Phone Booth with Miley Cyrus

  • Published on Sep 17, 2016
  • Jimmy and Miley face off in a trivia game where a new mystery guest gets shoved into their phone booths after each wrong answer.
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    Phone Booth with Miley Cyrus
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 4 491

  • William Turner
    William Turner Day ago

    Yeah I feel bad for the kid who Miley Cyrus kid

  • Idk Yet
    Idk Yet Day ago

    Bill and Ted game

  • Ignacio Cánovas del Castillo Richi

    6:19 doesn't he play Funshine in Stranger Things season 2?

  • Kylirose P
    Kylirose P 4 days ago

    6:33 lmfas

  • Crafty Libra
    Crafty Libra 5 days ago


  • dookieday1
    dookieday1 6 days ago


  • Riley Cunha
    Riley Cunha 6 days ago

    Jimmy is like help meeeee

  • just Natalie 10
    just Natalie 10 7 days ago


  • __MICKEYYY__ *
    __MICKEYYY__ * 8 days ago

    elmo is dirty

  • Musa _Milk
    Musa _Milk 12 days ago

    They didn’t even need a timing... didn’t even use it!

  • oscar vences
    oscar vences 13 days ago

    Miley what’s good

  • Tori Patterson
    Tori Patterson 15 days ago +4

    Skin?? That really got me. Lmfao

  • Zaria Muzaffar
    Zaria Muzaffar 16 days ago

    The fact that I saw Toruque I was so happy

  • Yuna Ko
    Yuna Ko 17 days ago


  • JustPickAlready
    JustPickAlready 18 days ago

    I hope american tv eventually evolves to not give a fuck about cursing on tv. It's so damn childish to censor "bad words"

  • Lon don
    Lon don 18 days ago

    Miley Cyrus looks so much like my sister

  • WolfbloodWarrior Games

    Her time ran out and it got hinted to her

  • Melissa Carr
    Melissa Carr 19 days ago

    They are packed like a Jamaican coaster bus or taxi :)

  • anushka maheshwari
    anushka maheshwari 19 days ago

    Designer: how many cherries do you want in your outfit
    Miley: yes

  • Jeffrey Walker
    Jeffrey Walker 20 days ago

    Quads are the largest muscle dumb ass

  • Jason
    Jason 20 days ago

    Oh my I want in Miley’s booth

  • charlotte west
    charlotte west 20 days ago

    lol i thought that beard man when it was in the shadow that a person was wearing earrings

  • Muhammad Smith
    Muhammad Smith 20 days ago

    what the fuck is wrong elmos eye?

  • That Nykaa Girl
    That Nykaa Girl 21 day ago

    What the fuck was going on out there!!!
    Brain dead out of laughter

  • Haley Pierce
    Haley Pierce 22 days ago

    Miley needs her hearing checked. Also I like her shirt.

  • Create With me
    Create With me 22 days ago

    Why is Elmo there. out of everyone ELMO

  • Mac Spray
    Mac Spray 23 days ago +8

    Idk why but when the muscular guy said "I'm sorry" it broke my heart

  • petrsson
    petrsson 23 days ago

    What is biggest muscle on the human body???
    Miley: Skin...?!? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Steven Erwin
    Steven Erwin 24 days ago

    I would love to be stuck in a phone booth with Miley

  • Joanne Espejo
    Joanne Espejo 24 days ago +1

    12 is the 0 in trillions.

  • cassius8979
    cassius8979 24 days ago

    He is making jimmy suffer

  • Michelle Wolff
    Michelle Wolff 25 days ago

    He technically gave miley the answer

  • mariu kohnenkampf
    mariu kohnenkampf 26 days ago


  • Frag Juutuub
    Frag Juutuub 27 days ago

    Americans are dumbing down the whole world. We had billion meaning million (6 zeroes) times million (million twice thus bi) or one with 12 zeroes and trillion meaning million times million times million (million thrice thus tri) or one with 18 zeroes, but now logic is out the window and we have trillion meaning million times million (billion). For americans 3*6=12, for the rest of us 3*6=18.

