How to control emotion and influence behavior | Dawn Goldworm | TEDxEast

  • Published on Jul 25, 2016
  • The world of scent and its influence is more powerful than you may be aware.
    Dawn Goldworm is an internationally recognized olfactive expert and the Nose behind successful fragrances for American Express, Lady Gaga, Design Miami/ Art Basel, Mercedes Benz, Valentino and many more… The inspiration of 12.29, Dawn’s vision of enriching brand experiences through scent, began with her Masters at NYU. Dawn’s expertise in perfumery is the result of years of training and research along with her work at Avon’s global NY headquarters and Coty Beauty in NY and Paris with a focus on North America, Europe, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and LATAM fragrance markets. Dawn’s rare abilities in synesthesia (blending her sense of sight, touch, sound and smell), guide 12.29’s unique scent creation process, transforming branding into a complete sensory experience.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Ivy Zhou
    Ivy Zhou 6 days ago

    Inspiring to use and think of smell/scent in another way.

  • i dote
    i dote 25 days ago

    just to summarize : smell good always and keep surroundings clean

  • lila 123456789
    lila 123456789 Month ago

    Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone
    You want me to open up to you and tell more about what i really think but when i try to be honest to you, you now react more emotionally instead of being objective and realistic. I thought you would understand my point of views like you do before
    So i guess i should just stop saying anything

  • ma
    ma Month ago

    What about the smell of farts? Is she the lost sister of Jennifer Lawrence?

  • deborahregez
    deborahregez Month ago

    Dear Comment-reader: you dont have to read any further than this. All the other comments down there are either complaining about the title that doesn't fit the talk or that the Lady upstage looks like Jennifer Lawrence.
    Oh and if you're still here, it's also dreadfull, that she demands that there are only 7 notes in music. Well... no. There are at least 12.
    Thank you for reading.

  • Sofie Lys
    Sofie Lys 2 months ago


  • V w
    V w 2 months ago

    This is fantastic! 👍👍

  • B. Colwell
    B. Colwell 3 months ago

    Scents can be divided into man-made versus natural, with good and bad smells on both sides.

  • Sonto Banganayi
    Sonto Banganayi 4 months ago

    Are those Proctor and Gamble brands? I don't think that is correct.

  • Nancy Alexander-Carreira

    And what about those who can't smell?

  • Patrik Hallberg
    Patrik Hallberg 4 months ago

    This was enlightening. I understand the how toos now that Dawn have told me the system behind and have given clues to different uses. And I love the calm way of presentation. Makes it easyer to listen to the words. The title is 100% perfekt. The part about manipulate is problematic as the word is used different in scientific and mundane worlds. So I understand some peoples reactions. But there are situations when noone thinks manipulation is wrong. Dawn told one good example. The mother manipulating the child to become soothed by putting her smell in reach of it.

  • Mariposa Redimida
    Mariposa Redimida 4 months ago

    "Let's create new memories!"

    • V w
      V w 2 months ago


  • Nicolò Franzutti
    Nicolò Franzutti 4 months ago

    3:11 seems completely unlikely according to r/askhistorians... another tedx that has a questionable basis

  • pelaito2
    pelaito2 5 months ago

    Incorrectly titled talks raise false expectations. And that's when viewers feel disappointed. Interesting talk though.

  • Kama Fitness - Aerial Yoga Girl™️

    Soo.....essential oils?

  • Lyndell
    Lyndell 6 months ago

    This was absolutely lame... This had nothing to do with controlling your emotions. At least not in the idea that I was thinking. Change the title.

  • Tia Cisco
    Tia Cisco 9 months ago

    I'm not a fan of this idea as scent triggers migraines for myself as well as millions of other people and for us, everyone utilizing scents would do far more harm than help. I don't know if I agree with her in saying that the scents people enjoy are mainly based on just childhood memories either or that they are socially and culturally based. I actually happen to like the smells that cause my migraines (even essential oils as pure as doTERRA) but I've grown to associate those smells negatively over time due to the knowledge of the pain that comes shortly after smelling them. If everyone were trying to harness scent to sway emotional states or induce a mental calmness in others, the air would be toxic and polluted by this increased stimulation.

  • Rcia Noventa
    Rcia Noventa 9 months ago +2

    I wasn't expecting that. Thanks for the information.

  • rino15onir
    rino15onir 9 months ago


  • Cinnamon Parsley
    Cinnamon Parsley 10 months ago

    If this is the case, then why is it that we have a very strong attraction to foreign smells that we haven't previously been exposed to in childhood? Whether it's pheromones, foods, flowers, herbs/spices...her theory doesn't add up

  • Bree
    Bree 11 months ago +1

    She’s like an intelligent and superior Version of Jennifer Lawrence

  • Tatiana :P
    Tatiana :P 11 months ago


  • Eera Rosli
    Eera Rosli 11 months ago +1

    im sensitive.. sometimes i really2 hate scent , no matter how good the scent is. it just destracted me.

