20 Weirdest Houses Ever Built

  • Published on Jan 5, 2017
  • People spend alot of time in their house, why not make them unique? Here are 20 of the worlds weirdest houses ever built!
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    10. The Falling Water House
    Can you guess how old this house is? We bet you can’t. Well, this house was constructed way back in the late 1930’s by an American architect named Frank Lloyd Wright. The reason he built it was so that the cascades created by the waterfalls could be viewed. The house is in Mill Run, Pennsylvania and is highly revered.
    9. The Hobbit House
    For anyone, that’s ever wanted to know what it’s like to live like a Hobbit this could be your chance. This Hobbit house was created by a man named Simon Dale who wanted to build a house for his family that was low impact. He finished the house in 2003 after four long months and £30,000. The house is located in Pembrokeshire, Wales.
    8. The Streamline House
    This sleek and sophisticated house was created by an architect by the name of James Stockwell after he was asked to. The people who hired him wanted him to “make a design that accompanies the gorgeous seaside vistas” and it looks like Stockwell delivered on his part. The house is located in Inverloch, Australia where the scenic landscape is amazing.
    7. The Dupli Casa
    The Dupli Casa can be found in Ludwigsburg, Germany and the house was complete in 2008. The house is said to be created on the premise of the old house that once stood in its place and was designed by the J. Mayer H. Architects that are supposed to be highly renowned.
    6. The Shoebox Apartment
    If you’re someone that doesn’t need much room and prefer something more intimate than the shoebox apartment would be perfect for you. Hopefully, you’re Spanish is pretty good because this apartment is located in Barcelona, Spain. Christian Schallert got the inspiration to design this place from looking at yachts and the whole place is only 24 square meters.
    5. The Heliodome
    This doesn’t look like any of the traditional homes that we’re all used to seeing but then again none of the houses on this list are. The Heliodome is not a giant top laying on its side but rather a home that is all about solar energy. See, in the summer the energy gets stored and saved and then come winter time the house uses the energy to help keep it warm.
    4. The Purple House
    Located in Hillingdon, Middlesex, the Purple house is a grand colored palace fit for any member of royalty. On the outside, it looks just like any old regular home but on the inside, everything from the carpet to the walls is just purple purple purple. Purple was once seen as the most royal color that Kings and Queens would surround themselves with so it’s safe to say the owners thought pretty highly of themselves.

    3. The Upside Down House
    This unconventional house can be found situated in Trassenheide, Germany where it was built by two Polish architects named Klaudiusz Gołos and Sebastian Mikiciuk. The upside down house was finished back in 2008 and was a part of “The World Upside Down” project. The inside of the house is completely furnished except that all of the furniture is upside down as well.

    2. The Star Trek Voyage House
    Any Star Trek nerd would die happily if they could somehow end up owning the keys to this house. Designed and built by Tony Alleyne, the house comes equipped with all the doodads you’d find on a Stark Trek spaceship and it even comes with sound effects and LED lighting. The house was turned over to Alleyne’s ex-wife after the following court hearing of their divorce.
    1. The Boeing 727-200 House
    Can you imagine living in a plane, like, how awesome would that be telling everyone your house is something that used to fly in the air? This Boeing 727-200 was converted into a home when Joanne Ussary spent a fortune having it converted into something livable. She spent a reported $30,000 in total and had a personal jacuzzi installed inside of the cockpit.
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    In Belfast upside down houses are common, it’s just not completely upside down. It’s just built on a hill and the front door is on the top and everything downstairs is up there. The bottom floor is bathrooms and bedrooms. An average upside down house has three bedrooms

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