Top 10 Difficult Languages to Learn

  • Published on Jun 22, 2016
  • We didn't catch that? Can we hear it again? Okay, one more time. That’s better. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Difficult Languages to Learn.Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►
    For this list, we've rummaged through the world's languages and have selected those we deem the hardest to master.
    Special thanks to our users JoaoFerreira93for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at
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  • Small Block
    Small Block 5 hours ago +1

    What about ukrainean , Danish or romanian?

  • Cold Boy
    Cold Boy 14 hours ago

    I speak Korean and I'm American -_-
    Edit: I also speak Russian

    • Al'zolmar
      Al'zolmar 5 hours ago

      i speak polish (native) english and im learning russian but as a polish lot of words sound the same

  • Halei Agra
    Halei Agra 15 hours ago

    Looool the way she pronounces Hiragana & Katakana 😭😭😭😭😭👀

  • Ari
    Ari 15 hours ago +1

    As a Hungarian I would say our language should be in the Top 3 😂 It's just... terribly difficult

  • sententia pia
    sententia pia 16 hours ago

    I´m German and I can say that German is the hardest Germanic language, not Islandic. Islandic is simpler.

  • Dovlax VRNB
    Dovlax VRNB 17 hours ago

    Actually, you could have added onto that list Serbian language. I'm from Serbia and trust me it's a lot more difficult then u think. Even Serbians sometimes srtuggle how to say something.

  • Nate Whitehurst
    Nate Whitehurst 17 hours ago


  • IsThisRealLife?
    IsThisRealLife? 18 hours ago

    Anyone else got mad for no reason his hers languange was not on the list

  • IsThisRealLife?
    IsThisRealLife? 18 hours ago


  • Pizza Lovegood
    Pizza Lovegood 19 hours ago +1

    Seeing if korean is on the list... I'll study hard for bts.

    Also, ANY ARMYYYY??? 보라해💜

  • Marek Šmíd
    Marek Šmíd 19 hours ago

    what about czech?

  • s y
    s y 19 hours ago


  • Deaver GM
    Deaver GM 21 hour ago

    To me, Polish is more difficult than Czech.

  • Grit
    Grit 22 hours ago

    I think thai language is the hardest one coz I'm learning thai language and still confused with tone

  • twice and pastel colours

    Dutch is actually very close to english. German is more difficult ( especially the grammar). Korean is also not that hard. You're saying that the words have nothing to do with other languages, but that is not entirely true. There are a lot/some loanwords from english, the sentence structure is also not totally different, there are only a few things switched.

    I am 13 years old and my native language is dutch, but I speak fluent english and I can also speak german, french and I am learning myself korean at the moment. I have had greek for a year, but I only remember a few letters.

  • Hano H
    Hano H 23 hours ago

    Arabic speaking is easy enough. Writing it would be the problem

  • LongLivLithuania

    No Lithuanian? Since its grammar retains many archaic features from Proto-Indo European that have been lost in other Indo-European languages, and is consequently very complex. All languages you mention they indo-europeans family and are really easy to learn, probably not for English speaker thought, they sux in every language even English...

  • Tayfun Balcı
    Tayfun Balcı Day ago


  • OnThat Day
    OnThat Day Day ago

    Four cases in Arabic aren't that hard... If you guys are bored to death then yes it's hard

  • theburthope lumby

    Actually Russian is the easiest language to learn, just play csgo.

  • gamtax
    gamtax Day ago +5

    Russian is harder than Icelandic? No Polish on the list? Something's wrong with this list.

  • Casper Lindberg
    Casper Lindberg Day ago

    Apparently I speak the 5th hardest language in the world.

  • Anant Bhardwaj
    Anant Bhardwaj Day ago

    "M-kay reyas-ney-barl cho-ee-ces"

  • Emily Loves Anime

    I can speak some Japanese but I have trouble reading it, though I can tell if the writing is in katakana. I watch a lot of anime

  • Kurias P Yacob
    Kurias P Yacob Day ago


  • boredom
    boredom Day ago

    And yet Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world.

