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  • Published on Jul 19, 2018
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    Henry Catchpole puts the Audi RS6 up against the Mercedes-AMG E63 S to see which is the best super estate. Who will win?
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Comments • 496

  • Carfection
    Carfection  Year ago +212

    We really wanted to bring you this film. There were some technical complications with the audio which meant scrapping the whole piece or presenting it like this. We opted to make the most of it we could so you could still see the film. Thanks for bearing with us on this one.

    • Wayne Alan
      Wayne Alan 7 months ago

      You should have added subtitling of the conversation which is every easy to do.

    • mufate7
      mufate7 Year ago

      i watched the whole video waiting for a drag race between the 2 :( , missed chance carfection

    • Mr Ebola
      Mr Ebola Year ago

      I'm at work in the warehouse watching you guys film e type UK as I type this. Haha

    • Step Conn
      Step Conn Year ago +1

      Bit pointless all round then with the audi being an outgoing, outdated model.

    • Vanila Kung
      Vanila Kung Year ago +1

      Fantastic audio NOT! Why are car reviews still having music added to the background, PLEASE TELL ME!!

  • Holo40
    Holo40 15 days ago

    Honestly I’d take either but omg someone tell me the name of that blue. If only both cars were in that blue cuz I think even a 2007 Renault Cleo would look good in that blue

  • Mr8Zylinder
    Mr8Zylinder 19 days ago +1


  • s a
    s a Month ago


  • MrZillas
    MrZillas 2 months ago

    Paint the Audi black and the Mercedes blue and the Mercedes would be the nicer looking car. I think, people here judge a lot by the color of the car.

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      Exactly, colour is everything. (Imagine the RS6 in white - disgusting)

  • Stefko Georgiev
    Stefko Georgiev 3 months ago

    I could barely hear what are you saying in the beginning

  • luedriver
    luedriver 4 months ago

    closed captions would've helped understand what he was saying, even youtube's auto-generated subtitles can't "hear" anything to write from

  • london man
    london man 4 months ago

    e63s has the optional ceramic brakes

  • lars gomez
    lars gomez 5 months ago

    intro song?

  • Richard-Anthony Gilbey
    Richard-Anthony Gilbey 5 months ago

    Well the Audi is missing its usual 4.2l V8 turbo so that'll cost the RS6 some pace, the presenter says get the carbon ceramic brakes but your much better off with the Audisport gearbox, prop shaft, differential, drive shafts and hubs, to increase efficency by 35% with the same horsepower, until then you don't need carbon brakes. Trust me.

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      It’s why we’re all waiting for the new RS6, if you wanted an RS6 to beat the E63 you could if you tuned and changed it

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      It’s all about the stock car, if you mod them then it’s just down to who’s got the best tune omg use you’re brain

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      4.2 ltr? Where the hell did you read that??? If I put a v10 twin turbo in the RS6 or course it would beat all the competition, same goes for any other estate

  • LZMoDz
    LZMoDz 6 months ago

    Where's the fucking drag race you prick

  • Arthur Chitsike
    Arthur Chitsike 6 months ago

    The RS6 is the Wagen

  • Wayne Alan
    Wayne Alan 7 months ago

    This is the very worst audio in the cab of a vehicle I've ever seen.

  • Н. Далгат
    Н. Далгат 8 months ago

    Mercedes Benz love

  • RealCapo88
    RealCapo88 9 months ago +1

    E63s the better car, but you cant beat those looks of the RS6.

  • mario lafian
    mario lafian 9 months ago

    Audi is soooo ugly and Not priceworth i dont understand Audi lover this ist a vw with other look and ugly

  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 10 months ago


  • RealCapo88
    RealCapo88 11 months ago

    E63s NEEDS to be a sedan, the estate looks like a funeral car unfortunally. Rs6 c7 remains the best looking wagon of all time.

  • Δημητρης Μωυσιαδης

    Just listen the engine sound of merc!

  • Martin kovski
    Martin kovski 11 months ago +1

    Audi is better than MB! Audi4ever

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      Well that was a bit weird, u sure u don’t worship Audi at night? BTW your only worshipping VW anyway

  • Gerald Holley
    Gerald Holley 11 months ago

    My God its taken Merc and AMG 2 generations to get to a car that is the equal of the RS6, that is testament to how good this last of the line thunder wagon was and is. The RS6 still looks better outside and although the Merc has installed its latest interiors in their car and by definition they will be more modern, its hardly an interior to rave about, as as I'd wager as many people who like the Two tablets jammed upright in the tarts boudoir, there will be equally as many who hate it. The iconic RS6 is the king of uber wagons, the E63s is the pretender here and holds the crown just until the new RS hits the tarmac.

