Justin Trudeau calls heckling grandmother a "racist"

  • Published on Aug 21, 2018
  • Ezra Levant of The Rebel reports on Justin Trudeau calling a Quebec grandmother, questioning him about the cost of illegal immigration, a "racist". MORE: www.therebel.media/justin_trudeau_calls_heckling_grandmother_a_racist
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  • Justin Blackface
    Justin Blackface 23 days ago

    Guess who I am going to be for Halloween?
    Bath house Barry Obumer!

  • Shannon Finn-Lang
    Shannon Finn-Lang 26 days ago

    Every student that attends a public school of any grade level, is being programed to be kind, to be willing to listen to each other. they are constantly encouraged, gently directed towards, (pushed towards really) to embrace a non micro aggressive liberal agenda, to embrace the montra, "WORDS CAN 'BE' VIOLENCE" a montra coined by the liberal cult leader the 'honorable:" PM trudeau 2.0
    we are canadians. we are kind to each other, we dont call names. we especially dont call little old gramas names.
    she asked a valid question, she never even mentioned anything about the immigrants them selves, who they where, where they came from, what color or religion they were. she was asking about a financial issue, when would quebec get the money back that they had to put out to follow his orders and keep these, undocumented refugees in their province. it was the PM who brought race into the forum, that he was creating with this woman, and calling out racist is a real strong statement because racist is the new worst thing to be, its like having grown up kooties, no one who is cool, or worth hanging out with will hang around with you, racist kids sit alone at the lunch table every day, cuz here in canada we have been taught to not 'see in color, or discriminate about different faiths)
    every one in north america seems to be slamin trump for being a bully, for calling people names, for not answering questions and for not acting president.i think truedeau is more like trump than we think ... he just has way better grammar and was born into the first canadian political dynasty.

  • William a
    William a Month ago

    Why are we giving money to people who hate us

  • star star
    star star Month ago

    Trudeau looked just like what he called that man. Sh....., She had the right to ask her question he Didn't have the right to play the race card. How did he get the job of running Canada putting pot on our streets letting his people into Canada . Doing nothing for Canada.

  • Ivan Jonathan Mathew
    Ivan Jonathan Mathew Month ago +1

    Have you guys heard of the word KARMA? Well that's what happened to Trudeau. Calling other people racist because of raising concerns got him trouble in the name of BLACKFACE. Thank you whoever exposed it

  • Dominic D'Urzo
    Dominic D'Urzo 2 months ago

    Trudeau does not answer questions because most of the time, he has no clue as to an answer

  • Dakota Palomino
    Dakota Palomino 2 months ago

    From a law enforcement perspective, not sure how it works in Canada, but in a lot of the United States failure to Identify is a crime, and its not meant for old ladies who get upset, but people who have warrants and try to avoid being arrested by not letting the cops know who they are. Also the way he had her arm was pretty standard across the board for law enforcement to get someone's hands under control, I have personally had my hands controlled in the same way and it doesn't hurt and it isn't meant to. I'm not defending the foundation, but these officers were going by standard procedure and probably scared to death that the PM would call them out as bigoted and ruin their lives and careers unless they were seen doing something. Don't attack these officers who were probably terrified of what would happen to them if they stood by. They let her go in the end, that's a good indicator that they didn't care about her speaking out of even failing to identify. I honestly think these officers just wanted to look like they were doing something about it until Trudeau was gone.

  • Martin Peacocke
    Martin Peacocke 2 months ago

    2.08 was that Johnny Depp? Looks like a pirate to me! Oh no! It's another actor a 12 year old girl trying to do a man's job.

  • Patrick Kavanagh
    Patrick Kavanagh 2 months ago +1

    I'm proud of that woman. You go Girl. Follow him around and keep asking the simple question he cannot answer.

  • Jeff Walters
    Jeff Walters 2 months ago

    Freaking fascists! Canada is slipping badly under Trudeaup (Tru-dope).

  • Paul Kirshman
    Paul Kirshman 2 months ago

    Trudeau est gonfle .

  • Danial Summerfield
    Danial Summerfield 2 months ago

    Tolerance only when it serves the far left.

  • Danial Summerfield
    Danial Summerfield 2 months ago

    Who is the fascist here.

  • cuffo off
    cuffo off 2 months ago

    Big hard security guard with same views as his rascist boss,Traitors.

  • 0880 Zero
    0880 Zero 2 months ago +1

    The old woman was the only one in the crowd with courage!

