Jalen Hurts on his message to Tua Tagovailoa: 'Play your game' | ESPN

  • Published on Jan 9, 2018
  • Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Jalen Hurts tells Tom Rinaldi about the advice he gave to backup Tua Tagovailoa before replacing him in the second half of the national championship game vs. the Georgia Bulldogs.
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Comments • 448

  • Achromaniac
    Achromaniac 5 months ago

    This was the most disgusting post-game interview I've ever seen. Tom should be ashamed of himself. Ambushing a kid like that on live TV. I found this cruising YT after Jalen's redemption in SEC Championship this year, but I remember being physically sickened when I watched in live that night. What a douche move. Always thought Tom was a class guy, obviously I was mistaken.

  • Blunt Sessions
    Blunt Sessions 5 months ago +1

    Hurts my favorite player now

  • RJ Jones
    RJ Jones 10 months ago

    Keep your smile, faith, humility, and poise Jalen. My FAVORITE WR Smitty has been a clutch receiver all season! The TEAM is National Champions. They are ALL shining examples of Champions! #RollTide #NationalChampions #UAWhereLegendsAreMade

  • Frank DeCesare
    Frank DeCesare Year ago

    He's lying like hell. He's got contradictory head shaking going on while he's stating how "happy" he is. He was torn up and doing his best to keep a straight face and dignified public appearance.

  • Troyzswagger
    Troyzswagger Year ago

    Dude smiling he got bailed

  • Sir Nice
    Sir Nice Year ago

    Class act. He is about to ball out even more!

  • sunia akaveka
    sunia akaveka Year ago

    Alabama🙏🏽 🏈

  • Blake Stewart
    Blake Stewart Year ago

    Who's starting next year?

  • Demarius Smith
    Demarius Smith Year ago +1

    for all yall tua fans aka band wagons kill ya self since tua is so called starting next year against teams who have weeks to prepare for him ........ lets see how it goes yall handing tua a whole lot of credit cause of one half of football kill ya self 😂 he did impress but 1 game ?? okay yea jalen took us there and yall saying the defense is the reason boy yall are sick

  • Demarius Smith
    Demarius Smith Year ago

    😂😂 mane kill ya self 500x he ain’t no me me QB you think he was rooting him on and encouraging him for nothing mane ya need to delete ya whole youtube account thats a lie

  • Demarius Smith
    Demarius Smith Year ago

    if you think jalen will transfer kill ya self 500x some of yall on here talkin shit about him like you know him stop that he not a me me QB take a look at what tua said if you against jalen then you are against me 💯 if ya think jalen won’t touch the NFL kill ya self

  • B Styless
    B Styless Year ago +1

    Saban said yall going to play asleep in the biggest game of the year. Fuck it, lets throw in these freshman. Crazyyy

  • Area51
    Area51 Year ago

    game vs. the Georgia Bulldog

  • IM Catholic
    IM Catholic Year ago

    His comments were with great respect for the team that he belongs to. This team got to the National Championship Game with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears sacrificed by Jalen. It was a TEAM that won the game. Once the game was over the freshman gave all the glory to God in his interview. I am not an Alabama fan but with great young men like these two quarterbacks I will cheer them on any day and it’s easy seeing why they were the National Champions this year!

  • malu shu
    malu shu Year ago

    I taste something salty

  • Michael Singleton

    Hawaiian Assassin,put the Hurt on Hurt

  • gravitatingaway
    gravitatingaway Year ago

    spoiled ungrateful alabama fans....I wish you guys the worst........

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones Year ago


  • c G
    c G Year ago +1

    everyone hating on jalen but people forget how he lead alabama to even get to the national championship 2 times in a row and why their record is so good for the past 2 years he's played and started on the team. It's a team effort and the receivers and blockers fully didn't do their job too so stop hatin on jalen. The team just clicked later on.

  • tigerarmyrule
    tigerarmyrule Year ago

    He managed to hold his emotions in check and deserves credit......the boy was publicly humiliated on the biggest national stage.

