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  • Published on Jul 16, 2022
  • www.ilikeme.co (ownbrand)

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  • Amina Boston

    As a former binge eater, “intuitive eating”

  • Zeneb Al Salem

    the way you spoke to your self in the beginning of the vlog going through the thought process that you aren’t hungry cause you’ve just had crisps was great! Reflection is key! Also most of your meals/snacks were protein based which I’m sure helps with muscle gain and recovery from all the gym sessions Dina.. try to go easy on yourself :)

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe  +26

    Go on Stephanie Buttermores channel, go on her playlists and watch her ALL IN JOURNEY. It could possibly change your life. Just give it a go i wish I had it when in the worst part of my own ED journey. She put so much work into it and it’s so helpful to people who are especially struggling with binge eating/trying to learn intuitive eating.

  • H S
    H S  +2

    I love your videos sooo much and this was so real. Keep it up your an amazing woman in all aspects and it’s not easy for us as Mums whatsoever. A day in my life pamper edition / self care would be good!!!

  • Menna LifeStyle

    I really appreciate you share these videos with us .they are very helpful and make you feel you are not alone ❤❤❤🙏🙏

  • Guel Karatas

    So happy you come naturally to inuitive eating. Finally❤ it is a very flawless place to be.

  • NoJudgement

    If this isn’t me. This was comforting 🥹 food is such a struggle honestly

  • Abaleen D

    is it just me but Dina's skin has been looking so good

  • exanessa1234

    I stopped watching you consistently a while back so I’m not sure when you came out and said you had ADHD. I got diagnosed in 2020 and suspected I had ADHD since 2019. Since then my closest friends and most of the people I watched on youtuber or followed elsewhere have also come out as having ADHD. It made me realise that this is probably one of the reasons I found certain creators engaging 😂

  • Juls
    Juls  +5

    Your skin looks amazing Dina! I love porridge!

  • Sehar and Shazia

    Mash'Allah loved it ! Love from Pakistani Canadian Family Vloggers!

  • ChelSierra Remly

    Years ago, my Mother bought a diet book called, The Rotation Diet. She tried it for a little while, but didn't stay on it. I read the whole book just to gather how it worked. The diet is about having a cheat day every so often. In the beginning, the diet had more cheat days, and then over time, there were more diet days than cheat days. The one bit of information that has stayed with me is that the book said not to deny yourself if you really, really wanted something. That was the whole point of the 'rotation' in the diet. You could switch out a diet day for a cheat day, and move the next cheat day further away. The book also said that before eating something sweet, and high in calories, eat some fruit first. Eat a grapefruit, or a couple of apples, or a bowl of grapes, etc. before eating the sweet you're craving. The book claimed that the calories from the sweet treat would get tangled up in the fruit's fiber, and would get flushed out. Now, I don't know how true that is, but if I have fruit in the house I will tend to eat some before eating sweets. And here's my theory: If I eat fruit first, I'll eat less sweets. The less sweets I eat, the less calories I eat. So, that is the one thing about the book that I still remember and try and do whenever I get a craving.

  • نورة ف

    Ma sha allah I like the sound of your kids , cute , I feel like it was a long time that we didn’t see them or hear there voices

  • Ela
    Ela  +3

    Mate, dip the green plums you got from the Turkish shop in abit of salt. That’s how us Turks eat it lol 😂 it’s banging

  • Zainub Butt

    If you like chocolate oats, try fibre one choc brownie mashed into porridge!

  • Ka Ar
    Ka Ar  +1

    I absolutely love the authenticity

  • Munia
    Munia  +2

    girl i have been watching ur old vids literally ALL day im soooo glad u uploaded!!! <33

  • نورة ف

    I’m actually watching this video at 1:00 am while eating candy & nuts !

  • kayshaa24h

    Unrelated but I'm curious about your kitchen, do you like that style of having top to bottom cupboards without the counter space, does it work out better to keep tidy?

  • Tayyibah Khan

    I tried the all in after watching steph buttermores vid on it I recommend it for just seeing if u relate to