TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Funny Animals Video 2019 - Nothing To See Here - Life Awesome

  • Published on Sep 1, 2019
  • TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Funny Animals Video 2019 - The Cat IS Doing His Job - Life Awesome
    Heads up, folks. You're about to watch some craziest fails videos on the internet. Try Not To Laugh at all cost 😆
    Welcome back to Life Awesome, where you can find the best, the funniest fail videos in the world. This video will contain some funny videos 2019 from AFV. Enjoy the video, and comment what you like the most. Life Awesome loves you.
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Comments • 581

  • Life Awesome
    Life Awesome  Month ago +131

    1:49 I wish I could laugh like her 😂😂😂
    What is your favorite part in the video?

  • MegaGeekyBoy
    MegaGeekyBoy 2 hours ago


  • Generation 2009
    Generation 2009 11 hours ago

    Don’t hurt yo pigs and other pets noob you monster!!!!!

  • AmyGRyan
    AmyGRyan 2 days ago

    My puppy's tail is way to big for his body and when he tries to run he just falls over and it is really cute and really really funny🐶🐕🐾

  • SketchingWithRiver W837

    2:00 suicide

  • Brandon Brant
    Brandon Brant 3 days ago +1

    I fell bad for these dog’s I wanna help them so bad🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Cornelius Cornsen
    Cornelius Cornsen 3 days ago +2

    More like animal abuse compilation most of the clips are caused by human misbehavior. Asshokes through and through

    • AmyGRyan
      AmyGRyan 2 days ago

      I totally agree how dare they😠😬😡😤 I am offended

  • Sirius Black
    Sirius Black 6 days ago +1

    0:00 is what my dog does too

    2:04 my fave

  • Ernie Gutierrez
    Ernie Gutierrez 7 days ago

    So funny!😆😮😂😁

  • KAY DiAZ
    KAY DiAZ 8 days ago

    6:24 is funny lol

  • Nova_TGN
    Nova_TGN 9 days ago

    0:38 my guy chill its nearly a inch

  • Nova_TGN
    Nova_TGN 9 days ago +1

    0:26 holy sh*t what up Garfield

  • Samuel TV
    Samuel TV 10 days ago

    Abuse all the animals

  • Crystal PlayZ
    Crystal PlayZ 10 days ago +1

    7:02 was the funniest

  • Star The Gacha Tuber
    Star The Gacha Tuber 10 days ago +2

    2:55- me trying to get into my house

    • Jennylyn Hyman
      Jennylyn Hyman Day ago

      That's more like me when I try to fit in the dog door and I get stuck..😂😁

  • Summer Piggott
    Summer Piggott 10 days ago

    A few of the videos with the bags over their heads is cruel. But all the other stuff made me laugh

  • Dan Koning
    Dan Koning 10 days ago

    I don't understand the desire to have a "pug" dog. They are so ugly.

  • Mya
    Mya 11 days ago


  • ManyWafflez
    ManyWafflez 12 days ago

    it’s just so cruel that a chipmunk was getting swung around by a string ;-;

  • Jacinta Goodchild
    Jacinta Goodchild 12 days ago

    Make me Laugh

  • Asmr Queens
    Asmr Queens 12 days ago

    Half of this video is animal abuse. Not funny.

  • Vanessa Lincourt
    Vanessa Lincourt 12 days ago

    I don’t get how animals falling is funny

  • Margo B
    Margo B 12 days ago

    Me:what did u do to my shoes?! My dog:nothing what why u looking at me like that?
    Me:uhhhh really no treats for u!
    My dog :oh no plz im sorry!
    Me: HaHaHa😤

  • Katherine Fullwood
    Katherine Fullwood 15 days ago +4

    It was just so cruel making that baby pig go on the tredmill

    • Nova_TGN
      Nova_TGN 9 days ago

      At least he gave him the treat at the end

    • Nova_TGN
      Nova_TGN 9 days ago

      I haven't seen that part yet but that sounds f*cking hilarious 🤣🤣

  • Iliana Torres
    Iliana Torres 16 days ago

    Idk my fav part

  • mike lewis
    mike lewis 16 days ago +1

    If this video is funny click this

  • MystBunnyGaming
    MystBunnyGaming 16 days ago

    A little variation would go a long way. Too many similar clips.