  • Joan Donre
    Joan Donre 27 days ago

    Miley turned out to be stupid

  • Youngassassin 1190
    Youngassassin 1190 27 days ago

    Miley got all the weird guys and jimmy got the big guys

  • Cristina Renteria
    Cristina Renteria 28 days ago +1

    If I were in a booth with a spider 🕷 I will all ready pass out

  • And Jelle
    And Jelle 28 days ago

    He went to an IVY league school and he didn't get it
    I think I'm pretty dumb

  • Master Slayer
    Master Slayer Month ago

    I dont like her at all. I cannot say her name i dislike her that much.

  • Garrett A
    Garrett A Month ago

    skin lol, so dumb.

    SEVEN TV Month ago

    *What is "THE" most common word?*

  • Syd_fox
    Syd_fox Month ago

    I looked at elmo come out and I looked at my elmo toys. I love elmo. Weird me. -___-

  • Dave Rodriguez
    Dave Rodriguez Month ago

    this guy is just placing his tarantulla on everybody and everything. Can‘t imagine him doing anything else in his private life 😂

  • Heavenly Hellion
    Heavenly Hellion Month ago +21

    My anxiety and claustrophobia would be flying through the roof

  • Emma Diachenko
    Emma Diachenko Month ago

    Who came to this after watching jimmy with the rock

  • Ireland D’Ambra
    Ireland D’Ambra Month ago +11

    Miley: when he says tarantula NO NO NO.
    Miley: next I love all animals
    Me: (dies in laughter)

  • Dane Moore
    Dane Moore Month ago

    This was really funny. Love your show!

  • yumna amjad
    yumna amjad Month ago +1

    7:00😂😂😂poor jimmy

  • Katelyn
    Katelyn Month ago

    God is so good and Christ is King almighty ✝️🙏🏻

  • Dawn Meck
    Dawn Meck Month ago +1

    Wait shouldn’t Jimmy have one Bc she answered after the time was up...

  • Super Nova
    Super Nova Month ago

    Is that blue girl sofi dossi?

  • Taylor Snell
    Taylor Snell Month ago +1

    Miley is sooooooooooooooooooooo pretty🥰❤️

  • Larry Mace
    Larry Mace Month ago

    The largest muscle in the body is sink lol

  • Larry Mace
    Larry Mace Month ago

    Miley is so so so pretty

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Why do I get the feeling looking like an idiot is beard boys actual job.

  • TheE4kid
    TheE4kid Month ago +1

    Kai’s just in there taking all the oxygen

  • Serenity Diaz
    Serenity Diaz Month ago

    I have your shirt Miley Cyrus❤

  • Dannn
    Dannn Month ago

    When i saw elmo
    *last few braincells turns into hardbass music*


  • random_human_gaming

    Omg miley is absolutely hilarious

  • EDPs Toilet
    EDPs Toilet Month ago

    That body builder is gay lol

  • Mikuzu
    Mikuzu Month ago

    Jimmy is lucky to be with a meme

  • McV.I.PChannel Garcia

    tHE AVATAR 7W7

  • Mimiimic Mimi
    Mimiimic Mimi Month ago

    Is the tall guy that went with jimmy Fallon gay cuz the guy grabbed jimmy Fallon’s dick

  • Lil Katz
    Lil Katz Month ago

    Wth is that really real...? The blue kind of gymnastic.. shes pretty but i saw her ears...

  • iiCookiezz
    iiCookiezz Month ago +1

    I wish James harden met that guy with the beard

  • Leo Oh
    Leo Oh Month ago

    Yo that Navi girl is a freak ;)

    LULWA IBRAHIM Month ago

    The best phone booth ever 😂😂😩

  • Travis Eason
    Travis Eason 2 months ago

    I would have passed out with that spider on me

  • Cassidy Elsey
    Cassidy Elsey 2 months ago

    That avatar girl is doing the MOST

  • Rajvee Shah
    Rajvee Shah 2 months ago +1