  • Dim Per
    Dim Per Day ago

    Well... I am from Greece where is my language?is one of the hardest languages to learn why I didn't see it

  • litch king Slayer kings !

    11:25 what is this????

  • emiksilia
    emiksilia Day ago

    Ummmh... Where is Polish? I heard a lot of how difficult it is and....? Not on the list? I will use this video. :P

  • Sree Mukund
    Sree Mukund Day ago


  • huk lj
    huk lj Day ago

    Lol, russian is simple
    (I might be polish)

  • Lily Marshall
    Lily Marshall Day ago

    I am half finnish who else is

  • Sumit Maurya
    Sumit Maurya Day ago

    What about German?

  • Katrine
    Katrine 2 days ago

    Really thought Danish was gonna be on here. But I guess it's easy to pronounce æ,ø and å😂😂

  • eloise
    eloise 2 days ago

    PFFFT where is Polish?

  • Nebeský Řízek
    Nebeský Řízek 2 days ago

    and what about czech? :D

  • Catherine Gauci
    Catherine Gauci 2 days ago

    What about Maltese? For me it has such hard grammer and I am Maltesr myself

  • DELPionier 2003
    DELPionier 2003 2 days ago

    I expected to see german on the list because no one can pronounce it perfectly

  • Thecrazycrafter176
    Thecrazycrafter176 2 days ago

    Where is Greek???

  • Martin Žaža
    Martin Žaža 2 days ago

    The Czech is harder to learn than Russian.

  • arun ananth
    arun ananth 2 days ago +1

    வாழ்த்துக்கள் நண்பர்களே.. that's one of the ancient languages for you 😅😎

  • maverick since 1999
    maverick since 1999 2 days ago

    Where the F is German?I randomly tried to call my sister and I choked on air

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 2 days ago +1

    I am learning Russian and i don't think it is harder than Arabic, Japanese and Sanskrit. It is somewhat related to Sanskrit!

  • Thanasis Kokkinos
    Thanasis Kokkinos 2 days ago

    Learn Greek

  • FuBu456
    FuBu456 2 days ago +1

    Where the fuck is polish?

  • Alejandro Civitanovae

    ИНГЛИШ-write one read another think,but she she doesn't realize the difficulties of her own language

  • Abel Kabigting
    Abel Kabigting 2 days ago

    Chinese is not a language

  • iLcH E
    iLcH E 2 days ago

    Men svenska då? (but Swedish then?)

  • Aavo Ardam
    Aavo Ardam 2 days ago

    Finnish and Estonian are pretty similar, but actully Estonian might be little more difficult beacuse in Estonain language there are several words that look the same but mean different things

  • Aisha Saleh
    Aisha Saleh 2 days ago

    Welsh is really hard

  • Ali Khwaileh
    Ali Khwaileh 2 days ago +1

    Arabic is the hardest then the Chinese

  • Liyang Shan
    Liyang Shan 2 days ago

    I can not believe that German is not even listed. :(

  • elisabeth zeee
    elisabeth zeee 3 days ago

    Ever heard of german?

  • nekitwerons
    nekitwerons 3 days ago +2

    Сука вы даже блять русской речи не показали сасат

  • Stevenator1210
    Stevenator1210 3 days ago

    Dutch isn’t that hard to learn

  • allendeednella
    allendeednella 3 days ago

    Ну писец, и почему я не удивлен, что русский вставили в этот список. Он сложнее японского и корейского? Сириусли???