    • tigerarmyrule
      tigerarmyrule Year ago

      You are right NeNe but that does not mean Hurts wasn't humiliated. He was benched in the biggest game of the year for good reasons but a national audience saw a highly respected and successful coach hand him his career and say shut the door as you leave.

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Year ago

      tigerarmyrule He had to hold it in check because the team was about to lose with him at QB, I mean even Nick said he felt that it would be a better chance with Tua as QB and he was right. Tua came in and team lit up and that's what happens when your confidence level is on point and Tua had the confidence, Jalen didn't have it.
      Tua is the man!!!!!

  • acttrammell
    acttrammell Year ago

    To be honest is he didn't win that Mississippi State game Bama wouldn't have been in the playoffs

  • thumbsaloft
    thumbsaloft Year ago

    I think Jalen is taking it like a man, like a stand up guy, it's some of you revealing how you'd feel, how absolutely terrible your personal character is! Jalen's parents raised him right!

  • IC5 GEAR
    IC5 GEAR Year ago

    It takes people to teach country from Alabama the is no I in team. People are selfish in this country. Just look at politics and the hating going in with trump. People want the team of USA to lose have democrats dividing this nation because want communist country and want teach people to suck on tit of federal government. The south has and will always teach our kids about teamwork and about free people. The south will rise again. Crazy people in this country will learn . Believe Marxist history they been teaching for 100 years if you want.

  • SportsRGreat
    SportsRGreat Year ago

    I love watching sweaty men who get a free college education run around playing with their balls.

  • Tara J
    Tara J Year ago

    Hurt's problem is that he holds onto the ball WAY too long and he kept getting sacked.

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Year ago +1

      Tara Jones He underthrew and overthrew and ran backwards alot and threw it out of bounds the whole first half. Dude fell apart and it was sad to watch. He's a great young man but I don't think he should be the starting QB at Bama from now on because in a game of this magnitude and to play crappy and a freshman comes in and the whole team energy lights up means much more than I think people will realize. Tua is a better leader just by the way they responded Tua in how they played. Jalen had no confidence in himself and the team knew it!

  • LittleBit OfEverything

    Jalen I think your job has been stolen from tua

  • CrimsonTide_ Productions

    Jalen has such great sportsmanship. As much as I feel bad about him losing his role as a starter, it’ll just push him to compete harder! Roll tide.

  • Kevin Covington
    Kevin Covington Year ago

    Dude looked sick smh feel bad for the kid but hey they won

  • Owl Ovio
    Owl Ovio Year ago +1

    So we ain’t just gone act like we need to a new kicker instead of worrying about hurts starting or not 😂😭

  • John Money
    John Money Year ago

    Fuc the haters I got jalen for a qb transfer to be succesful somewhere else. He's a good sport

  • CocaineJayy
    CocaineJayy Year ago

    hawaii comin up cuh ! not to mention milton took ucf to an undefeated season !!

  • A54321
    A54321 Year ago

    “Ummm I’ve always been a really bad quarterback, and I couldn’t even score against a terrible Georgia defense, so we really needed an average true freshman to step in and win.”

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones Year ago

    Very impressive for a true freshman to come in after half-time in the championship he throws an interception and comes back and made two perfect passes. Man I hope he enjoyed it cause it won't get any better that in College. CONGRATS Alabama well played.

  • William Strauss
    William Strauss Year ago

    It's sad that this reporter thought this was an appropriate time to ask him that question. Jalen did a great job with what was a messed up question.

  • ARCK808 R 808kings

    Yesah Hawaii boy making his day view

  • Jank Paul
    Jank Paul Year ago

    Why can’t two QBs take field? Is it just in case so they both don’t get injured?

  • Jank Paul
    Jank Paul Year ago

    Jalen looks happy that they won and that Tua played good, but you can see deep down that Jalen is trying to hide the pain that he probably won’t be the starter next season.

  • Easypickens
    Easypickens Year ago

    Neither of these guys are going to the NFL

  • Pickle Johnson
    Pickle Johnson Year ago

    Hurts is mediocre at QB but don't forget their opponents whole defense was planned on stopping his game. Once they switched it up the better team came through.

