• Published on Feb 22, 2019
  • Ever since I watched Reading Rainbow and learned how mozzarella was made I've wanted to try it myself. LET'S DO IT!
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  • gundog4314
    gundog4314 7 months ago +1543

    Seeing your thumbnail I thought you were holding underwear HaHa

  • Kaid Gardner
    Kaid Gardner Day ago

    you made it look easy.

  • Chaos Boi Boi Jevil
    Chaos Boi Boi Jevil 2 days ago

    Can you make Indian Cottage Cheese (paneer)? I’d love to see your take on it and the whole process! ^^

  • Dale Shank
    Dale Shank 4 days ago

    Animal extortion. Yes, so stinking cute. For being a really intelligent person, you aren't the smartest nor the kindest. I'm done with your gross videos. You have a complete disregard for animal life and like most people, you are trying to justify your gross actions. Hope you can change and see the error of your ways. Disgusting....

  • Btr 101
    Btr 101 5 days ago

    mmmm mozzarella is my FAVORITE cheese!

  • Neko Bagundang
    Neko Bagundang 8 days ago +1

    The way she was jumping in joy was like how i was when i my macarons turned put perfect with feet and all that

  • The ManHammerAR15
    The ManHammerAR15 9 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like granny panties.

  • Tom Atto
    Tom Atto 13 days ago

    would have loved to see you make a caprese salad to test out the cheese

  • Meredith Greenslade
    Meredith Greenslade 18 days ago

    Yum. Different way than I thought to make it

  • Gigiceleste Cd
    Gigiceleste Cd 20 days ago

    Hello baby cheese

  • Lana
    Lana 20 days ago +1

    Needed to make a pizza. Perhaps next?

  • Michael Lazaro
    Michael Lazaro 20 days ago

    Is it too late to say, "Hello, Baby Cheese"?

  • TanteBet
    TanteBet 28 days ago

    The thumbnail got me confused I thought what is Emmy doing with Those giant underpants?

  • MaryAnn D
    MaryAnn D 28 days ago +1

    Is this real mozzarella with just whole milk and vinegar ? ..... Watch "Quick and Easy Homemade Mozzarella Cheese Recipe In Under 15 Minutes" on RU-clip

  • El Mar
    El Mar 29 days ago

    finally someone said it. i live in italy and im a filipino and one thing i have learnt about italian cuisine is that if an italian food is not made by an italian then dont trust it! hahha.. like most of the people who make italian foods or something that is really italian are wrong. and if i would try to make mozzarella by myself and make a video like this one, i'd rather have an italian who makes cheeses and knows how to make mozzarella properly rether than watch and read from the internet how to make one. it's just my opinion and one thing u don't wanna do is to mess up with italians or with their foods. i live in southern italy and the texture of the mozzarella u made is not good. it looks like the mozzarella you would use for pizza because there's mozzarella for pizza and there's the fresh one which is also called fior di latte. i eat mozzarella every single day at work cuz im a chef here in italy and the texture of urs aint right in my opinion cuz it kinda gives u a bit of struggle when u cut into it

  • Viki Victoria
    Viki Victoria Month ago +1

    I saw videos that used vinegar. It worked!

    • Alma Reyes
      Alma Reyes Month ago

      Me too! Just milk and vinegar ☺

  • Mike Magnum
    Mike Magnum Month ago

    haha Emmy is enjoying cutting the cheese

  • Audrey Williams
    Audrey Williams Month ago

    You should look into a video by Sweet Adjeley, she makes it in under 15 and its super simple too! No kit required :)

  • Kleinochsenfurter
    Kleinochsenfurter Month ago

    I just saw a lady make it with while milk and vinegar. She didn't have all the things you used. Seemed simpler. Maybe give it a try?

  • AK Utomo
    AK Utomo Month ago +7

    change the cow milk with soy milk, do the exact same thing (ditch the rennet), and voila, you made a tofu... ... ... yeah, turn out tofu is just a vegetarian cheese....

  • Elliott Harrison
    Elliott Harrison Month ago

    im pretty sure you can also use white vinegar instead of rennet

  • Nari Shemintarc
    Nari Shemintarc Month ago

    You can usually split tablets that have been premarked by just pressing both sides down on a solid even surface, no need for a knife and throwing them all over the place :D

  • Leave Please
    Leave Please Month ago

    Vinegar works just as well😃

  • Lance Black
    Lance Black Month ago

    A baruete and a glass of wine would have made this so fancy!!

  • Symmetry Jeff Modo
    Symmetry Jeff Modo Month ago

    Hello, Baby Cheese and to all a Gouda day

  • Zaty Enna
    Zaty Enna Month ago

    Can i use vinegar to subtitute rennet?

  • 星Sinagtala
    星Sinagtala Month ago +19

    please try to make the 3 ingredient mozzarella cheese. you only need milk, vinegar, and salt.

  • RandomSora
    RandomSora Month ago

    if you don't have rennet just use white vinegar, you also don't need to microwave it.

  • Joeta's creations
    Joeta's creations Month ago

    You can make it with three ingredients

  • nari
    nari Month ago

    Emmy is literally the real life CookingMama.

  • Laura Richards
    Laura Richards Month ago

    Mmmm... i havent got a nuke box (microwave).