  • Leo Laaksonen
    Leo Laaksonen 3 days ago

    Okay im going to rank this list according to FSI (Foreign Service Institute) they train diplomats to go overseas from Britain. They have a language ranking list with five categories: category 1 is easiest 575-600h study time needed to learn language, to category 5, hardest 2200h study time needed to learn language: So here is Watchmojos list according to FSI rankings
    10:Hungarian category 4*
    (If a language is harder than others in its category it receives a *)
    9:Khoisan (sorry couldnt find in their list)
    8:Korean category 5
    7:Icelandic category 4
    6Sanskrit, again sorry couldnt find
    5:Finnish category 4*
    4:Japanese category 5*
    3:Arabic category 5
    2: Russian category 4
    1: Mandarin Chinese category 5
    Honorable mentions
    Dutch: category 1
    Welsh: couldnt find
    Greek: category 4
    Hebrew: category 4
    If i would make my own list it would look similar, however i would throw russian and dutch off the list. Instead of russian i would put mandarin, and cantonese as number 1
    Some honorable mentions would be: Navajo, Polish, Turkish and Georgian

  • MissMatoki
    MissMatoki 3 days ago

    I'm learning Korean 😁

  • MaiMyuzic
    MaiMyuzic 3 days ago

    it's enough to know hiragana and katakana in writing actually. íf you're just able to read kanji, it's enough at first, because everybody will understand you. Also, speaking japanese and understanding it is waaay easier than writing. I managed to speak and understand the majority of casual japanese within 6-8 months, the only thing i'm still struggling is vocab and kanji. Really, thats the only really difficult thing in my opinion

  • Aggbala
    Aggbala 3 days ago

    this list has the perspective from a english speaker. wish they could recognize that for the viewers

  • Siva Vithu
    Siva Vithu 3 days ago

    Arab is very easy

  • Tamil Eniyan
    Tamil Eniyan 3 days ago

    They should've included tamil.

  • suman george
    suman george 3 days ago

    Try considering Tamil and Malayalam some South Indian languages...its not easy.. i swear..😊

  • S t r a n g e L o n g c a t


  • True Slav
    True Slav 3 days ago

    Мој језик нико не разуме тако да га пушите си у коментарима

  • Charlie Fenstermacher

    My language learning app reminded me to do my Korean during this video

  • Ina H
    Ina H 3 days ago

    Why isnt albanian language on the top 3?

  • Lilly
    Lilly 3 days ago

    You know, every language has something hard to learn. For me it was times in English. I don't understand it... Like, past simple, past participle, present simple........ What? We have (in Czech) past, present and future. Nothing more. But we have really difficult pronounce. And many irregular verbs. So it's hard to say "this is hardest"

  • NervousKrystof CZ
    NervousKrystof CZ 3 days ago

    Where is SLOVAN languages

  • 방탄에기
    방탄에기 3 days ago

    I think for Indians, learning 항굴 (koren) is easy to learn since it's a phonetic based language like Hindi. I learnt in within 5 months.
    Plus, for us, pronunciations are easier.

    LIFE SUCKS 3 days ago

    I'm 14 & I'm Native in Arabic & Kinda fluent in English and French and a little bit good at spanish

  • Liziko Saxokia
    Liziko Saxokia 3 days ago

    I have to say that it's not quite right, have you heard Georgian?? 🇬🇪Even though I'm Georgian I can say that it has very difficult grammar and unique pronunciation. And there has to be German, because a lot of other languages are formed from it 🤔🤔

  • Val
    Val 3 days ago

    Well, I know how to speak Japanese and I'm learning Russian and didn't found them that difficult. My mother language is Spanish though.

  • y’all bitches can’t even spell skinny

    Lmaoooo Koreans not hard to learn.

  • meghan xo
    meghan xo 3 days ago

    if this is meant for english speakers, then dutch shouldn’t be an honorable mention. it’s one of the most similar languages to english.

  • rohit rana
    rohit rana 3 days ago

    heard about Tamil ,Malayalam, Hindi ?

  • Kyana Verduyckt
    Kyana Verduyckt 3 days ago

    Ha i speak Dutch and it’s difficult to learn but when you funnily speak it it’s so easy I think 🤔

  • ClouDay #
    ClouDay # 3 days ago +1

    Where is German ????

  • 神風
    神風 3 days ago

    우와 한국어가 있네요 ㅎㅎㅎ ㅇㅅㅇ

  • marcus11394
    marcus11394 3 days ago

    pasa Lao?