  • Savage Dude
    Savage Dude 17 days ago +3

    The one on 6:10 is the dog ok 😢😢😥🙏🙏🙏

  • Jennifer Allbright
    Jennifer Allbright 17 days ago

    There is a cure for VVS...Vertical Video Syndrome! Lololol

  • foxy chan
    foxy chan 19 days ago +1

    What was going through the cat's head at the time he was jumping of to climb on the wall "spinder cat spinder cat can do whatever a cat can do* XD

  • Raysa Banos
    Raysa Banos 19 days ago

    ITS SO FUNNY 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😹😹😹😹😹😹😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Fribigy Forty-Seven
    Fribigy Forty-Seven 20 days ago

    You won’t get tired of my voice will you?

  • Elizabeth Nijholt
    Elizabeth Nijholt 22 days ago

    Zo funny

  • Arabella Ambat castro
    Arabella Ambat castro 22 days ago

    The dog be like mhmm,m the cat be like no no no no

  • Maria Nunez
    Maria Nunez 23 days ago

    i like dogs!

  • Donald Adams
    Donald Adams 23 days ago

    So funny

  • Lowell Dennis
    Lowell Dennis 23 days ago +2

    So funny we did the try not to laugh challenge it was so funny!!!

  • PS4 Gaming
    PS4 Gaming 24 days ago

    This is Animal Abuse Everyone Dislike the Video, Every Dislike = I Saved Animal

  • Olivia Harris
    Olivia Harris 24 days ago +1

    It's not funny if the animals get hurt or stuck but it's funny other wise

  • emilie YouTube
    emilie YouTube 24 days ago

    Vous et con ou cone ou pas putin

  • Анфиса OMG 2
    Анфиса OMG 2 25 days ago


  • Hailee Volpi
    Hailee Volpi 26 days ago


  • Hailee Volpi
    Hailee Volpi 26 days ago +1

    that dog is going to sufecate

  • Karen Lawyer
    Karen Lawyer 27 days ago


  • Bob Kinderknecht
    Bob Kinderknecht 27 days ago +2


  • PHYLLIS Busisiwe
    PHYLLIS Busisiwe 27 days ago

    people what if the dog died yesie

  • miladys montalvo
    miladys montalvo 28 days ago

    Helo yo

  • Pet Animal lovers
    Pet Animal lovers 28 days ago +1

    so much enjoyable 😃 want more vedio like this..♥

    • Asmr Queens
      Asmr Queens 12 days ago

      More vids of animals being abused. Thats exactly what we need

  • Marco Murgia
    Marco Murgia 28 days ago +1

    Wow OMG

  • Ahmed Samir
    Ahmed Samir 29 days ago

    رائع جدا جدا جدا 😮☺👌

  • yasmin linda bittencourt


  • marli pereira
    marli pereira 29 days ago

    E Pet You ♥♥♥★★★★

  • cats&fish channel
    cats&fish channel 29 days ago


  • Marketing Depot
    Marketing Depot Month ago

    Ok this is gonna make us buy animals

  • Clarissa Jarrett
    Clarissa Jarrett Month ago

    The gramma is such a gurk

  • miraculous style
    miraculous style Month ago

    What is it with cats and falling off things

  • Midya Ahmet
    Midya Ahmet Month ago

    Kediyi cikarsana bogluyacak aklinin fikriniz vidyo

  • olivia owczarek's World

    How many times will I laugh
    10 !!

  • Emily Aguero
    Emily Aguero Month ago

    Is funny videos

  • Levi Winston
    Levi Winston Month ago +2

    I slept like that pitbull last night