✔️ I CREATE Your Mod Ideas in Minecraft #2

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Comments • 80

  • EdgyGrandma
    EdgyGrandma 32 minutes ago


  • Wyrm Shogun
    Wyrm Shogun Hour ago

    Hey if you wanna create a cool update for Minecraft with those ideas, check this amino:aminoapps.com/c/MinecraftZone_A

  • Jordan Moncure
    Jordan Moncure 14 hours ago

    god is with us

  • Anonimus
    Anonimus 16 hours ago +1

    An improvement for the milk when a player has an effect like invisibility if he walks in milk the effect will disappear

  • Bart Van Damme
    Bart Van Damme 19 hours ago

    Plz don't tell me Minecraft hasn't already offered this guy a job...

  • Mr. Game and Watch Fan
    Mr. Game and Watch Fan 22 hours ago

    I wish your mods were available in the console version of minecraft

  • Pexcel
    Pexcel Day ago


  • Traffy Goh
    Traffy Goh Day ago

    Crab in milk, making mods and in a brick bathtub...

  • Plank
    Plank Day ago +1

    Its likely too late but for the backpack what if you could also have it as a alot for the elytra so that you can still wear your chest piece

    ZOOM ZOOM Day ago +1

    Farm animals wee harmed in the making of this video

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 2 days ago

    Must be nice to be able to make your own mods. You can play the game how ever you want. Maybe you should add a ground wave when you drop with the stomping enchantment. In that way you can see how far the effect will reach. And it looks cool

  • Jahin Bin Rokib
    Jahin Bin Rokib 2 days ago +1

    The backpack is floating in your back.
    Fix that

  • iHAs nOSkilLz
    iHAs nOSkilLz 2 days ago

    Mr crayfish: makes a backpack
    Shulker: am i a joke to u?!

  • Mike Wilhelm
    Mike Wilhelm 2 days ago

    When you die you leave a corpse and then you can loot the body it eventually dissolves into a ZOmbie after a day

  • Michael Woods
    Michael Woods 2 days ago

    I think you should make everything look like it is from cartoon and there are cars that you can drive in.

  • Who’s Joe?
    Who’s Joe? 2 days ago

    i love the enchantment

  • Marios Bairaktarhs
    Marios Bairaktarhs 2 days ago

    I have not seen anyone comment this but something I thought about the backpack was an ender backpack, now when you die, the normal backpack drops to the ground but keeps its items inside and the ender backpack actually stays on you when you die, fits a bit more with the minecraft logic!

  • Isu
    Isu 2 days ago

    Backpacks are toooo OP, I can put full backpack with item into my inventary :P so it gives me 324 slots + 9, it is a bit too op ;)
    also would be great If I can disable this feature of backpack, if I die while having it equipped, it sytays, it feel a bit OP :/ Also t

    • MrCrayfish
      MrCrayfish  Day ago

      Not really, you can do the same with skulker boxes. It's easy to gather a ton and you get 27 slots per box.

  • Cancrix
    Cancrix 2 days ago

    With the stomping enchantment, you could have your friend build up to build height and then spawn the wither. Your friend would then jump down and do a significan ammount of damage.

  • Ultracoolgamer 999
    Ultracoolgamer 999 2 days ago

    2:16 wandering trader strikes back

  • kohlissac02
    kohlissac02 3 days ago

    Ideas for backpack mod, the backpack slot should become the back slot, in which players can equip their elytra, a quiver, and other back items. The backpack should drop once you die, and their should be an ender backpack which will allow players to basically send eachother items through their backpacks.

  • KyleIzach
    KyleIzach 3 days ago

    11:47 they came from the sky

  • game ghost
    game ghost 3 days ago

    Giant titans that you can tame or kill for good loot

  • Hunter John
    Hunter John 3 days ago +1

    I was wondering what are all the applications you use to make these if you could?

  • Ares K
    Ares K 3 days ago

    The last one should be a real minecraft enchant

  • Lishay
    Lishay 3 days ago

    4:28 its because you didnt download cs:source duh

  • Jack Bencivenga
    Jack Bencivenga 3 days ago

    He made the man treads with the boot enchantment.

  • Nancy Rogers
    Nancy Rogers 3 days ago

    make a mod were you are able to make your own armies and wars in mincraft the game

  • Nancy Rogers
    Nancy Rogers 4 days ago

    No Nothing yet

  • Neo tronZz
    Neo tronZz 4 days ago

    A extra jump (double or triple based on level) enchantment can go well with the stomping. Cant wait to make a pool of chocolate milk after i mix my milk bucket coco beans and sugar

  • Blakiscolor
    Blakiscolor 4 days ago

    holding a torch lights up the surroundings same with lanterns and lava buckets etc

  • Sander Galawa
    Sander Galawa 4 days ago

    Phantom riders? Like a skeleton or a zombie
    Weapon: bow for the skeleton and a sword for the zombie

  • Alastair Anton-Meehan

    1AM in the morning?

  • muszka303 pro mode wolf gamer

    Puts hamsters in the mod

  • Michael Florendo
    Michael Florendo 5 days ago

    So.. a shulker box on your back?

  • Nitay Kai Tsadok
    Nitay Kai Tsadok 5 days ago

    If you throw the backpack and pick it up the stuff you put in it will still be there?

  • Hunter
    Hunter 5 days ago

    I think for the milk, you could have made it so it removes potion effects from you when you stand in it. Just an idea.

  • Darkgnaw
    Darkgnaw 5 days ago +1

    You should make a straw item or cup/scoop, where you can drink up a liquid, like milk or water, for this so you can gain hunger or a buff or debuff(like if you drink lava

  • Quinn Allred
    Quinn Allred 5 days ago

    I was thinking it would be too overpowered for the Stomping enchantment to be pairable with Feather Falling. You should have made it not pairable with it.

