• Published on Nov 6, 2018
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    BRAIN TIME ► goo.gl/tTWgH2

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  • Enrique A c
    Enrique A c Month ago

    I hope if a virtual reality full motion and haptics electromagnetic suit is posible using powerfull electromagnets to make you levitate and atract an reject parts of the suit to make it full haptics and motion posible 🤞

  • Jewel Fazbear
    Jewel Fazbear Month ago

    Ready Player One anyone? 😀🎮

  • gsomslayer
    gsomslayer Month ago

    vrgluv is cool but really bulky..
    imagine what may happen to an unsuspecting individual passing whilst the player is punching the nearby air with those things..

    DA CHEESE 2 months ago +1

    i want dis one

    OGLO_SPAMS_STUFF_YT 2 months ago

    Ready player one btw

  • Voldemort
    Voldemort 3 months ago +1

    *Update: AxonVR has stopped developing the exosuit because it was “impractical and expensive” so they changed their company name to HaptX VR and are now developing a VR glove with touch sensors in it* 😀😀

    • hogus bogus
      hogus bogus Month ago +1

      uh, why couldn't you just try and capture a high price market? that's better than no availability.

  • Honza Dobeš
    Honza Dobeš 4 months ago

    Jediné co by vám stačilo by byl 8 pohonový... ,, balónový pás'' se snímačem pohybu tak aby při kroku se posunul o cca metr... Nejlépe přes lehké nabíjecí čidla které by se připevnili na nohy např suchým zipem... Tím získáte neomezený pohyb... Poté zapojte do toho rukavice z tohoto videa a máte sestavu pro chození a hraní ve volném světě

  • Coffee Break Hero
    Coffee Break Hero 5 months ago

    how long until this is in amazon?

  • Andrew
    Andrew 6 months ago +3

    Sao will become real within the next 20 years. And I'm telling you now I'll be the first on

    • Andrew
      Andrew 6 months ago

      @Kian M all good never have too like something just because others do. But I'm telling you you want the vr system they gave from the show. Well all but never being able to leave and the dying part.

    • Kian M
      Kian M 6 months ago

      @Andrew Great, I can't stand anime.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 6 months ago

      @Kian M an anime good one at least the first season was

    • Kian M
      Kian M 6 months ago

      Whats sao

  • Miles Talesnik
    Miles Talesnik 6 months ago

    Ha vrglov or powerglove

  • Kyle Jolly
    Kyle Jolly 7 months ago

    Yes! Now this is awesome, if only I had money even half of the time...

  • Kaden Kauffman
    Kaden Kauffman 7 months ago +1

    Can u put links of music in description?

  • Brevstoll
    Brevstoll 7 months ago

    I feel like it would make more sense to literally have a full body exo skeleton on some sort of free moving frame. Without a full body suit, you can't REALLY transport yourself into a new reality. With the exo skeleton you'd be able to add resistance and spatial awareness. So you'd be moving around but the suit would register a virtual wall in front of you and would lock the suit somehow so that it simulates touching/running into a real wall.

  • Yeet Lord
    Yeet Lord 9 months ago

    How much is claw

  • Hessien
    Hessien 9 months ago

    Can’t they make make something like in ready player one or is this a attempt on that

    • Noble Six
      Noble Six 4 months ago

      Oh wait....

    • Noble Six
      Noble Six 4 months ago +1

      Hessien I hope theirs no fortnite faggots in the vr world

    • diamondwolfpack 6
      diamondwolfpack 6 9 months ago

      They are but it's in progress it's more like a suit

  • vexienroe
    vexienroe 9 months ago

    I really hate the music he adds to this shit.

  • Mr Beater
    Mr Beater 9 months ago

    sword art online :u

    • Jewel Fazbear
      Jewel Fazbear Month ago

      Tbh I actually though that was a game. Had no idea it's an anime 😂

  • Cookie
    Cookie 11 months ago

    Feel VR is da best :3

  • Taca Khoa Học NEW
    Taca Khoa Học NEW 11 months ago +1

    Please list music on video ?

  • M A#np
    M A#np Year ago

    list of things reveiwed VRgluv NOLO VR Kit and...

  • nmn1
    nmn1 Year ago

    i have a vr headset with 2 controlers and i want that vr exo suit badly but its gonna be alot of money to buy if it comes out

    • Jonas Hönig
      Jonas Hönig 10 months ago

      watch for bhaptic suits, they´re allready released and are affordable ----> www.bhaptics.com

    • Kim Jong Un
      Kim Jong Un 11 months ago

      killer bat111 no one cares

  • Magic Moose
    Magic Moose Year ago

    the first one is now called hapix

  • Dean Jones
    Dean Jones Year ago +1

    Too many ads

  • Ross Carlson
    Ross Carlson Year ago +3

    It's really hard to binge watch you guys since every video *has the same damn music, in the same order, every time*. Someone update that Windows Movie Maker template already!

  • Forstark
    Forstark Year ago

    Matrix Here we Come

    • Jonas Hönig
      Jonas Hönig 10 months ago

      watch the game Sairento VR..Matrix will be a joke!

  • Ashes Ashes
    Ashes Ashes Year ago

    You have too many ads for such a short video.

