Half Magic Official Trailer #1 (2018) Stephanie Beatriz, Heather Graham Comedy Movie HD

  • Published on Dec 19, 2017
  • Half Magic Trailer 1 (2018) Stephanie Beatriz, Heather Graham Comedy Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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  • rice
    rice Day ago

    So many good actors

  • Webster Toh
    Webster Toh 2 days ago

    Why is Rosa Diaz being so weird?

  • Isaac Wells
    Isaac Wells 12 days ago

    Stephanie Beatriz is seriously the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.

  • xthegilmoregirlx
    xthegilmoregirlx 19 days ago


  • Gracee Gresham
    Gracee Gresham 20 days ago

    Office Brooklyn nine nine crossoverrrrr

  • The trash can
    The trash can 20 days ago

    Angela and Rosa in a move together. omg.

  • David’s Prod
    David’s Prod Month ago

    Ever since I’ve seen Brooklyn 99. Beatriz has been eye candy

  • gwenstacy 22
    gwenstacy 22 Month ago

    Angela and detective Diaz? Yeah ok I might...

  • Sahar Kasraie
    Sahar Kasraie Month ago

    don't watch it..it so so so so shit ... like rubbish

  • Laugh Cancer
    Laugh Cancer Month ago +1

    Pontiac bandit watched dis

  • Max Wasserman
    Max Wasserman Month ago

    1:48 why everyone clicked on this video

  • Kye Fraser
    Kye Fraser Month ago


  • PTXCeline
    PTXCeline Month ago +1

    Ahh Stephanie is so hot but it's also weird to hear her normal voice.

  • Ryu Jin
    Ryu Jin Month ago

    These ladies now want a good guy. In their 40s all worn out thinking" whose gonna like us now I know good guys" .

  • tony v
    tony v Month ago

    Lost me at featuring music by moby.

  • Nathan McCollough
    Nathan McCollough Month ago

    Johnny knoxville is a minister.

  • Demarco tucker
    Demarco tucker Month ago

    Rosa no

  • Every Think
    Every Think Month ago

    'Featuring music by Moby' Is that meant to make me rush out to see this?

  • Glenn Estes
    Glenn Estes Month ago

    From the trailer... not sure I can watch whole movie ...

  • Hinatagirl4ever
    Hinatagirl4ever Month ago

    I will watch this only for Stephanie Beatriz

  • King Brown
    King Brown Month ago

    Also Johnny Knoxville is a priest. Just pointing that out.

  • King Brown
    King Brown Month ago

    *Cue Holt Voice* BOOOONNNNNE???!!!

  • Erick Lemoine
    Erick Lemoine Month ago

    That looks horrible

  • Marcelo Bertoni
    Marcelo Bertoni Month ago +1

    You know a movie is good when Moby gets second billing.

  • willy102073
    willy102073 Month ago

    Chick flick

  • James Woodard
    James Woodard Month ago

    Imagine that. They show some self respect and they find guys that don't treat them like crap.

  • Tachibana Screwthislol

    WTF yes yes yes



  • Niels Vissing
    Niels Vissing Month ago

    Wow so much terrible writing in so little time

  • Graysons dad
    Graysons dad Month ago

    Me: this looks like the worst movie ever
    RU-clip: music by moby
    Me: yup

  • Joe Orzech
    Joe Orzech Month ago

    I would sit through that just to see her it already looks better than last Jedi

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith Month ago

    My dog watched this trailer and now he wants to do laundry.

  • scrambles brambles
    scrambles brambles Month ago

    I’ve had a huge crush on heather graham since licence to drive, through Twin Peaks, Austin powers and boogie nights. She doesn’t seem to age like a regular human ❤️

  • proxy mid
    proxy mid Month ago

    Rosa rosa rosa rosa diaz diaz diaz diaz

  • Khiara Faith
    Khiara Faith Month ago

    Heather Graham does not age

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    Damn Heather Graham still looks hot as fuck.