  • MysteryMayhem
    MysteryMayhem 3 months ago

    “No one from the United States is a refugee.” Ok that’s a fair statement but what about the fact that “Canada is built on Immigration” that means from everywhere it doesn’t exclude Americans who want to move to Canada

  • brian faber
    brian faber 3 months ago

    Get her on the show

  • Shane Brammer
    Shane Brammer 3 months ago

    Pathetic Canada

  • Shane Brammer
    Shane Brammer 3 months ago

    Making Canada a laughing stock. I mean I’m an ex-Canadian and now I look at Canada as a bunch of pussies. Take it how you will but I’ve seen enough mainstream and non-mainstream media. I feel so sorry for you guys with leadership like this turning you into a weak globalist puppet country

  • David Baines
    David Baines 3 months ago

    I commented on this without watching the whole thing. I now understand how important this video is.
    It strikes me that this is what we keep saying about Tommy Robinson. He has publicly been smeared with racism, so the media don't want to report on him and turn the people not in the know away from his cause. But when it is done, and I believe like a lot of the comments, but for that camera, she would've been escorted away, to an elderly lady, being physically restrained like that for non violent protestation, it will... IT WILL be all of us next.
    How much more proof do we need?

    He even overplayed that racism card " Jeez Trudeau, you are gonna wear it out, stop ffs ". **Edit It is obviously the tried and tested way of denouncing anyone. We are so afraid of racism, it is being used as the go to tool to do pretty much anything to anyone.**
    Madness, and now thinly veiled and pretty much on show.

  • Quack Smack
    Quack Smack 3 months ago

    a year later, I hope those cowards that call themselves "officers" are never employed by anyone else should they ever lose their cuck cushy jobs with the useless RCMP. Pathetic how they treated that old woman, just like stormtroopers trying to silence rational thought.

  • Patrick LaBelle
    Patrick LaBelle 3 months ago

    Why isn't any lawyer offering his or her help to this lady to sue the hell out of Trudeau and his goons for defamation of character (calling someone racist with no basis is hate speech!) and for assault!?! I would be happy to help raise the money, as a fellow free speech defending Québécois de souche.

  • Patrick LaBelle
    Patrick LaBelle 3 months ago

    In the US, the left is outraged that people at a Trump rally yelled to send Omar back home. Here in Canada, the PRIME MINISTER tells an obviously Québécoise de souche that she does not belong in her own home and the left says NOTHING. As a Québécois myself, I am disgusted.

  • Patrick LaBelle
    Patrick LaBelle 3 months ago

    What a coward he is...Always afraid to answer tough questions. Has anyone ever seen him answering any question that was from someone not on the extreme left??

  • Lin A
    Lin A 3 months ago

    Trudeau is the worst prime minister in the history of our country.
    I can’t wait for this fool to be shown the door.
    Voting Conservative to restore decency to our once great country.

  • Amanda G
    Amanda G 3 months ago

    Good to see this BS isn’t just happening in the USA. Good for that smart woman calling out the wrong doings

  • J Williams
    J Williams 3 months ago

    She said illegal immigrants he took the word illegal out.

  • Cosmic squirrel
    Cosmic squirrel 3 months ago

    These creeps are out of control.

  • Jane Cartwright
    Jane Cartwright 3 months ago +1

    The good news is that - a year later (July 2019 ) - this same grandmother is taking Trudeau to court ! HA!
    Bet you didn't see THAT little development in the MSM ? Here's the 'Post Millennial' link :
    "Trudeau questioned by lawyers of senior woman suing him for $95K after being manhandled by his bodyguards"

  • sergei abram
    sergei abram 4 months ago +1

    mothefucker, dostal ssuka, scoundrel, traitor.

  • p s
    p s 4 months ago +1

    Trudeau is a pile of crap thug

  • Diana Garcia
    Diana Garcia 4 months ago

    And he's a whinny moron.and I can prove it look PM and dinosaurs on you tube and he posted it.

  • John Panopoulos
    John Panopoulos 4 months ago +1

    Does anyone know what obama & trudeau did when they were left together at obama's last visit ???????

  • John Panopoulos
    John Panopoulos 4 months ago

    Does anyone know what obama & trudeau did when they were left together at obama's last visit ???????

  • John Panopoulos
    John Panopoulos 4 months ago

    Does anyone know what obama & trudeau did when they were left together at obama's last visit ???????

  • John Panopoulos
    John Panopoulos 4 months ago

    Does anyone know what obama & trudeau did when they were left together at obama's last visit ???????

