Even More Of Jon Stewart's Interview With Stephen Colbert

  • Published on Nov 28, 2018
  • Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert remember the Late Show before it was Stephen's, and what it was like to sit in the guest chair across from David Letterman.
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Comments • 719

  • Chanti
    Chanti 2 hours ago

    how do you get this smart? let me know. thanks.

  • Brian Toal
    Brian Toal Day ago

    Bible talk. This isn’t the number one late night show for nothing

  • OnceIWasYou
    OnceIWasYou 2 months ago

    Also of course Moses famously used the mass rape of children as a war crime- some still hold that against him.

  • Juan Carlos López Padilla

    They’re great talking about what maters thee most.. ..”Las Sagradas Escrituras Escrituras Por Jehová nuestro Dios”...👌🏼

  • Dee Cohen
    Dee Cohen 2 months ago

    Yup. One of my goals in life usta be IF I COULD JUST MAKE LETTERMAN LAUGH!!!!

  • John King
    John King 2 months ago

    4:15 - One thing I have in common with David Letterman, I love the cold, and I would love a studio to be cold. David always said he kept the theater temperature low so to avoid people nodding off to sleep if it was too warm. His theater used to be freezing.

  • AncientOneProductions
    AncientOneProductions 2 months ago

    hey bros

  • Sinyorita pearl
    Sinyorita pearl 2 months ago

    I can listeb to this akl day all night, dayyam

  • Sathyajith Shankar
    Sathyajith Shankar 2 months ago

    Jesus fucking Christ, please start a podcast ALREADY!

  • Research0digo
    Research0digo 2 months ago

    0:58 - Aaron didn't lead, he spoke to Pharaoh in his bro's stead. :)

    A man that reads (and remembers... ahem) and doth quoteth a lively verse.

  • EUROPA Music - Official Channel

    Jon Stewart aged fast.

  • gameboy
    gameboy 3 months ago

    Prophet Job, peace be upon him, or Ayuub in Arabic, was tested by God, and what the Bible leaves out is the happy ending at the end. In The Qur'an Job (Ayuub), peace be upon him, is rewarded for his patience and this story is a lesson for us to remain patient and stay steadfast in our faith and continue to praise and worship God. All the Prophets and Messengers of God teach us how to be better human beings, because these are the best of of creation. But we do NOT worship the creation, we worship The Creator. We do NOT worship Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, we worship God. We do not worship Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, we worship God.

    Also Abraham (Ibrahim), peace be upon him, was commanded by God to sacrifice his son, Ismael, peace be upon him, again this was a test from God. Both Ismael and Ibrahim passed their test, Ibrahim passed all of his tests and tribultions throughout his life, he was a friend of God as it says in The Qur'an and Bible. We are all part of the ABRAHAMIC faiths: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. We differ in stuff yes, but our roots all come from Abraham, peace be upon him.

    Life is not suffering, life is a test, and this is a remidner for myself as well. Peace.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 3 months ago

    I have been thinking about learningfrom his guests in from Jon Stewart in the Daily show. Sometimes it was not in his interveiw but in a section specially created to let some expert or other talk, like the time an economist came on to expalin that one of those multinational hamburger joints paid its people so badly that the government had to give the workers food stamps, which meant that government subsidizes the hamburger company to about the same amount as their profits.That was in the days when the right was saying that people had to pull themselves up by their own shoe laces!.
    The truth is, I dont watch the whole of the Late Show, only the bits on you tube, occasionally. Still I, miss the so many faceted, so much deeper, psychologically so, Colbert, who was himself and some other character.,some rich mixture of personalities and think that who ever helped him to be that, was an enormous genius at directing actors.Jon was a genius at directing, a total genius.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 3 months ago

    the victorians wrote tear jerkers. For the artist, bringing their readers or audience, to just the point they wanted to have them of distress is an art. I listen to tales of how crazy Trump is and walk away elated. The face of the comedians gets brimful of joy as they talk of how very crazy he is too. It is not just me who gets elated. This may not matter with those who see that he is wild in his politics but I don't think it will bring in people who don't see what is wrong with him.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 3 months ago

