I Performed At A NBA Half Time Show!?!?

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • In this video I got the opportunity to come out at a bucks game to throw some lobs and end off the performance with a DUNK! This was a dream come true! Hopefully you guys like the video!! Thank you!!
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  • Tristan Jass
    Tristan Jass  6 months ago +1734

    Can’t believe I did this... Dream come true... Love you all🙏❤️

    • Liam Persaud
      Liam Persaud 17 days ago

      Tristan Jassy

    • Nathan Embro
      Nathan Embro Month ago


    • Shuwan Kendrick
      Shuwan Kendrick Month ago

      Tristan Jass I love you video

    • Gameo BrosYT
      Gameo BrosYT 2 months ago +1

      Tristan Jass I’m also from Wisconsin by the way This WAS AWESOME!!!

    • Jabrilah Andrews
      Jabrilah Andrews 2 months ago +1

      Tristan Jass is a time for work tomorrow morning and I’m not sure if you wanna

  • CHI TOvvN
    CHI TOvvN 2 hours ago

    Tristan’s friend looks like Dua Lipa.

  • Alejandro Garrido
    Alejandro Garrido 14 hours ago

    I’m happy for you man, I started watching your videos like a week ago and I really enjoy watching this channel 👍👍👍

  • Derek Brown
    Derek Brown Day ago

    U did it bro seek discomfort 💯💪🏾

  • James Mercado (Student)

    Nice intro, best one in the whole experience of the world, 2019 (2020) years

  • DareDevilSunday
    DareDevilSunday Day ago

    “I just blew up the bathroom...”

  • Fly Terminatar
    Fly Terminatar 2 days ago

    That was way too overrated

  • L.M.L TEAM
    L.M.L TEAM 2 days ago +1

    Well I’m inspired

  • Alwayz Listening
    Alwayz Listening 2 days ago

    I'll subscribe to U if u subscribe to me😁

  • lit forever
    lit forever 2 days ago

    Bro I want to be as good as him I would do anything just for him to teach me to play basketball

  • Hockeyboys26
    Hockeyboys26 2 days ago


  • M8 DADDY
    M8 DADDY 3 days ago +4

    When he said “shoutout to god” idk why thats so funny😂

  • Soldier Boy76
    Soldier Boy76 3 days ago

    You video your self over 1millon people and you ar nervous in front of like 40k

    • I Pity Da Foo
      I Pity Da Foo 2 days ago

      Is this comment a joke? its easy to video yourself in front of millions of random people who you cant see especially when you can edit embarassing stuff out, but in front of 40000 people LIVE you cant edit out mistakes and you have to see and hear everyones reactions, thats a little different my guy lmao

  • J Bettis
    J Bettis 5 days ago

    Did you get my test and her kid's life is on hiss the boys not going to be a long time before she leave 2

  • Pullox
    Pullox 5 days ago

    Nba jam be like... 6:29

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 6 days ago +1

    0:39 Can someone pleeease tell me who this beautiful girl is?😍

  • Orlando Holy
    Orlando Holy 10 days ago

    Your hard🔥🔥

  • Det_lions90
    Det_lions90 13 days ago

    11:06 🤣🤣😂🤣 Go home

  • Earl Playz
    Earl Playz 15 days ago

    Tristan are you Christian?

    PDC AND JBC 16 days ago


  • Shaundogger 09
    Shaundogger 09 17 days ago +2

    Yeah man! Gods always got yo back!

  • Jonathan Laque
    Jonathan Laque 18 days ago

    That's tight

  • Jordan’s Good Life
    Jordan’s Good Life 19 days ago +1

    Doesn’t he look like Jake Paul

  • Eddie McGrew
    Eddie McGrew 20 days ago


  • Jughead Jacobson
    Jughead Jacobson 20 days ago

    Why aren’t you in the nba

  • Bry Haywood
    Bry Haywood 21 day ago +1


  • Victor Lalthlamuana
    Victor Lalthlamuana 21 day ago

    "God's got ma back"imma subscribe for thatt

  • Eric Haller
    Eric Haller 22 days ago

    i love how he signing the shoes like he somone important like bro uu famous for doing a fucking layup 😂😭😭💀

  • Potter Rudl
    Potter Rudl 23 days ago

    Great job

  • Almond Ray Felipe
    Almond Ray Felipe 24 days ago

    2:14 Name please 😩🥰

  • Chris Meyers
    Chris Meyers 25 days ago

    Respect but perfectter

  • I_ Souls
    I_ Souls 26 days ago +4

    10:31 I mean lol (moms a gold digger)

  • Damian Romania
    Damian Romania 26 days ago

    What an experience, living the dream.

  • Fearless Dragon
    Fearless Dragon 28 days ago

    5:12 Tristan’s hair tho

  • sokol karcanaj
    sokol karcanaj 29 days ago +5

    First i thoght you were gonna hit him with the shoes 🤣. Lol

  • ali okmen
    ali okmen Month ago

    Do you live in Milwaukee

  • evade._ .expert
    evade._ .expert Month ago +1

    Any body else know.that t jazz missed

  • Xzotic
    Xzotic Month ago

    Tjass looked so depressed when he was taking pics with people 😂

  • Ακης Μασονακης

    Just make a video with Ivana

  • Reniqz
    Reniqz Month ago

    Why was I low-key nervous for him 😂

  • MysticTube H2O
    MysticTube H2O Month ago

    I swear one day ur hair is straight ... then it’s curly lmao

  • Calvin Collins
    Calvin Collins Month ago

    Man u can see how nervous he was haha didnt even wanna talk

  • tenie Bigger than most

    T has I got mad respect for that shirt man ✊🏽

  • William Ramirez
    William Ramirez Month ago

    10:20 i like that mom

  • Clark Kent Perlas
    Clark Kent Perlas Month ago

    You have to be one of the coolest person I've ever seen.

  • Shmirak 5655
    Shmirak 5655 Month ago

    Just passing the ball....

  • cycle tech and All
    cycle tech and All Month ago

    Sent me a shoe . I am player from kottayam , kerala, India. Bro please. I don't have money for buying shoe. Your old shoe ..
    Please. ...??

    • K P
      K P 21 day ago

      Alex cycle repairs h

  • Wezus Irijz
    Wezus Irijz Month ago

    Great job T!

  • VenomzYT
    VenomzYT Month ago +32

    5:19 t jass was just lost 😂😂😂😂

  • Analyn Lagumbay
    Analyn Lagumbay Month ago


  • Analyn Lagumbay
    Analyn Lagumbay Month ago

    What a dunk from tristian mass the 👑 leyup

  • Ruling Rubiez
    Ruling Rubiez Month ago

    Oof at 0:00

  • mastermaly1
    mastermaly1 Month ago

    fake curly, lol

  • Yzabel Calubaquib
    Yzabel Calubaquib Month ago

    Hope to see you soon 🙏💕🤗

  • Philly Wall
    Philly Wall Month ago

    you gave away curries shoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! youre crazy but nice

  • KC Peter
    KC Peter Month ago

    5:32 Amen Pastor Tristan

  • Mr. Handles
    Mr. Handles Month ago +1

    3:55 is that my dogs twin.

    Everything is the same except for the cOlOr. My dog is a ginger

  • JuugrixhKid
    JuugrixhKid Month ago

    So anybody notice the dude blond hair at 7:17

    DRAKS U Month ago +2

    Mano será q so o único brasileiro q assiste o t jass

    • DRAKS U
      DRAKS U Month ago

      @J GAMES ow é nois bro

    • J GAMES
      J GAMES Month ago +2

      Você ñ esta sozinho

  • Melissa Rivas
    Melissa Rivas Month ago