  • Steven Rivera
    Steven Rivera Month ago


  • Malik Pendley
    Malik Pendley Month ago

    I’m confused as to why it’s not called “Good Guys Only” tho

  • 1 2
    1 2 Month ago

    Detective Diaz!!

  • Jayden Pharaoh
    Jayden Pharaoh Month ago

    What a fucking turn off these fucking movies are, the amount of cunts that make these kids of movies and the sad cunts that watch them are just a waste of space, this movie stinks of feminism driven cunts. Very sad and pathetic beta males and future feminist cunts will be indoctrinated into more of this fucked up bullshit, thank God for MGTOW.

  • Paul van den Berg
    Paul van den Berg Month ago

    Another one off these type movies

  • 1987MartinT
    1987MartinT Month ago

    Stephanie Beatriz and Heather Graham. I'm in!

  • David Forster
    David Forster Month ago +1

    Rosa! Angela! Dr Molly! Count me in!

  • Evan O'Dwyer
    Evan O'Dwyer Month ago

    Hell yeah brother this looks hilarious.

  • D3Xt3rity
    D3Xt3rity Month ago

    Rosa undercover the movie!

  • h0t_cheet0_lc
    h0t_cheet0_lc Month ago

    Rose and Angela some will understand

  • LynRuiz
    LynRuiz Month ago

    Does Heather Graham ever age?

  • JM Lav
    JM Lav Month ago

    Ah yea. Feminism backfire then try to make a movie to lie and say it work.

  • Huibert Jan Versnel

    All us men are so horrible

  • malofflebehemith
    malofflebehemith Month ago

    Looks like it’s gonna bomb harder than the shit I just had.

  • ryan thomas
    ryan thomas Month ago

    More white bullshit

  • Threeper hydra
    Threeper hydra Month ago

    Looks horrible.....Feminism SUCKS .

  • dem Bois brainless
    dem Bois brainless Month ago

    This is sexiest too men thumbs down

  • JustActing
    JustActing Month ago

    Seriously, all I see is Roza with a weird voice and Angela without Dwight

  • Aesthetic Decision
    Aesthetic Decision Month ago

    What kind of people would watch this? Asking in sincere curiosity.

  • 조용성
    조용성 Month ago

    Rosa,Angela,and Johnny knoxville.lol

  • Joshua Carter
    Joshua Carter Month ago +5

    Yeah, that's probably the worst idea I've ever heard in my entire life, so probably can't do that one.
    Best line of the movie is in the trailer.

  • Lisa Parker
    Lisa Parker Month ago

    Firstly, wtf is that Johnny Noxville playing a priest XD, next, Chris D'elia ROFL.... and Jerk Sex?

  • Jamie Williamson
    Jamie Williamson Month ago

    This trailer gave away the entite movie

    • John Marston
      John Marston Month ago

      Oh really, so what's the conclusion then bud

  • EdgyBoi2414
    EdgyBoi2414 Month ago +2

    Boyle from season 1 has entered the chat

  • AlistairAI
    AlistairAI Month ago

    I love her

  • Meme Iselfaneye
    Meme Iselfaneye Month ago

    I'm a good guy...ladies. Though I am grossly uninteresting, and interestingly gross...ladies.

  • Sniperdude 31
    Sniperdude 31 Month ago +2

    I now partly hate my life, thanks

  • Flora Bochenska
    Flora Bochenska Month ago

    Detective Diaz, what are you doing?

  • Tara Colquitt
    Tara Colquitt Month ago

    ❤️ed this movie‼️

  • Umar Bichi
    Umar Bichi Month ago

    Rosa with feelings = 💩....love Stephanie tho just used to Rosa 😂

  • Emma
    Emma Month ago

    Can't believe this ain't about lesbians. What a waste.

  • Jerod Patterson
    Jerod Patterson Month ago

    I keep waiting for Angela to come out and kill everyone

  • Whitefeather DF
    Whitefeather DF Month ago

    No Jerk Sex!

