Meanwhile... Nunchucks, A Heart, And Roger Stone

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
  • This week on 'Meanwhile,' a Southwest flight had a human heart and Roger Stone did not.
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Comments • 555

  • Alex Leaud
    Alex Leaud 3 months ago +1


  • Hulagu
    Hulagu 4 months ago

    gun chucks

  • Arts n' Stocks
    Arts n' Stocks 4 months ago

    I left my heart on a Southwest flight, nobody was waiting for it.

  • Bradden Scott
    Bradden Scott 4 months ago

    The irony is that nunchucku are banned and guns are not, while historically in Japan weapons were banned for non-samurai, so they turned to nunchucku, which is a based off of a threshing flail farmer's would use.

  • Canadian Kids
    Canadian Kids 4 months ago


  • David Armillie
    David Armillie 4 months ago

    Why was a heart flying around if it was not needed? Also, why wasn't it needed?

  • Canuckmom1958
    Canuckmom1958 4 months ago

    Roger Stone...the evil love child of Silas the Monk and the Ghost of Jacob Marley. Let's hope he meets the same fate. A true POS, if ever there was one.

  • art lazono
    art lazono 4 months ago

    03:10 isnt that the orc that wants to eat frodos' friends?

  • Kit Valentine
    Kit Valentine 4 months ago

    oh come off it, southwest is the best of all the us airlines!! at least it's the least awful

  • Velasco
    Velasco 4 months ago

    I was halfway expecting a different number there. :p

  • Jon Obester
    Jon Obester 5 months ago

    Somebody needs to calculate how much this jackass and all his foxes guarding the hen houses have cost us. Ka-ching.

  • David Anewman
    David Anewman 5 months ago

    I wouldn't call your show premiere. I would call it immature and disrespectful, but not premiere. Selling human hearts is almost the same as slavery, but potentially and likely worse, because slaves were not killed, but in order to harvest organs you have to kill your kidnap victim. Organ transplants are also an atheist institution the same way as slavery was.

  • W P
    W P 5 months ago +1

    Hope brass knockles are still banned.

  • Andria Marie
    Andria Marie 5 months ago

    I think the ban on nunchucks was motivated by deserate ER docs trying to save faces and testicles.

  • Tesseractahedron
    Tesseractahedron 5 months ago


  • Tom Ripsin
    Tom Ripsin 5 months ago

    1:07 I always thought the lyrics were: "Those cats are fast as lightning."

  • Sarah Lunsford
    Sarah Lunsford 5 months ago

    How many audience members were laughing at the silly line unaware that it’s song lyrics? #middleageacceptance

  • Björn Svensson
    Björn Svensson 5 months ago

    Happy christmas and happy new year

  • lockergr
    lockergr 5 months ago

    I still hate this segment and the Southwest joke doesn't work. They give you two bags checked free and you can take a carry-on free. Atop that you get to pick your seat. So... joke fail.

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar 5 months ago

    The heart wants what it wants.

  • Dak Lamerbusch
    Dak Lamerbusch 5 months ago

    Joke's on him! I keep The Frost Amulet deep in the heart of a third dimension guarded by 130,000 dragons that spew fire, ice and lightning!

  • bmitchell1990
    bmitchell1990 5 months ago

    wait nunchucks were illegal...what about katanas, sais and bo staffs...just asking for friends

  • L K
    L K 5 months ago

    Omg I thought I was in the audience!! Because I was laughing identically to the lady in the audience!

  • Anthony Hathaway
    Anthony Hathaway 5 months ago

    Oh God, it's so painful to watch Colbert now.

  • Cow Crow
    Cow Crow 5 months ago

    Heartless in Seattle

  • clipobserver
    clipobserver 5 months ago

    Who was the professor fighting for nunchucks? Master Splinter?

  • desighee
    desighee 5 months ago

    This segment needs to be the whole show at least once a week. People really do love Meanwhile.

  • Blueberryymuffin
    Blueberryymuffin 5 months ago

    Porn hub has a comment board?

  • Blueberryymuffin
    Blueberryymuffin 5 months ago

    Well if you want to give yourself a concussion go ahead and use nunchucks.

  • Sharon Prentice
    Sharon Prentice 5 months ago

    ‘Chuks were banned coz young men used to walk down the street flipping them around at lightning speed, and it scared old folks coz ‘twasn’t natural, and they never did such a thing in their day. Everything ever banned was cozza nervous 50+ yr olds.