    Jon. Who knows if it would have been good if you had been there to make Jokes on trump exactly serious enough? He has not gone to war and maybe wont, he will stand by Carter as the president who did not go to war and who knows why that happens, Trump does not like the worst sort of nastiness or everyones tone was somehow just right, or some sort of mixture of the two factors.War is the worst.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 3 months ago

    Colbert, remember that Job, after gettting boils and all, was restored to his former glory,. He ended up getting a new set of wives and camels etc.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 3 months ago

    Jon, writting to John Oliver, I thought while i was on the theme of Trump, that were you still around, you would strike the tone which would stop talk of Trump seeming just hillarious and as if we talked of a child whose foibles were somhow sweet, some how the criticism of his crazyness warms me up and makes me happy instead of making me serious and i wonder would you not have known how to get the right humor on hte subect out of me.
    You say that the others can do your thing. I am not sure that they can, I think you had a tremendous amount of art, art enough to keep things where they should be animically. Also and your interveiws really persuaded people to talk of what they knew, and you shared with so many, had so also helped them.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 3 months ago

    Jon Stewart, sephen says that we which is to say you and him decided how he was to be on his show. Jon you were the genius at getting the genius in others out of them. What has happened to you?

  • Muse
    Muse 3 months ago

    No way Elijah! The man that never died!

  • avesh saiyed
    avesh saiyed 4 months ago

    John Stewart is a legend

  • Bryan Boyle
    Bryan Boyle 4 months ago

    Stephen's into the Cthulu Mythos too? Yes!

  • Hugo Lalumiere
    Hugo Lalumiere 4 months ago

    BFFs. Love these guys and the hell with those who say they're democratic pundits.

  • Uma Chan
    Uma Chan 4 months ago

    There's a genuine love and appreciation between these two men and it shows in how they interact. I'd love to see these guys do a podcast and just shoot the shit.

  • Ricky
    Ricky 4 months ago

    I just read online jon is actually an executive producer of the late show! i never knew!

  • Houston Maxey
    Houston Maxey 4 months ago

    so great

  • JourneymanObfuscator
    JourneymanObfuscator 5 months ago

    Not a single comment about the off the cuff name drop of Hastur from the Lovecraft mythos? Knowledge and teaching aside, I am impressed he is also well versed in anti-transcendentalist literature.

  • communistjesus
    communistjesus 5 months ago

    Stewart ritorna Bambino, ritona.. We miss ya dude..😟😖😖😖😖

  • Jeffeffina Lastname
    Jeffeffina Lastname 6 months ago

    Ah, Stephen's bit of poetry was lovely. It rung in my heart like my love for My Creator. How sweetly intelligent he is, deep thinker that one. And Jon Stewart should run for office. He can lead my society anytime. Too bad he's too smart to even TRY to climb bullshit mountain...

  • ktvindicare
    ktvindicare 6 months ago

    Please come back to TV Jon Stewart! The world needs you more than ever!

  • Jess Fabulous
    Jess Fabulous 7 months ago

    Stephen: 2:49

  • Tots Mini
    Tots Mini 7 months ago

    OhhhhMG... Thanks for the insight into poet Archibald MacLeish (made me research him) - - Also my chosen biblical character - Job - for the mere sake that Job emulates Patience (and Loyalty)..... virtues now lost 🤔

  • Casey Frederick
    Casey Frederick 7 months ago

    I would have picked Jobe, and I was very surprised when Stephen Colbert changed his answer to Jobe.

  • blacktulip
    blacktulip 7 months ago

    Podcast with these two must be awesome to listen to!

  • maen83
    maen83 7 months ago

    If it were physically possible to listen to these two gentlemen chat to each other _forever_ I would be *so* into that.
    I am thankful that Jon occasionally makes an appearance on this show. There is no one better to interview Stephen and it was a great interview.

  • Dee Cohen
    Dee Cohen 8 months ago

    Yes. YES!!!! I always judged everyone and I’m not gonna lie one of my top three goals in life for the longest time was to make David letterman laugh if you can make David Letterman laugh- bucket list accomplished!!!!

