Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2018

  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
  • Yeesh... We did have some GREAT games this year. Not these though. But we're not angry. Just disappointed. Go to this playlist for more end of year content: Then take our End of Year Trivia!
    Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2018
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    In a year full of amazing games these are the ones that disappointed us to no end. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2018. For this list we'll be looking at games which were pretty hyped yet let us down in the end. Expect some major disappointments such as Dynasty Warriors 9, Fallout 76 and Sea of Thieves.
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    List Entries and Rank:
    10. “Dynasty Warriors 9” (2018)V
    9. “Jurassic World Evolution” (2018)
    8. “Agony” (2018)
    7. “We Happy Few” (2018)
    6. “Kirby Star Allies” (2018)
    5. “Starlink Battle for Atlas” (2018)
    4. “Secret of Mana” remake (2018)
    3, 2 & 1: ???
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Comments • 2 884

  •  6 months ago +16

    Test your knowledge of 2018's Pop Culture against our Hardcore Trivia!

    • kaelo55 animator
      kaelo55 animator 3 months ago

      Shut up person on youtube it was little detail why it was on it and it was only short thats all they said I bet you work with watch mojo and I bet you haven't even played it

    • Wrestling2006 Xbox
      Wrestling2006 Xbox 5 months ago

      ZoYatic that’s not going to stop them tho
      WatchMojo are known for their botches. Defending them won’t work this year. But it never has so idk 😐

    • ZoYatic
      ZoYatic 5 months ago

      @Aldous Betana I am not mad, I just hate kiddies who don't like the opinion from others and just say something like "why is this your opinion?" even if they said why it is on the list.

    • Aldous Betana
      Aldous Betana 5 months ago

      @ZoYatic Y mad

    • ZoYatic
      ZoYatic 5 months ago

      @A Person On RU-clip doesn't matter if you disagree or not, Kirby will still be on this list.

  • trialhydra
    trialhydra 11 days ago

    Oh hell no, how dare WatchMojo say that Kirby star allies is the worst?! Keep Kirby out of this list!

    I have grown to like Kirby ever since I played Kirby 64 Crystal Shards so don't you dare say it's the worst.

  • Perez Chitman
    Perez Chitman 13 days ago

    I do not think that is true

  • Danilos Stankovic
    Danilos Stankovic 24 days ago

    5:42 You strategize beacose you feel like it damn it

  • Danilos Stankovic
    Danilos Stankovic 25 days ago


  • Danilos Stankovic
    Danilos Stankovic 25 days ago

    This is absolute pinnicle of human idiotisam,i saw you makin videos about idiotical things such as anime and movies and you dare bash on the best product concived in 2018.PLEASE DIE.IN this universe(of Kirby) you can do whatever you fuckin want there is nothing that comes close to this all they showed before realise hypped as max,but as usual was mearly a husk f what the true universe they have concived is.You cant fuck me with youre bullshit and when i say this i mean it 100%YOU ARE MUUUUUUUCH WORSE THEN SHIT I POOPED YESTERDAY BEACOSE SHIT WHILE IT SMELLS BAD AND IS PACKED WITH NASTY STUFF THAT CAN PUT ME IN A HOSPITAL FOR DAYS OR HECK EVEN KILL ME AT THE VERY LEAST IT DOESNT DESTROY MY INTALIGENCE LIKE THIS AFTER THIS VIDEO YOU HAVE DOWNGRADED FROM A CHANNEL WHO WANTS ALL GETS NOTHING TO ONE OF THE WORSE THINGS CONCIVED IN THE WORLD TO MUCH BEYOND PERFECTION CREATED BY NINTENDO SO PLLESE DIE

  • Danilos Stankovic
    Danilos Stankovic 25 days ago

    5:29 Says as he is showing a branching path.

  • Billy Idol
    Billy Idol Month ago

    the fuck is with human beings in a starfox game?

  • Gamerz
    Gamerz Month ago


  • Andrew Cooper
    Andrew Cooper Month ago

    Sea of thieves has no guidance system.
    That’s what makes it more immersive as a pirate game, use the maps

  • Kingdom Key 2015
    Kingdom Key 2015 Month ago

    Me in the middle of the video: Hyrule Warriors had BETTER NOT be on this list!
    Me after watching the video: Thank God!

