Osso Buco Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 353

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  • Crv Dutch
    Crv Dutch 28 days ago

    You are just awesome.......thank you Laura

  • Paulo Roberto Oliveira
    Paulo Roberto Oliveira 5 months ago

    I understand not bat very good

  • Saved One
    Saved One 5 months ago

    I just made this I didn't have white wine but used white wine vinegar would that be an ok substitute? I hope so!! :)

  • Peter Ribolli
    Peter Ribolli 7 months ago

    Molto gratzie, I can see you have that built in Italian love for food.
    I'ma subscriber now :)
    Chiao, chiao :)

  • Janice Hull
    Janice Hull 8 months ago

    I just heard of this dish on The Sinner (Netflix) and I got curious about what it was. This looks delicious

  • ajay belwal
    ajay belwal 8 months ago

    Loura I love you

  • MrReplay53
    MrReplay53 8 months ago


  • Mark Hamilton
    Mark Hamilton 10 months ago

    Awesome recipe Laura! Thanks! - (ps, LOVE your eye makeup! - looks amazing (from a fashion photog!))

  • Paul Miville
    Paul Miville 11 months ago

    Your tips on the rice were tops ...thanks -Paul

  • Kathy Dimario
    Kathy Dimario Year ago

    Hi from Windsor Ontario , Canada thank u for teaching me so much I'm polish and married a great Italian man our tradition day after Christmas I make your turkey tetrazzini its famous here I use all your recipes thank you for making me a amazing cook

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams Year ago

    I like your recipe better than the other ones I have seen. Thanks for sharing. Making this soon!

  • Nik Pic
    Nik Pic Year ago

    Симпотная деваха! И готовить умеет.

  • joe pesci
    joe pesci Year ago

    du' botte

  • Alan von Au*****
    Alan von Au***** Year ago

    Questo è uno dei miei piatti italiani preferiti. Laura, grazie mille!

  • Dennis Hunt
    Dennis Hunt Year ago

    Laura what was the risotto you served with your osso bucco please?

  • Michael Lockhart
    Michael Lockhart Year ago

    What kind of risotto did you make? I couldn't quite understand what you said

  • Heartland Light
    Heartland Light Year ago

    Super yum.

  • LazlosPlane
    LazlosPlane Year ago +1

    Most beautiful eyes on the internet. . .

  • RYZOZ o
    RYZOZ o Year ago

    Ahem watch dogs is why im here

  • SXI96
    SXI96 Year ago

    Im not eating anything with the word shank in it, I prefer a Big Sandwich from Nantucket Island

  • Steve Logan
    Steve Logan Year ago

    Great recipe although i prefer beef stock versus chicken stock, i do not think it overpowers the veal. If you were to add anchovies, i am sure you know you would add them at the beginning with the vegetable saute so they will dissolve, and they do enhance the flavor. If you want to try a more milder enhancement of anchovy flavor, you can add about 2 tablespoons of Lea & Perrin worstchishire sauce for that size recipe and it contains anchovies, which most people do not know, and it will enhance the veal/beef flavor, even in the chicken stock. No fishiness flavor at all.

  • Steve Logan
    Steve Logan Year ago +2

    Viewer notice: you can buy red or white wine NO alcohol, use same ratio as recipe, and you can drink it, do not buy cooking wine

  • King Brown
    King Brown Year ago

    A really great recipe thanks Laura

  • Macabre 6.2
    Macabre 6.2 Year ago

    Pretty girl, shame the button above the left breast !

  • Lorena A
    Lorena A Year ago +2

    Ohh dear I appreciate your recipe but that was way too much tomato. But is your family recipe and I respect that a lot.

  • Joan Jon Olvera Betancourt

    Woooow!!!!! Mmm delicious

  • Naomi C
    Naomi C Year ago

    Please Laura, make an oxtail ragu🙏🙏🙏

    • jbirsner
      jbirsner Year ago

      Do it yourself! Same recipe essentially. I use more mirepoix, skim the fat but it's basically the same recipe. I serve mine w polenta/grits also,

  • charles V
    charles V 2 years ago

    If I had just one wish out of life, it’d would be to find a beautiful young woman like you to marry. I really like to cook, I’ll shall try this recipe, but I don’t care for veal, so I’ll use beef or lamb.

  • shannen eighshle
    shannen eighshle 2 years ago

    Any alternatives for veal?

