Shark Tank Kevin Is Only Shark Willing To Offer 1 Million Dollars! Best Of Shark Tank

  • Published on May 1, 2018
  • Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'leary, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec
    Shark Tank is an American reality television series that premiered on August 9, 2009. The show is a franchise of the worldwide style Dragons' Den, which originated in Japan in 2001. Shark Tank shows aiming entrepreneur-contestants as they make business discussions to a panel of "shark" investors, who then select whether or not to spend. One of the better shark tank episodes.
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  • Rite Med
    Rite Med 6 hours ago +1

    I'm out and for that Barbara,I'm reason.

  • Demon Eyez
    Demon Eyez 16 hours ago

    Barbara: my name is Barbara and I can't spell reason out of Barbara and for that reason I'm out.

  • goatly
    goatly 10 days ago

    i’m racist and for that reason i’m gay
    i mean out

  • Richard Neal
    Richard Neal 10 days ago

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  • Cthulhu
    Cthulhu 10 days ago

    Based on their last offer it should have been approx 1 million for 16.6%.

  • T H
    T H 10 days ago +3

    Barbara: "I'm just here to say random things to sound smart and for that reason I'm out"

  • Sylus Hilaire
    Sylus Hilaire 11 days ago


  • Faith Kawai
    Faith Kawai 12 days ago +2

    Presenters: Hi shar-
    Barbara: And for that reason, I’m out

    • Hyprist 217k
      Hyprist 217k 11 days ago

      Never understood these considering the deals she makes she makes serious money off....She just dont throw it around

  • Bannister MC
    Bannister MC 12 days ago

    0:33 pretty sure they have the money, him talking to billionaires

  • lee jenkins
    lee jenkins 13 days ago

    Barbara-I don’t want to admit that I’m not a fan of sushi and for that reason I’m out.

  • Yvng_Polo602
    Yvng_Polo602 13 days ago +3

    Barbara: ran outta reasons and for that reason im out

  • Frog Prince
    Frog Prince 13 days ago

    This is like subway

  • tha baller
    tha baller 14 days ago

    Barbara- my mom told me to not deal with strangers, and for that reason im out"

  • Tyler York
    Tyler York 14 days ago

    The company i used to work for was sued by them for using the slogan how do you roll in our marketing. I remember there eas a place by that name in the city and i mentioned it to my gm and he wss like hmm weird lol

  • Sahej Parmar
    Sahej Parmar 14 days ago

    during the tech period of my life when I was hacking for a living I was in, but right now I'm out.

  • annihilator247x
    annihilator247x 14 days ago +1

    Everytime Barbara speaks, I'm like: We know you're out. No one needs to hear the poor reasoning of being so. Just say it immediately.
    It sucks when you have Barbara that day. There are only 4 sharks in the tank.

  • Thea Mjolnir
    Thea Mjolnir 14 days ago

    Is this why Poke restaurants are everywhere now.

  • Mohamad Salleh
    Mohamad Salleh 14 days ago +2

    Robert: He's making it right there.
    "He's making it right now..."
    Barbara: For that reason, I'm out.

  • Jesse Daub
    Jesse Daub 14 days ago +4

    barbara - your presentation was too good, so im out.

  • Ergo
    Ergo 14 days ago +2

    sounds like keven said- "I look forward to working for you guys"

  • Kevin Cantley
    Kevin Cantley 15 days ago

    I feel like if one of the SHARKS say they are out they should shut up the rest of the evaluation, If they don’t wanna be a part of it and your still talking you are just wasting everyone’s time an other offers ... so just 🤐

  • Kevin Cantley
    Kevin Cantley 15 days ago

    What the hell does to buttoned up even mean, I swear the more money some people have the dummer they get ..

  • Kao s
    Kao s 15 days ago

    Barbara: I had cereal this morning, and for that reason I'm out.

  • brofessorbrolaf
    brofessorbrolaf 15 days ago +3

    My name is Barbara and your business model is the best I've ever seen, and for that reason I'm out.

  • Peter Korshun
    Peter Korshun 15 days ago +4

    Barbara -- "I'm willing and want to meet your offer, but I think we'll earn profits of $70 billion in our first year working together -- so for that reason, I'm out."

  • missrenee2u
    missrenee2u 15 days ago

    It's frustrating when they say they be a customer and not an investor.

    No no no keep your comments IDGAF. 💯

  • missrenee2u
    missrenee2u 15 days ago +10

    Barbara: and for that reason I'm out.

  • missrenee2u
    missrenee2u 15 days ago +7

    Your Barbara comments make it all worth it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and for that reason I'm out! 😭🤣 I love it

  • Holy_Hand_Grenade-of-Antioch

    Kevin’s post money valuation is $4.5m... the offer they turned down was over $8m.