  • TheEoghShow
    TheEoghShow Month ago +2

    75% Nintendo Fanboys
    25% "Lol look at these Nintendo Fanboys"

    • Danilos Stankovic
      Danilos Stankovic Month ago +1


  • RetardWorld
    RetardWorld Month ago

    Um... Sonic forces could be remplaced to kirby star allies for good reasons.

  • VGG Brayden
    VGG Brayden Month ago

    Kirby Star Allies didn't "suck"
    See what I did there???

  • Baron_O'Beefdip
    Baron_O'Beefdip Month ago

    "... and we can't help but feel that Kirby's latest adventure was developed solely for children..."
    "it's way too short, too easy..."
    You might have a point with "no branching paths," but with those complaints, I'm not sure what you expected from a Kirby game.

  • Free T
    Free T Month ago

    Idk this list kind of sucks
    I’m a big sea of thieves player because it’s so fun with friends

  • Ivan Darosa
    Ivan Darosa Month ago

    But Kirby was Awesome!! How dare you!!!!

  • omar Balooshi
    omar Balooshi 2 months ago

    We happy few .. I really really really HATE gearbox

  • Lego Fan
    Lego Fan 2 months ago

    Battlefield V?

  • Junux
    Junux 2 months ago

    Kirby was not a bad game in any means it was just priced too high but the overall game was fun enough and Starlink was not a bad game.

    SOLID SNIKE 2 months ago

    Kirby star allies is awesome

  • Crimson Cosmos
    Crimson Cosmos 2 months ago

    The narrator sounds like an NPC from Fable.

  • narcissistic anime elitist

    The main campaign for Kirby games have always been easy. If you actually play the extra unlockable content it gets pretty challenging.

  • Mitchell Stark
    Mitchell Stark 2 months ago

    What past Kirby titles have had branching paths? The games in the series have always been linear.

    • Pork min
      Pork min 21 day ago

      Uummm Amazing Mirror? You know, the only Kirby game in existence that actually treated its players with intelligence by actually trying with its level design?

  • Devon Harvey
    Devon Harvey 2 months ago

    They half wrong

  • Devon Harvey
    Devon Harvey 2 months ago

    Number 9# is a good building game it is not bad

  • Solar
    Solar 2 months ago +1

    star allies is the dark souls of friendship

  • Sarah Petra Stellington

    Really?! REALLY?! Kirby games are NEVER easy, not even once, and you know it! I've died so many times playing Kirby: Star Allies, and they seriously need to admit that the game is HARD! This is just sad. I LOVE THAT GAME! DX>

  • EnderEthan 14
    EnderEthan 14 3 months ago +1

    Why in the Disappointing top 10 list is Jurassic world evolution and Kirby star allies on here. You wanna what game was the most disappointing of 2018.........

    Your List

    • Pork min
      Pork min 21 day ago

      The Kirby defense squad
      Our motto is: anyone who criticizes should be lynched

  • kaelo55 animator
    kaelo55 animator 3 months ago

    Just because kirby star allies is short didn't mean that it's still fun to play and to hang out with my trust in you was pathetic because the other game are the worst except star fox but I bet you just picked that because you were lazzzy and that was little detail why it was a bad game 😔 why did you do that

  • kaelo55 animator
    kaelo55 animator 3 months ago +1

    I'm glad about fortnite was on this list because it's the same as pubg but it should have been 1 because it's lile all the other battle royal games out their its the same it's stupid

  • Timothy Pitcher
    Timothy Pitcher 3 months ago

    It seems rather ironic that Kirby got on this list for being too easy, and yet software updates eventually introduced a much more challenging game mode. The bosses in Heroes in Another Dimension are no joke with their high HP amounts, and you most definitely have to plan your team just right for the final boss.