  • 08CARIB
    08CARIB 2 years ago

    cant wait to try this

  • One of Billions
    One of Billions 2 years ago

    SIGH. I'm in love.

  • joanne klatsky
    joanne klatsky 2 years ago

    you make me so happy--- thank you

    GUERLINE JEAN 2 years ago

    girl listen youre tasting the chicken and not everthing all you do is eat and say its good all the time

    • Crystal Rowe
      Crystal Rowe 2 years ago

      I'm sure all her food is very good.

    GARY JACQUES 2 years ago

    How can oil be nice and hot? Nice how?

  • sebastian gonzales
    sebastian gonzales 2 years ago

    would it impact the meet greatly if you baked the shanks in a turkey pot/pan? seeing as i have 6 shanks, also would spare me having to go out and get a big cassarole pan or dutch oven

  • Alberto De Marco
    Alberto De Marco 3 years ago

    It looks you made a great ossobuco. But... why you put it with risotto?! You cannot mix first and second meals. Never. Ok, you could try something creative like appetizers of ossobuco or one crescendo path of appetizers including both risotto and ossobuco. In any case they will stay in two different dishes. By the why I like also the choice of herbs and proportions you made (but that sauce of tomato... That is not tomato).

  • sandrina mia
    sandrina mia 3 years ago

    Laura, il risotto alla milanese non è cosi anemico però....e poi sta cremolata! se la eviti é meglio...

  • paladin
    paladin 3 years ago

    thank you

  • TheBRR2011
    TheBRR2011 3 years ago +4

    I am from Milan area, and this is no way the recipe for ossobuco!!!!!!!!
    Un cucchiaio di salsa di pomodoro, zero origano e molto vino!!

    • ex mcgee
      ex mcgee 9 months ago

      My Grandfather was Milanese and I don't remember
      oregano either , but I like the stuff anyway.

  • Ali G
    Ali G 3 years ago +2

    she totally forgot the garlic

    • Megan Pain
      Megan Pain 3 years ago +10

      no she didn't she grated it as well :-)

  • gordon adams
    gordon adams 3 years ago +7

    Veal ,is inhumane .

    • Geo Patriarca
      Geo Patriarca Year ago +1

      I bet gordon has no problem with abortion. just a hunch.

    • itsmegp46
      itsmegp46 2 years ago +1

      Oscar Gold It is not necessary to eat veal to live, there are other sources nourishment. Safe and legal abortion should always be available. If you don't like abortion, then don't have one. If you're a guy, keep it zipped and don't get anyone pregnant.

    • Oscar Gold
      Oscar Gold 2 years ago +1

      Abortion is inhumane. Eating veal is needed.

    • itsmegp46
      itsmegp46 2 years ago +1

      Humans were designed to eat meat.

    • A Alvi
      A Alvi 3 years ago +1

      killing babies and eating it, bloody rotten carnivore

  • ernie parker
    ernie parker 3 years ago

    No anchovies in the gremolata? Mamma Mia !

  • Shameria Briana
    Shameria Briana 3 years ago +11

    Hi Laura! I just recently started to make your recipes and I have fallen IN LOVE! I love Italian food and everyone of your recipes have given me life. Keep doing what you're doing! Thanks for sharing!

  • DrGuha
    DrGuha 3 years ago +1

    Oh! This is outstanding! Osso Bucco is my most favorite dish. You make it the best way possible. If I were a billionaire I would give you my billions to make Osso Bucco for me once a week! Stay happy.

  • andrea corti
    andrea corti 3 years ago +8

    ossobuco alla milanese!!!!
    absolutely NOT oregano!!!!
    respect our traditions....

    • Alan von Au*****
      Alan von Au***** Year ago

      @andrea corti , go watch another channel if you are so uptight about it. This is America, not Italy. Laura is free to do however HER family does it. By the way, she did not put "ossobuco alla milanese" in the title of this recipe. Go find something else to do and enjoy life!

    • Patricia Cesare
      Patricia Cesare Year ago +7

      Laura has said a million times in many of her episodes that this is how "her" family makes certain recipes and you can do it how you like. You all know there are many variations to any recipe. Stop the foolishness and dont say anything at all.

    • antonio patrinostro
      antonio patrinostro 2 years ago

      What up with the oregano!?

    • mama miax
      mama miax 3 years ago +1

      andrea corti

    • andrea corti
      andrea corti 3 years ago +1

      your tradions are irrelevant.....our tradition are strongly based in our cuisine....you can eat whatever you want....but if you use "ossobuco alla milanese " respect at maximum the original recipe.....in order to respect the tradition....