  • John Panopoulos
    John Panopoulos 4 months ago

    Does anyone know what obama & trudeau did when they were left together at obama's last visit ???????

  • dale3 e
    dale3 e 4 months ago

    I'd love to beat the brakes off Trudy!

  • Griffith Harland
    Griffith Harland 4 months ago +1

    "IF the public know this, and they do. Why do they vote for him?"

  • Henry Lau
    Henry Lau 4 months ago

    I feel sorry for our pretty boy!

  • Patrick Silva
    Patrick Silva 4 months ago +1

    OMG this is hilarious and people all over the world call Trump a tyrant....Socialism at its best.

  • crushingalldeceivers
    crushingalldeceivers 4 months ago +1

    If she is a racist what does that make Trudeau? A traitor?

  • Charles Clements
    Charles Clements 4 months ago

    Why commentators seem to believe that it is their job to stir up hostility? Why can't they just tell the story? I do not need to be tod what to think.

  • Mike Mulhall
    Mike Mulhall 4 months ago +2

    Pathetic, good job rebel, taxpayers money should be funding the rebel instead of the liberal news media

  • MegaFishguts
    MegaFishguts 4 months ago


  • masalano
    masalano 4 months ago

    calling people racist? its soo 2018 XD who care about racisms today

  • Lindor Pay
    Lindor Pay 4 months ago

    Trudeau like Québec only for $ like is Dad to steal people He hate Quebecers people but the Governement of Québec are almost all teaf corrupt to the bone !

    • Lindor Pay
      Lindor Pay 4 months ago

      People in Ottawa are so sleeeepy they are almost all LIBERAL ! I was on the Parliament Hill to fight against M- 103 But in OTTAWA NOP .... like in Toronto , ect ....Québec was there in the most freezing winter ! and many places in Ontario , Québec, Some people make me sooo damm mad they think Quebebers are for French ? only HEY wake up ! we did are share and still fight English or French we are here since more then 400 yrs ! like you ! we are real Canadian focus where we should find a good leader and peace to are great country ...

  • Teresa Rutherford
    Teresa Rutherford 4 months ago +1

    Felt physically sick watching the treatment enforced on this lady. Disgusting! Trudeau is a bloody disgrace and what a hypocrite he is!

  • clint power
    clint power 5 months ago +1

    This idiot is a disgrace to MANKIND.

  • greg poulin
    greg poulin 5 months ago +1

    Soon the people will be chipped. Then any criticism will be punished by cutting off your chip, so you cannot buy anything or pay your bills. It's coming soon.

  • Chloe wilson
    Chloe wilson 5 months ago

    Funny Ezra calling another when in fact he is one himself!

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain 5 months ago

    Nice stash YOU UGLY F#%@ Trudope

  • george lachute
    george lachute 6 months ago

    In French she saying give back 146 millions dollars they gave to the illegal immigrants

  • Al Dingman
    Al Dingman 6 months ago

    Trudeau is a "feminist" , can't you tell???

  • Jeffrey Vellingan
    Jeffrey Vellingan 6 months ago

    he's evading issues...weak leader...speaks dumb things

  • Laure Anctilpte
    Laure Anctilpte 6 months ago

    Mothers and Fathers, founders of Canada !
    Support and defend the grandmothers grandfather's, great great grandmothers an grandfather's of Canada .OLD MOTHERED AND GRANDFATHERD CANADIANS FIRST !
    she could be your grandma ..Trudeau and his team abused this Canadian woman..
    she is paying taxes she will be heard on behalf of all of us Canadian tax payers in Canada!
    I think Trudeau was the one being racist towards this Canadian grandma..
    how sad it is to Canada to have a boss like this .
    he ain't no leader ..
    save Canada and don't forget to wear your life jacket until the Trudeau storm is over .
    Trudeau has no respect !

  • Gayann
    Gayann 6 months ago +1

    PPC 2019

  • Tony  Moretti
    Tony Moretti 6 months ago +2

    Soviet Union police state where we come

  • Jules Dussault
    Jules Dussault 6 months ago

    Hope the rebel media put the grandmother and that bully cop on that poster truck to show the whole world how Justin Trudeau is the biggest bully and the lawyer that he is a feminist

  • Jules Dussault
    Jules Dussault 6 months ago

    Thank God for the rebel media and RU-clip for showing Canadian detrude about this horrible bully that is called crime Minister Justin Trudeau shame on you and Shea Maddox policeman bad cops are all with Trudeau shame on them