Why Flat Earthers Are Dead Wrong

  • What was supposed to be a relaxing trip home to visit Mom turned out to be a battle of science and spite. One of our writers shared his head-butting story about his mother and her new affinity for the Flat Earth "Theory". Is it even a theory? Watch our new funny video to find out!
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Comments • 80

  • loveforthegame3
    loveforthegame3 2 months ago +15636

    The earth is shaped as a donut. Look at the facts. You people are sheep. i will never believe anything the government tells me. nobody has ever actually been in soace. we cant even feed starving people how are we going to space

    • Aschentae
      Aschentae 25 days ago


    • Abhi
      Abhi Month ago

      @Infinity Studios you can never tell. Internet sarcasm has become so much complex(too simple)

    • Lil Ava
      Lil Ava Month ago

      Neil A. : Am I a joke to you?

    • Aiwanano
      Aiwanano 2 months ago

      He spelled space wrong lol

    • Aiwanano
      Aiwanano 2 months ago

      :o he got pinned

  • Zade Watson
    Zade Watson 15 minutes ago

    And I swear if she pours water on that orange I will say one thing gravity

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich Hour ago

    Flat earth mom: " Well, the the reason some constellations are not visible in other places is because objects traveling away get smaller the farther they get away from us."
    Son: "But, the sun goes over the horizon the same angular size."
    Flat earth mom:😳

  • Rajja Nasution
    Rajja Nasution Hour ago

    i thought earth was flat I guess earth was a donut :D

  • indrani mitra
    indrani mitra Hour ago +1

    The simple thing is, what reason does NASA have to lie to us? If the earth was really flat, why wouldn’t they just tell us?

  • Phuc yoo
    Phuc yoo 2 hours ago

    With the whole flying to the ice wall and getting teleported back, if people are going to sail there, how come they are not going to get teleported bwck eh?

  • Kathy Salas
    Kathy Salas 2 hours ago +1

    Next shape for earth TRIANGLE

  • King of all Dimensions Scorpio Sun


  • Yeet Ason
    Yeet Ason 3 hours ago

    There idiots

    KENNETH KWOK 4 hours ago

    about the fly and the beach ball is completely wrong, she just does not think at all. A plane cant fly that high to see thew curvature of the earth, the only thing a plane would see is the horizon and a fly and a beach ball, if that was compared the fly would be probally be the international space station and the earth is the beachball. Gravity pulls us down to the core which makes us aware that its flat . And if the earth is flat, it would probally crash straight into the moon

  • Nerfed Booster
    Nerfed Booster 4 hours ago

    Just make her listen to paramore song, Ignorance lol

  • d Va
    d Va 5 hours ago

    If the Earth is flat, and not a sphere then why did Japan bomb Pearl Harbor? I believe that Japan is across the Pacific ocean, with Hawaii between mainland USA and Japan. But if not, then why would Japan go completely around the "disc", to attack a base as far away from them as can be?

  • Moody-gachagirl
    Moody-gachagirl 5 hours ago

    LIER THE EARTH IS FLAT tell me if the earth is round a sphere them how are people at the "bottem" of the earth how are they still there and dont say OH GrAvTy NO dead wrong there is a rim around the earth have you ever traveld to the very edge and theres a dome around us

  • SignedTundra Gaming
    SignedTundra Gaming 8 hours ago

    This video is Unnessisary

  • Foxmpomas
    Foxmpomas 8 hours ago

    First of all, even if the world is flat. Why would the government try and hide it from us?

  • Azunyan
    Azunyan 8 hours ago

    Idiots, *gravity holds up the earth so its spherical*
    *if the earth is flat, theres no north and south pole, gravity doesn't have a pole to grab on, so we would fly up on space.*

  • kenworthNH
    kenworthNH 10 hours ago

    If you dig a hole right through the earth and jump through, you'll come out feet first?

  • Matthew Theobald
    Matthew Theobald 10 hours ago +1

    Seeing is not believing! Your senses will fail you. Science is what allows us to go beyond our narrow view of the world and our limited vantage point. If you only believe in what you can see, then you are missing most of reality. So what if the Earth "appears" to be flat, the truth is that it isn't. We can prove it with math and science. Completely ignoring the fact that we have pictures of the Earth from space, we have known the Earth was round since the Greeks. Proving it was as simple as sticking two poles in the ground at different points and seeing the different angles of the shadows. If you believe in something because you read it on the internet, maybe you should challenge that belief with credible sources from elsewhere .

