Tom Hanks Was Refused Alcohol At Stagecoach Festival | The Graham Norton Show

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • Tom Hanks got ID'd at stagecoach after watching his wife Rita Wilson perform.
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  • Elvia Giron
    Elvia Giron Day ago

    Bendiciones hijos y hijas alcolicas

  • 5KindsOfSmoke
    5KindsOfSmoke 4 days ago

    Don’t be a drunk.

  • deniece donnafield
    deniece donnafield 4 days ago

    Great actor but he's lost the look

  • Artist Victoria
    Artist Victoria 5 days ago

    Tom of the BIGGEST disappointments my past life of watching the entertainment industry. God doesn’t sleep...He knows all. I pray that you find the Lord and ask forgiveness for the decisions that you’ve made. I’m not perfect either, and only the Lord can forgive. I pray for all to find their way to God Almighty. 🙏🏼

  • Dram Ravett
    Dram Ravett 7 days ago

    Bad Tom no bracelet, no beer.. hehe hehe :P

  • the jaywezee
    the jaywezee 7 days ago

    Tom Hanks is a pedophile and has his hands in several deaths involving child actors and whistleblowers.

    • Linda Buck
      Linda Buck 6 days ago

      the jaywezee YOU WERE THERE??? You SAW IT YOURSELF??? Did you go to the police???? Why NOT???? What kinda subhuman are you???

  • Donnie Brasco
    Donnie Brasco 9 days ago

    Tom Hanks went from cool respected Oscar winning actor to an old irrelevant has-been tool looking for attention.
    Sad but true.

  • Fred
    Fred 9 days ago

    You can see now why people think Mexico must be a terrible place to live, because America has become like an Army camp. So many rules and regulations that everyone is a criminal without even knowing which law or rule they broke.

  • Lauri Graves
    Lauri Graves 10 days ago +1


    • Squicx
      Squicx 9 days ago


  • John Lee
    John Lee 10 days ago

    Kevin Pollak Talk Show will let you two-fist them bad boys!!

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 11 days ago

    Good actor who's dumb as dirt on politics

  • Leon Barnett
    Leon Barnett 12 days ago

    Tom Hanks..... Undercover confederate maggot

    • Squicx
      Squicx 9 days ago

      WHAT IS GOING ON??!?

  • Alex Mccormack
    Alex Mccormack 12 days ago

    That story is exactly what happened to my gran when we went to America and my gran was 70 when we went i mean how thick can u be to ask a 70 year old women for ID

  • Jon Lipinski
    Jon Lipinski 13 days ago

    Who cares

  • Bryan Turner
    Bryan Turner 13 days ago

    I would have put the drink on the counter then bent down to tie my shoe. What, Someone stole the drink?!

  • Petr Crawthwait
    Petr Crawthwait 15 days ago

    How did gwyneth find time away from snake oil selling to do this interview?

  • Daniel Downs
    Daniel Downs 15 days ago

    I wonder where Issac Kappy is?

  • Retaliation Productions

    Tom Hanks is a pedophile.

    • Squicx
      Squicx 9 days ago

      where do you hear this?!

  • Michael Kensington
    Michael Kensington 16 days ago

    He looks so nasty now. Does he have liver issues?

  • Animexcel
    Animexcel 17 days ago

    He may be 62 on the outside, but inside he's still 13 year old Josh Baskin :)

  • Victoria Morgan
    Victoria Morgan 17 days ago

    Hanx eats and rapes children. Can't wait until he meets GOD.

    • Squicx
      Squicx 9 days ago

      WHERE... WHY?

  • Sue Clark
    Sue Clark 18 days ago

    Just leave

  • Isabella Wong
    Isabella Wong 19 days ago +2

    tom hanks saying “a frosty cold one” made my day lol

  • mona ramirez-stanek
    mona ramirez-stanek 19 days ago

    I work at a concert venue in the summer and I can't not sell to anyone unless they have an valid ID card.

