• Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • The Sidemen play Hide & Seek on a Cruise Ship! Enjoy!
    Sidemen Clothing:
    Thanks so much to MSC Cruises for letting us be some of the first people ever on their brand new ship MSC Bellissima. If you want to find out more about the ship visit
    ● Miniminter:
    ● Zerkaa:
    ● Behzinga:
    ● Vikkstar123:
    ● TBJZL:
    ● Wroetoshaw:
    ● KSI:
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  • xSyphex
    xSyphex 11 hours ago

    The chunks haven't loaded in yet, 11:39

  • MoodyMelody
    MoodyMelody 11 hours ago

    just can't stop watching these videos!

  • etnad docamer
    etnad docamer 17 hours ago +1

    why am i so black ksi “2019”

  • Jacob Harry
    Jacob Harry 18 hours ago +1

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not a single soul:
    JJ: why am I so black

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed Day ago

    26:35 unbothered😂🤣

  • Jason Pilot
    Jason Pilot Day ago

    20:04 That's exactly what I expected to happen

  • R2de0n St4ff
    R2de0n St4ff Day ago +1

    “Why am i so black?”

    - Ksi 2019

  • Lewis Cavey
    Lewis Cavey Day ago +1

    Anyone else love the fact Ethan always finds tobi but let’s him stay in his spot true g’s 😂

  • Animatronic GamerHD

    What is the outro song called? IT was SICK!

  • Xander Heselden
    Xander Heselden Day ago +1

    If Ethan was hiding and was still fat he would’ve gone to the buffet with jj.

  • Xander Heselden
    Xander Heselden Day ago +1

    Ethan would’ve been slanting the boat if not for his weight loss.

  • Acksel edits
    Acksel edits Day ago

    18:55 is joker's laugh

  • D3 Jax Dino
    D3 Jax Dino 2 days ago

    1:34 good question 👌👍

  • jackmwelsh
    jackmwelsh 2 days ago +2

    Who is here after the themepark hide and seek and saw Ethan is Tobi’s boy once again

  • ImagineWagons444
    ImagineWagons444 2 days ago

    12:52 Ethan's face he was so shocked

  • Mad Matt
    Mad Matt 2 days ago

    Yoooo the boat has the Maltese cross on it 1:45

  • TheMaskedMan37 7
    TheMaskedMan37 7 2 days ago

    I would hide in a room

  • ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    JJ has managed to be the dumbest but smartest sidemen

  • xLTx Primal
    xLTx Primal 2 days ago

    6:34 Voice cack

  • Amy Spann
    Amy Spann 3 days ago

    Its not a billion dollar boat we went on it to this year

  • GamerRock
    GamerRock 3 days ago

    6:45 shock MOMENT PURE Ive gotten scared

  • Reward Program
    Reward Program 3 days ago

    JJ technically won because he was actually hiding

  • Jaydot Paydot
    Jaydot Paydot 4 days ago +1

    Yo I was so angry when that guy was like check in the buffet he wasn't't even playing, it genuinely annoyed me, like I wanted JJ to win.

  • Ashton.R.
    Ashton.R. 4 days ago

    Ksi * doesn’t Try*
    Also Ksi * doesn’t come last*

  • Vexhp _
    Vexhp _ 5 days ago

    Vik sees josh across the whole ship
    Vik : He nearly got me omg

  • Scott Mcnicol
    Scott Mcnicol 5 days ago

    18:01 when the FBI find viks basement

  • Angie Bezic
    Angie Bezic 5 days ago

    Me watching this at 2am

  • morne bruh
    morne bruh 5 days ago +1

    wow its like jj was acting

  • Maddie Charnock
    Maddie Charnock 5 days ago +1

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 the sidemen is rich 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Lazy Ben
    Lazy Ben 6 days ago

    4:18 Tobi's singing 😂

  • Ajay Nair
    Ajay Nair 6 days ago +1

    What is the intro song

  • It's Rose!
    It's Rose! 6 days ago

    Vik:I bet JJ's cheating
    JJ: sleeping in a cafe buefa

  • Abiel Lamara
    Abiel Lamara 6 days ago

    WARNING: Comment in this video ia a SPOILER.

  • Abiel Lamara
    Abiel Lamara 6 days ago

    Tobi is very cunning in every hide and seek, that makes me satisfied when he escaped.

  • Denilson Salazar
    Denilson Salazar 6 days ago

    I have found the meme on ksi's reddit about vikk

  • The Gacha Psycho
    The Gacha Psycho 7 days ago

    Lmao 23:46 😂😂😂

  • iyellowghost
    iyellowghost 7 days ago

    that pizza looks really good

  • Jessica A-Palmer
    Jessica A-Palmer 7 days ago

    Ethan is so cute whenever he works with the seekers he never snitches

  • Mariam Anwar
    Mariam Anwar 7 days ago

    Right here by Justin Bieber playing at the start

  • SG 7104C
    SG 7104C 7 days ago

    Whose Ship Is That?

  • SG 7104C
    SG 7104C 7 days ago

    The First Few Seconds 0:00 A Legend Is Born
    I Thought Legitimately That It Was An Ad. 😝 🤣
    Nobody: “Yay!” *Haha*

    -Me 2019

  • Thomas Stonard
    Thomas Stonard 7 days ago +1

    What is the song at the start

  • Smd Joanna
    Smd Joanna 7 days ago

    Vik:Harry and Ethan are probably going to hide in the gym
    Harry and Ethan hide in the gym

  • Dillyspeaches bdd
    Dillyspeaches bdd 8 days ago

    Josh: surely no one is in the Buffet
    JJ: 14:24

  • Blood0cean
    Blood0cean 8 days ago

    24:35 nice vik will be first to leave Sidemen. Should've never been a part tbh.

  • Shadow Alpha
    Shadow Alpha 8 days ago

    20:22 notice how it’s only the black people left

    Reverse horror film logic

  • Lachlan Yen
    Lachlan Yen 8 days ago

    did jj say cheesus when he saw the cheese

  • Lucas gaming
    Lucas gaming 9 days ago

    6:30 😂😂😂😂 eathans voice crack

  • WGC 99
    WGC 99 9 days ago +10

    Underrated freindships
    Harry and vic
    Simon and Toby
    Ethan and josh
    Ksi and sleep

  • WGC 99
    WGC 99 9 days ago +1

    Underrated freindships

  • Naadir Hassan Hajee Abdoola

    Thought jj didn't like 🍕🤔

  • Harrison Walker
    Harrison Walker 9 days ago +1

    Hope u don’t sink

  • TEK Tube
    TEK Tube 10 days ago

    Pretty much all the Sidemen : oh my gud he jus walked past me!!!!!
    Ksi: tHe pIZza actUaAlly PretTy gOoD!

  • Hana S - L
    Hana S - L 10 days ago

    justin playing in the background

  • BeNjAmIn LiNe
    BeNjAmIn LiNe 10 days ago

    6:30 Ethan voice crack

  • Tylo Va
    Tylo Va 10 days ago

    Ethan had a voice crack at 6:34

  • Flourrish
    Flourrish 10 days ago

    whats the outro music?

  • Nikola Jurić
    Nikola Jurić 11 days ago

    next episode : HIDE AND SEEK IN £10,000,000 town called london(gone pregnant)

  • Faza Putra
    Faza Putra 11 days ago +4

    No one:
    Not even tobi:
    JJ: Why am i so black

  • parsec
    parsec 11 days ago +1

    14:07 JJ: Oh my god

    In JJ's head: BULKING TIME