  • the DOOM
    the DOOM 5 days ago

    5:20 why doesn't the backbag have a chest in the crafting

  • benlogik
    benlogik 5 days ago

    Make Bluetooth levers and Redstone stuff

  • Gabriel Asaf
    Gabriel Asaf 5 days ago

    WOW i usted to watch your videos when you only reviewed mods AND now you make them yourself, big congrats dudeeeee

  • Hachi
    Hachi 5 days ago

    I think the bag should lay on the ground, not stay with you. Let's say your lost mining. You toss your valuables inside and your good to go. If it lays on the ground, they'll be in an inventory and won't despawn. That I think should be the luxury of having a backpack

  • XXshrek
    XXshrek 6 days ago

    Backpack crafting recipe should have an iron ingot in the middle or just iron for the zipper

  • XXshrek
    XXshrek 6 days ago

    I thought he was gonna say "hello everyone I am mr crayfish i am once again asking for your financial support"

  • Its Jolo
    Its Jolo 6 days ago

    Btw you dont have to say 2am in the morning you can just say 2am because that means morning and 2pm means afternoon,night

  • MCReaper
    MCReaper 6 days ago

    I think it should increase the launch height the longer the fall of the entity with the boots

  • MCReaper
    MCReaper 6 days ago

    Redirects some of your fall damage to your enemies. 5 levels. the 5th one turns you into a thwomp.

  • R. G. Nelson
    R. G. Nelson 6 days ago

    I just realized! Chocolate Milk bucket! Cocoa beans and Bucket milk! Just a thought

  • Cameron Mayea
    Cameron Mayea 6 days ago

    So basically a ender chest that stays with you

  • Memster69
    Memster69 6 days ago

    5:18.Also maybe you can put in a crafting table in the final slot for the back pack so you can craft inside of it

  • Memster69
    Memster69 6 days ago

    mumbo jumbo in 2015:I create your redstone ideas.

    MrCrayFish in 2019-2020:I create your Mod ideas.

    Someone in the year 2100:I create your game ideas.

  • Elliot Jeans
    Elliot Jeans 6 days ago

    How do you get into modding for Minecraft? like what do you use for your video

  • Quiri Derp
    Quiri Derp 6 days ago

    We all know what he was thinking with the milk

  • Gkd Idb
    Gkd Idb 6 days ago

    What if i need to drink milk

  • Ezra Tan
    Ezra Tan 7 days ago


  • TheparsecJan
    TheparsecJan 7 days ago +1

    Which IDE do you use?

  • guseul88
    guseul88 7 days ago

    music 6:10?

  • Tyler Davis
    Tyler Davis 7 days ago

    You should of made the back pack get placed on the ground like a chest when you die and it will stay there until you pick it up

  • Alexandra Parisotto
    Alexandra Parisotto 7 days ago +1

    Watch smg4s video’s of ...stuf

  • Alexandra Parisotto
    Alexandra Parisotto 7 days ago +1

    Killer yoshi with a trident and can kill you in one hit and has 3 forms.form,1,a killer yoshi that can kill you in 2 hits.form,2,can kill you in one hit and it glows.form three,can kill everything glows and summon smg4 character’s

  • Alexandra Parisotto
    Alexandra Parisotto 7 days ago +1

    Killer yoshi

  • xVen0m7
    xVen0m7 7 days ago

    are you sure it was 1AM in the morning and not 1AM in the night?

  • Lucas Berrios
    Lucas Berrios 7 days ago +1

    wow his mods are free!

  • Arizona
    Arizona 7 days ago

    i feel like the backpack should drop at death tho, like a shulker box it would keep its contents

  • Jeremy Pollock
    Jeremy Pollock 7 days ago

    Mojang, hire this man

  • FuSiOn Born
    FuSiOn Born 8 days ago

    I see a few possible problems with the back pack, first if you have multiple backpacks does eachone have its own inventory and 2 could you then store items inside of backpacks, inside another back pack. I also think he should add diferent levels of the backpack, and the ability to color it different colors

  • イケ
    イケ 8 days ago

    man this video made me subscribe.
    you're amazing

  • Drake Mitchel
    Drake Mitchel 9 days ago

    The sound of the sheep baa-ing getting quieter as they enter the upper atmosphere at 11:37 is amazing

  • BenoProductions
    BenoProductions 9 days ago

    YES! For years and years for some reason I’ve always wanted to place milk like water and lava! I thought I was the only one lol

  • GamingTopics
    GamingTopics 9 days ago

    the backpack should function similar to a shulker box. When you drop it it keeps the items that are in it, when you die it should be dropped. It seems a bit OP that you could place 9 shulkers full of stuff into the backpack and keep it when you die.

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez 9 days ago

    “1 A.M in the morning” breh

  • Cristian Bîlu
    Cristian Bîlu 9 days ago

    How about a tutorial where you show how you create a mod like this?

  • Vibrationzzz
    Vibrationzzz 9 days ago

    The backpack was so cool

  • Crocodile Biscuit
    Crocodile Biscuit 9 days ago

    Just a question, does it or does it not interact with lava (the milk)

  • DibaDooBop !
    DibaDooBop ! 10 days ago

    When Minecraft turns into a jump scare game 11:35 - 12:00

  • Beastly Taco
    Beastly Taco 10 days ago

    Washer and dryer that repairs armor??

  • Guy Harvey
    Guy Harvey 10 days ago

    I want a boy mod

  • Shane
    Shane 10 days ago

    im here for the code