• Published on May 25, 2019
  • Songs:
    왜 또(WHAT'S WRONG?) by iKON
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    Mohamed Sherrez Kader
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Comments • 397

  • Dddni
    Dddni 6 hours ago

    THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!! MY FAV PART IS AT 3:03 - 3:24!!! Rose's voice after junhoe's part is just that good!! I really need them to collab :(((

  • t payne
    t payne 5 days ago

    OMG pls do more IKON x BLACKPINK mashups 😻🔥

  • Jhumee Jung
    Jhumee Jung 9 days ago

    2:57 OMG IT'S KRUNK

  • Gabbi's Kpop Heart
    Gabbi's Kpop Heart 11 days ago

    oh my lordz😱😱😱😱😱

  • Jasmime Ju
    Jasmime Ju 17 days ago

    can you make kick it x dionysus bts..they both are rockin songg

  • 이채린
    이채린 22 days ago


  • soorojeli
    soorojeli 22 days ago

    İT’S PERFECT💓 uuuwww so beautiful 👌🏻

  • fatin afini
    fatin afini Month ago +1

    iKON ❤️

  • Imtiaz Ahmad
    Imtiaz Ahmad Month ago

    Ddu x killing me plzzzzz

  • 바보bubllii
    바보bubllii Month ago

    B.I ㅠㅠ

  • Jass Smle
    Jass Smle Month ago

    Вау припев кик ит и музыка из песни айкон офигенно звучааат

  • Mr moon
    Mr moon Month ago


  • Gracia Julan xxii
    Gracia Julan xxii Month ago

    i suddenly miss ikon so much

  • CGA Vids
    CGA Vids Month ago


  • Doni Pratama
    Doni Pratama Month ago

    My Hanbin 😥

  • elevenxtwelve
    elevenxtwelve Month ago

    It sounds like it could be a theme song for a show ;-;

  • dwi puji astuti
    dwi puji astuti Month ago +3

    I love you all guys yg artist (2ne1 ot4 ,bigbang ot5 ,ikon ot7 ,winner ot5 ,blackpink ot4 ,leehi,akmu,sechskies ot5),blacklabel,crazy dancer,hitech, i love you all, i've been ygStan since my junior high school and even though this year yg fam had so much problem i hope you guys always do your best where ever and when ever you are ❤
    P.s sorry for my bad english 🙏

  • jisooxrosee
    jisooxrosee Month ago

    YG family❤

  • plz love clc
    plz love clc Month ago +1

    I will miss this ikon:)

  • soobin by together
    soobin by together Month ago

    1:15 to 1:30 is definitely my favourite. I wish kick it sounds like that to be honest. ♥♥♥ a masterpiece as usual, thanks jyeoms♥♥♥♥

  • Zarah Hernandez
    Zarah Hernandez Month ago +2

    It's like "What's wrong with YG, kick him"🙃💔🤧

  • Laila Gg2
    Laila Gg2 Month ago

    Can you please make ikon im ok and bap rainsound and bigbang loser mashup please ?????

  • I am groot
    I am groot Month ago

    Yeah yeah!

  • Ala Antonczak
    Ala Antonczak Month ago

    Choreo of AIYL and Boombayah really suits to this mashup

    SB MATE Month ago +2

    Jennie solo X Surga Seesaw please!!!!

    SB MATE Month ago +4

    I want iKON X BLACKPINK collab! Like BIGBANG with 2NE1😭😭😭

  • Russel Abban
    Russel Abban Month ago +1

    SOO GOOD🥰😍😍

  • keith Ablaza
    keith Ablaza Month ago

    👍👍👍👍 for you. I really like it. The dance of Blackpink really fits on that song AIIYL. 😍😍

  • Mrql Ikonic
    Mrql Ikonic Month ago +1

    From bobby's rap part to lisa's rap part was smooth

  • Kate Jazmin Rubio
    Kate Jazmin Rubio Month ago +1


  • ғᴀɴ Ann
    ғᴀɴ Ann Month ago

    This is so good. Every part match in the song.🤩🤩
    I subscribed to the right person this time