  • lord kyukueira
    lord kyukueira 4 days ago +4

    But nasa is moving on to sanskrit
    And sanskrit is ocean of words and phrase

  • Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

    For me as polish man, the hardest language is Polish. It's so f**king un logic. Sometimes native speakers have trouble to say or write some words, like mężczyzna or żółć.

  • 박인환
    박인환 4 days ago

    I guess it depends on your mother language. As a Korean, Japanese is kinda eaiser as we have similar grammars & share many vocas with them. Chinese is more difficult but many of Koreans are used to thr Chinese characters. But European languages such as German or French are super difficult..

  • Tempo - Agario
    Tempo - Agario 4 days ago

    I think Thai should be on this list tbh.

  • OOFisious
    OOFisious 4 days ago


  • Kabutar111
    Kabutar111 4 days ago

    I hv learnt German and Russian and I can tell you German is more difficult in every way

    JOEL ABRAHAM KURIAN 4 days ago

    India has a lotta fuckin languages but Malayalam is possibly the most difficult to master.....

  • Ralph Pacheco
    Ralph Pacheco 4 days ago +2

    You should try Nahuatl or any Athabaskan language like Apache or Navajo. Verb stems are one syllable sometime one letter, but you can not express words without one verbal prefix minimum. Verbs can express an entire sentence. Asking how long the longest word in any of these languages is like asking what is the longest paragraph in English due to all the information in them. They are tonal, high and regular, there are nasalized vowels. The nasalized vowels can also be tonal, giving you a total of 16 vowel sounds. There is also one consonant that can be hightoned, as well as it's own syllable. It is also a SOV language, which can be tricky. There are several Apache languages, and each of those languages can varry by what area of the reservation you are on, not to mention slag words. The use of every day English words, when directly translated can completely different meanings. ex) I wak around / nasha = I walk, I journey, I walk around (I live here), I am going to town. The words are not equatable with English. You really have to work at it to express the same meaning in English. There are also a lot of "clicking" consonants. A pause mark is considered a letter. Even if it the last letter in the word. It must be done to say it right. You can have multiple pause letters in a word. Plus, if there is not a word for it in Apache you might use the description for a for. Example Bicycle - "baas mił’iłkeshdi’kał’i" - "wheels it + with # foot # one + pedals. it + the". I had to make up a word for diamond the other day because there wasn’t one. I was told to just describe it by elders - "ts’e sha’ii" "Rock, like the sun" It needed to be short for a jersey.

  • Ayah Malouhi
    Ayah Malouhi 4 days ago

    Arabic is beautiful

  • Frank Lynne
    Frank Lynne 4 days ago

    Try Estonian, that language spoken by so few isn't easy to learn.

  • Zeniethia
    Zeniethia 4 days ago

    Hardest language to learn: English

  • The Black Cat
    The Black Cat 4 days ago

    Sanskrit is the motherland of European, Indic and Irano languages.

    VAMPIRE 4 days ago +4

    apparently i speak the world's hardest language

  • Ahmed
    Ahmed 4 days ago

    I can’t agree with this list at all i have a friend who likes to learn languages (despite still being bad at them) the only language he learned properly is Chinese

  • yaseen Nepkhail
    yaseen Nepkhail 4 days ago

    I think Franch is harder language in the world

  • Ann Cabras
    Ann Cabras 4 days ago +17

    You forgot LATIN!!!! It’s is really difficult to translate because one word has up to 50 meanings depending on the context

  • Lewanay Malang
    Lewanay Malang 4 days ago

    I learnt Chinese (Simplified) in just a month while speaking it with natives.

  • Lewanay Malang
    Lewanay Malang 4 days ago

    You should check PUSHTO language spoken by Pashtuns in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    KAAN KARATEPE 4 days ago

    How about Turkish you bitch ! TRY TO SPEAK THAT!!!

  • Daiya Seppen 12
    Daiya Seppen 12 4 days ago

    Japanese is not hard at all for English speakers. Out of all the Asian languages, Japanese is the easiest. It even has English words in it. But on writing Japanese, you were right.