  • Murad
    Murad 3 years ago

    Wow this looks amazing. Definitely need to try this recipe soon!!!!!!!

  • andrea corti
    andrea corti 3 years ago +1

    oregano on the pizza?
    not anymore....
    not in Italy...
    make it in your way but call it "your way!!!!"

    • itsmegp46
      itsmegp46 2 years ago +2

      Hello? Mr. Potato head! She clearly states this is her version of this food.

  • Eugene K
    Eugene K 4 years ago

    I serve this in Little Italy Baltmore all day, treat yourself!!! Well done Laura, best wishes!

  • WongFeiHung1847
    WongFeiHung1847 4 years ago +2

    Shanks are expensive here in Vancouver

    • Dennis Hunt
      Dennis Hunt Year ago

      And in Australia

    • Iheart2cook
      Iheart2cook 3 years ago +1

      Use bone in chicken thighs. Personally I do not eat veal, so this is what use. It's delicious. Also, I put mine in the oven to cook. To each his own.

  • andrea corti
    andrea corti 4 years ago

    please NOT add any origano in the ossobuco.....please!!!!

    • Gregg Sinini
      Gregg Sinini Year ago

      There are so many so called traditional ways to make this recipe, so WTF are you to say "Please NOT add any 'origano' in the Osso Buco.....please!!!!" Just because your name is Andrea Corti, BFD does not make you the last word on how to cook Italian. By the way, I put a ton of "oregano on my pizza", because it's what "I" like, not what you like!! "D**CHEB*G!!!" There is one born every f*****g minute!!!

    • JewelsFromVenus
      JewelsFromVenus 3 years ago

      +andrea corti pizza sauce has oregano in it..you make it your way..I'll make it mine

    • andrea corti
      andrea corti 4 years ago +1

      So,don't call the recipe osso buco alla milanese!!!!
      even in the pizza we don't add any origano at all!!!!
      origano was in the '80…

    • Donna Fassano
      Donna Fassano 4 years ago +1

      First that is her family recipe and she lived in Italy as a child, her mother and grandmother are still there. Second, you are not eating it! Why would you care if she puts oregano in there? Let her cook her own way and you do you boo

  • USNVA11
    USNVA11 4 years ago

    That looks so incredibly good ! I can only imagine
    the taste and also the aroma..... amazing.
    I love your recipes Laura !

  • Cherry Cardona
    Cherry Cardona 4 years ago +18

    Hi from Kuwait, yesterday I prepared the osso buco with risotto following your step by step instructions. OMG! Thank you, I became a celebrity and now I'm your number one fan.

  • KanchoKomancho
    KanchoKomancho 4 years ago +1

    Pretty mechanicistic and with no real feeling. Not everybody from Italy knows how to cook.

  • MikeFiend1138
    MikeFiend1138 4 years ago


  • HeyLookItsAmy
    HeyLookItsAmy 4 years ago

    Yummy, this looks amazing

  • JDE
    JDE 4 years ago +1

    This is my din din for this evening....thanks again for sharing...you have great techniques....take care, happy cooking... :-)

  • mario grimaldi
    mario grimaldi 5 years ago +1


  • Mel Anzo
    Mel Anzo 5 years ago +2

    you know we are prohibited to sell/serve in a lot of restaurants osso bucco in switzerland, france and italy because of dangerous particles contained on that bone... avoid eating it a lot.. similar to mad cow disease you die in 10minutes.. it happened to a relative of mine :(

    • Ebefren Revo
      Ebefren Revo 3 years ago +2

      Esatto. Fu solo durante il panico generale scaturaito dalla mucca pazza. If you know your butcher, there is no problems.

    • Ola Talks
      Ola Talks 4 years ago +2

      But mad cow disease is not really an issue right now, or am i wrong? Im sorry about your relative.

  • Vicol Andrei
    Vicol Andrei 5 years ago +27

    Some do it with human legs. Hmmm...

  • Gianfranco Cartella
    Gianfranco Cartella 5 years ago +2

    Ciao Laura sei bella smpatica,brava a cucinare.Cosa posso ancora dire? Laura you number one. Gianfranco da Torino ITALIA

  • Ronald Smith
    Ronald Smith 5 years ago

    Can this recipe be done in a crockpot. I'd love to come home from work with this meal hot and ready!