  • Nolan Mackie
    Nolan Mackie 16 days ago

    You had a good presentation so im out -barbra

  • Zart
    Zart 17 days ago

    18.5% for $1 million

  • Optimus Rhyme
    Optimus Rhyme 17 days ago +28

    Barbara: “This sushi is raw and for that reason I’m out”

    • Ace Shadowins
      Ace Shadowins 10 days ago +1

      Optimus Rhyme it’s fucking RAWWWWWWWWWW.

    • Beanfn
      Beanfn 11 days ago

      annihilator247x same😂😂

    • annihilator247x
      annihilator247x 14 days ago +1

      For some reason, I heard this in Gordon Ramsay's voice

  • Andromeda7
    Andromeda7 17 days ago

    There's a nice sushi place I go to. It's serenely decorated and not terribly expensive. There is nothing pretentious about it, nobody is dressed too fancy, and they don't play techno music. I'd rather stick with that than a sushi place called "How do you roll" with an interior which resembles subway

  • Rocket696
    Rocket696 18 days ago +3

    They screwed up 18.5%, is in the middle. Kevin was expecting 18%, not 20%.

  • TexasRiggedRyan
    TexasRiggedRyan 18 days ago

    Barbara: “I don’t eat food... so I’m out.”

  • reality check
    reality check 18 days ago

    Fuck Shark Tank....
    Nuthin but well dressed CROOKS !!

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 18 days ago

    Because I’m Barbra I’m OUT

  • 21 Gayy
    21 Gayy 18 days ago

    You’re still too small .... hahahahah I get it

  • Freddy Jimenez
    Freddy Jimenez 18 days ago +3

    Barbara: I dont like the fact that you can make a buisnesse out of cooking and I can barely make a sandwich, for that reason I'm out.

  • Jose Puebla
    Jose Puebla 19 days ago

    These comments have Me dying ! 😂

  • Kathy Rogers
    Kathy Rogers 19 days ago +1

    I like when Kevin gets a deal he really is mr wonderful

  • Sulav Acharya
    Sulav Acharya 19 days ago

    I would never take that offer

  • SalemKid
    SalemKid 20 days ago

    Barbara looked the way Meryl Streep's skeleton would look if you made it smile and walk around the party being extra nice to everybody.

  • karly boyles
    karly boyles 20 days ago

    barbara: im out, and for that reason im out

  • Jordan De Guzman
    Jordan De Guzman 20 days ago

    Barbara: “My name is Barba....I’m out.”

  • Miguel M
    Miguel M 20 days ago +1

    Barbra "You guys look to alike and, I wouldn't be able to tell you apart for that reason Im out"

  • Jason N
    Jason N 21 day ago

    Barbara: “I just shit my pants after eating the sushi 🍣 , and for that reason I’m out!”

  • Thisthatfour
    Thisthatfour 21 day ago

    Barbara: My legs feel funny... so for that reason I'm out.

  • El Tigrero
    El Tigrero 22 days ago

    why don't people who watch shark tank just commit collective suicide?

  • kenny glover
    kenny glover 22 days ago

    Barbara only deal with the devil is your actual belief that he is always in control!

  • Nomuch2say
    Nomuch2say 22 days ago

    Is it just me or is Barbara kind of full of shit?

  • JackTheNinjaGames45 45
    JackTheNinjaGames45 45 23 days ago +5

    Barbara: Ellen stole my haircut and for that reason I’m out

  • Kevin O'Connor
    Kevin O'Connor 24 days ago +1

    Take subways business model, use it for sushi. Take subways logo, use it for sushi.

  • aja3longhorn
    aja3longhorn 24 days ago +1

    Everyone making fun of Barbara but she was the only one who saw something wasn't right

  • Heavens Stapler
    Heavens Stapler 26 days ago

    Presentation: "There's a reason and for that out, i'm Barbara."

  • Theheroneeded Willette

    Has she ever been in?

  • dgr8oneme
    dgr8oneme 26 days ago

    I am Barbara and for that reason I am out

  • vuemeister1
    vuemeister1 26 days ago

    Barbara : I’m a stupid old fart

  • Ben H
    Ben H 27 days ago

    “Well your presentation was perfect I loved it, but It was tooo perfect and for that reason I’m out”

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd 27 days ago

    You guys are absolutely killing me in the comments hahahahaha

  • Derek Wong
    Derek Wong 29 days ago

    Barbara: I like you guys, for that reason I'm out.

  • FlucoMix Pad
    FlucoMix Pad Month ago

    Barbara: the thing is the universe is expanding exponentially, and for that, I´m out.

