Box of Lies with Chris Pratt

  • Published on Jun 15, 2018
  • Chris Pratt and Jimmy take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.
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    Box of Lies with Chris Pratt
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 203

  • Mustafa Şatıroglu
    Mustafa Şatıroglu 13 hours ago

    "Oh, two fours!"
    -Chris Pratt

  • Mustafa Şatıroglu
    Mustafa Şatıroglu 13 hours ago

    Four? Lol

  • Ruby Fisher
    Ruby Fisher 17 hours ago

    arent they gnomes?

  • kastriot hykaj
    kastriot hykaj Day ago

    chris plat
    chrisp rat

    theres only two jokes

  • taterthot
    taterthot 2 days ago

    i fucking hate it when he pretends the box is heavy like he does it every time he plays this game its so annoying

  • Nathany Câmara
    Nathany Câmara 2 days ago

    Box of lies...
    It should be called box of the most craziest things to think of.

  • Gabby Burditt
    Gabby Burditt 5 days ago

    Chris Pratt’s smile 🥺🥰

  • AJ Broom
    AJ Broom 5 days ago

    They are gnomes not dwarves

  • NDT111
    NDT111 5 days ago +2

    WTF why does Chris Pratt sounds like Jimmy Kimmel !! 2:40

  • the lucyph3r
    the lucyph3r 9 days ago

    2:11 Jimmy has been *GNOMED*

  • NINA C.
    NINA C. 12 days ago +2

    Not a single soul:
    Not even the jimmy Fallon live audience:
    Chris: plays with eyebrows more times than I breath a day

  • Mochi Bear
    Mochi Bear 12 days ago +11

    jimmy:“hes a master!”
    me: “no hes an actor” 😂😂💀💖

  • bluberri. milk
    bluberri. milk 14 days ago

    The suckaaa gets me every time😂

  • Michin Sin
    Michin Sin 20 days ago +1

    The Jeff Goldblum thing was too genius to lie about😂

  • kara landeros
    kara landeros 22 days ago +1


  • Wise girl and Seaweed Brain

    Oh...What's in the BAAAAXXX!?

  • Cxllme Geo
    Cxllme Geo 25 days ago

    I wish I can hit the like button 3 times

  • Kajs Dhddjdk
    Kajs Dhddjdk 26 days ago

    I feel bad for the guy that kept on saying “two!”

  • Alexandre Armond Curpanen Normandeau

    Imagine gamora was in the box and chris will be like WHAT GAMORA

  • Corinna Diers
    Corinna Diers 28 days ago

    I'm always so sad there are still 6 things in those boxes we don't get to see. ;)

  • Alyssa Kaiser
    Alyssa Kaiser Month ago

    Wow he hella won

  • sartorian darkstorm

    honestly i have no doubt chriss is a talented person but jimmy makes it feels and sound like its all fake from his side

  • Liam B
    Liam B Month ago

    it’s so satisfying seeing you lose

  • Taylor Olson
    Taylor Olson Month ago +1

    ... but they were gnomes

  • misshollybrooke
    misshollybrooke Month ago

    Ok Chris you can marry me now...What’s in the box is a ring and I do accept your hand in marriage🤣🤣 😘😘😘

  • TheDanhenk
    TheDanhenk Month ago

    Calm down kimmel, it wasn't that funny.

  • Lovely_Ma Nubian
    Lovely_Ma Nubian Month ago

    I love the concept of this I just wish that it didn't seem staged! but it's entertainment I guess she kind of got to expect that.

  • MW Shanker
    MW Shanker Month ago

    I love how crisp rat got the dinosaur in a tutu

  • Dream Catcher
    Dream Catcher Month ago +2

    Me: this is the price is right
    Chris: it's like the price is right

  • Brian
    Brian Month ago

    Come on...You think Chris Pratt ( Jurassic World) just happened to get the dinosaur one..I call bullshit Jimbo.

  • Doctor Flamon
    Doctor Flamon Month ago +1

    I just have to say one thing: LOL😂

  • Lo Kiwi Na
    Lo Kiwi Na Month ago

    Does Chris Pratt not know what gnomes are

  • Ellie B
    Ellie B Month ago

    “little people wearing hats” does chris not know what gnomes are?

  • Sweaty Troy Hard
    Sweaty Troy Hard Month ago +4

    Chris: I do have one of those at home
    Jimmy: hahahaha
    Also Jimmy: I have two if them, they're just so much fun

  • Rafaela Dinis
    Rafaela Dinis Month ago


  • DukeDarkshadow
    DukeDarkshadow Month ago

    If I had a dollar for every "(insert MCU actor here) needs to play this game!" comment here...........

  • Narcissistic Bot
    Narcissistic Bot Month ago

    I have to say this is a stupid game .

  • vitornisk
    vitornisk 2 months ago

    Dude, Jimmy is so fucking drunk oh my god.

  • Dark 0Bull
    Dark 0Bull 2 months ago

    someone get this two men an oscar.

  • Mr. Wizeguy
    Mr. Wizeguy 2 months ago

    Would be funny to have empty box.

  • mohan raj
    mohan raj 2 months ago

    @0:07 the way he lifts those eyebrows individually ..... I'm dead hahaha

  • Carson C
    Carson C 2 months ago +3

    The cutoff in the Jeff Goldblume pic is 30/10

  • Ahmed Bro
    Ahmed Bro 2 months ago

    Sherlock Holmes gone wrong , Jimmy Fallon edition

  • Grace M
    Grace M 2 months ago +1

    This should be called Chris Pratt embarrassing jimmy fallon for 5 mins straight lol

  • Jonathan Meraz
    Jonathan Meraz 2 months ago

    *they tried to say 69*

  • 994523.1410127186
    994523.1410127186 2 months ago

    They always seem to pick number 4 first

  • The Best There Is
    The Best There Is 2 months ago

    Surprisingly Chris is not playing that game with Jennifer Lawrence....

  • rAvensBBr
    rAvensBBr 2 months ago

    Never play poker against Chris Pratt.

  • Mf Tea
    Mf Tea 2 months ago

    Chris: which one do i pick?
    Chris: okay okay i’ll do four

  • Dweeb Demon
    Dweeb Demon 2 months ago

    Great way to describe gnomes Chris Pratt! "Dwarves wearing hats" XD

  • terrorcop101
    terrorcop101 2 months ago

    "Chris Pratt, you lie!" Dude, those are gnomes, not dwarves.

  • shooting star Manzana
    shooting star Manzana 2 months ago


  • Amy James Rhodes
    Amy James Rhodes 2 months ago

    Ahhhhh!!!! Is!! Is!! Chris Pratt!!!! Ahhh!!! Is my actor Favorite!!! ♥️♥️♥️😃😃😃😃

  • Schylar Collett
    Schylar Collett 2 months ago

    I *WANT* the first thing!!

  • Cam Walsh
    Cam Walsh 2 months ago +2

    Jimmy Fallon: Tries to read Chris Prat
    Chris Prat: Is an actor...

  • Edward Elric
    Edward Elric 2 months ago

    He probably felt the table vibrate.

  • A M
    A M 2 months ago


  • Miko Na
    Miko Na 2 months ago


  • Miko Na
    Miko Na 2 months ago

    Seriously tho, those gnomes are just so cute.

  • AlexaOrchid
    AlexaOrchid 2 months ago

    Gosh, he is so smart!