Commitment - Motivational Video

  • Published on Dec 1, 2015
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    Motivational Video - Commitment
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  • RANDOM Emperor
    RANDOM Emperor 9 days ago


  • Sallas A
    Sallas A 17 days ago

    I love this....

  • Ellie Baird
    Ellie Baird 20 days ago

    I just had a cold bath🥶🥶

  • krishna prakash
    krishna prakash 3 months ago

    💯 committed is the manifest of Love in life

    EL MEXIMAN 3 months ago

    Pan con queso

  • Tinku Maurya
    Tinku Maurya 4 months ago

    All right

  • Vithya Tharan
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  • Mitiksh
    Mitiksh 4 months ago

    Jay Shetty voice i Guess

  • Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano 5 months ago

    Tired of that Ham and eggs story .

  • 晴天の霹靂
    晴天の霹靂 9 months ago

    01:53 can you give me the link of that background music?

  • Facilities Manager
    Facilities Manager 10 months ago

    If you Want to Take The Island, Burn The Ships, COMMIT!

  • Beware of Bad boy
    Beware of Bad boy 10 months ago +1

    lets struggle for life you can rest after you die💪

  • AyushT
    AyushT 10 months ago

    If you want to take the island, burn the ships 🔥

  • Shahzad Arif
    Shahzad Arif 11 months ago

    my go-to video when times get harsh

  • Levitie King
    Levitie King 11 months ago

    Amazing video 😇🙏❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Nane Khachatryan
    Nane Khachatryan Year ago

    I just watched it ,and it was amazing,this speech literally changed the way i think,the way i live,the way i talk,the way i'm looking at life,It just helped me out ,thank you very much for this powerful motivational speech ,you are the best❣️❣️❣️

  • Vijay Ananth
    Vijay Ananth Year ago

    U r speech of talking is more powerful and energy, thank u

  • arambaii meitei
    arambaii meitei Year ago

    Life changing

  • Her Excellency
    Her Excellency Year ago

    If you want to take the island, burn the ships🙌......

  • Vikas Pandey
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  • laxmi prakash
    laxmi prakash Year ago

    #Statement - Dad I'm learning about commitment vs Contribution 👈🏼 really that's the words me to learning at IT Job ...#MoreToCommitment😎🎤

    SONI POKHAREL Year ago

    Loved it.

  • Lamia Ictus
    Lamia Ictus Year ago

    Love this

  • Sonya Davidson
    Sonya Davidson Year ago

    There's an old business fable about commitment

    The first time I heard it was years ago I was watching a video of Dartmouth's rowing coach. He was telling a story to inspire his team and basically in this story there's a father and there's a son they're sitting down at breakfast and the son says Dad I'm learning about commitment versus contribution in school right I'm trying to grasp it but I can't quite understand the difference.

    The father thinks about it for a minute. He says look down at your plate what do you see? Boy says ham and eggs. Father says well that chicken made a contribution to your breakfast that Pig made a commitment. He then goes on to tell his team to row like pigs. And that simple metaphor created a foundation for everything that's come through my life since then.

    Right in anything we do there's the option to go all-in or to walk the line to hedge your bets and people so often leave or quit when something becomes difficult because there's another door, they've left open. Right there's an easier way with an escape route. But let me ask you this do you think if it was a life or death situation, I'd say you needed water to survive would you give up after looking for three hours and coming up empty-handed. But of course, not you keep looking because life depended on it.

    Right there's no other options available. There's this old saying that if you want to take the island burn the ships. Commit and it's not until you do this that things truly begin to change that progress is made at the highest level you simply cannot hit. You simply cannot tip tow to success. You can't sneak up behind it. You have to own it. Right go after what you want like the world is on fire like your universe revolves around making this happen.

    I have never in my 28 years of existence seen a lion walk up to a gazelle and hope that it falls over. Right it attacks it with everything that it has: speed, strength, and tenacity. That's what brings home the prize.

    If you and your goals are one if they are not the same that's a pretty good indicator that you are fighting the wrong fight. You should live and breathe your dreams. Inhale and exhale them. They should live at the forefront of your mind. Where every thought that comes through your head should be in the context of that dream. That basic question how bad do you want it. Well if you're not willing to fully commit to dive into something. Then that gives you a pretty good answer right out of the gate.