  • Martial Matters
    Martial Matters Month ago

    Guys enough with all the Barbara shaming, and for that reason I'm out

  • Jae Vizla
    Jae Vizla Month ago +1

    Barbara: they took out double pump and for that reason I’m out

  • kuya wuten
    kuya wuten Month ago +1

    Barbara: you already gave me a free sushi, and for that reason , im out!

  • Rigo Esparza
    Rigo Esparza Month ago

    Barbara: *breathes* I'm out

  • Kay Flip
    Kay Flip Month ago

    lol @ the Barbara jokes.

  • Kerwin Ng
    Kerwin Ng Month ago

    22% and 15%. "I'll meet you in the middle."
    "So 20%?"
    They shld have said 18.5%

  • Nick Arrazola
    Nick Arrazola Month ago

    Congrats, you have finally found a comment not about Barbra 👍🏼

  • zdlinden
    zdlinden Month ago +2

    They went bankrupt
    Terrible investment from these frauds

  • Rome O
    Rome O Month ago +2

    Barbara : it snows in the winter time so for that reason I'm out

  • Gavino Romo
    Gavino Romo Month ago

    Lol I came to the comments for updates on their business and all I get as the many reasons why Barbara is out 😂😂😂

  • 0 HIROYUKI 0
    0 HIROYUKI 0 Month ago

    Barbara: i wanted my name officially to be Barbie for those reasons im out.

    NHUNG MẪM XANH Month ago

    I'm out, because so many barbara out.

  • Top Speed Obsessed
    Top Speed Obsessed Month ago

    Barbara: I just shit myself and for that reason I'm out

  • Mike Rangel
    Mike Rangel Month ago

    Barbara : You talked, so for that reason I’m out”.

  • Kay Mutua
    Kay Mutua Month ago

    "Lol ur still too small...", zooms into his Asian eyes 😂😂

  • Taylor Deaton
    Taylor Deaton Month ago

    Barbara: "I think your business is perfect, so for that reason I'm out." Wtf

  • chrisblackspace
    chrisblackspace Month ago

    barbara: because i don't like small penis, I'm out

  • khalefa alharthy
    khalefa alharthy Month ago

    Lmao this is stupid.. %98 of the comments are about Barbra! Only the other %2 are normal comments. For that reason, I’m OUT!

  • TurboRat
    TurboRat Month ago

    These Barbara comments are always funny and for that reason I'm out

  • Baker Family
    Baker Family Month ago +2

    Those guys’ foreheads are to cool... I am so happy that I was able to stare at them for 3/4 of the video!!!

  • Pizz48
    Pizz48 Month ago

    Everyone is mocking barbara, and I don't even know what "button up" means, someone cares to explain? For this reason I'm not out....yet!

  • tumama694
    tumama694 Month ago

    Barbara: I'm out and for that reason I'm Barbara

  • Em Gee
    Em Gee Month ago +1

    Barbara: "It appears to me that you are both inhaling an exhaling ...and for that reason I m out "

  • HercULAS
    HercULAS Month ago

    This American version is bullshit wtf. They said they're out but they still butt in to the others offer?!

  • scott mcgeachy
    scott mcgeachy Month ago

    Barbara's gut told her to be out. I just let one out, dammit now we're both out!!

  • 5tefan !
    5tefan ! Month ago

    There not that young 😂

  • Bhee Salas
    Bhee Salas Month ago

    Barbara: Why my voice so squeaky, it's annoying everyone watching and hearing me, and for that reason, I am out.

  • Phanominal
    Phanominal Month ago

    Barbara: My name sounds like ‘barber’ and my barber did a bad job on my hair so for that reason, I’m out

  • Vincent Productions

    Barbra: my tits are starting to sag, for that reason, i am out.

  • Johnny Benkeba
    Johnny Benkeba Month ago +1

    I wonder how well this business is doing now!

  • Bryce Cresswell
    Bryce Cresswell Month ago +2

    Barbara: My spring roll tasted like a Japs arse hole... And for that reason I'm out.

    UFOLOGIA Month ago


  • Adair
    Adair Month ago

    Barbara: my hair isn’t short enough, and for that reason, I’m out

  • 46 66
    46 66 Month ago

    I'm just viewing this 5 months later and for that reason I'm out!¡!!!

  • ThinkForward
    ThinkForward Month ago

    whats the song in the middle of the video in the break

  • Come on smile.
    Come on smile. Month ago +1

    Can the camera zoom in more? Its like filming with a sniper rifle.

  • variszarins
    variszarins Month ago

    That bald headed fuck screwed them over so bad and they blindly let him fuck them in the ass. What a bunch of idiots these two guys are

  • joaquin favela
    joaquin favela Month ago

    This show is just about 5 millionaires buying stocks making them much richer. They get the opportunity to get rich off of people who are already succeeding.