[My Next Car] Mercedes E63S Wagon Test Drive

  • Published on Oct 10, 2018
  • I finally get my hands on the Mercedes E63S AMG Wagon so Tony and I go on a test drive and share our initial thoughts.
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Comments • 479

  • Happy Poop
    Happy Poop 6 months ago

    My dream car

  • Callum Smith
    Callum Smith 9 months ago

    New rs7 2018

  • Marcus Sim
    Marcus Sim 10 months ago

    It would be great to see go around the world in a F-Type SVR. Your channel grew so much during your time with the F-Type and it still seems like it's the car you miss the most.

  • Chris P
    Chris P 10 months ago

    Tony at 6:58 🤣🤣👌🏼

  • firealive1
    firealive1 10 months ago

    AMG GT

  • iamjaynewell
    iamjaynewell 10 months ago

    CLA wagon!

  • Brohana
    Brohana 10 months ago

    Chris Harris adores this car

  • Ben Lister
    Ben Lister 10 months ago

    Need to check out an Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio

  • Tim Dohov
    Tim Dohov 10 months ago

    naa ))

  • Heli
    Heli 10 months ago

    One of your best videos with Tony. You guys rock!

  • Josh Hulse
    Josh Hulse 10 months ago

    Bimma m5 touring?

  • WillieNillie
    WillieNillie 10 months ago

    8:19 xD hahaha

  • Kumaran Karthikeyan
    Kumaran Karthikeyan 10 months ago

    By far the most sporty and practical family estate you can ask for. Splish and splash effect.

  • Jalen Scott
    Jalen Scott 10 months ago

    You like the E63s but you didn’t like the Panamera 4s because it was too big?? The Benz is at least the same size, if not bigger than the Porsche. Maybe if you drove one of the V8 twin turbo models you would’ve felt differently. I still love the E63s wagon though!

  • Vishnu N
    Vishnu N 10 months ago

    Nice video man ❤️❤️, please consider Land Rover sport svr. It can tackle all weather and terrain conditions and is also fun to drive

  • Kawasakimafia
    Kawasakimafia 10 months ago

    Why don't you consiger a left hand side car, since you are going to spend most of the time in a country where you drive on the right? 🤔

  • Johnny Turnbull
    Johnny Turnbull 10 months ago

    Why not the c63s wagon?

  • Fredmysterio
    Fredmysterio 10 months ago

    You should try an amg gts or a s63 coupe

  • Mac Doodles
    Mac Doodles 10 months ago

    Buy a Lamborghini Espada

  • Anton
    Anton 10 months ago

    Go Audi rs4/rs3

  • Adam Waddell
    Adam Waddell 10 months ago

    I think you should try looking at a C7 Corvette, preferably the Z06 or a Grandsport. I know they're kind of difficult to find in Europe, but they have lots of storage space and would make for a great GT car.

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly 10 months ago

    Tony's face is hilarious when you accelerate. Awesome video and love this car or the new AMG C series wagon

  • Tom um33
    Tom um33 10 months ago

    rs4 is still the way to go tbh

  • Taison Pham
    Taison Pham 10 months ago

    i love it when Tony just says "i might get me one of these"
    while all these other RU-cliprs are like "searching for my new daily/supercar"
    Tony would be like "Oh i already own that..."
    he's like a more proper Alejandro XD

  • Frederick OnTour
    Frederick OnTour 10 months ago

    Please get a Porsche Boxster Spyder 981 it's perfect for your trip!

  • Tom Sutcliffe CEO
    Tom Sutcliffe CEO 10 months ago

    Calm down archie 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Archie D
    Archie D 10 months ago

    Range Rover Sport SVR with Roof Rack, cases straped to the roof, light bars, fog lights and Ropes, a sort of adventure edition?

  • Dotface 01
    Dotface 01 10 months ago

    Still begging for money off subscribers whilst out looking for an £80k car to buy, get fucked. Unsubscribed

  • Dolphino Egglet
    Dolphino Egglet 10 months ago

    so... theres a Polestar Estate that would be pretty great.

  • Evan Broesder
    Evan Broesder 10 months ago

    Got to try a Stelvio QV (if has to be SUV) or a Giulia QV if that’s big enough for the trip. Would be very intersted in what you think of that

  • The Andy
    The Andy 10 months ago

    its a 9 speed btw

  • Steven Hatton
    Steven Hatton 10 months ago

    Come on guys, not impressed just seem to be copying or bad timing. I’m out....

  • Chris Q
    Chris Q 10 months ago

    Tonys laugh is golden! 🤣

  • Didi Grave
    Didi Grave 10 months ago

    How aboat a Jaguar XF?

  • FerriTruck
    FerriTruck 10 months ago

    What a combo!! And what a beast too, it really is an awesome car. You could consider a 911 carrera 4s as an option, but this E63 has quite blown me away.

  • SheepRacing
    SheepRacing 10 months ago

    That's too big, try a GLC 63 s :D

  • SilkoBal
    SilkoBal 10 months ago

    I'm just going to start hanging out at Sevenoaks Nandos, on the off chance of bumping into these legends.

