2015 vs 2018 ★ Draw This Again ★ Mama Raichu

  • Published on May 19, 2018
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Comments • 414

  • Alexander Rico Rivera
    Alexander Rico Rivera 7 months ago

    Raichu is so cute💕💕💕

    GIZMO SPAZZ 11 months ago

    I like the original better. I think the shading is off in the redraw.

  • Sisters D
    Sisters D 11 months ago

    The baby pichu is adorable, the mama raichu is so sweet and the little Pikachu is so cute that he needs to drop that candy and give everyone watching this video a hug.

  • Firfy 1
    Firfy 1 Year ago

    Who else was annoyed that she didn't make the alolan raichu sit on it's tail

  • Chrissy H
    Chrissy H Year ago

    Can you do more of these Pokémon families they are the cutest!!!

  • Gymnastics Cookies


  • Astrix the cat
    Astrix the cat Year ago

    Hiya! Its meh again if u wanna turn this into a series u could call it poke parents! Its oki if ya dont :3

  • sloth plays
    sloth plays Year ago

    5:40 me when someone asks me why I'm so tired

  • Darcy Noel
    Darcy Noel Year ago

    AAAA BAYLEE YOU SAVED MY LIFE with the alpha lock thing in procreate!!! I’m dumb and couldn’t figure it out lol. I always sketch in magenta but obv it looks weird when I color the sketches.

  • Analie Nova
    Analie Nova Year ago

    the one thing i hate about Procreate is that there's no filling tool.

  • THE Berrby
    THE Berrby Year ago

    Aww It's so sweet and cute. :D

  • Kelsey Baloney
    Kelsey Baloney Year ago

    Can you draw Hiccup as a hot guy? Oh wait...

  • Neriah Peters
    Neriah Peters Year ago +1

    im gonna do more of these pokemon parents

  • Peekaboo Peach
    Peekaboo Peach Year ago

    5:40 look at pickachu

  • flareontoast
    flareontoast Year ago +1

    Yessss do a whole series!

  • Tiana Tumbles
    Tiana Tumbles Year ago

    In Procreate if you want to do gradient colour than you get the colour you want in the top circle in the right top corner and drag it to the area that you want but make sure there is no spaces or it will fill the whole page. Hope that this was helpful. Thanks, Tiana

  • GyGy Carrasquillo

    There is a gradient tool

  • Lilibutter
    Lilibutter Year ago +1

    What really shocks me is that you know so much about pikachu to imagine a whole family and how it SHOULD be scaled hahahaha. This is amazing!!

  • Jenny J
    Jenny J Year ago +1

    No progress sad 😢

  • Menthe
    Menthe Year ago

    I was at anime north!

  • L1FE
    L1FE Year ago

    Press alpha lock then create a new layer

  • XXGachaSnakeXX
    XXGachaSnakeXX Year ago +1

    You should have made Pikachu as pichu

    Edit;she did XD

  • Maddie K
    Maddie K Year ago

    Where's the black tip at the end of Pikachus tail?

  • Gamer orca 2003
    Gamer orca 2003 Year ago

    I don't know I like the old picture better. Sorr5

  • Desiree Goings
    Desiree Goings Year ago

    Use the soft airbrush to add shading

  • Little fudge nugget

    What's that app u use were can upload photos an be n different chats???

  • محمد حماده

    رسمات حلوه جدا

  • Original Ruinicorn

    I've been watching you for years now and im really happy with the way your videos have evolved! I can't wait to watch more in the future!

  • toastthebread
    toastthebread Year ago

    I can already tell that it's alolan richu

  • Kira T
    Kira T Year ago

    I love this piece

  • Hudson Petroff
    Hudson Petroff Year ago

    You are one of the best Artist I've ever seen you are incredibly good at art

  • Charlotte Chiang
    Charlotte Chiang Year ago

    3:18 woAh! hE naCkeD XDXDXDXD

  • Superdino7 Playz
    Superdino7 Playz Year ago +2


  • Azumi
    Azumi Year ago

    The Raichu in your original Raichu is a boy :P Female Raichu has the tip of her tail cut off a little so it should be daddy Raichu in that one and now mommy Raichu is feeding her new baby

  • Paun Luca
    Paun Luca Year ago

    I've seen this on instagram before watching the video

  • Cheyenne Seckel
    Cheyenne Seckel Year ago

    So cute

  • Gingersnap
    Gingersnap Year ago

    I love the original

  • Sienna Ritten
    Sienna Ritten Year ago +1

    Did anyone hear that ROBLOX jump?

  • Shwetha Nadaradjane
    Shwetha Nadaradjane Year ago +2

    4:16 do.....

  • Makayla Heard
    Makayla Heard Year ago

    Please more of the procreate vids I love these as well as really any of your digital art

    • Makayla Heard
      Makayla Heard Year ago

      Your amazing have bought so many things from u such as tablet stickers and your book💜💜💜💜I love u and can you do pikachu as a hot guy or some other Pokémon and also a drawing of a girl character as a guy or opposite guy to girl

  • Ice Drawz
    Ice Drawz Year ago

    hey i seen you at anime north in Toronto or Brampton idk where it is, i love your art
    lol XD not trying to be a creep (i promise you im not lol
    edit: i think it was you at least :b
    another edit XD......: are you going to fan expo??

    BIG WAVE ZAK Year ago

    Hi baylee jae you are awesome I love art I am 13 ands
    I'm getting copic caoi soon I have some of my artwork on my channel if you want to see how good I am at art for a 13 year old and some advice if that's not to much to ask but I love your channel and I all sow watch draw with jazza art for life right your awesome bye

  • Jordie Belle
    Jordie Belle Year ago

    BAYLEE YOU'RE ALMOST TO A MILLION! Not to be a total hipster or anything, but I remember when you were under 50k! Girl, I knew from the getgo you'd be a huge influencer and here you are. I have so much pride in you :) Oh, and also cute drawing of course, but that kind of goes without saying

    BAKANEKO Year ago

    6:03 do I want to ask??

  • Adil Draws
    Adil Draws Year ago

    You did a great job but could be better.

  • Angie just angie
    Angie just angie Year ago


  • Pearakeet
    Pearakeet Year ago

    Grampa Drampa!

  • Vohasiiv
    Vohasiiv Year ago

    Daik broun

  • Sara’s Corner
    Sara’s Corner Year ago

    i love it and i love your new intro too!

  • Luke Brodsky
    Luke Brodsky Year ago


  • Annick Nicky
    Annick Nicky Year ago

    This motivates me to try to draw some Pokémon

  • Lowi Draws
    Lowi Draws Year ago

    Aww so cuuuute!! Love the redraw so much, the colors are just amazing!

  • Tabbycat Witch
    Tabbycat Witch Year ago

    6:05 hot

  • davey draws
    davey draws Year ago


  • ShadowSpy
    ShadowSpy Year ago

    Wow Baylee, I can tell you had a bit of fun doing that

  • Jemma
    Jemma Year ago

    I like da first one more

  • kearanyrese1
    kearanyrese1 Year ago

    Omg mama and papa pokemon would be so cute!!!!!!!

  • Alice Adler
    Alice Adler Year ago

    Wish I lived closer but as it is getting to you from Southern Alabama near the Gulf Coast would be tough!!! Great piece of art!!!

  • VegetaSireika
    VegetaSireika Year ago

    Recoloring the lineart was so satisfying. Omg. It literally changed the entire feel of the art to me. Very, very cute. ♡♡♡ great job.

  • Art Studio 101
    Art Studio 101 Year ago

    That art piece is so adorable! It's making my heart melt! 😍