  • Albe Van Hanoy
    Albe Van Hanoy 5 months ago

    Funniest thing about the nunchuk incident: It's not actually a weapon but a training tool. No actual fighter would ever use it in a fight, it would be ridiculously uneffective.

  • Akashavayu
    Akashavayu 5 months ago

    Do all the talk shows hire that woman with the crazy laugh...she is everywhere!

  • Songs Mirth
    Songs Mirth 5 months ago

    Roger Stone reminds me of the Weasley Dad's wardrobe. What do you want to bet he knows all the Harry Potter movies too? And I think he carries around a phone in his hand all the time to look cool. For a man his age it looks foolish though. And those silly glasses are something else. He should loan them to Trump. Best buds and all. :( Songs

  • Scion of Madness
    Scion of Madness 5 months ago

    Some cannibal in Seattle is gonna be super disappointed.

  • Mason Allen
    Mason Allen 5 months ago

    Why are so many people in this country currently waiting for a heart transplant if we just leave random hearts on Southwest flights with no intended recipient? Somebody give that heart to someone who needs it.

  • Jeffrey Harte
    Jeffrey Harte 5 months ago

    “...but the heart wants what it wants.”
    Dammit, I walked right into that one! Curse you, Colbert!!! 🤨

  • Marilyn Newman
    Marilyn Newman 5 months ago +1

    Brice Lee, we hardly knew you.

  • Die Volture
    Die Volture 5 months ago

    The heart wants what it wants 🖤

  • Bob Miller
    Bob Miller 5 months ago +3

    "Breaking news, Nunchunks now legal in New York. However, nuns NAMED Chuck are still deemed illegal by the Catholic church. More on this, at the top of the hour."

    • Harry Dixon
      Harry Dixon 5 months ago

      Bob Miller ...and to be clear, I would only consider being in favor of nun chucking if said nuns had particularly bad habits.

    • Harry Dixon
      Harry Dixon 5 months ago

      Bob Miller What, however, is the status of chucking nuns (out the door, off a bridge, etc.)? Also - I like the typo ‘Nunchunks’, however I am not interested in finding out what nun chunks are...

  • Inksquid 1110
    Inksquid 1110 5 months ago

    Getting in trouble for lying on infowars is like getting in trouble for posting adult content on tumblr lmao

  • Joe Stiloski
    Joe Stiloski 5 months ago

    Uh-oh. One of the Late Show writers is gonna get in a whole lot of legal trouble. Don’t they know that Red Letter Media has trademark on Gunchucks?

  • Duane Shields
    Duane Shields 5 months ago

    Well, we now know Stephen's pornhub comment section name

  • James Smithe
    James Smithe 5 months ago

    The same rock? They had photography back then?

  • nahor88
    nahor88 5 months ago

    Why the hell is Stephen hating on Southwest??? They're WAY better than United and AA.

  • NerdOnTheInterNet
    NerdOnTheInterNet 5 months ago

    mama booty? I thought Colbert was into tall women on tractors.

  • Interverse
    Interverse 5 months ago

    But, but, did they ever found out who the owner of a lonely heart was?

  • Harry
    Harry 5 months ago

    I like me some meanwhile

  • farznish
    farznish 5 months ago

    Mamabootyfan42 😂😂😂

  • PG - E
    PG - E 5 months ago

    The "Frost Amulet" XDDD STEPHEN

  • PG - E
    PG - E 5 months ago

    How much you wanna bet somebody sent that heart to Seattle because of Grey's Anatomy XD

  • Martin S
    Martin S 5 months ago

    Mr. Colbert. When you sit down, always open your suit jacket. Your suit is in distress and it looks better open.