  • David Hobson
    David Hobson 11 months ago +2

    What am I supposed to do with this information? It was interesting but I can't find any takeaways that I can use or apply. I still have no idea what scents to use when or how. I just know a little better about how little I know.

    • Mar'shell Bastidas
      Mar'shell Bastidas Month ago

      Dude, i feel ya. Look into Mind Hygienics. They teach you how and what to use. it friggin works. and fast

  • Ramana Chandrasekar
    Ramana Chandrasekar 11 months ago

    Amazing content.... Such a sensible influential talk. 🌸

  • Chandrahas Chouhan
    Chandrahas Chouhan 11 months ago +2

    Hunger games mocking scent?

  • ANNA Jankowska
    ANNA Jankowska 11 months ago

    Another fishing expedition

  • jonathan murray
    jonathan murray Year ago

    Irac the smell that's why it so hard to get better that smell it all comes back those poor vets how can we help them

  • Christoffer Nerdx

    She is so beautiful pls talk more

  • ili n
    ili n Year ago

    she looks a little bit like jennifer lawrence

  • Fida Ali Rasou
    Fida Ali Rasou Year ago

    thank you maam ,nice ideas ,,fida And arif

  • Solomon Unzicker
    Solomon Unzicker Year ago

    There are twelve different notes in music not seven

    • Keith Klassen
      Keith Klassen 5 months ago

      Most music is diatonic, that is, conforming to a scale. The vast majority of scales use 7 notes, as you must already know.

  • Fiona
    Fiona Year ago +1

    Her voice is kinda relaxing

  • Yumy Hernandez
    Yumy Hernandez Year ago

    Amniotic not ambiotic.

  • Annette Bejany
    Annette Bejany Year ago +8

    I have walked out of stores because I have an aversion to those artificially scented vapor diffusers. It's the smell, and the fact that I know they are trying to manipulate my buying choices . it disgusts me.

  • princess étoile
    princess étoile Year ago

    Wow she is stunningly beautiful

  • MOBK
    MOBK Year ago

    Interesting and lovely talk.

  • Bel Behr
    Bel Behr Year ago +2

    All these (AI) artificial intelligence info-visual-tones videos make one reflect on their words, the more I listen and compare them the more I hear FB and MS owners in them, trying to shape, influence and train minds to think like a robot and take from our minds to add to their database for the benefit of the robot agenda under-minding that each one of us is a human bean not a case. Interesting!

  • Infinite
    Infinite Year ago +4

    She's so calming~

  • EL AMRANI Houda
    EL AMRANI Houda Year ago

    it s intersting but how to use it fot controling emotions i think the talk was not compresensive

    • Smart Cat Collar Project
      Smart Cat Collar Project Year ago

      They diffuse scents that make people feel safe and happy so that they buy more stuff in supermarkets...
      Now using it for your own personal development... well I suppose the profit is so much lower than nobody cares... ?

  • Roxanne Truebody
    Roxanne Truebody Year ago +7

    Great, another way to manipulate people

  • Moblet Lentab
    Moblet Lentab Year ago

    Bloody Christians

  • DeeEll86442
    DeeEll86442 Year ago +7

    I'm a therapist and I like the idea of using smell to help my patients. These TedX videos really give me some great ideas for group discussions.

    • Ben Wilson
      Ben Wilson Year ago

      Please look into doTERRA essential oils then! I can share some information with you! It is much safer than using synthetic fragrances!

    • Teresa Ely
      Teresa Ely Year ago

      I concur and do appreciate reading your honest sensible comment it is worth reading!

  • Rebecca Lynn
    Rebecca Lynn Year ago +1

    Oh my gawwwd, there are NOT only 7 notes! Stop! There are 11. Sigh.

    • Keith Klassen
      Keith Klassen 5 months ago

      @FragranceView We don't talk about the tritone tho...

    • FragranceView
      FragranceView Year ago +1

      There's actually 12 notes.... not 11

  • Rebecca Lynn
    Rebecca Lynn Year ago +7

    In our mother's STOMACH? What on Earth? Mercy me.

  • MaCoeur
    MaCoeur Year ago +9

    Oh great....Another potential manipulation tactic we'll have to add to the never ending list....woo hoo. Can we leave nothing alone?

  • Maria Gradilla
    Maria Gradilla Year ago +6

    Lol I love smelling my boyfriends . Smell is important to me

  • Maria Gradilla
    Maria Gradilla Year ago +2

    Not my momma it has to look Clean !

  • Sahn Song
    Sahn Song Year ago +4

    I've learnt something from this video

  • A. M.
    A. M. Year ago +1

    She is lovable.