    You can talk about hours spent, routines, habits. But if you aren't passionate about what you want. If you don't immerse yourself in it. None of that really matters.

    Live how you need to live. Do what you need to do. Be who you need to be to make your dreams real. Fully commit to excellence because until you do that you will be left with only a vision and a false sense of reality. Winners don't have time for that. Okay set your mind to your target and crush it. That is the only option.

  • Erik Helmersen
    Erik Helmersen Year ago

    You are probably the most inspirational speaker out there, please continue making what is changing the world and our perspective.. Thankyou, you help me everyday, morning motivation.. Everyday

  • RK
    RK Year ago

    Most underrated channel awesome brother

  • Lupita Castillo
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  • Sarvatmak
    Sarvatmak Year ago

    I'm willing to author Hindi captions

  • Dupont González
    Dupont González Year ago

    Muy buen vídeo

  • Dupont González
    Dupont González Year ago

    Claro es bueno comprometerse con las cosas ,si no como se espera alcanzar las metas

  • Nèg Andéyò
    Nèg Andéyò Year ago


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    Earned $2000 as an digital affiliate that's it (My commitment)

  • Deecon YT
    Deecon YT Year ago

    Eric Thomas will be like: “where tf is your man voice?”

    • Your World Within
      Your World Within  Year ago

      Doubtful that he’d be scrolling through RU-clip comments criticizing other speakers and artists. He’s doing some incredible stuff of his own!

  • Josiah Chimfutumba

    Life is a race winners don't have time to waste continue making these videos guys we can change the mindset of others we ourselves

  • Josiah Chimfutumba

    Life is a race winners don't have time to waste continue making these videos guys we can change the mindset of others

  • Justin Calhoon
    Justin Calhoon Year ago

    norman is best waffer

  • Justin Calhoon
    Justin Calhoon Year ago

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  • Justin Calhoon
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  • Justin Calhoon
    Justin Calhoon Year ago

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  • Justin Calhoon
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  • Pankaj Bakshi
    Pankaj Bakshi Year ago

    motivation alway best video
    to movie some one...
    great thinking....

    suberb ideas.....

    ✌ always win
    if u think anothers......thanx lord

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  • Anju O M
    Anju O M Year ago

    Good One .......

  • Prashant Nikam
    Prashant Nikam Year ago

    Hindutva हिन्दूत्व is our culture but here intilgent person fuck with them.... एक भारतीय

  • Naveen Raturi
    Naveen Raturi Year ago

    Osm 👍👍

  • Taj Kumari
    Taj Kumari Year ago

    Subtitles plz

  • Sakshi Semwal
    Sakshi Semwal Year ago

    I wish there were subtitles to this video!
    Otherwise... It was fabulous!

  • super star
    super star Year ago

    U are great man nice video

  • Sarah Hall
    Sarah Hall Year ago

    But I don’t want it enough.

  • Raghavendra Badiger

    good motivational video hit the goal n crush it. Rsbadiger!

  • Keaton Campbell
    Keaton Campbell Year ago

    Who is this speaker?? I like him!!

  • Rajendra Rathore
    Rajendra Rathore Year ago

    Sri Hindi me video

  • Joseph P A
    Joseph P A Year ago

    Thank you

  • Peggy and Allan Gorman

    I wonder how many people see this and think of their marriage!

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  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar Year ago

    Those who dislike even these motivational stuffs!!!
    I don't know when they'll be motivated and positive!!?

  • bear831tiger
    bear831tiger Year ago +5

    "Imagine that you are in a life death situation, and you needed water to survive, would you give up trying 3 hrs, and coming up empty handed, of course NOT! BECAUSE LIFE DEPENDS ON IT... it took of after that!!!!!!!!! adimire, respect props for this guy!!refreshing

  • davismace
    davismace Year ago

    This is a great video to start a meeting, practice, game, anything where you want to motivate a group of people with. Keep these coming.

  • Draden
    Draden Year ago

    What if you dont know what you want?

  • usama
    usama Year ago

    //I'm committed;