor to the French, who in any case destroy their churches and cathedrals themselves for new mosques.

  • Gravelord Hunter
    Gravelord Hunter 7 months ago

    I knew something like this was going to happen. I KNEW IT

  • scorx
    scorx 7 months ago +1

    Assassin creed unity is free btw.