    VR CELL Year ago

    I'm betting everything on the success VR. Super Cool !

  • Ceribo
    Ceribo Year ago

    Give me fulldive

  • Template :3
    Template :3 Year ago

    38th!! 😂

  • Lebensgott
    Lebensgott Year ago +26

    some people are developing a glove with that you can feel heat and cold and wich locks your movement when you grab something, so it really feels like holding it, because you are not able to move your finger further....
    that is what i call next gen XD

  • Agent 10
    Agent 10 Year ago +1

    #mind warehouse

  • Qicboy47
    Qicboy47 Year ago +3

    Im the 34 comment and i came from mind warehouse

  • thunder booster
    thunder booster Year ago

    How are they gonna stop porn games tho?

  • RileyJG
    RileyJG Year ago +4

    With the VR thing at the start with feeling does that mean you’ll feel pain???

    • Le Sloth
      Le Sloth Year ago

      Fire is even More immersive!

    • Ekigaku
      Ekigaku Year ago +5

      *Immersion motherfuckers!*

  • The Omegastorm
    The Omegastorm Year ago

    Vr free
    Hmm probally isnt free

  • Alan Flores
    Alan Flores Year ago

    What song was on feel vr 5:50

    • Jason Fuoco
      Jason Fuoco 11 months ago

      Don't but I hear it all the time on RU-clip videos I know secure team uses it on all of his

  • David Baird
    David Baird Year ago +25

    This is almost like ready player one I can't wait 🤯

  • Mobile Gaming
    Mobile Gaming Year ago +2

    This is so cool!

  • Khairul Tv
    Khairul Tv Year ago

    খুব ভালো লাগলো ভিডিও টি

  • steph g
    steph g Year ago +2

    since they created the feel gloves, next should be a vr helmet and chest plate so you can feel the wind on your body when flying or sky diving in vr . cant wait to see what the future brings

  • Ilia Dimitrov
    Ilia Dimitrov Year ago +1

    Music at the beginning???

  • H-_- MaX
    H-_- MaX Year ago

    Is cool

  • juancarlosbenitezusa

    I'm my new vr set, I feel like I can comment en Español.
    De hecho me siento super latino. Como si hubiese nacido en Colombia.

  • anas gazzaz
    anas gazzaz Year ago +9

    Sub to poods

    • Korean Batman
      Korean Batman Year ago

      hell yeah i see you're doing your part, keep going bro!

  • juancarlosbenitezusa

    I'm my new vr set, I feel like my comment is number 18

  • Robert D
    Robert D Year ago

    Do any work with the oculus go?

    VOIDtheMYTH Year ago +22

    Why not make something VR Free but a Suit its like the VR Gloves but a full suit and it will have micro motion sensors in it or something like that

    • Dry Saliva
      Dry Saliva 7 months ago


    • TotallyMarioBro Gaming
      TotallyMarioBro Gaming 8 months ago

      elon musk is working on it it's called the teslasuit

    • diamondwolfpack 6
      diamondwolfpack 6 9 months ago

      They are it's in progress

    • Jonas Hönig
      Jonas Hönig 10 months ago

      This haptic suit is on a good way, also it seems to be affordable.---> www.bhaptics.com

    • thomas oliver
      thomas oliver 10 months ago

      They do but its but its a little over $1000 teslasuit.io/teslasuit

  • Awesome 2beat
    Awesome 2beat Year ago

    I find virtual reality odd but it's still fun to use.

  • bilal shaikh
    bilal shaikh Year ago

    13 comment

  • Sk8t 3r
    Sk8t 3r Year ago


  • omoregbe anthony
    omoregbe anthony Year ago

    Amazing gadgets.

  • ProXGaming
    ProXGaming Year ago +60

    SAO is slowly coming to life

    • Jewel Fazbear
      Jewel Fazbear Month ago

      @hanna wingard Damn 😂

    • Sedew
      Sedew 3 months ago

      That one, is still too far especially when SAO uses only the brain to manipulate

    • writx12
      writx12 5 months ago +1

      I'm very excited about that

    • hanna wingard
      hanna wingard 8 months ago +2

      FrankSter this made my day lmao I totally forgot about this

    • FrankSter
      FrankSter 8 months ago +2

      @hanna wingard and that's the story of how Kim Jong never replied to a comment in which he got exposed

  • J.K Rai
    J.K Rai Year ago +5

    I'm watching this in vr.

    • Jonas Hönig
      Jonas Hönig 10 months ago

      @Awesome 2beat You can also use Bigscreen which is free to use and btw. you can create a Virtual Party with other users. Also there is a software c alled Virtual Desktop, but this one will cost about 20 bucks.

    • Awesome 2beat
      Awesome 2beat Year ago

      @ProXGaming ok thx

    • ProXGaming
      ProXGaming Year ago

      You can use wmr cliffhouse

    • Awesome 2beat
      Awesome 2beat Year ago

      How and what vr do u use cause I want to.

  • RK
    RK Year ago +21

    When you realise you are not the first.

  • William __
    William __ Year ago


  • Tech gaming YEET YT
    Tech gaming YEET YT Year ago +1


    ITSTHELIAM Year ago +1



    First comment and this is awesome