• Published on Aug 4, 2018
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    Neil Cicierga - Brodyquest
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  • Matěj Pokluda
    Matěj Pokluda 10 months ago


  • soojung kim
    soojung kim Year ago

    I like burger king the best

  • CrazyKingIndian
    CrazyKingIndian Year ago +1

    Hey itsjerry and itsharry I love your videos because they make my day

  • THE BRINE PRO 18910

    i like parkour :)

  • ThisGuyAgain
    ThisGuyAgain Year ago

    Number fifteen burger king foot lettuce

  • DragonWar880
    DragonWar880 Year ago

    Its Jerryvs harry from Netherlands?

  • Uncle Lumbago
    Uncle Lumbago Year ago +1

    I am dutch! And mcdonalds is the best!

  • BreadSnek
    BreadSnek Year ago

    Da nuggs

  • c Treurniet
    c Treurniet Year ago +3

    2:22 i live in the Netherlands

  • Your Name
    Your Name Year ago


  • GeoDashPro 51
    GeoDashPro 51 Year ago

    I agree, McDonalds is better than burger king. KFC is good too.

  • Karina Gacha
    Karina Gacha Year ago

    Wanna know why KFC nuggets are so bad? Ppl that make them don’t even check if the chicken was sick

    But mcnuggets is meat mixed with feathers

  • Albin Gruber
    Albin Gruber Year ago

    What texture pack do they use?

  • Christian J.
    Christian J. Year ago

    Can you speak your language on camera

  • Puggo
    Puggo Year ago

    There are only 7 blocks in thr thumbnail lmao

  • ricxzt
    ricxzt Year ago

    Today Is My Birthday

  • shade -iwnl-
    shade -iwnl- Year ago +1

    Mcd is garbage tbh. Kfc is better especially when it comes to burgers and chicken

  • Ibañez Sainz
    Ibañez Sainz Year ago

    There are 7 grass blocks in the title, not 8😆

  • Bogdan Ciucu
    Bogdan Ciucu Year ago +1

    Jerry is to fast for the map

  • lilsadcoffee
    lilsadcoffee Year ago

    i love jerry and harry vidéos so cool

  • Toon Spooren
    Toon Spooren Year ago

    There are 7 cubes on the thumbnail

  • Dutch van der Linde

    Wtf, I think Crainer player this today too. COINCIDENCE

  • Benito Oropesa
    Benito Oropesa Year ago

    Make a map called i dare you to.....

  • Electroblade
    Electroblade Year ago

    I found this video so great, when I liked it once I thought it was too good and wanted a second one. Luckily, flipping your screen upside down seems to let me like it twice!!!

  • iiFlamingo
    iiFlamingo Year ago

    Harry better at building jerry better at parkour

  • MonkeyJ
    MonkeyJ Year ago

    It has been theorized.. making random sounds makes you good at parkour

  • InfernoIceKiller 2.0

    (don't worry I watched your video about your voices)

  • Lydia Booysen
    Lydia Booysen Year ago

    i nuggets from 1.12

  • SeankoopsA
    SeankoopsA Year ago

    Preston vs Jerry at parkour :D

  • Ruz
    Ruz Year ago

    hey i have that map too

  • F13
    F13 Year ago +1

    unoriginality is real

    • F13
      F13 Year ago

      i dont play agar

    • velegrax - vlgrx
      velegrax - vlgrx Year ago

      i saw you on bubblebalz video
      add me on agar facebook

  • tricky blitz
    tricky blitz Year ago

    You guys should try joining in hypixel

  • PersonEighty9
    PersonEighty9 Year ago

    Do you get your maps from

  • Sanne
    Sanne Year ago +1

    Like als je ook nl bent xD

  • Tessa Bak
    Tessa Bak Year ago +1

    15:32 *ItsJerry tried to swim in lava to escape ItsHarry* 😂
    15:40 *ItsHarry whas burnt to a crisp whilst fighting ItsJerry* 😂😂
    Good job Minecraft

  • Costas
    Costas Year ago +4

    6:00 Now you are acting like Poppy not HowToBasic...

  • botSnipes
    botSnipes Year ago +1

    When u say cmon baby u sound like Fugglet

  • Kubilay COŞGUN
    Kubilay COŞGUN Year ago

    When we can see your face

  • Sans The Skeleton


  • creepster95
    creepster95 Year ago

    5:35 to create this map i died so many times!

  • xd 1shot0nek1ll Gaming

    Yoouuu guys are awesome i looooovee your build battle videos

  • Jimi Ann Losleben

    I've Never Seen You Guys Do Parkour You Guys Are Amazing At Parkour

  • Hey Yo
    Hey Yo Year ago

    I still don’t know who’s talking

  • Ronri Samurai
    Ronri Samurai Year ago

    Try playing some of the server parkour maps?

  • Tacecaps
    Tacecaps Year ago

    Really taking advantage of those red curvy arrows in the thumbnails, huh?

  • Henrijs Auseklis
    Henrijs Auseklis Year ago

    Did anyone notice that there ārējo seven dirt blocks on the thumbnail but on the title there is written 8 hardest parkour maps

  • D.Raz
    D.Raz Year ago

    I only ate once at McDonalts and I ate "French" Fries.

  • Jared Morales
    Jared Morales Year ago

    Why are u guys so obsessed with mcdonalds

  • Hassan Imam
    Hassan Imam Year ago

    I think you are playing minecraft in like alpha because you say it workbench instead of crafting table and you don't know iron nuggets btw like your channel

  • B y r o n
    B y r o n Year ago

    In n Out is better than McDonalds

  • Flebz
    Flebz Year ago


  • Patrick ster
    Patrick ster Year ago

    Did you say The netherlands in this video i live there but why Did you mention it

  • A7mad 7aMaMa
    A7mad 7aMaMa Year ago

    D0 y0u d0 d4 w43?

  • Red-Bombo
    Red-Bombo Year ago +2

    Can you play some more TF2 i really liked it

  • Reyes Ngo
    Reyes Ngo Year ago

    Do a face reveal for real or else I'm unsubscribing

  • p4le b
    p4le b Year ago

    I found fartsssss. Fart this comment Harry and Jerry. Or i dont fart for rest of my life.

  • SuPeR.S@M
    SuPeR.S@M Year ago +5

    Remember when they did skits? With little or no clickbait? Those were the days...

  • Hisham Sado
    Hisham Sado Year ago +5

    The most repeatedly word and the most best word from jarry is 14:03 14:14 14:41 14:52 19:25 ...btw i realy2 love that voice and that word from u jarry...i also love harry voice..kind of the king man voices...just that..LOVE u JARRY AND HARRY

    • Hisham Sado
      Hisham Sado Year ago

      14.14 is the true voice i meaning ... but i said 14:13..sorry my bad..i know my english is bad..btq im from MALAYSIA..whos malaysia here say hello

    • Hisham Sado
      Hisham Sado Year ago

      *JERRY...typo sorry

  • Aracely Wong Gong

    Every time when Jerry makes a sound, sounds like a monkey
    Like the youtuber Nightblue who plays League of Legends
    Can you guys make a channel where you play League of Legends?

  • Dart
    Dart Year ago +1