  • ღRaposa Kawaiiღ

    Eu to apaixonada pelo seu canal mds

  • janine
    janine Month ago +2

    the dance though 😍
    everything's perfect it

  • 타스님
    타스님 Month ago

    The reff was pike kick it remix version waww

  • Bảo Anh
    Bảo Anh Month ago +2

    So damm good

  • Lita Riski
    Lita Riski Month ago

    Omg 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Mustaffa Asad
    Mustaffa Asad Month ago

    2:30 to 2:37 fits so well

  • Aiz Moon
    Aiz Moon Month ago +2

    *Whats wrong?, Kick it*

  • Novalia Hesti
    Novalia Hesti Month ago +9

    *YG* *artists* *always* *suit* *each* *other* !!
    *BLINKONIC* !!!

  • Viona Amelyta Putri
    Viona Amelyta Putri Month ago +2


  • Neesha Noona
    Neesha Noona Month ago

    This is so seamless omg

  • Love me
    Love me Month ago

    Can you translate this

  • Josiele souza
    Josiele souza Month ago

    Credo gente, isso ficou MARAVILHOSOOO!

  • 클로이
    클로이 Month ago +2

    Mashup of the year goes too:

  • Hobi
    Hobi Month ago

    Can you do KARD Bomb Bomb x Lee Hi No One?

  • I'm Free
    I'm Free Month ago +3

    Next Lee Hi - No one x Jennie - Solo please

  • Gabby Nagooyen
    Gabby Nagooyen Month ago

    You should put these onto Spotify or sum🥴

  • Aireen Yasmin
    Aireen Yasmin Month ago +1

    uhhhh does anyone wanna talk about how the as if its ur last moves fits kick it nicely LIKE WOW

  • Sunny Simmer
    Sunny Simmer Month ago

    at 0:50 is that lisa??!!

    • k m
      k m Month ago

      @Sunny Simmer soooorrrryyy my bad😅😂

    • Sunny Simmer
      Sunny Simmer Month ago

      k m my comment was sarcastic 😂

    • k m
      k m Month ago

      No that's a yg dancer

  • nlyn.aiaiai NuR
    nlyn.aiaiai NuR Month ago

    Nicee 🙌 wow never thought of this combination and sounds soo good 🔥

  • Asiva Asky
    Asiva Asky Month ago +3

    G dragon Bullshit and whistle blackpink🙏

  • bubble tea
    bubble tea Month ago +2

    *home x airplane by bts mashup aNyOne?*

  • Irina Skuls
    Irina Skuls Month ago

    (Era istrefi) Bonbon X Whistle (blackpink)

  • Originalcovergirl 06
    Originalcovergirl 06 Month ago +2

    Can you do pls a mashup from Jennie solo and Jungkook euphoria plssss

  • Happy as Always
    Happy as Always Month ago +1

    Its so cute

  • Noor Rahman
    Noor Rahman Month ago +2

    I never knew that I needed this in my life

    LACΞY COOS Month ago

    Hello! I was wondering if you could make me a couple mashups as a favor? I have the lyrics already figured out and in what order they go. Also the name of the songs obviously. I would love to have two mashups that each have two songs. Please let me know! Thanks! - Lacey

  • 元気です
    元気です Month ago

    Can you do a loona and bts mashup

  • kookie playz
    kookie playz Month ago

    It's so good

  • Tofael Ahmad
    Tofael Ahmad Month ago +2

    Can u plz make a mashup of Winner ‘Fool’ and Blackpink ‘Hope Not’?
    These two songs have the most effect on me, so heart touching💗💘💓

    • Yana XD
      Yana XD Month ago +2

      The title should be " Hope Not, Fool"

  • D
    D Month ago

    the fact that she/he uses blackpink's dance practice mv , because we dont have mv 😭😭

  • Anna Babayan
    Anna Babayan Month ago


  • aysenur gungor
    aysenur gungor Month ago

    türk olan var mı +1

  • Fredy Pradestya
    Fredy Pradestya Month ago


  • ARMYS and BLINKS are my FRIENDS!!!

    Okay, let's just say "OUR DREAMS CAME TRUE?!?!?! Did they just, COLLABORATE WITH EACH OTHER."

  • jin is mine vkook is life


  • Zai Jeyn
    Zai Jeyn Month ago

    Wait, THIS IS A BOP! I wish you could do more iKON and BLACKPINK mashups. PinKON stans like me would be very happy.