  • Graham Healy
    Graham Healy 10 months ago

    Tony's laugh is infectious! Great vid!

  • steuilsancho
    steuilsancho 10 months ago

    just watched the Macan video.... mhm best sport suv out there?? you got to take the Stelvio under consideration especially considering you're an Alfista already! Great vids Sam, good luck in your adventure

  • J Piro
    J Piro 10 months ago +1

    Good choice pal, I wouldn't have done a thing differently

  • Max Spencer
    Max Spencer 10 months ago

    F90 M5 Sam! I can let you test drive one just ask!!

  • Makke
    Makke 10 months ago

    The most unpractical practical car :D. But also there is alot of content around e63. So skip it.
    Giulia/Stelvio, rs4(even though I am not a fan), 911 gts...

  • eltiburon1983
    eltiburon1983 10 months ago

    sam and tony, best Show ever ^^

  • Tall Drink
    Tall Drink 10 months ago

    Rolls Royce Cullinan. Done. What else would you want to spend your days in?

  • - Albinn -
    - Albinn - 10 months ago

    E63s 0-60 mph in 3.3 second and 9 gears and sounds amaizing

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith 10 months ago

    "Drive one.....dick." 😂😂😂

  • tmacfan16
    tmacfan16 10 months ago

    you can't afford this car. putting a small percentage down on it doesn't mean you own it you bald headed geek

  • A. S
    A. S 10 months ago

    I think the back is elongated too much is not proportional

  • mch2ly
    mch2ly 10 months ago

    Well done for calling Tony a 'dick'. How dare he diss the Alpine.

  • R Dixon
    R Dixon 10 months ago

    just make Tony a permanent part of the show

  • Robert Maddock
    Robert Maddock 10 months ago

    £80,000.... £80,000....
    are we in the real world anymore

  • Paul Carter
    Paul Carter 10 months ago

    Sam, STG is excellent. I only found it because of the 4C but have looked at many of your fellow RU-cliprs since and they serve to underline just how good STG is. As an unashamed Alfisti I may be biased but for me your next car is a simple choice and I cannot fathom why you haven't had a Giulia Quadrifoglio already. Having driven one the driving experience is as close as you can get to a four door Ferrari and you already know just how good it is so a return to Stag's original roots is my recommendation. Forza Quadrifoglio 😎🍀🍀🍀🇮🇹🏁🙂

  • Виктор Попов
    Виктор Попов 10 months ago

    Get a GTC4 Lusso..no matter they're £250k 😬😬

  • Wout Eysermans
    Wout Eysermans 10 months ago

    It’s safe to say tony is getting one 🙌🏻😂

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller 10 months ago

    If you want to form a bond with the car do the trip in something a bit older with a few quirks. Would be way cooler/ safer than floating around in a 100k car.

  • Chris Dyson
    Chris Dyson 10 months ago

    Nice car but not really a head turner.

  • Joshua Hamilton
    Joshua Hamilton 10 months ago

    Infotainment setup and button layout aside, I honestly think this is your best option for such a trip. Its extremely functional and full of room, its powerful, fast, and sporty, and it looks/sounds great! I picked the E63S wagon from the start, and I stand by it. Interested to see what competition you test out though!

  • H B
    H B 10 months ago


  • NSL
    NSL 10 months ago

    You need a Tesla for that trip - hunting for power round the world :-)

  • Aaron Kirkaldy
    Aaron Kirkaldy 10 months ago

    RS4R ABT?

  • raine231278
    raine231278 10 months ago

    I think you guys should do top gear!!!! Tony is mint!

  • Charlie George
    Charlie George 10 months ago

    Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio???

  • Siavash Ghahremany
    Siavash Ghahremany 10 months ago

    Try the 2018 M5

  • knut jonsson
    knut jonsson 10 months ago +1

    what about the BMW M5?

  • Sivar de Witte
    Sivar de Witte 10 months ago +1

    Jaguar XF-RS Sportswagon!! All you are looking for in 1 car!

  • Humza Ahmed
    Humza Ahmed 10 months ago

    Get one!!

  • supertoroism
    supertoroism 10 months ago +1

    have you considered glc 63s ?

  • venom5809
    venom5809 10 months ago +7

    Sam, Phil and Tony travel the world together, that would be an amazing show. 👍

  • Munk Man
    Munk Man 10 months ago

    Lmao who laughs when tony laughs

  • david restrepo
    david restrepo 10 months ago

    Rs4 Avant

  • Henry Walsh
    Henry Walsh 10 months ago

    Yes get that it’s one of my dream cars as well as my dads

  • Griffin Kambol
    Griffin Kambol 10 months ago

    C63 wagon?

  • Kurt Bergstedt
    Kurt Bergstedt 10 months ago

    Audi Rs5. good fuel economy, great to drive, fast and very nice to be inside of.

  • Robert Goel Jr
    Robert Goel Jr 10 months ago

    Sam after you drive it awhile, you won't have to look, it's like being a fighter pilot.

  • Berkan
    Berkan 10 months ago

    You shouldntry the volvo V90 R desgine yes it doesnt have the performance of ther mercdes but is a stunning car and great to drive