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Proto-Saturnian Configuration

  • Published on May 30, 2016
  • A tribute to the monumental work of Dwardu Cardona describing the origins of our planet, prior to the current Solar system. Talk presented by Wallace Thornhill at the Sept 2013 memorial meeting for David Salkeld, who was a profound contributor to the SIS. We glimpse the enormous amount of research supporting the Polar Configuration theory, which flies in the face of conventional Standard Model paradigms. Cardona's books are available here: www.thunderbolts.info/wp/reso... .

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  • Mark DeWall
    Mark DeWall 5 years ago +10

    I'm glad Dwardu Cardona was able to share his research and insights with the world before his departure. He is in good company!

  • Mhi kl
    Mhi kl 5 years ago +10

    Thank you for posting this. I can't get enough of the science of the Electric Universe.

  • Andy Croucheaux
    Andy Croucheaux 4 years ago +3

    You never stop learning when you watch this man and his cohorts. Thanks for the upload.

  • Greg Jay
    Greg Jay 5 years ago +6

    Good looking out,thanks for posting! Learned a new term; Stellar ejected axial currents,excellent.

  • William Collins
    William Collins 5 years ago +2

    Nice find I get so geeked out when I find electric universe vids outside TBP I love this stuff.

  • Redexs.A mcc
    Redexs.A mcc 2 years ago +1

    I am getting deeply into this theory. Can any of you more scientifically adept explain how electric universe creates hoags galaxies. Conventional physics cant explain a gravity mecanisim. Or as recently identified a Burchin galaxy.

  • Paul Hofman
    Paul Hofman 5 years ago +2

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • James Kenyon
    James Kenyon 5 years ago

    To comment on Chris Phillips statement on having to learn the EU model the hard way, however that may be the only we can being as man seems to be so stubborn to understand and accept what he see`s. Thank you Chris for showing this talk and I hope to get to meet you at a future thunderbolts conference, James

  • forestsoceansmusic
    forestsoceansmusic 5 years ago +1


  • Chris Phillips
    Chris Phillips  5 years ago +15

    Science is going to found dearly wanting if solar changes continue their current trends. We may have to learn the hard way that the EU model is only too true!

  • Mark Martens
    Mark Martens 4 years ago +1

    "Not only that, but newer models of planet formation keep being upset by newer discoveries. As Hal Levison then at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder Colorado stated, and I quote him, word for word... These models are crap. They may be the best we can do, but they are still crap. End of quote. And yet, while he criticises the prevailing core accretion model, he continues to champion it, believing that it only needs to become more sophisticated." Wal Thornhill

  • Second Opinion
    Second Opinion 4 years ago +1

    Ancient people had seers and practised deep meditative states, i wonder if the purple dawn was actually experienced by humans or just witnessed through changed states of consciousness.

  • Jay Hansen
    Jay Hansen 5 years ago +1

    do we have a time range for when this happened. what I mean is when did Saturn come into the sun,s influence and when did this brake occur?

  • Werner Schopf
    Werner Schopf 5 years ago

    Es ist schade um die verlorenen 60 Jahre!

  • TheConscious Nutshell
    TheConscious Nutshell 4 years ago

    Where are papers or references of this being a possible configuration?

  • Jay Hansen
    Jay Hansen 5 years ago

    no doubt the electric universe is a reality that is becoming, but who are the proponents voting for?

  • Mike Philbin
    Mike Philbin 4 years ago


  • Jay Hansen
    Jay Hansen 5 years ago

    I do not vote, just curious

  • Norik Rumpel
    Norik Rumpel 5 years ago

    "Between Arp and I"?

  • Norik Rumpel
    Norik Rumpel 5 years ago

    "Between Arp and I"?