  • Z.D.T Squaad
    Z.D.T Squaad Year ago

    I really feel bad for jalen . All that hard work and he got Alabama to the championship but can’t enjoy the fruit from his labor . Last year they didn’t win It cause of defense. This year they won but he wasn’t the reason . He’s smiling but I know It’s killing him when he look at the news or when he get to campus and everyone praising tua

  • Davaul Blackmon
    Davaul Blackmon Year ago

    In the words of South park "HE TOOK HIS JOB!"

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali Year ago

    That must Hurt for HURTS!!!

  • proud2beajcan
    proud2beajcan Year ago

    He seems like a stand up guy....a team player. Love it!

  • Q Sosa
    Q Sosa Year ago

    Jalen Hurts shouldn't be the QB anymore for Bama. In the championship games he's no where to be found.Let's not forget that he choked in the Clemson game last year too.

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Year ago

      Q Sosa Exactly!!

  • BlackSpartan091
    BlackSpartan091 Year ago

    And we'll see hurts on the bench just like Eason next season😂😂😂

  • djnkosi
    djnkosi Year ago

    Pure class.

  • Sean Davis
    Sean Davis Year ago

    Funny how baseball can pull pitchers and there is no issue.. Football should embrace it as well.. It totally threw uga off.. So many times we see games where they keep the qb in for far too long and then they place #2 in to either give him the impossible task of scoring 30 pts to catch up or play the last 3 possession s on a blow out game and he just hands the ball off and may throw 2 passes to give him "playtime" and should #1 get injured the backup is no where near prepared... I think if its accepted to switch than many teams could keep top talent on the qb depth chart and make for exciting games... Glavin Smoltz and Maddox all played in harmony for many years (i know its a different sport) but you only win when you throw strikes in both sports

  • Brian Hardie
    Brian Hardie Year ago


  • Cooper Davis
    Cooper Davis Year ago

    He is a good teammate

  • ilandgrl7
    ilandgrl7 Year ago

    hurts is garbage n tua will get his nxt yr n better believe them dawgs n kirby will b prepared for the mastermind himself Nick saban. see u elephants nxt yr!! Go Dawgs!!

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe Year ago

    Jalon needs a job

  • JayBoi Nike
    JayBoi Nike Year ago

    Guy took it well

  • fmoa
    fmoa Year ago +2

    jalen "tua hurts my feelings" hurts

  • Josuè Lizzie
    Josuè Lizzie Year ago

    Hurts would be the perfect fit in jimbo fishers offense. #gigem

    KING LOS Year ago

    He gon make a great coach down the line

  • Bill Mac
    Bill Mac Year ago

    Jalen hurting inside.

  • ypc zoe
    ypc zoe Year ago

    all yall thats hateing on jaylen hurt yall mad cause he a bigger person he still a champion both of them the whole team cause its not no i in team dum ass people 🖕🤘

  • Pens Suck
    Pens Suck Year ago

    Why would anyone put him down? He had a rough first half, for sure, but he got them to the dance. Any competitor would be disappointed not to be the one to finish the game, to have had a bad first half, to be sat at half time, but he is truly happy for the team and his teammates. You can't ask for anything more. In fact, he has the perfect response: disappointment in his performance but overall happy because the team won. Class.

  • iAM J_isLIFE
    iAM J_isLIFE Year ago +7

    Might wanna stop by admissions and grab a transfer slip 😂

  • Ace Ace
    Ace Ace Year ago

    Jalen has always performed with class and composure. He had a bad half but he is far from trash. He brought the team to the championship and supported his teammates. That is leadership. Gotta love those internet quarterbacks calling this dude trash.......not

  • Flash Gordon
    Flash Gordon Year ago

    UCF National Champs

  • MG W
    MG W Year ago

    How come no ones talking about the kicker? Alabama needs to up their kicking game.