  • Anna93
    Anna93 8 months ago

    Stephen is powerful when he speaks from the heart.

  • Tom Bergere
    Tom Bergere 8 months ago

    What about what Lott`s daughters went through; they lost their Mom and both got pregnant. :'(

  • Gogoleila
    Gogoleila 8 months ago

    Who's Dave?

  • Sanwal Yousaf
    Sanwal Yousaf 8 months ago +1

    Just finished reading J.B by Archibald Macleish based on this interview. Absolutely loved it

  • Buck Houts
    Buck Houts 9 months ago

    I heard upon his dry dung heap,
    That man cry out who cannot sleep,
    If God is God he is not good,
    If God is good he is not God,
    Take the even, take the odd.
    I would not sleep here if I could,
    But for the little green leaf in the wood, and the wind on water.

  • Gilad Mofaz
    Gilad Mofaz 9 months ago

    very nice video

  • Andrea Meñosa
    Andrea Meñosa 9 months ago

    I'd meme that! 😂😂😂

  • NotaBumblebee
    NotaBumblebee 9 months ago

    I miss him so much 😭 Trevor Noah just doesn't do it for me..

  • kolideoskope
    kolideoskope 10 months ago

    3:34 is that Seth Everman?

    SNOW BLIND 10 months ago

    Both of these men should never have started talking politics.

  • Eventhorizon1122
    Eventhorizon1122 10 months ago

    god damn I miss these two

  • Steven
    Steven 10 months ago


  • Judi Bryan
    Judi Bryan 10 months ago

    Cannot get enough of these two! Smart, funny, INFORMED...so miss Jon...we need his voice!

  • LaGuerre19
    LaGuerre19 10 months ago

    Wow, that MacLeish stanza.

  • David Read
    David Read 10 months ago

    As an atheist - I could listen to those two discuss every single passage from the Bible back and forth for hours. Two singularly brilliant men we should be hearing more from!

  • JCS
    JCS 10 months ago

    I thought you'd say JOB

  • Caranfin Naurlain
    Caranfin Naurlain 10 months ago

    He said Hastur, he must now roll percentile dice to see if his minions appear, and I'm sure with Jon's healing spells they can survive, but then roll again to see if Hastur himself appears.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 10 months ago

    Peoples vocations often come when they are very small. COlberts sister made a joke in the funeral car returning from their fathers funeral and Colberts distress was so real that this instead of seeming irreverent was so welcome as relief from his tremendous pain that he decided to be a comic and relieve the pain of all us poor wanderes in this veil of tears, so to ask him to be a dignified and serious political commentator is probably to traumatise him by trying to persuade him change his deepest formative experience.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 10 months ago

    Why does not COlbert choose Jonah. Getting caught in the stomach of a whale is an interesting one. I love the story of Tobais. The poor girl who has killed every man who narried her some seven or some such men kneels down in distress at her bad reputation and says a prayer that was very like the Lords prayer in some particulars.The angel accompanying Tobias junior, tells him to marry her, her father feels very nervous about this and arranges for a retainer to go in at four in the morning to take out the body he supposes they will find, out and bury it. The angel has drugged the couples incense, so the marriage night goes well.

  • Rit_arted III
    Rit_arted III 10 months ago

    Whoever wrote the subtitles needs to get fired

  • Anj A
    Anj A 10 months ago

    Job!!!! Yess!!!

  • Dennis Huffman
    Dennis Huffman 10 months ago

    The Book of Enoch is missing from the Bible John Stewart it was removed by the SanHedrin you're only focusing on the Jewish aspect. Also what about the Sumerians.

  • Amy G
    Amy G 10 months ago

    The amount of intelligence on that dias. Seriously. I could listen to them talk for hours

  • RT Elkin
    RT Elkin 10 months ago

    "Aaron - Stretch out my staff upon the water..."

  • girl43
    girl43 10 months ago

    I love the Cable Twins ♥️♥️