The Untold Truth Of In N Out Burger

  • Published on Apr 19, 2018
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    Chances are that if you've ever been to In-N-Out Burger, you were sold after your first bite - that toasted sponge bread, the fresh-never-frozen patty, the grilled onions, the secret sauce - it's the antithesis of most drive-thru burgers. It's no surprise that the chain that has long been heralded the "it" fast food restaurant since its opening in 1948, has managed to gain a cult following that other burger joints could only wish to achieve. Though there's plenty of talk of the chain's not-so-secret menu, there might be a few unknown tidbits that even the biggest aficionados don't know about their beloved burger spot. We're digging into some surprising In-N-Out Burger facts, but be warned, you might get a little hungry…
    How to really "animal-style" | 0:46
    The secret secret menu | 1:22
    Special deals for law enforcement | 1:53
    New on the menu | 2:35
    Secret messages | 3:12
    Famous chefs are loving it | 4:12
    Managers make bank | 5:27
    High-end swag | 6:21
    The heiress to the burger fortune | 7:00
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Comments • 6 804

  • Mashed
    Mashed  Year ago +824

    What's your go-to order at In N Out?

  • Raul Arispe
    Raul Arispe Day ago

    Love in n out burger don’t get me wrong. But listen here Californians.. whataburger is the best hands down that’s a fact. Butttttt y’all’s state is much more beautiful.. that’s a fact as well.

  • Oh Mushrooms
    Oh Mushrooms 2 days ago

    I’m eating a double double as I’m watching this.

    • CODED
      CODED Day ago

      @Oh Mushrooms cant wait

    • Oh Mushrooms
      Oh Mushrooms Day ago

      Probably the best burger joint ever.

    • Oh Mushrooms
      Oh Mushrooms Day ago

      Nice bro, where are you from?

    • CODED
      CODED Day ago

      Currently on a vacation in texas. Going to try it tmrw

  • Cliff Yablonski
    Cliff Yablonski 2 days ago

    Good burgers but overrated. They aren't THAT good.

  • Esteban
    Esteban 2 days ago +1

    El logotipo parece un triángulo iluminati.... no se que pensar. I dont know. Jesús only you are the king.. Juan 3 / 16

  • Warrantone1
    Warrantone1 4 days ago +1

    NOTHING is better than In N Out!

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 4 days ago +1

    You usually have to drive miles away to get a burger by the time you get there the lines are soooo long
    I lose my appetite 🍔

  • Frank Morin
    Frank Morin 8 days ago

    Trash............. #WhatABurger for life...... #Texas

  • Ethen Harrelson
    Ethen Harrelson 10 days ago

    Christian restaurants make some of the best food...change my mind!

  • Bill Moore
    Bill Moore 10 days ago +1

    When I was a kid we used to alter their bumper stickers to say IN-N-OUT URGE. I've been eating there for about 40 yrs.

  • William Mitchener
    William Mitchener 11 days ago +1

    American burgers are trash

  • voitdive
    voitdive 11 days ago

    wonder what else paris hilton puts in her mouth?

  • J Dizz
    J Dizz 11 days ago

    I just ate dinner babe start the car

  • Fishysteve Plays
    Fishysteve Plays 12 days ago

    I’ve never gone to one. I’ll go tomorrow.

  • xHearthfirex
    xHearthfirex 12 days ago

    Why do I watch this ? I live in Germany and we don’t have In n’ Out here. But it looks quite nice I have to admit!

  • Bob Gomez
    Bob Gomez 12 days ago

    God gave Lindsay Snyder a billion dollars!

  • Hayden Holden
    Hayden Holden 12 days ago

    We go to in & out every Friday night. THE BEST BURGERS EVER.

    SADIE VANNOSTRAND 13 days ago +1

    Now i want to try in and out

    • Oofbekistan
      Oofbekistan 11 days ago

      You really should try In-N-Out, it's great

  • Irving Ramirez
    Irving Ramirez 13 days ago

    Good thing I live in Phoenix 😊😊😊

  • mikepodella
    mikepodella 13 days ago +1

    Anthony Bourdain is not digging anything anymore.