  • erwan tador
    erwan tador 11 months ago

    No drag. Boring

  • Malcolm Törnblom
    Malcolm Törnblom 11 months ago

    The Mercedes is better in everyway

  • Piya Sam
    Piya Sam 11 months ago

    The AMG is the best.

  • To8ster
    To8ster 11 months ago +1

    Good video and all... but he’s just WRONG! Lol in my opinion the rs6 is way better regarding looks, performance and quality of drive. The AMG looked like a funeral car lol

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      Ha looks like a funeral car is faster than the RS6, how embarrassing!!!!!

  • Knecht Yeee
    Knecht Yeee 11 months ago


  • Akk diyeze
    Akk diyeze 11 months ago

    Audi is a lesser car than bmw and mercedes i’ve never seen any audi winning any overall when compared to Mercedes and bmw

  • Martin Evans
    Martin Evans Year ago

    Amg everytime 👌🏻

  • Jok Prayogo
    Jok Prayogo Year ago

    I will go for RS6.

  • Yasin G
    Yasin G Year ago


  • Ten3
    Ten3 Year ago

    All hail the new chris harris

  • Thomas Binda
    Thomas Binda Year ago

    The Porsche Panamera Turbo S e-hybrid Sport Turismo will still be my favorite but nice video!

    WILx-CLAN Year ago

    Wait for the new rs6

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      Wait for the new E63S dick head. A new car is always going to be faster than the old one

  • niceguy60
    niceguy60 Year ago

    Both cars are rubbish!!
    I mean they go fast on straights, but that's it
    They are to heavy to go around Tracks

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      The Audi yes but not the merc. Didn’t you hear how he said the merc is light and sharp going round corners? Didn’t you see it drifting? Or are you deaf and blind

  • Erik Sørensen
    Erik Sørensen Year ago

    Just to make clear - i much prefer mercedes to audi but this comparison is ridiculous. Yes the 2017 E63 might beat the 2012 RS6, but when the next gen rs6 comes out in ‘19 with a 40 hp advantage to the merc and a newer more high tech interior thingsll look different. As i said i prefer mercedes, but the rs6 is the king of supersaloons

  • Felipe Tomazi
    Felipe Tomazi Year ago

    Drag race?

  • Gabriel Mohan
    Gabriel Mohan Year ago

    Which one's more fun to drive?

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      Take a guess the 1 that sounds better, is faster in every way, can drift and has the better interior OR the car that simply looks good on the outside?

  • Doa
    Doa Year ago

    why would you ever take an audi when you can have a mercedes?..

  • Brian Westfield
    Brian Westfield Year ago

    If I could only have one car and had the money. E63s Estate hands down. Brutal power, intoxicating v8 soundtrack, next level interior, practical space, RWD drift mode, and it even looks gorgeous. A solid home run and dare I say the best road car ever made.

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      Definitely, even though it doesn’t look as good as the RS6, it still looks insane for an estate

  • Audi RS6
    Audi RS6 Year ago

    I like Audi

  • Whyman1993
    Whyman1993 Year ago

    Mercedes and bmw always look rubbish because they only flare the front wheel arches but Audi’s look better because they do all four!

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      Yeah, if you wanted to you could make the E63S look better than the RS6. Lower the suspension, add aggressive bumpers and you have a sick car

  • MadProductionsink
    MadProductionsink Year ago +1

    I don't get Audis obsession with estates. The RS6 is an estate unlike its main competitors the M5 and the E63, the A3 "sportback" is a mini estate, the Q7 is just like a jacked up estate. And if you ask most people they would tell you that estates are lame and used by market sellers to sell their fruit and vegetables or for construction workers.

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      I couldn’t of said it better, I guess Audi hate saloons, or they’re too lazy to design something new for a change, all Audi’s look the same

  • Michael Caraballo


  • Wayne
    Wayne Year ago

    powerslidelover on IG has an extensive supercar fleet, and claims the RS6 is the best car in the world.

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      Well he must of hit his head then!! XD or you hit your head before talking to him XD

  • Audi Quattro voorsprong door technische

    Audi quattro love Audi

  • Audi Quattro voorsprong door technische

    Love Audi

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      Well then you love VW with a Hugh Jackman mask on

  • Бислан Джанхот

    Audi rs 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Japanese turtle neck

    I pick ALPINA💥

  • Murat Golaj
    Murat Golaj Year ago


  • Daniel Rennis
    Daniel Rennis Year ago

    Why does audi insist on making its range topping RS models in sportback/estate guise?!