  • Toeboner
    Toeboner Month ago

    I thought this was for the children’s book of the same name by Edward Eager. Kinda disappointed.

  • Seshadhri Subramanian

    Molly from Scrubs and Rosa from Brooklyn 99?!?! That is awesome!

  • Vivek Raj
    Vivek Raj Month ago

    Here to watch Rozaaa!

  • Yhur Hurt
    Yhur Hurt Month ago

    55% on Rotten Tomatoes and 5/10 on Metacritic. This shit was so bad it wasn't even released in all theatres worldwide. You can't even find the numbers on Box Office Mojo. Maybe Heather Graham should stick to showing her tits on camera rather than trying direct and write a movie?

  • ImSpartacus
    ImSpartacus Month ago +1

    Holy cow, Stephanie Beatriz is kinda hot. I can't believe I never noticed.

  • 350Ginge
    350Ginge Month ago

    Why is Rosa Diaz so nice????

  • Thisula Jay
    Thisula Jay 2 months ago


  • Krellok
    Krellok 2 months ago

    Brooklyn 69

  • Gecko XD
    Gecko XD 2 months ago

    Ok, thanks youtube

  • Mike N.
    Mike N. 2 months ago +1

    Angela before she got pregnant by Dwight

  • Umang Jain
    Umang Jain 2 months ago


  • Alicia Xu
    Alicia Xu 2 months ago

    Diaz, is that U?

  • No-Mal
    No-Mal 2 months ago

    I thought this was based off the book Half Magic 😑🤨

  • Redneck322
    Redneck322 2 months ago

    Johnny Knoxville as the preacher. That is like Elton John jerking off to 4 thots having lesbian sex on pornhub. It doesn’t make sense.

  • Cathryn Martin
    Cathryn Martin 2 months ago

    I'm asking because of the chanting and candles, is this like a happy funny version of The Witches of Eastwick?

  • donbdonbx
    donbdonbx 2 months ago

    What a wreck

  • james wiesner
    james wiesner 2 months ago

    This looks really fucking stupid

  • Aarya
    Aarya 2 months ago +3

    What is Rosa Diaz doing here?

  • D Ay G
    D Ay G 2 months ago

    Wtf is this movie

  • 0MohawkWarrior0
    0MohawkWarrior0 2 months ago +4

    Will Sasso is right. Chris Delia would be nothing without the hair.
    Also, Stephanie Beatriz!!! :-))

  • Kevin Kirby
    Kevin Kirby 2 months ago

    Rosa what the fuck

  • TheCogMan
    TheCogMan 2 months ago

    Rosa, what happened... 😢

  • Emmie Moore
    Emmie Moore 2 months ago +1

    This movie could have possibly worked 20 years ago.

  • handyman1991
    handyman1991 2 months ago

    Thumbnail 1:48

  • IsThisRealLife?
    IsThisRealLife? 2 months ago +2

    I thought someone else was speaking when she entered

  • sid
    sid 2 months ago +231

    *Doug Judy enters the chat*
    *Dwight shrute enters the chat*

    • 한수진
      한수진 Month ago +1

      Rooosa~ Rosa Rosa Rosa Rooooosaaa~~

    • westallica5150
      westallica5150 Month ago

      sid Austin Powers enters the chat

  • MegaOmer2
    MegaOmer2 2 months ago

    Rosa rosa rosa roooosaaaa

  • CandyRadio
    CandyRadio 2 months ago


  • blue fish
    blue fish 2 months ago +11

    This isn't a genre I usually like but I'd definitely watch this(even though it doesn't seem as gay as I'd like it to be)

    • Cody Harless
      Cody Harless Month ago

      Why do you people want every movie to be gay? Wtf

    • Hate Spreader
      Hate Spreader Month ago

      all have hit the wall. this movie is nonsense

  • BeepBop Boop
    BeepBop Boop 2 months ago

    Came for the bustier.

  • GamerKnowledge
    GamerKnowledge 2 months ago

    This movie sucks