    GOOSE 14 days ago

    Horrible hamburgers and service

  • Chasity Mitchell
    Chasity Mitchell 14 days ago

    In and out Burger yep I may go there when I get my money live close to in and out yummy

  • BrieJhaynicole
    BrieJhaynicole 14 days ago

    My go to meal : A double double meal with a lemon-up and peppers and extra spread on the side 😉

  • EveryBodyHatesMax
    EveryBodyHatesMax 15 days ago

    The one I went to wasn’t that good it just tasted like a home made burger with over salted fries and the employees weren’t that nice either

  • LoudHouseYes BabyFirstTvNo

    There is no in-n-out burger in Nebraska

  • Kane Mining
    Kane Mining 15 days ago

    If someone tried to be a police officer just for a In 'N Out burger discount...

  • T. Will
    T. Will 16 days ago

    I've had nothing but bad experience with them

  • Cayden Sessler
    Cayden Sessler 16 days ago

    No in n out in Alaska

  • robocreepy21
    robocreepy21 16 days ago

    I live in the deep south east so I've never had in and out

    • nugget69 N69
      nugget69 N69 16 days ago

      Damm i feel sorry we are both in 2019 *yay*

  • PC Gaming
    PC Gaming 17 days ago +1

    In N Out is just a place for young people to ride the hype train. Even McDonalds Quarter Pounder taste better.

  • Jazzy Jaz
    Jazzy Jaz 17 days ago +2

    In n out is honestly not the best

  • Jaelynn Weber
    Jaelynn Weber 17 days ago

    Five guys is better

  • Austin Slater
    Austin Slater 18 days ago

    If it tops Five Guys burgers I'd be surprised.. doesn't look like they even have much on their menu.. no bacon, no jalepenos, etc. I'd definitely give it a try, but it looks like a typical burger.

  • mrbearbear83
    mrbearbear83 18 days ago

    Hard core religious.
    Ignores Leviticus commanding no tattoos

  • Rougenstein
    Rougenstein 18 days ago

    this is a paid ad, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Will Mcdade
    Will Mcdade 18 days ago

    nnout forever

  • Will Mcdade
    Will Mcdade 18 days ago +1

    damn I miss in n out 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Will Mcdade
    Will Mcdade 18 days ago

    love in n out

  • Uber Man Tampa
    Uber Man Tampa 18 days ago +1

    All these faith based restaurants are never slow

  • Uber Man Tampa
    Uber Man Tampa 18 days ago

    The burgers never look like that, they always look like a 300 lb cow sat on them. The secret sauce is thousand island dressing

  • OneLyfe Only16
    OneLyfe Only16 18 days ago

    The owner of in n out her daughter goes to my school just saying shes annoying and says she and her friend are queens

  • Max Adams
    Max Adams 18 days ago

    R.I.P. Anthony bourdain

  • Anne Collins
    Anne Collins 19 days ago

    I've been to the In & Out in Austin and OMG it's the best burger and fries I've ever tasted; the employees are soo nice and it's nice and clean... Even their bathrooms was nice and clean and smelled fresh... I will be going back. 😀

  • GoldBeard The Thirteenth

    She is hot. One thing that I have noticed with a lot of powerful women is that they drop their voice like Holmes. I think it is something that if researched, probably would show something. There are two things that I am attracted to: A powerful woman and seeing a woman clean. It's like when I know that I control the bedroom where I am the only man that satisfies her and I dominate her in the bedroom. She then dominates her business, her money, her life but she has no control over her feelings towards me. She loses herself in my body. She can control 100s of lives yet she has no control over me. She never will. But the weirdest thing that I have seen about myself is that I cannot control who I allow myself to love either. I have noticed that I tend to fall for women who are temporarily hurt like a sprained knee or a rolled ankle or something strange like that. It reminds me of the relationship that I have seen my parents since my dad is disabled and she takes care of him. I am not sure though why I find women cleaning hot though. Like it feels like I just saw their boobies, feeling.

  • Little Tot and Little biscuit

    Never been but I have gone to five guys

  • Chewy Suarez
    Chewy Suarez 19 days ago +3

    So In N Out are shoving their religion down my throat?
    Lol jk don't kill me

    • Buddy hirshfield
      Buddy hirshfield 3 days ago

      Chewy Suarez Do what Republicans do they don’t like something we don’t go there we don’t try to change it

  • Maleny Flores
    Maleny Flores 19 days ago

    1:00 YUMMY!!!

  • Steve Robertson
    Steve Robertson 19 days ago

    In N out burgers are NASTY. Their fries are good though

  • shrek187
    shrek187 20 days ago

    Real In N Out fans get everything animal style. Even the shakes.

  • chuckles de clown
    chuckles de clown 20 days ago

    i thought Gordan Ramsey hated all fast food. well I guess you learn something new everyday, hate all fast food except for in-n-out.