  • _annamw_
    _annamw_ Year ago +21

    The title is really misleading!

  • anibassb
    anibassb Year ago +28

    Its a great talk, yet it is disappointing because after reading the title you would expect something different... It was nothing about 'how' ... it was more about 'with which tool'

    • MaCoeur
      MaCoeur Year ago +3

      ...and THAT ladies and gentlemen, is and example of HOW TO CONTROL EMOTION (you were either "excited" to learn this "skill" or you were "disturbed" by the idea ) and INFLUENCE BEHAVIOR (get people to watch) with just one simple misleading title!

  • Roy Rankin
    Roy Rankin Year ago +5

    99% of people I know use a deodorant, cologne, perfume, or use scentsys or scented candles, air freshener in their home and car...always trying to influence with scent

  • Sassy Rabbit
    Sassy Rabbit 2 years ago +18

    She looks like Jennifer Lawrence

  • Shishira S Gowda
    Shishira S Gowda 2 years ago

    Not sure

  • Leeya Engel
    Leeya Engel 2 years ago +10

    She talks like she's unaware that people regularly use perfume. Not worth the time.

  • Brian Blackwell
    Brian Blackwell 2 years ago +18

    Very interesting, but the presentation is rather robotic. I'd like to see you be you.

  • Britt Nicholson
    Britt Nicholson 2 years ago +145

    Jennifer Lawrence doesn't sound like herself...

    • drbilldc
      drbilldc 4 months ago

      Britt Nicholson 😂😂YES!!

    • Dale Dunn
      Dale Dunn 6 months ago

      She sounds like Lisa Kudrow.

    • HulkSmash2736
      HulkSmash2736 Year ago

      Weak asf!!! 😂😂😂

    • MOBK
      MOBK Year ago +2

      Haha - my thoughts exactly. I immediately thought she looks exactly like her. Dopplegangers are real!

  • Eugenia Moreno
    Eugenia Moreno 2 years ago +19

    what a nightmare for those of us who are sensitive to the chemical cocktail of added fragrances. what about studies about the physical reaction to chemicals by the respiratory system?

    • Ben Wilson
      Ben Wilson Year ago +1

      That is why essential oils are AMAZING! All natural, non toxic and very rarely have any unwanted effects. Of course, quality is paramount. Cheap oils are often filled with synthetic fillers, you may as well be using a store bought perfume.. That is why I trust doTERRA Essential Oils for my family. The quality and transparency of the company is unmatched!

    • Rebecca Lynn
      Rebecca Lynn Year ago

      Eugenia Moreno Indeed! Same here!

    • Mermaid Flows
      Mermaid Flows Year ago +2

      I can't stand added fragrances. I'm extremely bothered by perfumes and colognes they are all very unpleasant to me and make my nose burn. The last thing we need is for companies to use that shit to try and influence our emotions. Don't they already try to do that? She believes that scent is underutilised in our lives? I disagree. It is obviously over utilised. This was the worst ted talk I've ever listened to.

  • Michelle Santana
    Michelle Santana 2 years ago +3

    bla bla bla

  • TheAkelei
    TheAkelei 2 years ago +31

    She is right in many ways - but I strongly do reject manipulation by scents. It's enough to be overflooded with tunes wherever I go - It would be disgusting if they would try to overwhelm me with smells, too. Oh please not.

    • shom bagaraow
      shom bagaraow 22 days ago

      I think its about you tuning your own surroundings the way you want them, just the way you would decorate your house

  • Jen Since88
    Jen Since88 2 years ago +265

    This should actually be entitled: "How Does Scent Influence Emotion?" This has nothing to do with controlling your emotions.

    • Mar'shell Bastidas
      Mar'shell Bastidas Month ago

      Haha. I feel ya. I actually thought she was going to talk about something similar to Mind Hygienics, they use the sense of smell to help you control your emotions like she said. But yeah, incorrect title indeed.

    • Mar'shell Bastidas
      Mar'shell Bastidas Month ago

      @anibassb Haha. I feel ya. I actually thought she was going to talk about something similar to Mind Hygienics, they use the sense of smell to help you control your emotions like she said. But yeah, incorrect title indeed.

    • Michael Cummings
      Michael Cummings Month ago

      In culture smell can be used as a weapon to control the physical, spiritual and emotional state of the target. This method has been used for a very long time, it's nothing new.

    • Christopher Carver
      Christopher Carver 2 months ago

      Thanks for saving me the time

    • mutale Phiri
      mutale Phiri 10 months ago

      Jen Since88 agreed

  • Shento 2Edgy
    Shento 2Edgy 2 years ago +3

    she is stunning, where do I find a woman like that? It seems like I am surrounded by plebs