  • Megasonic 215
    Megasonic 215 3 months ago +1

    Kirby is amazing every game

    Except maybe Dream Course and Avalanche

  • TheYo-KaiGuy
    TheYo-KaiGuy 3 months ago

    Starlink Battle for Atlas on switch was disappointing? That's debatable, The switch Version was fantastic, (but I can't say the same for the PS4 and Xbox one version's since I haven't played them, but I've heard they're not as good) sure the Side quests and straightforward story don't add much to the experience but overall this was basically the star fox game we always wanted or at least the star fox game I always wanted, all in all I would put Starlink Battle for Atlas Switch addition as one of my top five best games of 2018

  • Batinator 28
    Batinator 28 3 months ago

    Sea of thevies isn’t that bad

  • Arzhang Game
    Arzhang Game 3 months ago

    Metal gear survive

  • Shane of the Mario fans.

    They Meant Good Games That Have Glitches Or Something Wrong

  • Eugene Bugene
    Eugene Bugene 3 months ago

    Starlink is a great game. But I do agree with some of their points. I would not call the game dissapointing, especially with the update coming

  • kissy dugan
    kissy dugan 3 months ago

    kirby star allies was a great game

  • Daniel Siqueira
    Daniel Siqueira 3 months ago +1

    So many nintendo fanboys triggered here...
    Kirby Star alies was a disappointment. Get over it!

  • Danilos Stankovic
    Danilos Stankovic 3 months ago

    Any body who would put kirby star allies on their dissopointing list is an idiot#fact

  • Jaeden Davis
    Jaeden Davis 4 months ago

    I disagree to we happy few Kirby star allies and sea of thieves

  • Slade blakeley
    Slade blakeley 4 months ago

    Dude you can’t say that about kirby

  • Danilos Stankovic
    Danilos Stankovic 4 months ago

    EDIT I am not overexegurating at all its quite the oppposite this is the best thing to be made in 2018 anybody dissagring should die there is not a product that come remotly close to this and only MASIVE IDIOTS will disagrea,there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many things to do around 30 abilitys each with about 20 minutes of gameplay if done right you can milk this game for over 10000 hours beocose it is youre choice what to do product with this many BEYOND PERFECT things to do is one that only Nintendo can create it came out WAAY betther then anybody expected (and just to be clear i am talking base so no DLC)99.9% OF OTHER GAMES INSULT Nintendo this one has no story to destroy any personal feel about the game no idiotical personality to distract from the universes they have bulth only a universe way betther then ours in which you are totaly free to do whatever you want and everything is BEYOND PERFECT in its own beyond perfect way and yes i was subscribed to you for longer then i would like to admit to myself please DIE and stop wasting so much space in this world and going arouned triggering my inteligence this goes for all who dont think Nintendo games are betther the anything else after seeing someone supports this i have definitly lost hope in humanity well guess i will go back to liking bricks more then humans at least they dont go arouned triggering my intelligence.i delited my original comment beocose i wasnt doing justice to Nintendos ccreationes enoghe by saying things such as i am maybe a bit over exeturating and such.And i am from Serbia thats why some words are messed up it doesnt matther Nintendos BEYOND PERFECT games do matther and if somebody with actual brains has been reading this then god i felt so lonely for so long.

  • Crazy Giraffe
    Crazy Giraffe 4 months ago

    Wait were is sonic forces and let's go pikachu and eevee

  • Dave Cobb
    Dave Cobb 4 months ago

    Fallout 76 is clearly numero uno

  • Gyfire _
    Gyfire _ 4 months ago

    Were y'all really at an "all time high" in excitement for a game based on... Jurassic... Park...?
    Also, the secret of mana soundtrack example they used - while worse than thr original - read not at all that bad

  • Brice Byers
    Brice Byers 4 months ago

    Really, we happy few ain`t that bad

  • Andrew Harris
    Andrew Harris 4 months ago +1

    Kirby star allies was higher on this list than agony or we happy few?
    I expected it to be number 10 or 9 since I didn't find it that disappointing.

  • Y33tMAn
    Y33tMAn 4 months ago

    Just Cause 4 should have been on this list.
    The just cause series is amazing and I still play just cause 3 today because there’s so many new things you can find/do.
    When the news of a Just Cause 4 being released, everyone had high hopes of Rico taking names and kicking ass. But to only find out it was more of a chore than a story.
    You don’t follow along the story normally cause you’re doing repetitive things all the time, the ai is buggy, you’re constantly getting to know new people, you can’t fly around everywhere, and it’s just confusing in general.
    The new weapon upgrades were nice and all and some of the combat is good, but it’s just so repetitive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game, it just wasn’t a lot of people’s expectations.