  • donhoju
    donhoju 21 day ago

    Most overrated mediocre burgers ever

  • Luke Falciani
    Luke Falciani 21 day ago

    There are some really good regional places I’ve been to road tripping the country that I wish we’d get here in south jersey - in n out, buc-cees, wataburger, just to name a few.

  • Carlos Ventura
    Carlos Ventura 21 day ago +1

    Whataburger is far superior. There's some things that In n Out does well, but it's not that amazing, the cheese and the bun, I have to admit is my favorite, and even that sometimes I order the lettuce bun.

  • pardita the husky
    pardita the husky 22 days ago

    Lemme have 2 number 9-o ok *leaves*

  • Lucille Gibson
    Lucille Gibson 22 days ago

    I wouldn't give cops shit!

  • Midnight Darkwolf
    Midnight Darkwolf 22 days ago

    my local fast food retaurant is at least 15 minutes away THANK THE LORD JESUS CHRIST FOR THAT.

    BEST COMEDY FORTNITE 22 days ago +1

    1. Shake Shack
    2. Wendy's
    3. Whataburger
    4. Burger King
    5. In-n-out 😏
    I did not put Hardee's/ Carl's Jr here because I don't know if it's 5 or 4

    BEST COMEDY FORTNITE 22 days ago

    Wendy's and Whataburger ARE REALLY GOOD

  • Agapito Perez
    Agapito Perez 23 days ago

    You all comment about in and out not being that good , looking well every one you go to has the lines going out the door not like your hamburger restaurants , enough said.

  • Chris W.
    Chris W. 23 days ago +1

    Why do Police always get a discount but they never mention Firefighters or EMT medics?

  • Ghettodi nixoh
    Ghettodi nixoh 23 days ago

    Lol fast Cars and fast food xD

  • Hi Technique
    Hi Technique 23 days ago

    irritating voice, but interesting content

  • Peppita Chips
    Peppita Chips 23 days ago +6

    I actually feel really unsafe when I see cops around

  • ishak dool
    ishak dool 24 days ago

    I'm fasting and watching this 🤤😭

    • ishak dool
      ishak dool 23 days ago

      @The Comic Man101 for a month it's because it's ramadan

    • The Comic Man101
      The Comic Man101 23 days ago

      ishak dool how long will your fasting last

  • mark navarro
    mark navarro 24 days ago

    3 failed marriages gross

  • Unironic Cloud Shrug
    Unironic Cloud Shrug 24 days ago

    "Shut the f*** up donny" I couldn't stop laughing

  • It Ain't Me 1968
    It Ain't Me 1968 25 days ago

    Why don't people understand you need to be married ...If you're unlucky in love just play the field its that simple

  • Ethan Dumas
    Ethan Dumas 27 days ago

    Whats funny is the bonehead social justice lames wont dare try to boycot In N Out for being Chrisitan because people will laugh , they only boycott bland Chic Fillet

  • Rich Homie Tron
    Rich Homie Tron 27 days ago

    Fat ppl are gods mistake, especially fat women

  • Michel Russell
    Michel Russell 29 days ago

    Shake shack is superior in every way.

    • Michel Russell
      Michel Russell 27 days ago

      Christopher Lester yeah only because in and out started a good 50 some odd years earlier

    • Christopher Lester
      Christopher Lester 27 days ago

      theres a reason in n out is talked about more

  • Michael Ortiz
    Michael Ortiz Month ago

    RIP Bourdain

  • 747-pilot
    747-pilot Month ago

    God I miss In-n-out!! The burgers are great, but the fries are something else! I'm from So Cal, then lived in the bay area for several years. Now I live in the greater Toronto area in Canada, and there isn't anything comparable here! Not even across the border! 🙁The things you take for granted, sometimes! 😂

  • Royster
    Royster Month ago


  • Conner McGarrah
    Conner McGarrah Month ago

    They should have a military discount. You don’t need to be in uniform all you need is a military ID.

    • Chicago KJV
      Chicago KJV 28 days ago

      Fighting wars for big corporations should have some more perks.

  • Delaney Boe
    Delaney Boe Month ago

    i really thought about driving to my nearest in n out in medford oregon but it was a nine hour round trip. will you please come up to wa state! a 2 hour round trip would be worth it. and yes ive been to the best burger chain many times before. YUMMMMM!!!!!