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  • Jax Boy
    Jax Boy Year ago +2

    "Jalen, I am the captain now" - Tua

  • BBQ man
    BBQ man Year ago

    Jalen Hurst is straight trash and ass black qb

  • Iroc 86
    Iroc 86 Year ago

    Do anybody know of any seniors kickers in high school or JuCo transfers..... need help asap🙏🙏

  • Ryan Jeansonne
    Ryan Jeansonne Year ago


  • Ryan Jeansonne
    Ryan Jeansonne Year ago

    Come to lau

  • Dujuan Johnson
    Dujuan Johnson Year ago +1

    Dam that hurts!

  • G E
    G E Year ago

    God damn, being humble goes a long way

    • G E
      G E Year ago

      Shoutout this guy

  • Jeremy Sailors
    Jeremy Sailors Year ago

    I love Jaylen but I don’t know about his position as qb, he likes to run the ball more than thrown it, if Ridley isn’t open then he is 9 times out of 10 gonna end up running it. Now I’m not saying running is bad but you have to throw the ball sometimes.

  • ilovebrandnewcarpets


  • Chester Wilson Jr.
    Chester Wilson Jr. Year ago +1


  • Corey Oden
    Corey Oden Year ago +2

    Jake Fromm is where Jalen Hurts was last year...a true freshman who ALMOST led his team to a national championship...HMMM...could Justin Fields be Georgia's Tagovialoa...that would be some real TWILIGHT ZONE type stuff!!✨

    • Corey Oden
      Corey Oden Year ago

      ilandgrl7 Hurts is a NATIONAL CHAMPION.

    • ilandgrl7
      ilandgrl7 Year ago

      Corey Oden bama better watch out for fromm nxt yr cuz he's only gonna get better

    • ilandgrl7
      ilandgrl7 Year ago

      Corey Oden jake fromm is light years ahead of hurts

  • Post Tramatiq
    Post Tramatiq Year ago

    He better send the refs a nice gift.

    MAGACOP Year ago

    He look like some9ne stole his bih at a party and smashed in another room.

  • Brooke Kimble
    Brooke Kimble Year ago +12

    Congrats UCF on your national championship!

    • Brooke Kimble
      Brooke Kimble Year ago

      Jason Smith I agree! And I’m an Ohio State fan, There has to be a better way

    • Jason Smith
      Jason Smith Year ago +1

      The frustrating part is we’ll never know. The NFL has a 1/4 the teams the NCAA does but they allow 4x as many teams in the playoffs. We can only speculate. The NCAA playoff should be at least 16 teams. By only allowing a 4 team playoff you can keep mid-majors from winning national titles. Alabama and Georgia and these major conference schools will begin next season with assumption that they are a better team because they play in a major conference and just came off of a title run. Meanwhile UCF will start the season at the bottom of the rankings if they’re ranked at all. This system is truly BS. It’s not fair or right and it gives a clear advantage to some schools.

    • Brooke Kimble
      Brooke Kimble Year ago

      Nick of the North maybe 7 out of 10 times.

    • Nick of the North
      Nick of the North Year ago

      Brooke Kimble I gaurantee you that Alabama with Tua at starting QB would beat UCF a hundred timea out of a Hundred

  • sp0ngky
    sp0ngky Year ago

    Get ready to fill out that transfer form.

  • David Sayimright
    David Sayimright Year ago +1

    Class act, now get ready to play WR next season BUM

  • Paul Abrusley
    Paul Abrusley Year ago +5

    Tbh the interviewing of Hurts after the game made me sick. It's like the interviewers(not just this one) wanted to get some sort of emotional reaction from him, and it was just really disgusting to watch. I've never thought Hurts was that greatest of QBs, but he seems like a chill dude and I've earned a lot of respect for him with how he handled these asshats with class.

  • Tae Rose
    Tae Rose Year ago

    Looks like jalen...hurts 😂😂😂 *slaps knee*

  • MwM99
    MwM99 Year ago +2

    wow jalen hurts has something every coach wants in a player. it goes deeper than just the field.