  • Nolshinguy09
    Nolshinguy09 4 months ago


  • Hi There
    Hi There 4 months ago

    Star allies, and every other Kirby game, is meant to be easy and short. Does the narrator not understand aesthetics?!?!

  • The Never 100%er
    The Never 100%er 4 months ago

    Kirby Star Allies is seriously the worst game on the Switch so far

  • siamak salimian
    siamak salimian 4 months ago


  • Laniya Zetar
    Laniya Zetar 4 months ago

    Shut up Kirby was a good game and it was supposed to be easy

    MARIO SONIC 4 months ago

    *Sees Kirby Star Allies*

    I hate WatchMojo

  • GamerBoss 8489
    GamerBoss 8489 4 months ago

    why was Sea of Theives be number one. That's one of my favorite games.

  • Someone with a Channel
    Someone with a Channel 4 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks Jurassic world evolution was good not disappointing

  • Mr. Magistral Malik
    Mr. Magistral Malik 4 months ago +2

    I guess the creator of the thumbnail thinks that Kirby “SUCKS”.

  • Ryle Ian Loreto
    Ryle Ian Loreto 5 months ago

    You gave us most dissapointment because you added starlink and kirby star allies

  • Ryle Ian Loreto
    Ryle Ian Loreto 5 months ago

    Why kirby star allies is a dissapointed game why?

  • Periachi
    Periachi 5 months ago

    Fallout 76 is a good game sure the bugs are bad but it's a fun game

  • LightningBolt
    LightningBolt 5 months ago

    God of war red dead 2 spiderman smash ultimate
    very disappointing games

  • oopsy444
    oopsy444 5 months ago

    Honestly spiderman was one of them for me. everyone talked it up so much but it felt repetitive and the collectables and mini events for stuff was boring. Bosses were the only unique things. Combat even after upgrading a bunch of stuff it didnt feel every varied or useful. It's just rock paper scissors combat for different types of enemies. It's still a good game just not good blindly amazing like many made it seem

  • Victor Hugo Silva
    Victor Hugo Silva 5 months ago

    5:06 6:01 Are you fucking kidding me? kirby star allies is the best game ever and starlink too.

  • Alejandro Flores
    Alejandro Flores 5 months ago

    Kirby? Really? Are you guys nuts?. Yeah it's short, yeah it's easy, but most Kirby games are. They are just fun to play, and it's a game that anybody can play.

  • Yannis Videogames
    Yannis Videogames 5 months ago


  • Colby Miller
    Colby Miller 5 months ago

    Honestly, I think a lot of us are missing something here: I think we should sympathize for the developers a little bit. The publishers give the devs an INSANELY strict timeline to release a game, and sometimes the goal just isn't obtainable to release a perfect game within that timeline. While yes, there are certain things that are just unacceptable to be released at launch, we forget how hard it is to actually MAKE the game. It's beyond difficult (hence why you need a degree from university), and people are so quick to bash something that someone else put hard work into making. I don't know, just sayin...

  • Hanzoadam
    Hanzoadam 5 months ago

    I'd say DW9 was my most disappointing

  • Michael Appleseed
    Michael Appleseed 5 months ago

    Who is the narrator? What an annoying voice...

  • Jill schwartz
    Jill schwartz 5 months ago

    Watch mojo your disappointing

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Grand Admiral Thrawn 5 months ago

    I love Jurassic world evolution, hate watch mojo though

  • p1zzabit
    p1zzabit 5 months ago

    Try actually playing the games before making such a video.

  • MemeBoy The MiiGamer
    MemeBoy The MiiGamer 5 months ago

    I just notice the dislike ratio almost had the same amount as the like

  • Enzo Roman
    Enzo Roman 5 months ago

    Nintendo fans slaty bc they only got 2 good games for their console last year

  • Skewerking108
    Skewerking108 5 months ago

    "Kirby is just for kids", okay, if that is true, then WHY IS KIRBY STAR ALLIES RATED E1O+!

