Accounting+ | VR Playthrough - Part 1 | Oculus Rift Stream with Erika Ishii

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
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Comments • 9

  • David Boura
    David Boura 8 months ago

    Hello Oculus, i really need to know: I'm working an UE4 project involving the new audio engine, especially synthesis, and i'm wondering about compatibility and performance on that side. I think the graphics of the Rift are way sufficent for my needs though, not to say impressive. I'm also wondering what ressembles the UE4 workflow with the Rift, how it works each time i modify my game and want to fast test it. Do i have to export the game, upload it to the Rift each time. Or is there a direct immediate way? Please answer 1- No pb ; 2 - Yes indeed!

    • David Boura
      David Boura 8 months ago

      @chocoLIT My hype goes at ground level when i get such feedbacks from a brand.

    • chocoLIT
      chocoLIT 8 months ago

      Their is lots of hype for the quest! 🤩

    • David Boura
      David Boura 8 months ago

      I'm sorry for the confusion, my questions are about the Quest!

  • HiroMaykol_CTRandDEV Games

    Plz more !
    *Nice Game and interesting,awesome animation* !
    *Nice Game and interesting,awesome History* !
    Hope more.voice? ) !
    *Nice Game and interesting,awesome animation* !

  • Tom Moughan
    Tom Moughan 8 months ago

    Hoping it's just my phone but I can't hear the actual in-game voice...I've played it already so I'm not missing out but others may not get the full experience from your play through

    • CyberBlue
      CyberBlue 8 months ago

      It's probably your earphones.

    NOOB MASTER 8 months ago


  • El Keagno
    El Keagno 8 months ago +1