(XDN) DigitalNote (Palo Alto Crypto Talks) Dec 20, 2017


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  • yassine ouhbo
    yassine ouhbo Год назад

    Do you know a formal and reliable purse for coin XDN

  • First Last
    First Last Год назад

    I've spotted plenty of currencies and none of them truly put me at ease. Will these currencies have any level of merchant adoption? It's actual hard enough to have real-world use cases for the top 10 crypto's, let alone this smaller ones. It's on thing if you're trading them but what about longterm? Digitalnote, Vertcoin, Groestlcoin, Vericoin, Navcoin ect.

  • TEAM Claja
    TEAM Claja Год назад +1

    HODL!!!!!! XDN is up over 250% today, .10 cents already!
    Anyone else mining digital notes on minergate?

  • Thien
    Thien Год назад +2

    When will it hit $1? I have 15k and HODL. :)

  • Pacific Film Company
    Pacific Film Company Год назад +6

    This one is going to the moon. Love XDN.

  • Archangel0376
    Archangel0376 Год назад +4

    Just bought $2K worth of Digital Note! Lets play moon! 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Archangel0376
      Archangel0376 Год назад

      Pewdiepie smosh got some Ada Sia and Xlm

    • Pewdiepie smosh
      Pewdiepie smosh Год назад

      Archangel0376 any other coins u have?

  • Yang Zhou
    Yang Zhou Год назад +2

    It's launching sooon

  • Viet Pham
    Viet Pham Год назад +4

    XDN is the best choice.

    • aleberver
      aleberver Год назад +1

      Viet Pham agree with you

  • Jason Rodriquez
    Jason Rodriquez Год назад +2

    have not herd much from the devs though only come out of the wood work when they need to . also taking xdn donations :P dde11zpxj8da1Mr7m9GoBSaMv7VvejaHWa8cYpYTZ7LVB2qMdEek5J7QRrdbUBaLyQ9h4wtvggAcY3Way3t4cGoX1AUAWXR2k

  • Osazuwa Ebohon
    Osazuwa Ebohon Год назад +2

    what wallet do you recpmmend. This wallets on the website does not sync. Any web wallet available?

  • M Willis
    M Willis Год назад +2

    What's up with maintenance on XDN?

    • Palo Alto CryptoTalk
      Palo Alto CryptoTalk  Год назад

      I'm sending lite token to my digital note exchange which is Bitrrex and I'm going to buy 2000 tokens when it clears in the account! Hopefully today !

  • Gemar Bitanga
    Gemar Bitanga Год назад +6

    DigitalNote will soar high in the near future.

  • Tom Telfer
    Tom Telfer Год назад +4

    DigitalNote has aspirations to make a Libertarian global economy.
    And less impact on the environment - low CPU usage -= less energy consumption.

  • Rinty Tintin
    Rinty Tintin Год назад +1

    Interesting... Good Video.