  • NöLøve KC 87KC
    NöLøve KC 87KC 10 hours ago

    so explain why we didn’t see the moon and the sun out at the same time when most of us was kids like in the 2000s but now they’re both out

  • Logan Chiminera
    Logan Chiminera 10 hours ago

    I don't understand why this needed the seemly fake scripted family altercation to prove your point. Coulda just refuted typical flat earth things w/o it

  • I Like Subz
    I Like Subz 15 hours ago

    LOL the ending

  • Kiane Rain Bautista
    Kiane Rain Bautista 15 hours ago

    Love for the game if humans where in the hole not in space on the ground if you look up you will see the other side

  • JusLikeTht
    JusLikeTht 16 hours ago +1

    shes dumb

  • NoEe Noee
    NoEe Noee 16 hours ago

    Ya know...Da earth can't be flat..you know why?
    *We have mountains* ⛰ ;-;

  • Captain_Squeaks
    Captain_Squeaks 17 hours ago

    The one thing that disproves flat earthers is: what would the government have to benefit from lying to us? What if one astronaut slipped up or went over the government's head? You're telling me that there has not been one slip in like 70 years?

  • Bryan The Memenga
    Bryan The Memenga 18 hours ago

    The flat earther news logo is a globe.

  • Khadira Hassan
    Khadira Hassan 18 hours ago

    I gonna send some flat Earthers to space

  • Nothing -
    Nothing - 19 hours ago +1

    If the earth was flat, gravity wouldn’t let it be like that and it would just turn in to a ball and if gravity wasn’t real we would have planets floating around in space everywhere.

  • Yeet master Yolo
    Yeet master Yolo 19 hours ago

    U know how far Peru is from Florida, it is 30 or 90 miles

  • Kaira Byrd
    Kaira Byrd 20 hours ago +1

    not a flat earther but ngl i wanna see what’s behind the giant ice wall lol

  • Claudiu Coss
    Claudiu Coss 20 hours ago

    i don't see the point of this video o.O

  • Sakdinat Ayuwong
    Sakdinat Ayuwong 23 hours ago

    let natural selection decide.

  • David Duong
    David Duong Day ago +1

    If the earth is round, then every country is on its side? Therefore everybody is walking vertically? Look at the globe

  • Patricia Handa
    Patricia Handa Day ago

    During a lunar eclipse (the earth going between the moon and the sun, a quite common occurrence, as the earth is much bigger than the moon), the earth's shadow covers part or all of the full moon. Anyone watching this, which is much easier to do than watching a solar eclipse since the moon won't blind you, can see that the edge of the shadow is curved. This is regardless of where or when the eclipse happens. I'm not sure how lunar eclipses are explained

    • Patricia Handa
      Patricia Handa Day ago

      at all by flat earthers, much less the curved shadow aspect.

  • DerAnanasKing
    DerAnanasKing Day ago

    regular flat earthers: "the earth is flat"
    Italian flat earthers: "the Pizza is Earth shaped"

  • DarrenEmmaAddyAlexYT

    Earth can not be flat or donut because of gravity, gravity puts the force in the middle of earth that turns into a round shape

  • Matthew McConico
    Matthew McConico Day ago +1


    You expected something funny?

  • Ima Dude
    Ima Dude Day ago

    Square Square Square Square Square

  • nuster dom
    nuster dom Day ago

    Trump said the Earth is Round now i know its flat

  • The blue ringtone

    I really hate flat earthers

  • Juan Manuel Castañeda

    I bet all those dislikes come from flat earthers.

  • Terracotta
    Terracotta Day ago


  • Arlox
    Arlox Day ago

    we know

  • Johannes Müller

    What I wonder about why WHY ON EARTH Should they hide it from us ???? I just don’t understand

  • Racheal T
    Racheal T Day ago

    There’s no reason to lie about the earths shape why would nasa and spacex ext lie 😂😂

  • MrGalath
    MrGalath Day ago +2

    Flat Earther: The Earth is flat and that’s scientifically proven.
    Normal Human Being: But wait, aren’t scientific facts lies?
    Flat Earther: LIAR!

    • cube comber
      cube comber 7 hours ago

      How does anyone's beliefs make someone not a normal human being

  • XChange HD
    XChange HD Day ago

    When astronaut taking picture on the earth i don't see the arctic wall anywhere ?

  • sunny_ D
    sunny_ D Day ago

    It's just sad that people think the earth us round instead of it being a triangle

  • KernowShinigamiViper Lil'Dragon

    I feel sorry for the person who had to have the conversation IRL.