  • elbert cates
    elbert cates Year ago +3

    Handled like a wise man. Well done Mr hurts.

  • Cole Tadlock
    Cole Tadlock Year ago

    Jalen Hurts to LSU?

  • String Bean Rick James Looking Fool

    "His name is Jalen Hurts and he's a certified G and a bonafide stud, with class, respect, and humility and you can't teach that. Bada boom realest guy that they interviewed in the room, regardless of Tua getting all the praise and glory....how you doing"?

    • Analyze Perspective
      Analyze Perspective Year ago +1

      gotta like at it from jalens perspective, starts for 2 yrs, almost won the natty last yr, puts a screensaver of them losing the natty on his phone, ppl questions him all yr, played bad vs clemson (defense played well) & georgia, now benched. Anybody would be bother/worried, but common sense tells you everybody is staring at u so of course you'll act like ur not bothered & put on a fake smile.

  • コナマグ
    コナマグ Year ago +1


  • Sam S.
    Sam S. Year ago

    It must HURT to be Jalen HURTS...

  • Matt Pressman Pressman

    He'll have a much better time in the NFL as a RB or a WR. He won't make it as a QB, but he's definitely shown true leadership for Alabama and was all class and selflessness when Tu'a started and brought them back.

  • TheDent InRm'sChin
    TheDent InRm'sChin Year ago +6


  • The froward mouth do I hate

    Doesn't this guy realize that that's why he was pulled out, BECAUSE he was "doin his thang". The way tua threw them open was unbelievable to see from a college QB. Jalen hurts arm is weak and he can't throw like that

  • Steven Danner
    Steven Danner Year ago +1

    True leaders do what is best for the team. ROLL TIDE

  • Dreads_Mcgee
    Dreads_Mcgee Year ago

    He far from trash he would have been benched tua just has the better arm same thing happened in ohio state

  • Eric Tyler
    Eric Tyler Year ago

    Jalen Hurts is DONE, lost his respect and Job lol

  • Alex Graiser
    Alex Graiser Year ago

    Definitely..... they definitely stepped in and to do their game when they played sloppy, made comments to our president, and had many fouls. It's all luck and incest for bama

  • toby miller
    toby miller Year ago

    This dude cried himself to sleep last night. He’s always had that shy, sad, doubtful look on his face. It finally happened big boy, you blew it! Bama should thank their lucky start Tua chose them. It makes me sick. Really wish he was literally anywhere else.

    • Drew A Rockwell
      Drew A Rockwell Year ago

      toby miller what all I saud was he was suppose to go to USC I said nothing bad about Alabama or him

    • toby miller
      toby miller Year ago

      Jason Garrison ashamed, depressed, dead inside, no idea what to do next, confused on how he got into this position, what it even means to be a quarterback.......it’s just his look. Always, not just in this interview. I have no idea how he really feels I was just simply describing the perpetual “look on his face” at all times.

    • toby miller
      toby miller Year ago

      Drew A Rockwell USC eh? Beautiful sunny Southern California. Sounds fantastic! Instead he went to Alabama. Poor bastard. Nobody wants to be in Alabama. And he came from Hawaii so Alabama must really look like a shithole to him!!

    • Drew A Rockwell
      Drew A Rockwell Year ago

      toby miller he was suppose to go to USC

    • Jason Garrison
      Jason Garrison Year ago

      Sad, shy, and doubtful? No, its called being HUMBLE. And you cant teach that in college. Jalen Hurts is a beast, he just had a bad game.

  • Yolo Av
    Yolo Av Year ago

    See ya on last chance u season 3😭

  • dezmond Beard
    dezmond Beard Year ago

    When you lose your job 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • erick t
    erick t Year ago

    He’s thinking damn, it was good while it lasted cause I’m not starting next year.. lol

  • Mark Drouin
    Mark Drouin Year ago

    Gotta sting

  • Ben Adek
    Ben Adek Year ago

    It’s gonna be a qb battle . Saban is not just gonna hand tua the starting job nor will he let Jalen keep it .