  • Ako Gasparyan
    Ako Gasparyan Year ago


  • NG Platinum
    NG Platinum Year ago

    Mercedes AMG for life 🙃

  • moutsy Dumezweni
    moutsy Dumezweni Year ago

    will there ever b an rs6 sedan, or not, because of the rs7?

  • Donovan Gray
    Donovan Gray Year ago +1

    Wow RS6 looks awesome 👍🏽

  • Jack J
    Jack J Year ago

    Huh? Can't hear your voice.

  • Stefan
    Stefan Year ago


  • Anders Jensen
    Anders Jensen Year ago

    The Mercedes E63S - great car / also the GT series - but the rims design to both are just so bad / so please offer some more choices

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      They do don’t worry, those rims are the stock ones because they were too poor to get a merc with nice rims

  • pennysmurf
    pennysmurf Year ago

    Hey I'm concerned that the essence of the car review is lost in these videos. Don't get me wrong, we all look forward to seeing the acceleration or the vehicles and them going sideways but at the end of the day the practicality of cars are not shown. just specs hurled and skids shown.....

  • Stefan Velkov
    Stefan Velkov Year ago

    Terrible sound edit

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M Year ago

    Luckily, the GTI is a great lightweight, torquey alternative take on the “practical sports wagon” for us mere mortals. If I didn’t have need for a truck as my practical vehicle, I’d definitely have one in the garage alongside something sleek, RWD and highly impractical :)

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      A Maserati grand turismo next to an old saab 95 estate, my perfect budget garage

  • Christopher Donaldson

    cinermatography Charlie, George, and Matt?

  • onehorsepower
    onehorsepower Year ago

    @Henry Catchpole
    Ref. the comment of the one car garage, I agree these offer practicality and the performance of a sports car. There is however a different kind of estate for the one car garage. The ones based on Hot hatches. Then you can have similar (s)pace but a car that weighs 500kg less then these. That should help? 4wd DSG you have the Golf R estate and Leon Cupra ST 4drive. Myself I drive a FWD manual Cupra ST that weighs 550-650kg less than the real weights of each of these respectively, or similar to a GT4 or an Evora S. Not saying this is better, but you can have space, good handling and a weight that isn't north of 2 tonnes... And where some complain modern HH are too refined, perhaps they become perfectly balanced as an estate...
    And with HH it is usually easy to add a little power reliably too, realistically making then just as fast on real roads as the above... Something to have a closer look at as they don't get so much attention?

  • Free Willie
    Free Willie Year ago

    The back of the Mercedes is super sexy! Like a latina's sweet ass man DAMN!

  • Vollgasmus 7
    Vollgasmus 7 Year ago

    I‘m really looking forward to see how the new RS6 will do against the E63 :)

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      Aren’t we all?

  • Gerhard Scheepers

    Terrible audio!

  • Leonardus Pandu Pangestu

    Dude dont you realize your audio is suck?

  • Owen Treadgold
    Owen Treadgold Year ago +1

    I mean you could just say, screw practically and get a M5 competition pack

  • Owen Treadgold
    Owen Treadgold Year ago +7

    The RS6 looks better even though the car is much older, I feel like they will ruin it with the new generation

  • rockstar7773
    rockstar7773 Year ago

    Name of the intro track?

  • Cristopher Schwartz

    What is this beat at the beginning of this video?

  • Sıfır Beş
    Sıfır Beş Year ago

    Audi all day!!!

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      Ok then, you’d rather be left behind by the merc

  • Dan Rayment
    Dan Rayment Year ago

    And I suppose as well if you have the money to buy either of them a few extra grand for the amg isn't going to break the bank!

  • DeepSouthPepe
    DeepSouthPepe Year ago

    Try this test in the rain...RS6. Because real life happens

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      E63S is 4wheel drive too dumbass, stop trying to get an edge on the E63S, rs6 is old news

    VIZIN Year ago +1

    Audi always did the best wagons!

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      Until now!! the RS6 now only has it’s handsome German looks to defend itself against the E63

  • obeybosss
    obeybosss Year ago +1

    Compare old RS6 and brand new Merc ....really?

    • Holo40
      Holo40 15 days ago

      Because Audi haven’t bothered to make a new one until now