  • Sany0
    Sany0 Month ago

    Hmmm...major bible thumper and has sure theres a verse about how having ink is bad in gods eyes....

  • A
    A Month ago

    Nope, I like their competitor "FatBurger".

  • James i agree the jukebox is unique Watkins

    I love in & out but all these millions of fast food restaurants ask yourself where's all these cows for millions of resturrants grocery markets. Etc so are we eating pure beef?

  • Thefirstgalaxybeing

    Well, in Phoenix a faithful IN-And-Out customer stopped going because she told me the burgers are being made smaller. Her husband says the same thing and her kids. So...………..

  • Cam Vet
    Cam Vet Month ago

    5:39 is where the video was ruined with profanity

  • Redlight638
    Redlight638 Month ago +1

    Damn I love California

  • Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette Month ago

    best ! I want to open one in boston and become millonaire

  • Eddie Goteman
    Eddie Goteman Month ago

    Even Gordon Ramsay likes that Burger!

  • Mike Revelle
    Mike Revelle Month ago

    "Well Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your A$$!!!"

  • D C
    D C Month ago +1

    Never saw the big deal with this place. Wait is the too long.

  • Roger H Werner
    Roger H Werner Month ago

    Yes, great food, served quickly, by friendly and smiling people. My only criticism: the parking situation in my In & Out is positively dangerous. I hate going there during peak times.

  • Salpeteroxid
    Salpeteroxid Month ago +1

    Who would ever feel safe around a policeman.

  • Chad Plzak
    Chad Plzak Month ago

    Good ol days..spit in so many peoples food

  • LazyLanes
    LazyLanes Month ago

    i have been to in N out burgers but it sounds really good

  • Bloqk-16
    Bloqk-16 Month ago

    In N Out Burgers is a marketing phenomenon! In that I cannot recall any other "brand" getting as much free publicity and plugs from prominent people in the US. One case in point really stands out with me:
    It was many years ago when Conan O'Brien was moving from his NBC-TV late night to LA's "Tonight Show." Towards the end of O'Brien's run in NYC, he had on NBC news anchor Brian Williams as one of his guests. . . and this was prior to the Iraq flap that led to Williams downfall at NBC . . . O'Brien was pleading with Williams to move out to LA with him; to set up shop at NBC News in LA. O'Brien told Williams that one of the perks with being in LA were In N Out Burgers places there. That got a bit of applause from the audience. After the applause, Williams spoke his praises of In N Out Burgers, as the location next to LA International Airport was THE place he always stopped at as his last meal prior to catching his flight to NYC . . . and mind you, this is all being said on nationwide network TV, with millions of viewers! I just marveled with amazement seeing and hearing that; as you just can't buy that kind of TV advertising and endorsements; as network TV news people don't do side-work with paid endorsement deals.
    Then, NASCAR's Kurt Busch, when returning to Las Vegas after the race season concluded, was asked in a televised press conference about what he was looking forward to with being back in Vegas: On TV, he said he was looking forward to eating at In N Out.
    Those free endorsements and plugs for In N Out are absolutely amazing! As you don't hear that kind of vocal praises for McDonalds, Burger King, or Wendy's.

  • originaLkomatoast
    originaLkomatoast Month ago

    I have never ate there.

  • GetReal 4Real
    GetReal 4Real Month ago

    Can’t wait for them to come to Houston

  • Big Slime
    Big Slime Month ago

    In n out is the five guys of the west

  • Gavlon
    Gavlon Month ago

    When i tasted in-N-out i was very dissapointed, i probably wouldnt have been if i wasnt told they had "the best burgers ever!" Good? Yes. Amazing? Nope. And the fries could definitely use some work cuz yikes. 😬

  • Jutay Litawulo
    Jutay Litawulo Month ago +3

    Last year I just Go USA from Philippines for IN N OUT Burger
    and its worth it.

  • faith foxx
    faith foxx Month ago

    Never heard of this in and out burger joint is it something new and where is it? Also is't in the U.S

  • Namgung Jacob
    Namgung Jacob Month ago

    when God says your destiny is burger owner

  • Kenneth Pollard
    Kenneth Pollard Month ago

    The Habit is pretty good.

  • TheJaybrone
    TheJaybrone Month ago +1

    Double Double animal style no tomato, animal fries done well with a large lemonUp

  • Heidi Pastore
    Heidi Pastore Month ago

    Eh, I live right next to an In n Out and I've never really liked the burgers all that much. Their fries are definitely not good. If I'm eating fast food, give me greasy, salty fries.