  • ateriblemoveonyou
    ateriblemoveonyou 5 years ago

    oh, i have a question, can i use also red wine, or is white wine very importend?
    thanx and kind regards

  • ateriblemoveonyou
    ateriblemoveonyou 5 years ago +1

    Looks Awesome! i like the way with the sofritto. Thumbs Up.

  • My Name is JAFO
    My Name is JAFO 5 years ago

    Looks absolutely delicious. Gonna give this one a try soon.

  • jodi r.
    jodi r. 5 years ago

    OMG, Zachery! I actually had to run the video twice because I couldn't believe she said it was inexpensive. I purchased veal yesterday just to make Osso Buco and it cost me $18.67 for 2 small pieces. Enough for me but no one else.

    • ireneonly
      ireneonly 5 years ago

      here in Panama osso bucco its a really inexpensive cut of meat, called differently though.... since it's tough, and it has to be cooked for a long time, it's really cheap.

  • Crissy Bailey
    Crissy Bailey 5 years ago

    use red wine!

  • Crissy Bailey
    Crissy Bailey 5 years ago

    chicken vesuvio please

  • Kristen555
    Kristen555 5 years ago

    Gorgeous looking. Food looks okay too.

  • Jose Barrera
    Jose Barrera 5 years ago

    Am in love now!

  • Elizabeth Chavarin
    Elizabeth Chavarin 6 years ago


  • James Moy
    James Moy 6 years ago

    I checked out your website looking for your Instructions ands Measurements. Cannot find them. I keep on getting a "Do Loop" that takes me back to the video. You list over a hundred recipes in no logical order. I checked Search and all it did for Osso Bucco was take me back to this video. Frustrating! I refuse to scroll over all your recipes in search of one!!!

  • Zachery Harrington
    Zachery Harrington 6 years ago +6

    Where in the world do you live that Veal Shanks are so cheap you can feed the whole family? Did this cut of meat gain in popularity or something? This is as expensive as rib eye where I come from.

    • Deez NuGz
      Deez NuGz 3 years ago +1

      anywhere with a costco. buy in bulk

    • heinrich hill
      heinrich hill 4 years ago +2

      you can braise beef short ribs & serve them with saffron risotto ....surely a taste of heaven

    • Kezia D'Abrera
      Kezia D'Abrera 5 years ago

      Meat is super cheap in US

    • Ka Kei Yeung
      Ka Kei Yeung 5 years ago

      I'm in Switzerland and it costs me around 8.5 USD per piece.

  • winki07
    winki07 6 years ago

    Superb! Perfect combination with Risotto!

  • dell fans
    dell fans 6 years ago

    I went to Vegas this weekend last year. Went to Sinatra at Encore and ordered the "My Way - ossobucco" Omg... Nowhere else does it the way I like. So I have to make it myself cause I keep craving it.

  • zadiez1
    zadiez1 6 years ago

    This video was blocked - I couldn't see anything! Why????

  • stormyweather rain
    stormyweather rain 6 years ago

    what is the name of the wine that goes in the osso buco???????

    • Dan Webster
      Dan Webster 5 years ago

      It's ass kicking wine too 18 or 19% by volume

    • Dan Webster
      Dan Webster 5 years ago

      I also have some Chinese wines, dry sherry and some Marsala sweet wine; grocery store here sells all that now since the state store decided to discontinue selling wine.

    • Michael Nichols
      Michael Nichols 5 years ago

      @Dan Webster Same here..always use Vermouth as my white wine...

    • stormyweather rain
      stormyweather rain 5 years ago +1

      wauw... your response to my question is fast.

    • Dan Webster
      Dan Webster 5 years ago

      I use a dry white wine called Vermouth extra dry from Gallo.

  • fioccodinevebianco
    fioccodinevebianco 6 years ago

    Hi... yesterday I was watching a recipe on tv... and I realised that you were right... People from Milano really eat ossobuco with risotto.... and I didn't know that... that's because I wrote that message 2 years ago! ;)

  • spire324
    spire324 6 years ago

    God this woman is adorable.

  • karenmicciulli
    karenmicciulli 6 years ago +5

    You can use beef also. You have to cook it longer but it is a lot cheaper.

    • ex mcgee
      ex mcgee 9 months ago

      I use beef because we think veal is cruel.

  • Sarah Reback
    Sarah Reback 6 years ago

    my mouth is watering. game over. i have to make this now.