  • Read More
    Read More Day ago +1

    They forgot that you are so small that the earth look flat in your view, the Mount Everest is not even that big according to earth

  • NailShott
    NailShott Day ago

    this is a mom i dont want to joe mama on

  • Dragon’s Nest
    Dragon’s Nest Day ago

    Has she taken her medicine yet ?

  • Antonio Bateza
    Antonio Bateza Day ago

    ...you know that exposition is just going to prove their pack man theory cuz their idiots their going to think they packmaned back but... In reality They just crossed Antarctica

  • Matt Dentremont
    Matt Dentremont Day ago

    Yeah u are an idiot....planes do fly flat and level

  • {Flare the Moltres}

    The closest thing to being flat in our solar system is a dwarf planet called “Haumea” it isn’t flat,it is egg shaped

  • Ralph Walter
    Ralph Walter Day ago

    We should have fallen of the edge if the earth was nob00bs

  • Aron
    Aron Day ago

    When commercial space travel is available what are flat earthers wold say?
    It's all virtual reality or something

  • Jaden Ip
    Jaden Ip Day ago

    Your mom is dumb and I AM kid :/ 8 years

  • Marcus Xiriha
    Marcus Xiriha Day ago +1

    No offense but it's really annoying when people say that the earth is flat, it's round like duh

  • sweeet pumpkinspice

    And solar eclipse?
    I mean lunar

  • James Wilmot
    James Wilmot Day ago

    Haha! Now NASA says the Moon is in the earths atmosphere and the universe is a flat plain that goes on for ever and ever! Haha!

    • happy muttonchop
      happy muttonchop Day ago

      Yes, the earth's atmosphere apparently has minuscule remnants for hundreds of thousands of miles.

  • José Pere
    José Pere Day ago

    If the pacman effect would be real then the GTA effect where you can't die and just spawn at a hospital is real I'll be right back I'm going to hope I don't get shoot while stealing a car. I can't imagine how annoying it's is to argue with a flat Earther. Love your videos

  • Hierony
    Hierony Day ago

    Maybe we need to send those people to Mars. It would be a lot better here...

  • BloxGamer38
    BloxGamer38 Day ago

    Someone has been reading too much Discworld.
    Like me. I really want to believe in the great A’Tuin

  • 好みコノキ
    好みコノキ Day ago

    If you are 10.000 meters high so you can see a curve line

  • Unlucky
    Unlucky Day ago

    It's not even hard to tell it's round, you can go in a plane and see the atmosphere is curving

  • marrues ham
    marrues ham Day ago

    Enjoying ur lies?

  • * BINX *
    * BINX * 2 days ago

    If flat earthers were to given a task to prove that the earth is flat without saying the word "liar" they would lose in the first 10s

  • Suber
    Suber 2 days ago

    I like how people get angry about flat earth, but they don't question how an object of high density can just absorb absolutely anything. Yes I do think black holes are real, but really? The Earth is flat? Info graphics didn't even talk about how the phases of the moon work or even question the magnets or the satellites or how satellites rotate around the flat earth or how scientists even got a freaking dome on the Earth. I am very curious, "enlighten" me flat-earthers.

    Edit: I think some "flat-earthers" scammed ur mom. @Info

  • Sargon
    Sargon 2 days ago +1

    So if a plane teleports like a pacman, wouldn't the ship do so as well?

  • Kris Tiono
    Kris Tiono 2 days ago

    ice wall : nobody can go through us and we will never melt
    global warming : *gonna end this man career*

  • The N Family
    The N Family 2 days ago

    You are both wrong the earth is not round or flat why are there bumps / buildings and mountains

  • Sergen GamesTV
    Sergen GamesTV 2 days ago

    That doesnt make any sense.
    She says that there are giant icewalls at the edge? Okay, lets accept this "fact".
    But whats with that "Pacman-fact"? I thought its impossible to get over the wall?

  • Hybrid
    Hybrid 2 days ago +1

    When your grandmother first gets a computer.

  • That Guy In A Godzilla Suit

    Haha 😂 it’s funny when people think we live on Minecraft.

  • cRz_ kamil
    cRz_ kamil 2 days ago

    Clickbait the earth is flat

  • Cookie Kid
    Cookie Kid 2 days ago +1

    There are flat earthers al around the earth

  • Alex White
    Alex White 2 days ago

    Gravity doesn’t exist. Things just fal

  • Flux Pan
    Flux Pan 2 days ago

    *Sees title*
    It doesn’t take a genius to know that.

  • Oisin McCormack
    Oisin McCormack 2 days ago

    The dragon glass part got me 😂