  • Martin S
    Martin S 5 months ago

    When you sit down, open your suit jacket.. it is in distress and it looks better

  • Timothy McNulty
    Timothy McNulty 5 months ago

    You sign on to be entertained, Right. We need millennials to calmly read all of this comment to their parents. Then show the videos of what's mentioned. Watch them take an emotional ride that is long over due... They will... Some may react as if they've experienced mkultra treatment and they'll thank you for this...
    They laughed at a man long ago who said "Put ice cubes in your drink." (What,, it'll dilute my drink) They laughed at a man long ago when he invented the automobile. (Many brands now) They laughed at a man long ago who said "You can run any combustible engine with water vapors. (HHO hydrogen gas on demand works)
    I made a HHO generator for my truck from junk laying around the basement and drove my truck to town. Problem, yes, when I shut the engine off in winter, water freezes. But I did prove that I am not a stupid person...
    Donald J Trump, a well known patriotic Democrat was elected by Patriots to be a Republican President to help dismantle both corrupt treasonous political parties. And to restore Patriotic Christian Values back to our 3 branches of government...
    July 25 2017, President Trump had another rally, Youngstown Ohio.
    (See anyone's video of this rally)
    I noticed the man in the stands behind Donald's right shoulder jumping up and down waving a pink 'Women for Trump' sign and a photo of a van decorated with Trump stickers. He goes by (Vincent Fusca), wearing a black hat, glasses, unshaven, dark jacket with a USA flag handkerchief poking out of the pocket. (He makes many hand signals) To his left is this Man's beautiful wife, wearing Diamonds, a black shirt with a glittery image of Trump and a white ball cap. ((The World knows her as Carolyn Bisset Kennedy))
    Deep down all of us know what has been happening in the USA these past 5 decades...
    The World Is About To Change
    Santa Claus of the United States
    Did you see John F Kennedy Jr acting as Santa Claus at the HEB Thanksgiving Day Parade in Houston on Nov 22 2018?
    55 years after GHWBush assassinated JFK Sr...
    19 years after HRC placed a $1million contract hit on JFK Jr,,, 1988 People's Weekly Sexiest Man Alive...
    (You can view all of this reality here on RU-clip)
    Did you see John F Kennedy Jr acting as Santa Claus at the last Trump rally in Mississippi on Nov 26 2018?
    Carolyn made a great looking Mrs Claus, she and Santa Claus tossed gifts to the crowd...
    Did you see several of the Bush and Clinton Crime Family members receive an envelope with their folders at GHWBush's funeral?
    After all of them read the content, all of their expressions and expectations made a drastic change*...
    The World Is About To Change...
    Get used to the idea...
    DJT/JFK Jr 2020
    Making Things Right
    Get used to seeing it...
    John F Kennedy Jr for President of the USA 2024 & 2028
    Merry Christmas
    Q = Vincent Fusca = JFK JR
    This Man Is Supported By The Largest Patriotic Force The Planet Has Ever Seen...
    ☮️ Peace on Earth is the Goal ☮️
    (*See short RU-clip video titled December 5 - Panic in DC)

  • Shawn Johnson
    Shawn Johnson 5 months ago

    Goliath chose scissors. Lol. Best line I've heard in a while that wasn't a political joke.

  • NaNslx
    NaNslx 5 months ago

    Gives a new meaning to " my heart's in Seattle “

    OIFIIIOIF07-09 VET 5 months ago

    It's "nunchaku" morons

  • joebstarsurfer
    joebstarsurfer 5 months ago

    Whos the writer very good.

  • joebstarsurfer
    joebstarsurfer 5 months ago +1

    Gave Syria to the Russians.That should go well.

  • Wardad
    Wardad 5 months ago

    "but was it done with expert timing ?"

  • Joli Vee008
    Joli Vee008 5 months ago +1

    OMG! The Kung Fu Foghting song reference was EVERYTHING!

  • C J
    C J 5 months ago +1

    *So, nunchucks are illegal. **_But bump-stocks are okay?_*

  • siestam44
    siestam44 5 months ago +1

    Someone has to make a compilation of his “otherwise known as” lines, they’re pure genius.

  • Arkham Assassin
    Arkham Assassin 5 months ago +1

    this is one of the most hilarious videos on youtube lmao!!

  • Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun

    It’s UNCANNY how physically the characters in Trumps inner circle make the members of Hitler’s inner circle look normal.

  • ntm4
    ntm4 5 months ago

    That guy from Indiana Jones 2 is gonna be mad that they impounded his luggage.

  • TheFreePantheist
    TheFreePantheist 5 months ago


  • Robert Hayes
    Robert Hayes 5 months ago

    Strangely, PornHub has quite a civilised comment section

  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen 5 months ago

    "Goliath chose scissors." Somebody should give whoever wrote that joke a frikkin' Nobel Prize.

