Getting CREATIVE with Portrait Photography!

  • Published on Aug 4, 2019
  • Yooooo! Today we're going out and getting creative with portrait photography! I'm Super excited about this vlog as i've been wanting to do more creative photography for a while and feels good to finally have started.
    Today's Model: _shalommmm
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  • Net Way
    Net Way 22 hours ago

    The Hair through the paper looks Beautiful and even Eyes through paper Wow

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young 2 days ago

    Great work bud. Good to be able to watch some homegrown Oz creatives. I live in Bris-Vegas and look for a lot of material on RU-clip, and of course 99 percent of it is overseas content. So again, good work. Or in our parlance, Bloody Beauty Mate.

  • ترانيم الحروف

    Abonnez-vous à ma chaîne s'il vous plaît

    MOVIES TRAILER ZONE 5 days ago

    Cool ..... vist my channel ....they are on my case ....

  • WhatIsLife
    WhatIsLife 7 days ago +2

    1:12 me realizing i’m in a video

  • Jazz Wink
    Jazz Wink 9 days ago

    6:12 bro the first one looks better ...

  • Curiousme100
    Curiousme100 11 days ago

    Good job! My favorite, all of them.

  • Dummy Entity
    Dummy Entity 12 days ago

    Woah your voice is deep

  • Bock-Schroeder Foundation

    ...from an undiscovered Master Photographer.

  • Swirl AndTwirl
    Swirl AndTwirl 13 days ago


  • Xx꿈xX
    Xx꿈xX 14 days ago

    What are those lights in the back I want them like look like stars 5:13

  • Indrajit Mondal
    Indrajit Mondal 14 days ago

    Fuck u and ur channel bcz u r a small youtuber, ur channel a so little bit and u r business a subcriber,loll preset a available for another youtuber ,lollllll,fuck u 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Emily08
    Emily08 15 days ago

    As a semi beginner you make me feel SO inspired!!! Thank you so much

  • raajvir mudaliar
    raajvir mudaliar 15 days ago +2

    Hair cmng twrds the camera was actually cool..

  • Love Dudes
    Love Dudes 16 days ago +1

    I am an Amateur photographer! And this video really inspires me a lot. Thanks man your the best!!!

    Any small youtubers wanna help each other

  • James Troi
    James Troi 18 days ago

    You could use an elastic band around your lens hood and hook her hair under the elastic band, you can then position it as required.

  • Pearl Aubrey
    Pearl Aubrey 18 days ago

    I love the last one really. ♥️


    What is song 0.33

  • Israe Aco
    Israe Aco 21 day ago +2

    I actually really like the first one 5:45

  • Thresia Ann Celso
    Thresia Ann Celso 21 day ago

    He got super sexy lips! Damn! 😂

  • It’s Gorah
    It’s Gorah 22 days ago

    brown paper bag

  • Hannah Neto
    Hannah Neto 22 days ago +3

    I just now learned this mans is from tiktok

  • Deku_headbang_intensifies

    Is it just me or at 0:25 i thought he glued some shiny ass pennies on his wall

  • Anecia Deyona
    Anecia Deyona 24 days ago +12

    OMG, I love all the pictures but the one with the braids coming from the paper bag was dopeeeee!

  • AdamSWRider
    AdamSWRider 25 days ago

    all I can hear is Daniel Ricciardo haha!!

  • Randomly Random
    Randomly Random 26 days ago +19

    I like that his accent makes it sound like he says idear

  • Randomly Random
    Randomly Random 26 days ago +1

    There is an Instagram account that also has alot of cool nature shots and I thought I could share the account

  • Web Design
    Web Design 28 days ago +1

    This model has beautiful eyes!

  • Couples United Group
    Couples United Group 28 days ago

    Brown paper bag was the beat

  • Nickella Dunn
    Nickella Dunn 28 days ago +3

    3:41 Is it just me or is the hole shaped like Jamaica??

  • Zane
    Zane 28 days ago +1

    this stuff is really cool and can fit the right editorial/artistic Muse but that dudes instagram you shared is so 'constructed' and 'fabricated' its beyond the realm of photography. there is a difference between taking photographs and creating images. So much of contemporary photography is really graphic design. Photography is about Truth. True to color, true to subject. True to time. Not knocking anything in this video. It is very helpful! and I think you're style is better than the person you shared.

  • Keiwa Simpson Vacation Coaching

    omg she's pretttyyyyyyy love hearts! great work !

  • Justine Laplana
    Justine Laplana 29 days ago

    I like it when he is talking and he is eating the words😆 If you know what I mean😆

  • Allimoni Mateyo
    Allimoni Mateyo Month ago

    I love the one that the hair is coming towards the camera!

  • Rasta4eye
    Rasta4eye Month ago

    The brown paper bag!

  • Lyn Pomale
    Lyn Pomale Month ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 All of them

  • qwerty 29
    qwerty 29 Month ago

    Sorry I wanted to know what camera model you used? (you can answer please)

  • 93cherryluv
    93cherryluv Month ago

    I lovedddddd this video

  • Kyar Kyar
    Kyar Kyar Month ago

    I watch this video because you're sexy

  • ĪES艾V๏гTX
    ĪES艾V๏гTX Month ago


  • RICA Derit
    RICA Derit Month ago

    your eyes tho😍

  • tatenda
    tatenda Month ago

    was these on instagram on shalom's account, quite cool to see the process. Great Job, your're hella creative !

  • Lil xo
    Lil xo Month ago

    I’m a beginner photographer, can u please dm me

  • kNERO Lapaé
    kNERO Lapaé Month ago


  • Mizkels
    Mizkels Month ago +20

    OMG! your voice! She's a real model by the way

  • Noitalever LLC
    Noitalever LLC Month ago

    I love the bike lock😍

  • Fabien Valentin
    Fabien Valentin Month ago

    Merciiiii !!!

  • Citra Belliya
    Citra Belliya Month ago

    These techniques are STUPID, those photos don’t even look good

  • Myhamor Onegin
    Myhamor Onegin Month ago

    Фото в одежде нет лучше без одежды

  • Tahir Khan
    Tahir Khan Month ago

    Good photography

  • S. E. Productions
    S. E. Productions Month ago +35

    I like the fact that this guy does the trial and error and he shows us... awesome job.

  • jimin jams
    jimin jams Month ago

    what kind of camera

  • Afkar Zemer Tech
    Afkar Zemer Tech Month ago +3

    Can you give me the this video LUT file For Color correction please ❤️

  • Jerome Balzac
    Jerome Balzac Month ago

    the ones with the hair was great

  • محمد عائلة ماجد

    Wow that good

  • Calvin Fowler
    Calvin Fowler Month ago +234

    5:57 OMG that looks like it could be something from a movie cover

    • Dead Set On Dreams
      Dead Set On Dreams 21 day ago +1

      For the brown paper photos, I thought they would be perfect book covers XD Now that you said it I can see them as movie covers as well for The Hate U Give (it made me think about looking at other people through a filter) or some mystery, noir or something haha

    • TizzyRose
      TizzyRose 27 days ago +2

      Calvin Fowler 69th like

    • Sayan Das
      Sayan Das Month ago +1


  • Antony M P
    Antony M P Month ago

    I love ur photos

  • Rhonzkie Buen
    Rhonzkie Buen Month ago

    Hair through paper bag

  • Chyna Cosmic Cabuki

    I like your photography

  • Scenarioo
    Scenarioo Month ago

    The model is cute