  • Hazell Sangalang
    Hazell Sangalang Month ago

    The choreography for kick it is insanely perfect. It's creepy

  • :v v:
    :v v: Month ago

    I would like to see Kill This Love x dionysus 🤔

  • iKONtookmyChicken
    iKONtookmyChicken Month ago

    I can't wait for them to come to L.A. I've been waiting for iKON to come back to the U.S.

  • Shouta Kou
    Shouta Kou Month ago

    The dances matches with Kick It omg-

  • IcèCream Cake
    IcèCream Cake Month ago

    I'm a both fan of those group.. and.. the mashup is so so cool! ^.^

  • G-Kore Ptn
    G-Kore Ptn Month ago


  • Linda Mitchell
    Linda Mitchell Month ago

    Perfect! ❤️❤️❤️

    PUCCA LOVE GARU Month ago

    Can you please make a mashup of
    Dont know what to do by BLACKPINK
    Best of me by BTS
    Think hole by B.A.P

    Love your work♥♥

  • JungHwi
    JungHwi Month ago

    Wow, i think i've become blessed with KICK IT/ WHAT'S WRONG

  • Tami
    Tami Month ago


  • eu :D
    eu :D Month ago

    Hi, I had the idea of making a mashup of What is Love and Shine. How can I do a request?

  • Flora _Oficial_
    Flora _Oficial_ Month ago

    AMO SEUS VÍDEOS, mas qual programa vc usa pra fazer sus vídeos?

  • Regine Valdespina
    Regine Valdespina Month ago

    LIT 🔥

  • кιм ѕσנι
    кιм ѕσנι Month ago

    I just want to know what is the software you use to make a mashup?

  • pochiii desuu
    pochiii desuu Month ago

    Well ... i want to see the lyrics of both song , does it match?

  • Mohd Salman
    Mohd Salman Month ago

    I and my best friend is big fan of you
    Bts bts

  • jungkook and abs
    jungkook and abs Month ago

    Come on BTS

  • Maxine_Meow MAOG
    Maxine_Meow MAOG Month ago

    My yg stan heart is happy

  • Queen Chungha
    Queen Chungha Month ago

    Ikon: Whats wrong?
    blackpink *kick it*

  • kxrimxr
    kxrimxr Month ago

    Most of the choreo fits ‘Kick It’ so well😳

  • Gretchen Lee
    Gretchen Lee Month ago

    Yg fam thre best

  • Espe Velandia Rodriguez

    Hello, can you please do a Mashup ZE:A with BlackPink or BTS ... please (it can be Breath or Body to Body or Any xd)

  • Espe Velandia Rodriguez

    Hello, can you please do a Mashup ZE:A with BlackPink or BTS ... please (it can be Breath or Body to Body or Any xd)

  • Espe Velandia Rodriguez

    Hola, puedes hacer por favor un Mashup de ZE:A con BlackPink o BTS... por favor (puede ser Breath o Body to Body o Cualquiera xd)

  • Espe Velandia Rodriguez

    Hola, puedes hacer por favor un Mashup de ZE:A con BlackPink o BTS... por favor (puede ser Breath o Body to Body o Cualquiera xd)

  • Espe Velandia Rodriguez

    Hola, puedes hacer por favor un Mashup de ZE:A con BlackPink o BTS... por favor (puede ser Breath o Body to Body o Cualquiera xd)

  • princeseul•
    princeseul• Month ago +1

    Can you make Forever Young and You Better Know? Or Don't Know What To Do and You Better Know by Red Velvet 🐻

  • 이채린
    이채린 Month ago


  • tina hihihi
    tina hihihi Month ago

    Make it right by bts and a different way by dj snake and Lauv are very similar due to their melodic refrain and the melody !!! Im sure the songs would make a bomb ass mashup !

  • ·HoneyTea Cuukie·

    The song be like what's wrong I'll be like everything 😑😂😂😂
    Its funny when I think bout it

  • Nana Hope
    Nana Hope Month ago +1

    PERFECT MASHUP. that’s all, that’s a comment

  • CGA Vids
    CGA Vids Month ago

    The boombayah dance practice fits si well with kick it