  • Toilet-Boy
    Toilet-Boy 5 months ago

    lol so as of this date, this video was posted a month ago which is normally accurate, but why is it that every other video i see that it says posted 2 months ago and when i click the description, it says uploaded on October, youtube is fucking up lol

  • Lee James
    Lee James 5 months ago

    Not sure why they even bothered making a state of decay sequel. That game got boring and repetitive. That sequel just looked like a cute reskin, with twice the issues...

  • Pedro Velasco
    Pedro Velasco 5 months ago

    Jesus, you're not narrating Unsolved Mysteries of the 20th Century. Chill out with the voice.

  • Darkest Snow Games
    Darkest Snow Games 5 months ago

    State of decay 2?!?! How

  • BrEnNaN
    BrEnNaN 5 months ago

    I miss the old video game narrator

  • Persona guy
    Persona guy 5 months ago +1

    i agree that star allies was too easy and boring, even for it's own series, which has the fame of never having a bad game, but after it's extra content it goes from the easiest and shortest kirby game, to probably the most challenging one and biggest one, from the main games of the series of course, by the fact that it introduced many features to the series, and has very beautifull graphics and mechanics

  • F1R3 Thym3
    F1R3 Thym3 5 months ago

    Ok so first of all Nintendo is more about games that are easy for kids to play and also games that adults will like too and there are a few games I don't agree with some things on here like jurrasic world evolution and starlink there both amazing games and just why are they on here ? Probably just your opinions on the games but you research what games people like before you just decide to post a video about it.

  • dirty rat
    dirty rat 5 months ago

    i saw kirby on the thumbnail and i was about to throw hands but then i played the game and im like.............. u right

  • Swag Man
    Swag Man 5 months ago +1

    Kirby Star Allies is good you fucktard

  • Jalen Bennett
    Jalen Bennett 5 months ago

    Where's AC Odyssey?

  • Gab Zilla
    Gab Zilla 5 months ago

    this video is dissapointing..also the narrator sounds irritating.

  • Jay94C
    Jay94C 5 months ago

    Ok ok ok, state of decay as 3? Played it on launch and the main issues u didn’t really mention. The bugs weren’t that bad and got fixed super quick. Like that game is amazing to go back to and the changes they made since the first made the replayability 1000x better

  • Leaf
    Leaf 5 months ago

    Yeah, We Happy Few did suck.

  • Patrik X
    Patrik X 5 months ago

    Fallout 76 and already ES6

  • Jeralt's Horde
    Jeralt's Horde 5 months ago

    #1 Fortnight and Pubg

  • Wrestling2006 Xbox
    Wrestling2006 Xbox 5 months ago

    You head will be deleted if you don’t remove Kirby from this list.
    You have been warned WatchMojo

  • Happy Savage
    Happy Savage 5 months ago

    Me: watching the clip to Dynasty Warriors 9 on this video
    My reaction: :O o_o
    Come on Tecmo/KOEI!
    What happened to the franchise eh?
    Tell me!

  • XxSaki Gachax X
    XxSaki Gachax X 5 months ago

    Why do you have to put my Kirby senpai on this ;^;

  • spiral_ssb
    spiral_ssb 5 months ago

    Star Allies was disappointing at launch but after the free waves of DLC, it became a lot of fun.

  • Aldous Betana
    Aldous Betana 5 months ago

    Can we get this video more dislike than likes

  • Desmond Carpenter
    Desmond Carpenter 5 months ago

    Forgot metal gear survive

  • Tronald Dump
    Tronald Dump 5 months ago +4

    For the love of god!
    Someone take pity on this channel and take it out back and shoot it already! Just put it out of its misery

  • Gavin Shreve
    Gavin Shreve 5 months ago +2

    Jurrasic world evolution has gotten so many more updates and now it’s amazing

  • Gav. TV
    Gav. TV 5 months ago

    Why is Kirby Star allies on this list? I get it’s a little underwhelming but, come on it’s wasn’t THAT BAD