  • Bluesidian
    Bluesidian Month ago

    Citric acid is not made of Citric like what you find in Oranges...just your research people its bad stuff. i would use Vinegar instead.

  • nadki kuru
    nadki kuru Month ago

    I love how excited you are! but it's surprising how "complicated to make" mozzarella is (ingredient wise) in some videos i've seen, with all these especific powders and "cheese salt" and constant temp measurement. while yes, it probably makes a better cheese, you can still make decent mozzarella in 15-20 minutes with nothing but a pot, vinegar, milk and salt O: not even need of a microwave or measuring the temperature so often!
    I still like this way of making it, nothing against your video, i loved it, and your excitement! but i also want people to know there are easier and cheaper ways to make their own mozzarella.
    I hope this encourages anyone reading this, even if the way of making it in this video is valid and probably leading to better results, *cheese making can be easy and cheaper than store bought in some cases, even fun! :3
    *(refering to fresh cheeses like mozzarella and cottage cheese)

  • markylon
    markylon Month ago +1

    Amazing, I'm going to try it. However the real Italian Mozzarella uses Buffalo Milk and not Cow's Milk

  • Chrissy Watson
    Chrissy Watson Month ago +1

    OMG..READING RAINBOW ! 🌈 Take a look.. it’s in a book.. a reading rainbow. 😊

  • E T
    E T Month ago

    i thought you were holding up granny panties in the thumbnail

  • Sammy Jack
    Sammy Jack Month ago

    It’s way easier !!! All you need is half a gallon of milk and regular vinegar !!!!

  • topkek
    topkek Month ago +4

    I saw a recipe that was just white vinegar and milk :)

  • Robert Hopgood
    Robert Hopgood Month ago

    I saw a video where the guy made mozzarella using powdered milk

  • Rodrigo Pirolo
    Rodrigo Pirolo Month ago

    I am crazy about this cheese melted with lettuce between 2 slices of bread. I have to do my own mozzarella now. Thank you!!!

  • Kore Malfi
    Kore Malfi Month ago +2

    I will start saying I'm Italian.
    I see a lot of documentary about dairy making and, I'm sorry to telling you that: your mozzarella is not correct. I don't know what exactly you done wrong but looking to the result it turns like your mozzarella is not milky at all. All the mozzarellas (even the cow milk based one - witch here in Italy is called "Fiordilatte") are milky and more soft than the one you made. Although I love your passion, please continue with your genuinely love for food and crafts food :D

    • El Mar
      El Mar 29 days ago

      finally someone said it.

  • Tehreem Red
    Tehreem Red Month ago

    Hello baby cheese! 👋

  • newrocco
    newrocco Month ago

    Dont want to inhale it but you can cook with thanks... my grandma made the best cheese all natural none of that processed stuff... what a shame how things are being made today

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom Month ago +7

    Knowing me, I'd be a HEKKING animal and bite it like an apple

  • Jeshire Katt
    Jeshire Katt Month ago +1

    I saw this done with just normal whole milk, salt, and vinegar, too... The video right before this one, actually.

    • James Will
      James Will Month ago

      Does it works? Can I have the link please 🙏

  • Rebecca Stratton
    Rebecca Stratton Month ago +1

    I have got to do this just to eat tomatoes with it YUMMMMM!

  • Sturgeon
    Sturgeon Month ago

    It's pronounced MOOTZURELL

  • Corpus Mentis
    Corpus Mentis Month ago

    Emmy was using a normal sized pot by the way......

  • Rachel Kaufman
    Rachel Kaufman Month ago

    Im confused... What was the cheese cloth for??

  • sharon anderson
    sharon anderson Month ago +2

    Tht was quick. I watched a video abt making this and there was a lot more work than this.

  • sharon anderson
    sharon anderson Month ago

    For some reason taking tht from the gut of an animal seems to cross the line for me in using animals for food.

  • Laurie
    Laurie 2 months ago

    I just saw a RU-clip channel where she made mozzarella cheese with just milk, salt and vinegar. Seemed too simple to me. I wonder 🤔

  • Tia Willich
    Tia Willich 2 months ago +3

    I just watched a woman on RU-clip make mozzarella from whole milk and vinegar it looks easy I watched her make it .

    • April D*nk**e
      April D*nk**e Month ago

      Far simpler and less daunting. I will be trying it with some Broguieres Milk.

    • meep mep
      meep mep 2 months ago +1

      Is it sweetie?

  • Melissa Rosa
    Melissa Rosa 2 months ago

    Fellow Rhode Islander here! I love your videos! That cheese looks delish! I need to get a kit and try it out. Best food videos on RU-clip!

  • Tyler McClelland
    Tyler McClelland 2 months ago

    Emmy, there are five tablets there not four lpl

  • Trevor
    Trevor 2 months ago

    Moomin meat

  • Josue Guzman
    Josue Guzman 2 months ago +1

    I need to see Emmy do a collab with Tasty 😭

  • awesome always
    awesome always 2 months ago

    You should have aged it

  • Jessica SmokeyMcPot
    Jessica SmokeyMcPot 2 months ago

    I would have to melt that over a nice hearty pasta

  • Brenda’s Channel
    Brenda’s Channel 2 months ago

    Hello, baby cheese 🧀