  • HeartofFlame
    HeartofFlame 19 days ago

    Is it me or did Tom Hanks like a little like Negan in that photo? 🤔

  • Zarkow
    Zarkow 19 days ago +4

    The government and their rules tried to ruin Tom Hanks day.

    • Zarkow
      Zarkow 12 days ago

      @Too Funny Do you know the difference between a moderate and an extremist? Most people are close to the middle.

    • Too Funny
      Too Funny 12 days ago

      and yet tom hanks is a dem which champions for big gov and their rules! and then they feel like they are elitist and dont have to follow them..

  • Catherine Trivigno
    Catherine Trivigno 20 days ago

    I adore Tom. A super star#1

  • Ana Logo
    Ana Logo 21 day ago +1

    Perhapes because they know that.. "Alcohol & Pediphile" dont mix well 😏.

  • Lynn Winn
    Lynn Winn 21 day ago

    I can't stand Hankx,,,he has gone too far with his SICK GLOVES AND THE ROAD KILL on rt 66 RIGHT before there was a road kill on rt66

  • Dan Chrysler
    Dan Chrysler 22 days ago

    He should be sent to an asylum

  • Almudena Carnero
    Almudena Carnero 22 days ago

    Alo estaba amaneciendo paco revuelta mundo si de musica cantor ay esta algo ay lo dejo yo caer así bbb arriba arriba arriba grc mundo atención tiempo petición paciencia tiempo. Grc mundo

  • Finn Phinney
    Finn Phinney 23 days ago

    Who cares

  • BlankCanvas88
    BlankCanvas88 23 days ago +2

    I definitely would've caved. And not b/c he's Tom Hanks. B/c I think the rule is stupid if the person is very obviously over 21.

  • kevin wh
    kevin wh 23 days ago

    For once he got treated like everyone else.

  • MegavidÆos
    MegavidÆos 24 days ago

    My god damn dog keep barking. I’m so mad.

  • almahperditae
    almahperditae 24 days ago

    America. The land of freedom. Where a 62 years old can't have a beer. Don't americans realize how that's a joke?

  • Soulsphere001
    Soulsphere001 24 days ago +1

    Well, the rules are the rules.

  • bige300
    bige300 24 days ago

    Now Tom Hanks knows how all the peons of this great nation are treated on a regular basis.

  • Always Teste
    Always Teste 24 days ago

    Isn't Tom Hanks a pedophile? Psh.

  • Real One
    Real One 24 days ago

    Tom lookin like Kidd from Kid an play😂😂😂😂

  • John Q
    John Q 24 days ago

    nuts to that!

  • America's Choice
    America's Choice 25 days ago

    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft

  • Sandra Cota
    Sandra Cota 25 days ago

    Life is lake a box of chocolateschocolates

  • Pernille Christiansen
    Pernille Christiansen 25 days ago

    Ehm.. Yeah of course they had to.. Still love Tom though!

  • MarkH10
    MarkH10 25 days ago

    Benefits of Totalinarianism.

  • Nevolet
    Nevolet 25 days ago +1

    I'm 30 I wasn't allowed to buy energydrink (with the legal age consent of 15 years old) recently, and was told to show id or i can't buy it. I told my mom to buy it instead since she had Id on her, but seeing as she had seen my mom with me earlier my mom was also refused....for energydrinks?? like wtf

    • Nevolet
      Nevolet 23 days ago

      @KeanuLeaves In Sweden some stores have a 15 years old limit. since overconsumotion has lead to death in rare cases i think also its caffeine and not recommended to young people.

    • KeanuLeaves
      KeanuLeaves 23 days ago

      Energy drinks are not allowed to minors?! where is this??

  • kg Fairgo
    kg Fairgo 25 days ago

    Im tom Hanks, give me a beer. No. Youre not special. . Hows that humble pie, tom.

  • kg Fairgo
    kg Fairgo 25 days ago

    Hanks love pizza

  • Bill A.
    Bill A. 25 days ago

    maybe the stinking old jew was drunk.