  • Princess Luna
    Princess Luna 5 months ago

    🙌 little but frightening! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lavender Ocean
    Lavender Ocean 5 months ago

    That opening theme sounded a lot like a verse from Attack on Titan.

  • Sig2423
    Sig2423 5 months ago

    .....hall of justice?

  • Wintermute01001
    Wintermute01001 5 months ago

    Wait, so now Stephen IS allowed to mention Pornhub?!

  • David Kempton
    David Kempton 5 months ago

    I thought nunchucks were Catholic beavers...

  • Jan truitt
    Jan truitt 5 months ago

    I am sorry that I thought so..... for a minute!
    I do know better know!!!

    • Jan truitt
      Jan truitt 5 months ago

      Sean Williams
      Please forgive me!

  • Max Cameron
    Max Cameron 5 months ago

    Imagine if you could be told your future and they were like “you will die by blah blah blah and your heart will be stowed and forgotten on a civilian passenger plane”. Only situation where I’d say “leave my organs in before you throw me in the trash”.

  • Rel Sci
    Rel Sci 5 months ago

    This had me laughing so much ... 😂😂😂

  • Jason
    Jason 5 months ago

    mammabootyfan#42, lolol

  • AM Productions
    AM Productions 5 months ago +1

    Mamabootyfan42 is my new PornHub name, calling it, no takesies backsies!

  • Renato Corvaro
    Renato Corvaro 5 months ago

    Sword-chucks, yo.

  • Pamela Cass
    Pamela Cass 5 months ago

    Isn't Roger Pence's cousin?

  • K Matsu
    K Matsu 5 months ago

    But Stephen . . . . they did it with such expert timing!

  • dimitri
    dimitri 5 months ago

    It was the stewardess on that flight..... she stole my heart

  • Werner S
    Werner S 5 months ago

    That heart looked hungry...

  • Alan ymhoffi
    Alan ymhoffi 5 months ago

    You are not funny

  • mytexas days
    mytexas days 5 months ago

    The heart must go on. Sorry about that

  • mytexas days
    mytexas days 5 months ago

    Britain's bobbies don't carry guns. They carry clubs only.

  • mytexas days
    mytexas days 5 months ago

    So why was the heart sent and how much did it cost to remove it and sent it? Who paid for it? Can you do a follow-up on this one?

  • Litetaker
    Litetaker 5 months ago

    Goliath chose scissors!!! Holy cow! This whole segment is pure comedic gold!! Amazing zingers all throughout this meanwhile! Genius! :D

  • mytexas days
    mytexas days 5 months ago

    Back then (1974) things were simpler. Shucks, that heart should have gone to Trump. He needs one.

  • Rara Zap
    Rara Zap 5 months ago

    I enjoy watching Late Show whenever Stephen enjoys his show. Haha

  • verslalchimie
    verslalchimie 5 months ago +1

    I left my heart in San Francisco

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent 5 months ago

      So many of us do.

  • heredownunder
    heredownunder 5 months ago

    Does that mean they could arrest Fox & Friends?

  • Kurnia Utama
    Kurnia Utama 5 months ago

    "milf chasers community", how can i join? 😝

  • DansMachine
    DansMachine 5 months ago

    A heart on a cheap flight with "no recipient" and it was forgotten in the cargo hold... Somebody is smuggling some bodies!!

    • Bill Garthright
      Bill Garthright 5 months ago

      Yeah - one piece at a time. Dr. Frankenstein, I presume?

  • Robin Williams
    Robin Williams 5 months ago


  • Rocketman1292
    Rocketman1292 5 months ago +1

    Former Trump adviser and star of the upcoming Dr. Strangelove remake, Roger Stone.

  • scarletspidernz
    scarletspidernz 5 months ago +1

    America: Where nunchucks are more dangerous than guns

    • Gilbert Conner
      Gilbert Conner 5 months ago

      I love martial arts.but Bruce Lee couldn't take out five hundred people at once like these crazy shooters can with there guns.

  • L G
    L G 5 months ago

    😅 A great stress reducer after a stress filled day at Work! Thanks for uploading. 😊

  • the walkin dude
    the walkin dude 5 months ago

    Roger stones? Is Roger stoned???
    Maybe he should be.

  • Ruby Marlowe
    Ruby Marlowe 5 months ago +2

    Wonderful! I'll get out my rice flail!