  • Allan Hegyes
    Allan Hegyes 25 days ago

    It's like buying beer here in Pennsylvania: the transaction starts when they swipe your driver's license, no swipe, no beer.

    • natlek08
      natlek08 24 days ago

      No kidding. I went to a liquor store one night and got carded, even though I'm well over 21, and the girl had to scan it then swipe it. When the reciept printed I had to sign it stating I was who my ID said I was then a witness had to sign it. She was under 21 so her manager had to sign it before I was allowed to pay. Basically, if she had been the only one working, I wouldn't have been able to buy anything.

  • Blargenfladibblenohip !

    Issac Kappy.

  • Captain Ron
    Captain Ron 25 days ago

    He shoulda have ask for a Hardee's hot dog thoSe r rite they want you too smoke a cigar

  • Flarrow Mercury
    Flarrow Mercury 25 days ago

    It would be great to have Queen's Roger Taylor on the show.

  • mugdays
    mugdays 25 days ago +3

    Middle aged??? Does he think he'll live to 124???

  • A Frisky Bear
    A Frisky Bear 26 days ago

    If you liked this you'll love our content XD

  • ray juneau
    ray juneau 26 days ago

    Who gives a Harry rat’s rump?

  • phillip kalaveras
    phillip kalaveras 26 days ago

    A flying saucer landed in Hanks backyard and a little dinosaur got out and told him he may be a fine actor but he is an idiot none the less and a dangerous one at that. An actor is a person who portrays a character in a performance. He also has a lot of money. After that, he is an elitist liberal fool and is everything that is wrong with America.

  • kshamwhizzle
    kshamwhizzle 26 days ago

    stereotypical entitled baby boomer Tom Hanks, everyone.

  • Stephanie Tousley-Inci

    why do they need their own id band. State I’d isn’t enough

  • Dieter Wirth
    Dieter Wirth 26 days ago

    I also know a great Story including Tom Hanks ...and the Election of Donald Trump 😘

  • Wendy Noto
    Wendy Noto 26 days ago

    Tom Hanks is a female pervert I'm going to Gwyneth is a f****** male you all are nasty

  • PanduhBOI
    PanduhBOI 26 days ago

    Woody, pepper, Spider-Man, and myterio in the same room

  • venom5552111
    venom5552111 26 days ago +1

    When tom hanks asks for a beer ,you give him a beer !

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 27 days ago

    Maybe Wilson 🏐 will getcha one.🎫🍺

  • less kiss
    less kiss 27 days ago

    If the same thing at Kroger‘s they’re not To sell liquor to customers without an ID saying they were cigarettes

  • Joyce Taylor
    Joyce Taylor 27 days ago

    62 is middle aged? when did that happen....closer to old age but I guess celebs never age !!

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent 26 days ago

      Joyce Taylor
      I’m 63 and my mid-50s friends referred to me as middle aged, but my brain knows that I am definitely old. When I’m my mother’s age, I shall be *very old.*

  • Zodiak Knight
    Zodiak Knight 27 days ago

    The Dad to end all dads.

  • Marco Wright
    Marco Wright 27 days ago

    My only question is this, who cares... I mean really who the hell cares.

    • Squicx
      Squicx 9 days ago


    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent 26 days ago

      Why did you bother to watch? Why did you bother to post? My guess is that _you_ care...

  • VanillaJokes
    VanillaJokes 27 days ago +3

    To be fair, rules are rules. I work at a theme park and even if you're famous, we are told not to let anybody on the rides unless they meet the height requirement. Famous or not you don't act entitled like that

  • Anees P.K
    Anees P.K 27 days ago

    Gosh u turn around 1 sec and u hear woody all of a sudden..

  • VA
    VA 27 days ago

    A man needs his beer

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 27 days ago

    something better to promote on your show???; Talk about inside out 🤔

  • Shayne Guthrie
    Shayne Guthrie 27 days ago

    It is funny that he thinks he is special, he is just an actor, no real contribution to society, kinda like politicians.

  • wren 22
    wren 22 27 days ago +3

    Tom Hanks is SO Funny!...he could've done stand-up

  • Charming nowhere to hide

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  • deep south
    deep south 28 days ago

    Fight the Gay Nazi movement!

  • Madsf Jaada
    Madsf Jaada 28 days ago +1

    No videos about Jake Gyllenhaal?

  • gunner 30-30
    gunner 30-30 28 days ago +1

    Tom is a pedophile with connections to pedophile island and that nexvium cult

  • Ruth Estep
    Ruth Estep 28 days ago +2

    Pedos don’t deserve beer.

  • Emmet 2018
    Emmet 2018 28 days ago

    Close your eye's ....... Woody 😂😂😂

  • jose's leather jacket
    jose's leather jacket 28 days ago +1

    I didnt watch this episode, but did Jake say anything at all? Lol

  • Michle Rabinowicz
    Michle Rabinowicz 28 days ago +2

    Creepy unkle tom

  • John Metzger
    John Metzger 28 days ago

    Maybe Wilson 🏐 will getcha one.🎫🍺

  • Back Gambit
    Back Gambit 28 days ago

    If the same thing at Kroger‘s they’re not To sell liquor to customers without an ID saying they were cigarettes

  • Colt 604
    Colt 604 28 days ago

    These men are only famous because they systematically oppress minority actors

  • real american
    real american 28 days ago +4

    Tom there are certain rules that are rules that are not to be broken. There are age restrictions on things and your celebrity privilege don't work on, regardless of woody.

  • Clinton Chadwell
    Clinton Chadwell 28 days ago

    Who cares

  • Matias Gutierrez
    Matias Gutierrez 28 days ago

    This is how real ppl should act like

  • LATSY 76
    LATSY 76 28 days ago

    I didn’t know he wasn’t that old

  • Maje Shepherd
    Maje Shepherd 28 days ago

    Хорошо заходит!

  • interwebtubes
    interwebtubes 28 days ago +1

    Don’t we have more important things to worry about, than if a very wealthy man is denied alcohol??;
    Why don’t you all show how he’s helping the community,
    Like volunteering at some random homeless shelter somewhere,
    You know,
    Bringing food and clothes to the homeless;
    Something that he is very easily capable of doing;
    Or something like promoting a Worth while Organization ,
    Like either the Boy Scouts ,
    Or the Girl Scouts ??
    Who cares if he’s being served alcohol or not??;
    Don’t you people have something better to promote on your show???;
    Talk about inside out 🤔

  • jersto vlogs
    jersto vlogs 28 days ago +1

    If you love Tom Hanks then leave a like.

  • Jazmin Ibarra
    Jazmin Ibarra 28 days ago +8

    It’s so weird to hear them speak about Coachella or Stagecoach, when you legit live in the City of Coachella lmao TOM HANKS WAS 15 MIN AWAY FROM MY HOUSE 😭😭💔

  • Digger Dan
    Digger Dan 28 days ago +1

    Tom's going to jail! Q knows Tommy TICK TOCK.........

    SAR TRACKING 28 days ago


  • River Vessel
    River Vessel 28 days ago

    Blaaaaaaaa..... Adios and adieu and au revoir and vale and shalom and such... goodbye.

  • Dylan Leddy
    Dylan Leddy 28 days ago

    I always Dreamed of the day Woody and Spiderman would sit on the same couch and woody would tell the story of when he couldn't have a beer

    THE BIG FREAK ACKLES 28 days ago

    You are an actor a liar weirdo wtf makes you special lol

  • f581474x
    f581474x 28 days ago

    They must’ve thought he was a pilot

  • Mordro
    Mordro 28 days ago

    Frowny face. I never thought Tom Hanks would be so entitled. Teardrop.

    • Steven Cramsie
      Steven Cramsie 27 days ago

      It was hot and he wanted a beer.. I think anyone at 62 would be a tad put off. He had a great sense of humor about it though.